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Bristol Palin Checks Out Music At The Mint

Bristol Palin Checks Out Music At The Mint

Bristol Palin takes a night off from dancing to stop in at The Mint on Monday (October 11) in Hollywood.

The 19-year old DWTS contestant says it has been difficult to balance dancing on the show and being a mother. “Mentally, it’s exhausting,”she told Extra. “Physically, it’s exhausting. But I’m making it work.”

Bristol revealed that her father, Todd Palin, was originally asked to do DWTS, but was unable because of his busy schedule. She said if either of her parents were on the show, “It’d be hilarious to see them dance.”

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  • [I n F a m o u s l y C o o L]

    …poor little fat girl. mom’s a moron, and she cant dance to save her life. ahahahahahahahhaa

  • watch out

    Bristol, your mother is looking to choose your husband in a way that benefits HER career. Don’t be surprised if she marries you off to Karl Rove.

    Also, nice double chin.

    And I thought Sarah Palin hated those Hollywood leftist elitist liberals? Look who’s now BFF with Hollywood, engineered by Sarah.

  • Lindley

    People need to leave her alone. Yes, she is Sarah Palin’s daughter. Do you have to act so immature towards her? She’s like any other 19 year old and when she can go out, why not? I keep voting for her on Dancing with the Stars. Hope her and Mark make it this week! They were much better than the judges said she was. :)

  • soo…

    Bristol – did your mother tell you to stay away from Muslims, since she hates them so much? It’s high time you came out and condemned your mother’s evil anti-American racist hate speech. SHAME ON YOU BOTH. What a disgrace. If only Bristol had some idea of the extreme harm her mother is doing to this nation. McCarthyism all over again, just because she is the bitterest sore loser this country has ever seen.

  • Cynthia

    She looks fat and ugly. Go back to Alaska.

  • uhhh

    Famous because of her loser, illiterate, mother… pathetic.

  • selena

    Let’s just call her 15 minutes as in her 15 minutes of fame are UP!!!! (Did you hear that Bristol….oh, and you need more dancing lessons!)

  • lexy hates bilson

    Is this a Halloween costume??

  • Truth

    @[I n F a m o u s l y C o o L]: You are the moron, creep.

  • Tonya

    She’s a pretty girl.

    Go bristol – you’re doing a good job on the show, for someone who has no entertianment background, lol. :)

  • ka-blamo

    I think she really is getting fatter by the minute!

  • breckin

    yah, she is not attractive.

  • Pandora

    I think what everyone’s trying to say is that this girl is *not* a celeb. She is a hick from Alaska w/ a Mother who is not the sharpest tool in the shed. I think she’s not quite the intellectual lightweight her mother is, but that’s not sayin’ much, is it?

  • Jasmine

    @[I n F a m o u s l y C o o L]: Sarah P is a retard and an embarassment to womankind. And Bristol still looks like a cow.

  • Sally

    The rumor in Alaska is that “dear sweet Bristol” is expecting another Palin grandchild…who knows. I do know that the girl has zero stage presence, that Mark is doing all the dancing, and that no matter how sexy DWTS tries to make her, Bristol cannot pull it off. Team Ballin’ (now there’s a double entendre for you!) is supposed to do the jive next week. Jives are done in short little dresses, and your footwork has to be right there. I think that this is Bristol’s last paycheck week, until she takes that toddler on tour with her. Geez…does she hate being a mother that much?

  • Milt

    Bristol is doing fine you anti people are just jealous give it up!

  • rhonda

    she’s a teen-ager, leave her alone. Imagine if it was one of the Obama’s ugly little girls.

  • Pippa

    She should lay off the cheetos

  • disgusting

    Bristol is perfectly happy to enjoy the nepotism and $$ coming from her mother’s shameless, hateful, dangerous McCarthyism! How can you sleep at night, Bristol? That money is tainted by hate and lies.

  • escape

    Crap. I accidently gave Tonya’s comment a thumbs down. Yes, famously cool you are the moron.

    I am starting to really like this woman and she seems to have her head screwed on straight.

  • http://Justjared saira


  • Lala

    Screw you, Rounda. No matter what ideas you have bouncing around in your empty head, you shouldn’t say nasty things about little girls. Also, she’s an adult. A ridiculous adult who chose to make a fool of herself and her family in the tabloids.

  • Jan

    She is doing DWTS to get fit and support her son. Sarah has forced her to work to support her child. DWTS pays better than the office clerk wage she was making in AK. Mark Ballas is either doing a gig at a bar or spending DAYS recording in a music studio. Bristol has to learn to dance in between his music career. Give the kid a break. She is just 19.

  • elsa

    . . . dancing with the stars? She is NOT a star. Shame on DWTS/, DWTS is pathetic for having Palin influence them to have Bristol lose weight using DWTS.

  • Jokergurl

    This gal’s got flat feet I’m afraid and her dance last night proved it. Although her partner can sure move. Don’t even get me started on the Rumba from Inappriopriateville with Florence Henderson!

  • Marieme

    Behold! The first person to go on DWTS who gets fatter each week! It’s unbelievable and inexplicable, but really happening. I mean seriously can you believe this heffer? Bristol’s got some nerve being on this show and behaving like she belongs there. She needs to vote herself off the island! Porky has zero charisma, zero dancing skills and is the opposite of sexy. Poor Mark. I have no idea what kind of idiot would bother calling to vote for her. Hard to believe but her mother’s lemmings must be THAT dumb. Says everything about their willingness to vote for Palin who lacks any kind of leadership skills whatsoever. They’re not looking for merit or capablity – only image. Scaaary.

  • Sean

    All that dancing and she still can’t cut the weight? Needs to get rid of that double chin

  • Skunk


  • Annie

    Ugh, why is her face sooo fat?

  • Leo

    @Truth: Rofl

  • laughable

    omg her face is huge! she is not too fat, but her face looks like a size 20 obese woman’s face LOL

  • boston61

    RepubliKKKans like her mother are now talking money from foreign governments for their campaigns in exchange for a wink/wink to ship our jobs out of the country when they get elected next month.

    Palin = Traitor

  • EVE

    I don’t vote b/c i miss it so much so i am not a regular watcher.
    Watched it last night and thought the numbers were too low.
    Bristol looked great with her long flexible legs.
    She has lovely shaped legs and i think she is very pretty.
    Her and her partner were quite the item last night.
    They danced superbly and the young Ms. Palin alllowed more make up to show the high cheekbones and gorgeous smile…But…
    Why are most of the post re: her mother?????
    I have never seen such ridiculous fear over DWTS voting.
    Sara Palin is not dancing, No She is Not… did ya know ??
    I admire her courage . She had to know there would be ruthless biatches turning her dance moves into political errors.
    Or telling her the news’ about her own mother.
    Had to laugh when i saw her teeny little mom and thought of how fearful the USA posters are re: ths lady.
    Anyway Bristol dance your heart out, your partner is a honey too.

    8 women from the place where i work said..
    DWTS’s can’t be fair, Nope not as long as Sara Palin is this girls mother.
    Now that’s just sad..

  • backpain

    McCarthyism all over again, just because she is the bitterest sore loser this country has ever seen