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Christina Aguilera Splits From Jordan Bratman

Christina Aguilera Splits From Jordan Bratman

Christina Aguilera and music exec Jordan Bratman have been separated for a few months, according to reports.

“They were very much in love,” an insider tells Us Weekly. “But over the last six months, it ­became clear they were more like friends than husband and wife… [Christina even] proposed their August trip to Italy to ­rekindle their relationship, but it didn’t help.

Adds the insider, “[Their 2-year-old son Max] is their main concern… Christina is doing her best to be a great mom. She has a lot to ­juggle, but she’s learning how to make it work and balance it all.”

Christina, 29, and Jordan, 33, met in 2002 and wed in 2005.

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  • jamie


  • Jay

    Hope its not true…she deserves the best.

  • rebecca

    This is insane! Can’t people just stay together for once!

  • Diepmayer

    Just a joke

  • An Intelligent Mind

    Oh no…another celebrity split! Can’t people stay together anymore? This Divorce rate (Hollywood, non-hollywood) makes me even more hesitant about getting married someday. It’s like ‘why try anymore’? Well anyway, she is one of my FAVORITE artists, and I hope she and her husband work through their issues for the sake of their son. I thought they would be one of the few couples to make it, as I was truly shocked by this. Guess you can’t expect anyone to stay together anymore….

  • Jenny

    awwwww cant these celeb couples last?!?!?! I feel sorry for the child more than anything…its the children who come out of it worse if anything

  • calli

    how did he get her to marry him in the first place??

  • Kim

    Dont believe this. “An insider” well that says it all really, if it was true she herself would of said it, not a “insider”. She’ll soon announce its not true.

  • Steve Jobs

    Yeah, how can you be married to someone else if you do not become friends first?
    So sad to know another couple did not make their relationship go a long way.


    Bull shiiiiiit

    ”have been separated for a few months now”


    and.. the source is a notorious tabloid known to be full of BS in every inch.

  • blah

    marriage is work, hard work. sometimes after a while, the passion goes away and yes, you are married to your best friend. deal with it and work at have a kid for crying out loud! it’s pathetic that celebrities are too lazy to try and make their marriages work but claim that kid is their “main concern”. If that were true, you would actually try to fix what is wrong instead of just throwing in the towel.


    @An Intelligent Mind: Dude, you say you’re an intelligent mind yet you’re believing a notorious gossip tabloid that is well known to be full of BS in every inch.

    Not to mention Jodran and Christina were spotted on a family outing with their kids last month where they kissed each other and seemed perfectly happy. The source says ‘they’ve been split up for a few months’. It’s officially BS!

  • Catchy

    jeez, every family has hard times, you need to work on it really. don’t just split.
    everybody’s splitting…

  • blair

    Hope it’s not true….what is this, the 4th one this week?

  • An Intelligent Mind

    @HANNI: I’m not saying that I believe this, but given the divorce rate in America, I wouldn”t be suprised. But, we will eventually know whether this is true or not. We’ll have to wait and see…

  • Who Cares

    Marriage is an antiquated idea that has no real relevance anymore. They were together for eight years and should be grateful for the times they had, not drag each other through the mud just so people don’t talk.

    It’s sad, but with the US divorce rate being the highest in the world, it isn’t surprising.

    Weird. Most first marriages that end in divorce last only eight years:

  • happydumb

    Not very surprising… Now she’ll get a lovely and gorgeous boyfriend

  • Dooley

    He looks like Mr.Peepers from SNL.

  • [I n F a m o u s l y C o o L]

    ….the embarrassment of that bionic bomb was just too much for him to take. ahahahahahahaha

  • yassss

    floptina flops again!

  • Audrey

    I think it’s not true!!
    They are so cool together!

  • JJ

    I’m surprised he stayed this long with her!
    She is a raging hurtful b!tch!!
    She treats him and everyone around her like garbage.
    And she’s a horrible mother, She like Mommy Dearest…
    She’s so gross

  • ICU

    Aren’t you supposed to be friends with your husband or wife? If not, what’s the point? Give me a break.. really stupid.

  • [I n F a m o u s l y C o o L]

    @yassss: …ahahahahahahahahahaha

  • the truth

    That was a suprise to me . Couldn’t believe it. They a;lso was hving problem awhile back. Why does they wait so long to tell the public about it? Its nott fair. i think. I read awhile back that they was having troubles. I guess it was true then.

  • Drake

    Christina can’t do ANYTHING right!

  • Me

    It’s no surprise, She’s a b!tc#

  • Kelly

    Good! I always feel so sorry for that guy, Christina seems like she’s mad 24/7 (except when she turns on the fake for interviews)
    He should take the ugly kid and run for his life.

  • lisa

    I call BS cause the original source is USWEEKLY!! you know the same magazine that swears Kristen Stewart is pregnant ever other week.

    Plus, You know for someone who hasn’t been together in months sure have been spotted together at almost everything christina have done for the past year including a mini vacation.


    Jared, Why is my comment awaiting for moderation when i just listed celebrities who have split this year ?

  • Frida

    I’m sad to hear this, they seemed to be so in love. And to people saying they should work at it, how do you know they haven’t already? Sometimes things just don’t work out, and staying together for the sake of a child is definitely the wrong way to go. He’ll be loved no matter what.

  • mimi78

    If you marry solely because you are infatuated, you have got to know it won’t last.

    Love isn’t passionate, love isn’t crazy. Love is mild and kind and all-encompassing.

    Best of luck to them both.

  • j.ryan

    haven’t they been saying this was the case since her new album came out but she wanted to keep it a secret because she didn’t want to have to field a bunch of questions about her marriage when she was doing press. well the album flopped and now here we are.

  • Suri24

    Poor Christina!!!! Her albums are failing and now she’s getting divorced. I hope this is not true and she loses her extra lbs!

  • Annie

    I hope this is not true. I really liked them together. They seemed like that rare thing – a genuine showbiz couple.

  • boston61

    She has always been so determined to make her ugly bow legged self pretty. She must really feel superior to him. Poor guy.

  • Effi

    Trste me gustaba la pareja que formaban

  • Ashlee

    All I ever heard her talk about regarding her relationship was “exploring her sexuality” and how she and her husband went around the house naked. If sex is all you have in a relationship, it won’t keep a couple together. You need to share common interests and do fun things together outside the bedroom.

  • Esther

    I don’t believe it. USWeekly?? They’re together

  • ko

    wow 0.o

  • ace11

    she seems like one of the most selfish people on earth

    he probably got tired of catering to her every whim..

    guy needs a fresh start

  • Me

    I’m not surprised they did not look happy together so it’s better to make a clean break than to let it simmer. What is going on with all the celebrities breaking up? Ben & Laura, Cox & Arquette. This is why Nicole Richie does not want to get married. People break up too easily when they are rich it seems.

  • Lurker

    People are not willing to put the work it takes to make a relationship work anymore. At the first sign of trouble, they are willing to give up on their marriage. Whatever happens to “FOR BETTER OR WORSE”.

    Funny how those tabloids who have all those inside sources missed on all those break ups.LOL.

  • In The Know

    She is in another league people…….he never presented himself as anything but a scruffy jackass that needed a shave and a shampoo even at important events.

    How could anyone think that would last.

  • gracie

    What a shame. I really thought they would have lasted longer.

  • ida

    after the Cox-Arquette now THIS???!!! NOOOOOOOOOO

  • Nano

    They haven’t DIVORCED yet! so keep that word in your mouth people!

  • http://HOTMAIL XTINA IS AN ICON!!!!!


  • Grace

    such sad news. i wish christina, max, and jordan all the best though.

    … maybe christina can finally focus more on her work and make more albums… she can use music as her therapy and sad emotions usually help make amazing music, a la Stripped.

  • Ankka

    OMG!! I hope that it’s NOT true!! she always used to say how much she loved him.

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