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Avril Lavigne Covers Maxim November 2010

Avril Lavigne Covers Maxim November 2010

Avril Lavigne is rocker chic on the cover of Maxim‘s November 2010 issue, which is on newsstands now!

Here is what the 26-year-old singer had to share with the magazine:

On how she has avoided the well-covered troubles of other stars: “I got here on my own. I came from a small town and grew up in a regular home. I know what I’ve worked hard for. I’ve seen a lot of people who have gone a little crazy and who are really into the Hollywood scene. I don’t really like to hang out with people like that.”

On her tattoos: “This is ABBEYDAWN—that’s my nickname and clothing line. I have a lightning bolt, a music note, and a star. Oh, I had a little star here last time, but now I have a big star. I have about 15 altogether, but they’re all small.”

On shooting with Maxim for her third cover: “I’m older and more comfortable with my femininity. The first time I was about 19 and was very nervous. I was more of a tomboy, I guess. I’ve always had a great time shooting with Maxim. I feel like it gives me my freedom. It’s an edgy magazine, so it’s cool.”

Bigger cover pic inside…

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avril lavigne covers maxim november 2010

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38 Responses to “Avril Lavigne Covers Maxim November 2010”

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  1. 1
    Dhants Says:

    Avril is such a great singer! She’s really awesome on Maxim’s cover magazine! I hope her new albumm soon!

  2. 2
    yvette Says:

    Uh she says she doesn’t like people who are crazy and into the hollywood scene, yet she is always out with bit scene man brody jenner. Dumb

  3. 3
    yvette Says:

    Uh she says she doesn’t like people who are crazy and into the hollywood scene, yet she is always out with bit scene man brody jenner. Dumb

  4. 4
    Ms Bar Jolie Gaga Says:

    racoon with the annoying voice. wannabe edgy. next.

  5. 5
    mailey Says:

    wouldnt really call maxim edgy………………………

  6. 6
    Tomas Says:

    she’s a douche

  7. 7
    Sandra Says:

    loved her 1st cd, but none after, and she is one phony b/tch conveniently changing to a ****** image, trying to revive her flagging career. aint gonna happen, yesterdays news!

  8. 8
    Sandra Says:

    s/utty, sorry it got cencored

  9. 9
    Allie Says:

    When is she going to stop dressing like a prepubescent girl?

  10. 10
    G.F or E Says:

    @allie prepubescent girl ??? have you seen the cover ?

  11. 11
    Dubya Bush Says:

    @Allie, IKR, she’s been dressing like this forever!

  12. 12
    heygurl Says:

    Avril who? Why in the world did Maxim think this has been deserved a cover?

  13. 13
    XYZ Says:

    Its not ABBEYDAWN, its ABADDON and its all about occultism in showbiz. Her star tattoos are those of an MK slave, the star representing Lucifer. How come so many female celebrities have this tattoo? Or the butterfly? Or a heart or keys or a blue bird? Ever ask urself? No, coz u dont use ur brain. U are fed the TV crap, the tabloid crap, the glossy magazines crap and its ok with u, u dont bother to research. AVRIL LAVIGNE, just like SPEARS, AGUILERA, SWIFT, HILTON, CYRUS, GOMEZ and other countless celebrities, is a mind controlled slave. Even so, she has hardly done anything that can be called music, xcept a few songs. ABBEYDAWN, my ass! Its ridiculous!

  14. 14
    Migration Agents Melbourne Says:

    she is stunning and ravishing, I have to squint, so chic, I just love her

  15. 15
    Hadday^_^ Says:

    xYz LOL ahahah Doom Bringer Lucifer and ABBADON!

  16. 16
    Ryan Says:

    I once dated a woman in college who looked exactly like her. She gave me a coldsore. I’m glad she didn’t go down on me. : ) Women like her are *****.

  17. 17
    Jade Says:

    How long has she been sporting that God damn awful heavy eyeliner look now? Does she realize this is isn’t 2002 anymore?

  18. 18
    Alaia Says:

    Why does the cover look like a ****** version if Vogue?

  19. 19
    Karen Says:

    @ Jade: that’s her trademark. :-) Sadly, she doesn’t realize it’s 2010.

    However, Avril does look smashing. I hate to admit it, but she looks gorgeous in that cover. Er, Photoshop? Just kidding!

  20. 20
    sara Says:

    she looks great,unfortunatly heavily photoshoped..look at her right arm

  21. 21
    Marcus Says:

    Nothing but nothing could be better for this sad excuse of a music industry than a little Avrilmania II.No lipsync.No playback.No singtalking.Little to no autotune (if you believe Rolling Stone).

  22. 22
    V Says:

    LOL at her ratty hair, she looks like she smells.

  23. 23


  24. 24
    nepenthes Says:


    Agree with everything.
    She has a good voice but she behaves in an idiotic way, not what I would call an artist.

  25. 25
    Robert Says:

    @XYZ: You really belive this bullshit? This signs are not represeting the devil, have more than one meaning and were already known by people who have never heard of him. Even people who are not celebrities are using signs this signs. Are they all devil worshipper? Avril named her fashion line Abbey Dawn becaus it is her nickname.

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