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Jessica Simpson: Christmas Album is Complete!

Jessica Simpson: Christmas Album is Complete!

Jessica Simpson, her boyfriend, former pro football player Eric Johnson, and her mom Tina, catch a departing flight to New York City via LAX airport in Los Angeles on Monday (October 11).

The 30-year-old powerhouse singer tweeted yesterday, “Just finished Christmas record!” And the day before, she wrote, “My buds @petewentz and [Bronx] came to the studio to hear my Christmas album and Bronx kept saying ‘more’!!! I’m a hit with my nephew!”

So exciting!!! Jess has been busy recording festive tunes with country legend Willie Nelson and super producers The-Dream & Tricky Stewart.

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Credit: GVK; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • Go Ask Alice

    Fame is fleeting like a flame.
    I feel sort of sorry for her.
    She is so pretty. Way too sheltered.
    Her folks are at her every move and are in all parts of her life…career,vacations,her private life with boyfriend of the moment, travel for business and pleasure, etc.. HEY, I get loving and being friends with your parents.
    JEssica reminds me of some girls I know who just never set limits with their folks.

    NEXT, Eric,will marry her, has too because like Mr. LeAnnRimes Eddie,this guy has no money.
    WTH does he do but excort her all over the place during travel for business and pleasure?

    Another Christmas cd?!??!She did this before and had a high rating Christmas tv show with Nick whom she should have never divorced, but her daddy told her so and made all of the plans….

    THis Christmas cd is going in the bargain bin.
    How many times can you see Hark,The Angel Comes, WinterWonderland, etc.

    JEssica should just marry Eric. Have a kid or two.Start a maternity line in her multimillion dollar,highly successful clothing line,and pay Eric Johnson a stud and escort fee.

  • Whatever…

    And according to the pictures, so is Christmas DINNER!!! Damn she has really porked up. Girl is BIG ALL OVER. Not cute.

  • Pippa

    Why won’t this Texas temptress just go away and leave us alone?

  • mailey

    now she’s just letting herself go. she has a double-chin now. before, she was just curvy. now she’s in the fat zone.

  • sillyme

    Yeah, she’s letting herself go a bit, but I think that’s good. I think she looks sexier and more real with a few extra pounds on her. I bet any guy would hit it the way she looks now, even though some might say they wouldn’t.

    Having said all that…wonder if she’s pregnant.

  • hmmm

    She is a natural beauty even with added weight.. Is ERIC the man for her? Hope so. She needs a break from media.

    If I was a better I’m surprised there still together . Maybe they do have somthing happening here. They do look good together far better then ROMO & Jessica. Eric at least shows support for her when needed.

  • Complain!

    I can’t wait for this to tank just like everything else this talentless tranny cobbles together only so she can hold onto her tabloid fame. Pity the soldier that’s used to sell this crap, for shame!

  • Gross

    I think the third picture proves conclusively that this man has no curves, only a giant beer gut. Yuk. Mean face and dead eyes too.

  • sad

    This guy looks like a desperate douchebag following around this pathetic tranny. I hope the money’s worth it!

  • kris

    “whoa big mama!!”… she is so fat, wow!!…she looks fatter without her heels and jackets that cover her up. she is so short and stubby. she used to dress cute, she USED to be cute but dam has she let herself go, i guess now that she gained so much weight she tries to cover herself up with big shirts and moo-moos. she has thunder thighs, big arms, big tummy, and double chin,!…for 5’3 shes not at a healthy weight, im not a fan of rail skeleton thin but im not a fan of fat either. before anyone says shes not fat shes curvy, then you obviously dont know the definition of curvy, curvy is = eva mendes, eva longoria, jessica alba, shakira, sofia vergara, halle berrry, these women have an hourglass figures and you can tell where their waist begins, jessica is a butterball….”whoa” she is so gross and fat…not loving that fat ass…she has gone down in looks, nick had the best days of her life…and he was smart to trade up!…….

  • kim

    she probably weighs 150-160 pounds size 5’3 theres only one thing to say : jessica get on a treadmill!!

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    Looking at this pretty girl in the picture, you see she looks like any pretty girl in an Ameircan airport yet people attack her. See girls want stars to look different than them. It’s weird. The reality is, Jessica Simpson looks like a normal woman and I give her credit for that. Not everyone can be a siren. I think she is beautiful and realistic. Go Jessica!

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    Joan Rivers on Fashion police calls those kind of shoes “vagina shoes”. lol. That show is hilarious!

  • Connie in Des Moines

    Britney and Christina are Moms but Jessica the one that looks like a Mom.

  • LadyB

    The guy looks lost. He’s sporting the same look Miles Austin had when he briefly dated Kim Kardarshian. You can tell she’s the one calling the shots in this relationship. She’s obviously paying for the trip.

  • Brightside

    Does the world need another christmas CD full of suitably festive jingles! No, it doesn’t. Bah Humbug!

  • Lynn

    She looked better when she was skinny…she looks like a balloon now

  • lfe

    she looks gorgeous, luv her style. she always looks chic.

  • with U

    can’t wait to hear her christmas resord ,s he has a great voice that the Britneys, Rihannas and katy for sue. luv her music.

  • MissAnthropica

    Do you all realize Jessica has gained this much weight on purpose right?
    By gaining weight she wiil get herself a Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig deal and laugh all the way to the bank.
    Her music career is dead her acting career a joke.
    She is pulling a Kirstie Alley by gaining weight she will get paid and most likely get a stupid reality show about her trying to lose weight again.
    So obvious its disgusting,
    Her father is a pr scum bag king and most likely came up this whole idea
    As long as his daughter gains weight and trys to lose it she will get talked about
    Pathectic but true.

  • Minni


  • jessiCOW blimpson

    Jessica Simpson has an unfortunate figure. She’s shaped like a barrel with udders and has tree stumps for legs.

  • Lola

    I think she’s pretty.

  • In The Know


  • fatburner


  • back

    I bet any guy would hit it the way she looks now, even though some might say they wouldn’t.

  • m

    #26…the same guys who would “hit it the way she looks now” are the same ones who wouldn’t rule out dating a sheep or other farm animals, but won’t admit it.

  • Jimmy

    1/jessica-simpson-christmas-album-2/comment-page-1/#comment-17185116″>withIMG_0047.JPG U: Jessica has. A great voice

  • Amanda

    All of you sending hate comments about her, you need to find something more constructive to do. Like, I don’t know, get out of your parents basement and find yourself a job. I don’t understand what gives any of you the right to criticise her. If you don’t like her, simply look the other way and refuse to comment on her status. It’s as easy as that. Your opinion about her love life, her weight, her career, or anything else was not asked for nor should it even be read. One, the vast majority of you need to find yourselves a dictionary before being allowed to use a keyboard, and two, you have nothing nice to say about someone you clearly only have word-of-mouth information for.

    Jessica is talented despite what you Nimrods think.