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Blake Lively & Ryan Gosling Scream for Ice Cream

Blake Lively & Ryan Gosling Scream for Ice Cream

Blake Lively and Ryan Gosling make a stop at Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor at Disneyland in Anaheim, Calif.

The 23-year-old actress was “really sweet,” according to fellow restaurant visitors. Both Blake and Ryan posed for photos with fans!

Recently, Blake made an appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman where she recalled being sent to ‘Disney jail’ when she was a kid.

Looks like the Disney police let Blake back into their parks!

Blake Lively Talks Disneyland Jail
Just Jared on Facebook
Photos: MouseWait
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  • natalie

    i saw blake and ryan for dinner last night, in and out burger. She broke up with Penn? since when?

  • KAY

    they are dating?

  • Nic

    Aren’t they doing a movie together, not dating?

  • Rose

    I don’t really know what to think of him ‘knowing’ Blake Lively … I mean , do not get me wrong Blake seems like a genuine girl and is definitely talented, but Ryan, to me, is so far from that ‘scene’ I dunno …

    But now I have a ‘real question’ (lol) can anybody tell me who’s that brunette with them ? Is she the same girl pictured with Ryan a couple of weeks ago ?

  • Pili

    my god, you people. can’t two friends go out without you guys thinking they’re dating?

  • Lourie

    Penn and Blake are together. I saw them recently looking very happy. I think she and Ryan are friends.

  • Got Junk

    No nice snug jean shots of Ryan? I’m outta here.

  • hailey

    cheating b i t c h . Penn deserves better now after he is so hot from Easy A!

  • mimi
  • mimi



  • mimi

    Insinuation to Rachel & Michael.

  • tania


    I saw them too getting off a white lexus last night. My sister saw Penn Badgley for dinner too with his mom. Weird that theyre in Calif together now and broken up.

  • Jenn

    You don’t know if they’re broken up.
    Anyways, it’s funny how these girls freak out for guys they will never have or DON’T even personally know lol.

  • leah

    Penn gives Blake plenty of space. They’re still together! just an ice cream with a friend wont hurt a 3 years relationship people

  • jareto

    Now penn can dedicare Cry me a river to Blake and he can Shine

  • Stephanie

    OMG just because you have ice cream with someone who isn’t your boyfriend doesn’t mean your dating them. Why is everyone so quick to judge. By the way who is that other girl in the photo with her back to the camera, that could be Ryan’s girlfriend !!!


    @Rose: You DO realize they are in a movie together? and what ‘scene’ is Blake in that Ryan isn’t into? Blake is a working actress like Ryan, she’s not some socialite.


    @leah: Four-year old relationship, Penn and Blake have been dating for 4 years.. and they’ve been best friends since childhood, they dated before they were famous, before Blake became an actress, way before GG.

    They’ve known each other ever since they were 9 I think, they used to home-school together.

  • Jenn

    I know she made a movie with Ryan Reynolds but I don’t recall her making a movie with Ryan Gosling.

  • Carly


    what movie are they in? She’s in Green Lantern with Ryan REYNOLDS not Gosling.

  • JK

    @HANNI: what movie are they doing together?

  • vivien

    I am almost 100% sure they are not in a movie together….at least that i know of. And if they are dating that’s…surprising… i always expected to see him dating someone more classy, i guess, than blake lively of all people

  • Leah


    4 years relationship ok. well it’s a long relationship and I hope people will actually take respect out of it and stop this rumors. An ice cream dinner together won’t hurt and whoever keep on posting false rumors over and over, please stop it. Penn and Blake is still much happy together. Penn gives freedom to Blake, so does Blake to Penn!

  • nora

    The girl aso said that Ryan Gosling was SARCASTIC JustJared!! But no, you can’t print that!! You have to continue you kiss@ss attitude!! Man, you’re getting worse than People magazine!!

  • Lily

    No,I hope Blake and Chace become a couple.

  • Nora

    BLAKE AND PENN ARE TOGETHER! She is just hanging out with a friend! What is wrong with that? chill people..chill.

  • Leesa

    They aren’t in a movie together–he’s leading ladies in Drive are Christina Hendricks and Carey Mulligan. I suppsoe it could be a “meeting” for a futre project, but at Disneyland? Too odd.

    Wonder if Ryan broke out his ol’ Mouseketeer ears for the night. ;)

  • darla

    If this twit is so hot , how come her so called “fame” can’t garner enough ratings for her TV show. The media is pushing her to our attention with so much verve and to the point of gagging us with her present but still she fails to make one pathetic TV show get some much needed audience. did she sleep with some higher ups to have this unnecessary attention boost because frankly besides her age and her height and her obligatory breast implant her face is not that hot. she is not extraordinary looking

  • darla

    not to mention she’s not a good actress either.

  • canadian_cat

    Yeah, it was left out that Ryan was sarcastic.
    That’s odd, I thought he was supposed to be a really nice and approachable guy. Blake also doesn’t seem to be Ryan’s type.
    He usually likes his women a bit older. Strange indeed.

  • jay

    @darla: if she’s not a good actress, how come all critics PRAISED her performance in “The Town”?? Just sayin’

  • Starla

    Blake is still with Penn – she was actually talking about him in that Letterman interview.

  • Lola


    I vote for that! when i saw Rachel & sheen’s pictures i just knew its a matter of time until Ryan will hit back.
    Macgosling are so not over!!

  • anna

    Blake wants to be a big STAR so she has to dump Penn for a bigger named actor.

  • Brooke

    I love both Blake and Ryan. They’d make a hot couple! :)


    @anna: LMAO, no.

  • Blake leaves store alone

    What is with the hit back… Brad and Jen broke up did he hit back
    with Angie. Did Tom hit back when he broke up with Penelope Cruz
    with Katie Holmes…Have you seen the publicity for that other
    ice cream shop in LA where they make your own Celebrity Ice cream Treat..And the stars show up for it.. Maybe these two were doing just
    that ..PUBLICITY ….Ryan is with that brunette in the corner and not
    with Blake so she must of left….the store.. alone…NO DATING..Blake
    was nine when that happened…And BTW SHE WAS NOT homeschooled she did not live in the same city as Penn Badgley.

  • Rach

    What that other poster said… Blake said that Penn is her boyfriend in less than two weeks ago – in that interview Jared posted.

  • Starla

    Blake’s rep has debunked the story with GossipCop – she was there with a group of 15 people and confirms she is still with Penn.

  • canadian_cat

    Is that brunette the same lady he was seen with in photos
    a little while ago? She’s not famous, she seems to be his assistant or something.

  • summer

    Yea to bad I was there and she wasnt there with a group of 15 people which means Blake’s rep is hiding something about her actress. I saw Blake, Ryan and that brunette chick and no one else and to me Ryan and Blake seemed a little to excited. Like always smiling at each other. Kind of creepy but idk. Prob just friends or theyre making a movie but dont want it to get out yet. Who knows.

  • pain

    I have a ‘real question’ (lol) can anybody tell me who’s that brunette with them ? Is she the same girl pictured with Ryan a couple of weeks ago ?

  • Betty

    The girl at the table in Gibson Girls with her back to the camera is a VIP hostess from the Park. When your a VIP you get a hostess who will guide you throught the park and off course they don’t have wait in line with a guide! I would not think Blake and Ryan are in the same scene no!!!