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Shirtless Aaron Carter: New Album in the Works!

Shirtless Aaron Carter: New Album in the Works!

Aaron Carter shows off his new physique in these shirtless new shots posted on Twitter.

“I’ve been at [my manager] Johnny Wright‘s compound working on my mind, music, and body for a new album release!” said the 22-year-old younger brother of Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter.

Aaron added, “In the process of developing a new style of dance. This will be unforgettable.”

ARE YOU EXCITED for Aaron Carter’s new album??

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aaron carter shirtless 01
aaron carter shirtless 02

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  • Amber

    woah..the picture that isnt such bad quality makes him look so unhealthy or like one of those models the Body Worlds Exhibits or something! Not cute!
    But the first pic isnt bad I guess.

    And new music? that will bomb. sorry aaron

  • milo

    hey, im actually interested in hearing his new stuff. i hope its not R&B. it seems all the old pop acts go that route, then flop. i hope his dance pop music is good though. i remember listening to “I Want Candy” as a lil kid, good for u to come back Aaron!

  • Allie


  • hillary

    lol i rmb i used to be obsessed with him as a 10 year old girl… now i think hes gross LOL can’t believe hillary duff and lindsay lohan fought for this kid! look how far those 2 have gone.. hillarys disney days are ovr + married.. lindsay.. well.. we all know what happened to her.

  • jk


  • Tina

    that just looks gross, ew

  • InsertNameHere

    Why is this so incredibly gay?

  • Marco

    Wow he is ripped !!

  • J

    i’m a 100% straight girl and he looks gross!! seriously!

  • Rockstar

    gross gross gross

    but…Aaron C’s in the house!

    youtube it. you know you want to.

  •!/ACStreetTeamSC ACStreetTeamSC

    Aaron Carter has been working out and the results are clear, he is also in the studio working hard for his fans and himself, He never lets his fans down and we aren’t gonna let him down either. Thanks for posting this about him and giving him some positive publicity. Him and his fans love you for it,
    Follow him on twitter @iamaaroncarter please @

  • pooh

    thought he had a costume on in the 2nd pic.

  • Marina


  • ck_always

    Damn ..he got lucky with genetics. Good muscle structure, but him being bulky doesn’t work for me. It’s like Mark Wahlberg, no matter how old he gets, he’ll always be that little blondie wanting ‘Candy’.

  • facts

    That’s called weights, steroids, and lots of protein. But his face is still mashed up. Looks like we got a situation!!

  • S

    @InsertNameHere: Why are you so incredibly ignorant? I’m gay and I don’t think it’s hot nor would I do something like this.

  •!/ACStreetTeamSC ACStreetTeamSC

    You people are so quick to judge, you all will never change, its ridiclious to comments you leave, so negative about a good person, he loves his fans and he is an animal lover, how u all can hate on him is beyond anything I could ever imagine, why be so hateful, if you don’t like it, then don’t look and don’t leave nasty comments, put up a photo of yourself and let us see it? Do you have the guts to do that? No i doubt it, so then why come here and do this? Thats all I wanna know?

  • mari

    It’s a bit too much. These body builder bodies somehow gross me out big time.

  • milo

    WTF??? why did i get so many thumbs down??? lol U BIATCHES!!!

  • boblaine

    i dont think his so bad

  • MissAnthropica

    If he was only ever best known for being a ” Backstreet Boys” little kid brother and that brother and the whole group are has beens and no longer relevant then doesnt that mean Aaron Carter is even less relevant and famous now?
    The only other thing he was ever known for was supposedly Hiliary and Lindsay fighting over him when they were all 16, some how I think that was just a Disney PR stunt lol

    He looks like he is on human growth hormones not technically considered steriods but is banned in alot of countries.
    Look at Aarons vains they look like Stalones vain did after he took human growth hormones for the last Rambo film.
    Not a good look.

  • gaeljet

    lol, no mass

  • Hannah

    Do us all a favour, Aaron… hide under a rock & NEVER come out!!!

  • rocknmovies


  • Brightside

    Don’t like all those weird ripples going down his stomach. How is this a good look? And the veins! Yuck! A man doesn’t have to be musclebound to look good! A lean, athletic physique is so much more attractive than a ripply, bulgy, veiny looking, swelled-up one. It’s such a big turn-off.

  • Marie

    ew no that just looks wrong, i feel hes over worked out!

  • bebe

    From heroin to steroids. Yuck

  • Ouch!

    Glad to see I’m not the only one who thinks this is gross. He is 100% pure trailer trash.

  • ACLostAngels

    One he doesn’t do drugs anymore
    Two shouldn’t the music speak louder than the pictures? <<featuring Flo Rida

  • CCrider


  • Luiza


  • Ana


  • Kate Bosworth

    S0 he’s gay then? o_o

  • Cecil

    I still wont do him.

  • Michelle

    Eeeew drugs and steroids. Yuck! Very sad what happens to ppl like this and his brother Nick. Money /fame doesn’t necessary bring ultimate happiness people.

  • I_Want_Ur_Disco_Stick

    He’s like an uglier and untalented version of his brother.
    Does he think chicks want a guy who looks like a veiny sausage?
    hmm…ok then.

  • me

    Gross. sorry but that’s not attractive.
    I didn’t mind Aaron Carter until I started following him on twitter…God he’s so annoying!

  • amanda

    he looks so unhealthy. roids much?

  • jellyfish

    @InsertNameHere: If thats Gay, then I’m going straight! GROSS!!

  • jellyfish

    @InsertNameHere: If THAT is GAY. I am going Straight! And we know that aint happenning

  • mailey

    Nick is still actually better-looking than Aaron. Im talking about their faces. Nick, still better-looking.

  • Samii

    Ew. He use to be a cute kid.
    His abs looks fake. weird .

  • jellyfish

    It actually looks photoshopped anyway

  • Chulo

    Aaron actually looks HOT

  • nadia

    That doesn’t look like him at all.
    His face looks different

  • Status Quo

    He has a meth face…its really sad…

  • Jubee


  • : 3

    holy shiiiii ewwwww. lmao

  • Jesse

    The only thing i am interested in is seeing more pictures like these lol i doesn’t look like him though….hmm i guess i have to stare a bit longer lol

  • Tara