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Katie Holmes: Baskin Robbins Treat for Suri!

Katie Holmes: Baskin Robbins Treat for Suri!

Katie Holmes walks to a ballet studio with her daughter, Suri, on Wednesday (October 6) in Los Angeles, Calif.

The 31-year-old actress carried her little ballerina out from the studio as Suri, 4, snacked on ice cream from Baskin Robbins!

Katie is currently shooting her latest project, Jack and Jill, with Adam Sandler and Al Pacino.

Meanwhile, Katie‘s husband, Tom Cruise, is in Prague shooting the latest installment of Mission: Impossible IV.

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katie holmes suri cruise ballet class ice cream 01
katie holmes suri cruise ballet class ice cream 02
katie holmes suri cruise ballet class ice cream 03
katie holmes suri cruise ballet class ice cream 04
katie holmes suri cruise ballet class ice cream 05
katie holmes suri cruise ballet class ice cream 06
katie holmes suri cruise ballet class ice cream 07
katie holmes suri cruise ballet class ice cream 08

Credit: Skippy; Photos: INFDaily
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  • sara

    wow Suri is BEAUTIFUL

  • ka-blamo

    She really is a beautiful child. Too bad she’s being raised as a scientologist weirdo.

  • kizbit

    Katie cracks me up! She always acts like she’s so upset the paps are there, when Tom’s the one calling them. And remember how he said how many great pictures they have of Suri, thanks to the paparazzi! They are nuts!

  • kiley

    Suri is cute, but she needs a haircut…i dont think she has had one in years.

  • ———–

    suri has tom’s crazy eyes

  • Gaga Goo goo

    JJ…there is a typo.

    You meant ” her little brat”.


    She needs a haircut too. At least trim the ends. Looks like a poor child from the streets. Or Katie should brush her hair. Guess she is too busy spoiling her 24 hours.

  • Pointer

    ha hahha…looks like #1, 2, 3 and 4 are the same poster!

  • mommasaid

    Suri is the new age version of Liv Tyler! She is just stunning!

  • sped

    Both mother and daughter always seem so sad. Suri really is a beautiful child, I hope she’s getting some love from her parents to go with all the attention.

  • Anon

    I guess Suri didn’t let Katie brush her hair… since everyone knows that these stupid parents bow to the demands of the child! Straggly mess!

  • whatever

    No it is not a treat the kid gets anything she wants so it is just one more day in the life of Suri and her useless Mother….

  • Status Quo

    Wow, these comments are harsh…but sadly, I don’t “disagree” with them. Seriously, when I was 4 my mother had me walking everywhere. They’re carrying her around like she’s some kind of princess. What the heck? That’s so odd.

  • crazyhairmess

    Suri is truly beautiful and shes rich. The girl has everything except friends.

  • danielle

    As usual Katie doesn’t know how to dress for her body type.
    At least this is marginally better than the sweats she had on X-17 yesterday which looked truly horrendous.
    One would think she would take some personal pride in her grooming, but guess not.


    I love Suri’s hair long!

  • josephine

    you gotta admit suri’s beautiful. too bad about the whole freaky alien scientology cult she’s going to be sucked into soon enough

  • smile

    I guess its better not going to school rather than being rejected or bullied everyday.

  • Spitwave

    Man she is always eating ice cream…

  • pr person

    ummmm…JJ…. I think that Mrs. Crazy took her daughter to an ice cream shop and THAT is where they are leaving from.

    Just wanted to add that….. THAT is one HUGE cup of ice cream for a child.


    Ice cream, it’s what’s for dinner!

    Ladies don’t walk and eat, they are seated, eat, then leave.

    But, this 5 year can’t walk anyway.

  • Ginny

    Not possible since she’s not Tom’s.

  • Ginny

    Agreed…in many ways…Is Suri going to change her name to Jackson like Liv changed hers to Tyler from Rundgren? only time will tell.

  • cutie doll

    aww! bless her!

  • Chloe

    defo long hair is better!

  • http://nicole Alice Cutie

    Sge is very beautiful and extremely cute!!!!!!!!!!

  • um

    Suri is not rich, her parents are….kind of…..

  • iick

    look at her ancles in pic #4. Katie, take Suri to an orthopaedist instead to a ballet studio

  • jelly

    What a waste! Look at the size of the cup of ice cream! Doubtful that Suri will finish that. She probably demanded all the ice cream and KH has no clue how to say “no” to her. Remember this…..
    This kid looks so strange. What is wrong with her? She just doesn’t seem like she is developing normally. Diapers, baby bottles, being carried at age 5??? So weird!!!

  • jelly
  • Vanessa

    $50 says when she’s a teenager she will be a high maintenance brat.

    Who will try to get a film career .. fail at it.
    Then try to be a model…fail at it.
    Then will be just another “famous for having a famous parent”
    Off the rails child in the making.

  • ellie

    I never get these celebrity people. All the same. Mom (or Dad) is in jeans, long sleeves, boots and a coat, AND a kid is ALWAYS almost naked. And eating an ice-cream. What is it? They all do that…. Tell me, it’s beyond my understanding… do they ever touch their kids’ feet or hands??????

  • Kate get to Prague now

    Jen Garner and Violet did the same thing last week.. walked up a side
    walk with a big bowl of ice cream wearing a Ballet outfit.. Except that
    Vi walked..not carried…It is the new thing isn’t it to have a ballet class
    and have ice cream so when is she hi tailing it to Prague and Vancouver to be with Tommy!! in his bare chest and all alone no
    other characters…Stuntman 101 what it really is…

  • Soni

    How old is Suri? Is something wrong with her legs that is preventing her from walking on her own? Let her walk for christ sakes.

  • Soni

    I also think she needs a haircut. Maybe a cute bob style. It looks too plain and stringy

  • Miramari

    The kid is too skinny for her age and looks like being under hypnosis.
    How can a child like Suri, raised in this circomstances, ever grow up to a confident human being??
    I dare to bet she will become crazy as h ell and do very weird things to escape her parents, when she’s a teenager.

  • Tard

    Suri is just an obnoxious brat. Suri doesn’t wear coats because she wants to show off her outfits. She also lugs around several toys/stuffed animals etc… to show off what she has. No one says no to this kid that’s why she still wears diapers and drinks from a bottle!

  • Catchy

    let the girl walk on her feet.

  • Vicky

    Suri is one beautiful little girl. I hope she turns out to be as good of a person to compliment her looks.

  • Tard

    look at her face! She is such a brat! there are numerous pic on the internet of her having tantrums, making weird faces, picking her nose, wearing diapers and drinking from a bottle! She is almost 5. This kid has major problems!!

  • kat

    That means at one of them is parenting this child partime when they got day offs. lol katie is afraid not to be called robo she does all things but she still is robo sorry katie.

  • Kayla

    How many years have they been married? I hope Katie knows that before they hit 10 years, time is up, she is out, and Tom gets to keep the kid. Community property laws kick in at 10 years so there is no way he’ll go past that. He filed for divorce with Nicole right before then. And there is no way the kid gets to leave the cult.

  • mom2newbabyboy

    Meow people. Lovely little girl. Since I don’t live in the Cruise household I’m not going to make assumptions on their parenting or love for their child. I wish them much love & happiness.

  • vanessa

    It was raining in Los Angeles all week yet this child is eating ice cream , no sweater! and skirt? they sure dont know how to dress her for the weather.

  • joe

    @TIM GUNN:

    but it was okay for your darling ‘lady’ SR to ‘walk’ eating healthy strawberries?

  • slambang

    Alien Child and her RoboMom give me the creeps.

  • Ginny

    Close…I believe the $3 million a year goes up to year 10, so the “separation” will occur right before or right after the year 10 anniverary. At 11 years she gets 50% (not gonna happen).

  • http://justjared Samantha

    damn!!! Suri is GORGEOUS!!!!!=) Those eyes are gonna break a lot of boys hearts one day.

  • to Steve Jobs #18″

    “She got the shape of his dad’s face and the eyes…..”
    You’re right that Suri got the shape of his dad’s face and the eyes BUT SORRY THAT’S NOT TOM, Suri is combination of ‘Joshua Jackson’ and ‘Katie H’.

  • Suri Jackson

    @to Steve Jobs #18″:
    …you are so right! Katie’s shape and Josh’s color!!!

    (I love you guys…have I told you that lately?)

  • TheTruth

    @Suri Jackson #50 – Yup, the truth will be revealed after their “marriage contract” ended, and soon we will know who’s suri biological father.