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Shia LaBeouf & Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: 'Transformers 3' in D.C.

Shia LaBeouf & Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: 'Transformers 3' in D.C.

Shia LaBeouf suits up while continuing work on Transformers 3 with co-star Rosie Huntington-Whiteley on Monday (October 11) in Washington, D.C.

The 24-year-old actor and 23-year-old model were spotted filming scenes near DAR Constitution Hall.

Shia was last seen working on the film with Rosie in Detroit, Michigan.

His next role? Possibly starring in the upcoming comedy-drama College Republicans.

Shia has shown interest in playing a young Karl Rove as he vies for the position of chief college conservative.

10+ pictures inside of Shia LaBeouf and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley filming in D.C….

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  • ck_always

    Looks like a young Patrick Bateman, lol. He’ll get more and more good looking as the years come.

  • huh?

    What is up with that oompa loopa tan? He really needs to stay away from tanning beds or he’ll end up with skin cancer, as well as lung cancer from all of those cigarettes he smokes!

  • mailey

    @ck_always: haha yah it’s totally patrick bateman hair :)

  • reba

    Michael Bay requires all of his actors to be super tanned in his films. Megan Fox complained about it incessantly during the interviews for the last Transformers.

  • kate

    Wow, really? i immediately thought he looks like a young Harrison Ford, which is funny considering he played his son in Indiana Jones, anyways! looking good Shia! :-D

  • no

    I didn’t care for his curly hair but he looks SUPER HOT with this slick hair! I almost didn’t recognize him! He’s transformed himself into a hunk!

  • Leesa

    He has hair like a local weatherman.

  • no

    He can be my weatherman any day! :)

  • Vivienne

    He is the ugliest actor in the biz. Ugly inside out.

  • kiley

    he is truly talented, hilarious and good looking. Yeah, he’s messed up on a few accounts, but he’s 23 years old and has more talent under his belt than a lot of older actors. Good luck to him!

  • Weber from Brazil

    I dunno why …but I find her boooring

    ok, she’s pretty, sexy at all, but she hasn’t THAT sex appeal like Megan does….

  • Andie

    aff, Rosie is awful even with her plastics.


    She also has plastics but she’s 100000000 more beautiful, funnier and cooler than Rosie.

  • Ana

    Rosie is very beautiful, and natural. Megan is so plastic!!!

  • dot

    @ck_always: but patrick bateman is soo hot, and shia is soo…not.

  • bella

    Rosie is so pretty, much prefer her at least looks wise to Megan. I have never seen Transformers and have no interest in it so I have no idea what it means for the movie to have a different actress in the lead.

  • From paris with love

    she is gorgeous

  • Not_A_Fan_Anymore!

    @huh?: @Leesa: @Vivienne:
    And what is with that fake tan that he has, he has been spending too much time in the Florida rays last week, Shia looks like a fake ken doll, he is gross now, I miss his jewish curls, Shia looks like horse *beep* now, oh he is so gross, he goes from a thick beard to a plastic looking doll. Yikes, what next Shia? What does Carey see in him.????eeeeeeeeeeeekkk
    Shia does not know who he is. he is whatever Olley Stone says.

  • breckin

    dont really think she’s that pretty. it’s a weird face. and out of all the actresses in hollywood, this is who they picked? really? she must have an in with someone behind the scenes. that’s all i can think of.
    i do prefer brunettes. mailey i bet you are a brunette.

  • kittycat

    Doesn’t she kind of look like Cameron Diaz here???

  • kittycat

    Doesn’t she kind of look like Cameron Diaz here???

  • buh-bye

    Bay has a fetish for alien looking women like Isabel….

  • m bay

    Shia needs to dump ugly Carrie for hot Rosie

  • #23

    @m bay: Rosie’s 1,000 times uglier than Carey.

  • #23

    @buh-bye: I know right!

  • Dan

    @Weber from Brazil
    Are you sure she hasn’t THAT sex appeal like Megan does???
    Because for me and anybody who isn’t blind she has 100000 time more sex appeal than Megan!
    You are stunning,Rosie!!!

  • JT

    Rosie isn’t ugly for sure.Only because you are MF’s fan it doesn’t mean you have to call Rosie ugly.
    Who cares about Megan anymore???Megan is yesterday news.
    Rosie is so hot and her face is so pretty,she has something done for sure,but at least she isn’t botoxed lady like MF.

  • Franco

    I don’t care about Transformers3 or who is the actress.
    But I think Rosie is really gorgeous,I’m already bored with MF and her waxy face.

  • Pau

    OMG!!!Megan who?

  • Val

    I don’t like much her face because isn’t natural,she has some procedures done like Megan plastic Fox,but her body is gorgeous,like 50000000000000000 times more than Megan’s.
    Rosie is tall and has long nice legs,megan is too short and disproportional.
    So go Rosie!!!!

  • kirsten

    she has beautiful hair and amazing body

  • nina

    another plastic girl
    Why pick all those plastic like Rosie or Megan,pick somebody who is natural beautiful.

  • Jo

    shia is so hot!

  • Ash

    Shia looks so grown-up

  • Mary from Russia

    They are both plastic. Megan has very short legs and wide hips. But she is prettier than Rosie, Rosie has ugly lips ;-) Why not find really beautiful girl?

  • brian

    @Mary from Russia
    Fox has ugly plastic lips too
    I don’t think Megan has a prettier face than Rosie,and Megan doesn’t have beautiful body as Rosie does-

  • Zach

    Hmm,Rosie and Megan…I think their faces are on the same level,they are both plastic looking,no one is prettier than another.
    Megan’s body can’t compete with Rosie’s body though,Rosie’s body is a model amazing,tall body.Megan is short,fatter,has short legs and mommy arms.

  • jose


  • sayuri

    Shia é tudo. Muito lindo e talentoso…Não vejo a hora de ver Transformers =DD

  • sayuri

    Quero 1 pra mim :T

  • kim

    Shia so Gorgeous…OMG!

  • Mary

    Then Michael Bay thinks Rosie is more beautiful than Megan???
    WTF happen to this world?

  • george

    I wait for this movie =)

  • hilary

    So cute Shia.

  • alyssa

    Love SHia

  • kikkA

    Looks amazing!

  • Dina

    Go SHiaaa!

  • Rebecca

    I love this movie

  • Suri

    Love shia so much!

  • david

    Really nice

  • david

    SHia is a freat actor!!! Really amazing