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Courteney Cox & David Arquette Split

Courteney Cox & David Arquette Split

Courteney Cox and David Arquette have split after 11 years of marriage but are still friends, can confirm.

Reps for the couple released the following statement: “We have agreed to a trial separation that dates back for some time. The reason for this separation is to better understand ourselves and the qualities we need in a partner and for our marriage. We remain best friends and responsible parents to our daughter [Coco, 6] and we still love each other deeply. As we go through this process, we are determined to use kindness and understanding to get through this together. We are comfortable with the boundaries that we have established for each other during this separation and we hope that our friends, family, fans and the media also show us respect, dignity, understanding and love at this time as well.”

David and Courteney met in 1995 on the set of Scream, married four years later, and co-star in the new Scream movie, out next year.

InTouch first broke the news of the split.

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  • Jessie

    OMG NOOOOO!!!!!

  • sasha

    About time. Probably Arguette did not want a threesome with fugly X. :)

  • Amber

    Yikes, those two have been together for so long. I was thinking they’d make it.

  • hopeso


  • Ali

    Always sad news. They always seemed a bit mis-matched. Now hopefully, they can remain friends and she can find someone more temperamentally compatible. And maybe she can calm down a bit. She has seemed so manic recently. i can’t watch her show because she always is so manic.

    my best wishes to them both.

  • blair

    Sorry to hear that, they were married a long time in Hollywood terms.

  • Lori Joyce

    I thought they seemed mismatched also. But I’m sorry to hear about their breakup. Always sad when people have been together that long.

  • Kellie

    I don’t believe it!

  • lexy hates bilson

    Too bad! They lasted a long time – especially by Hollywood standards!

  • Catchy

    eh that sucks(

  • Jenn

    I read that he supposedly cheated on her. Ughh..can’t anyone stay faithful?!

  • Lala

    Surprising and sad

  • Natasa

    Nooooooooooo… But, whyyyy????

  • Iffy Miffy

    Oh wow, didn’t see that one coming.

  • rebecca

    Oh, that’s so sad :’(

  • Jenny

    So sad. I loved them together. :/

  • Mary

    So sad! : /

  • jinx

    Probably explains all the botox, fillers, and plastic surgery CC has had in the past year. Looking for new meat.

  • lovelydee

    What?? I’m really shocked
    I loved them together.

  •!/SaadGKhan Saad G.Khan


  • the truth

    They was having problems for a longtime. Thought they had worked it out. Sorry that it hapen to see Seem like a nice couple in my terms.They never let that get to them even when things wasn’t going for them. Don’t think that he cheated on her. Things wasn’t going ok for them for awhile. Hope that they can stay friends for the child sake.

  • Lilakoi Moon

    Wow. They’ve been together for most of my life lol. I remember back in the Scream days, I was not even 10 but I liked them together and after so long, I thought they’d make it but hey they did last a long looooong time in Hollywood terms. Too bad. I can’t believe it.

  • Michele

    WOW!!! Did NOT see that coming, She and Laura Dern can get drunk together. I like Courtney…always have so I feel bad for her. Apparently the “goddess circle” is not paying attention to the men in their lives. I guess a deal is not a deal.. no matter what was engraved on their wedding bands. I doubt he cheated. He was too scared of her.

  • Tracy

    Now her and Jen can finally be together.

  • Sasha

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he did cheat on her. They all do in Hollywood.

  • Glamourous

    Oh. That’s too bad. They seemed like a really nice couple.

  • kami

    maybe he started using drugs again. she can’t have any control over that.

  • gal

    it started and ended with “Scream.” =(((

  • mailey

    i thought they were happy. hm. well. just like any other hollywood couple. there it is.

  • emily

    nooo! i agree they were a bit mismatched, but it’s not always bad to be so different!

    this really surprised me. ):

  • Abby

    What a bummer.

  • blinditemfromSept

    BUZZFOTO 27th September 2010
    These two celebrity BFF’s who both got their start on the silver screen, are having to majorly rethink their friendship. It seems one friend cannot stand the husband of the other and it is causing a major riff in their friendship. The married friend feels forced to choose between her husband and her best friend, because neither one can stand to be in the same room with the other without a gigantic argument ensuing. Jennifer Aniston/Courtney Cox/David Arquette

  • AlexC

    Sad news!! I love them!!

  • blinditemfromSept

    Maybe being part of the goddess circle equates to the Oscar curse. If I was part of that circle and married I’d get out fast. Three down, how many more to go?

  • Saudia

    Ahhh that sucks!!! Poor family

  • to blintitemfromSept


  • MrMarleyFAN

    She is BFF with Laura Dern. Deep.

  • Passing Through

    Ya know…I never come to these hen-related threads, but just this once…
    Karma’s a bitch, Courteney. Remember that the next time you and X have one of your little hen parties.

  • Passing Through

    Awww shite. Nevermind…it’s not true. They’re quoting a Lies & Shite story so that automatically means there’s a 99.99% chance that it’s a lie. They claim he’s hooking up with the waitress chick who threw a drink in Hohan’s face. Dammit! I was having so much fun, too!

  • T Pain

    Poor Coco..

  • jayjay

    I don’t why but I actually feel incredibly sad hearing this news, I thought they’d go the distance. They’ve been together since 1996, that’s 14 years, nearly 15 :(

  • Awww!

    Aniston is singing to the ocean she finally has Courtney allllllll to her self!!!!!! Let the games begin!

    First laura now her best bud, boy can any of her friends keep a man??

  • MrMarleyFAN


    Michael, I was thinking that too. I have ALWAYS thought that. It’s like all these women were so locked up in each other’s lives and trying hard to be this big happy gang of bud’s with the men in their lives probably tired of “let’s all go on vacay together!” Or, “let’s spend every freaking waking moment together because we’re all so solid and we’re envied for our tight BFF goddess-ness.”

    I honestly love Courtney. I do not miss Cougar Town and I think she was way funnier than Jen on Friends and seriously underated. I do wish her and David good stuff. I don’t think it was about cheating at all. I think it was square in circle and they maybe got fatiqued with forcing things to fit. Love is sometimes not enough.

  • Sucks

    and another one bites the dust. this is shameful. sometimes divorce shouldn’t be a choice.

  • Kellie

    @Tracy: lol, good one!

  • R0ck Da Casbah:

    N0w it will be fun to see who they’re gonna hook with now.

    JJ will surely keep us p0sted.

  • Anon

    It is annoying to say they were mismatched. You accept people for who they are and make an effort to maintain admiration and respect for one another. People like to say “we grew apart” but that’s hogwash. If you truly want to be with a person, you accept them for who they are and you compromise (each give a little) on issues of disagreement. The dissimilarities they have were present when they were dating, married and now. The difference is that they no longer want to contribute in order to be together. I feel for their kid, because obviously, a deal is not a deal!

  • missy

    I get what you’re saying, but I really do think they tried to save their marriage. Courtney has mentioned several times that they’ve been in therapy working on their relationship. Sometimes a relationship fails no matter how hard you try and I think it’s better to separate rather than have your child grow up in an unhappy home. Also, based on their statement, it sounds like they’re still holding out hope for a reconciliation. I wish them goodluck!

  • MrMarleyFAN

    That’s naive. Again, sometimes; MANY times, love is not enough. We’re romantics when we need to be realist when we decide we’re ready to commit to someone for what we think is until death do us part and all that comes prior to that. We’re accepting of things we allow the heart to blind us to. We buy into “they’ll change once we get married” or, “my love will make it all ok.” Rose coloured glasses is for fools. Yeah, there are things we accept and find a way to live with; some quirk or habit that irks the hell out of us but isn’t a deal breaker. Face it, some people turn a blind eye to some serious issues when they’re operating from emotions first. We all do it or have done it or will do it.

  • Jime

    nooooooo :( I really believed in them, they were great :(