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John Mayer Checks Out Chinatown

John Mayer Checks Out Chinatown

John Mayer takes a stroll through Chinatown on Sunday (October 10) in New York City.

The 32-year-old singer recently deactivated his Twitter account and went to his blog to explain why. “It occurred to me that since the invocation of Twitter, nobody who has participated in it has created any lasting art. And yes! Yours truly is included in that roundup as well,” John explained in a blog entry. “No artwork created by someone with a healthy grasp of social media thus far has proven to be anything other than disposable.”

“I’m not knocking Twitter for those who are trying to make a name for themselves. Some people need all the RTs they can get today,” John continued. “But for those who have already established themselves it’s a slow erosion of the artistic notion.”

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john mayer comes to chinatown 01
john mayer comes to chinatown 02
john mayer comes to chinatown 03
john mayer comes to chinatown 04
john mayer comes to chinatown 05
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Photos: Flynetonline
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  • J

    yet you have a blog? and you know you will be reading this too as pathetic and famewhoreish as you are!
    i bet you google yourself every night.
    p.s you’re not good looking! you look like a frickin’ rat! lol

  • BlueEyedBlond

    Douche or no, I love JM. I’ll freely admit it’s a sad, loathsome condition for a girl to find herself in, but it’s true.

  • A

    @J If u hate the guy why would u even bother coming here and waste ur time commenting with hate?!

  • Alyssa

    his personality may not be liked by everyone. But he produces one of the great songs in our generation. No need to hate the guy until he actually did sumthing to you. If u can’t stand him, just don’t bother.
    I’m a big fan of his work. And that’s all.
    Haters to the left please!

  • MR505

    so many fahrking big & pretentious words. just say:
    “i seemed to suck even more WITH a twitter account, so i deleted.” xD

  • zoz

    Him walking through china town is noted. That’s funny. Anyway he’s a great musician. How’s the real estate in Chinatown.

  • Cheery

    Oh STFU, John Mayer. You quit twitter because you made sexist/racist remarks and couldn’t handle the backlash. Just make music and leave it at that.

  • sindy-isdatchu?


  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    another day in the life of a dirty irrelevant racist douche. next.

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    no, talking about women you slept with in interviews and making racist comments in interviews is a slow erosion of artistry. get lost mayer. 15 minutes are up dweeb.

  • LOVE

    Wonder if he still likes jenny ??

  • LOVE

    Wonder if he still likes jenny ??

  • LOVE

    Wonder if he still likes jenny ??

  • BrightSpark

    Why do people have to be so mean about him? Subconsciously you clearly like him for taking the time to check out the pictures and actually comment.

    I love John Mayer, he is extremely talented and very smart. People just don’t give him a chance. He’s only HUMAN!! Sometimes it’s like he can’t win.

  • Patty Pendergast

    Love his music, but can’t abide his ego.

  • Rhiana

    What a cutie patootie. Hope he had a nice stroll. Looks like it might have been a lovely fall NYC day. Love the hair, chin growth, and cool shoes. Dedicated artist. The total package.

  • shelly

    He’s looking really good lately. LOVE his music.

  • LeRougePapillion

    I adore and love John regardless. I feel for him that he can’t seem to have alone or private time, even after he asked to be out of the public eye. It’s sad how the media attacks him at every chance that he can get. He’s brilliant, sweet and sexy. There’s no one like him. Oh and my name starts with an ‘A’, but this is the FIRST time I came to post here. Just want that known. I’m about love, not hate. XO

  • LeRougePapillion

    P.S.: I love the hair as well ;) John baby, keep doing your thing. You are loved!!!

  • Really?

    I still love him no matter what. I guess hollywood just got to him, but he’s undeniably one of the most talented musicians out there. I don’t think I have found any musician more talented than JM since he came around. You can hate him as a person coz he got big mouth, but not his beautiful music

  • mailey

    he looks gross.

  • Me

    Fan for life here.
    Love John and his music.
    Hope he gets the down time he’s looking for, we’ll all be here waiting for him when he returns rested, with his wicked new music.

  • Mrs. Adria Swan Huxtable shady

    I love John’s music. It’s meaningful and thoughtful. He has a crazy sense of ‘guy’s only humor’ and he’s gorgeous. I love John Mayer. Period. And he happens to adore black and biracial women. All ethnic women. He has poor taste in jokes sometimes. However, I have always and will always love John.

    Take that posers. lol

  • Mrs. Adria Swan Huxtable shady

    but what I really want is that JACKET! I can imagine the sleeves would hang about a foot past my hands but it is a gorgeous jacket. And then it smells like John… Who probably smells like a fresh bar of Kielh’s soap. :D xoxo

    Thanks for posting this pics. I miss him so much!

  • yo sista


  • Kayla

    If you like him, comment and say so…if you don’t why do you even bother?
    People hating on JM is getting boring…nobody should have to feel like they can’t be themselves.
    People who comment because they don’t like him blows my mind…I mean you obviously clicked on him to read more and see the pictures? Weird.

  • Missy

    Haters, leave him alone. Why can’t you just let him be whatever or whoever he chooses to be?
    If you actually meet him and have a one on one conversation and still aren’t into him as a person, then you can have your opinions.
    He is multi talented, that’s exactly why he is an internationally craved artist.
    John you rock!!

  • Johncmayer Fan!

    Hatred back off! John I live you! I have and always will be a fan of his! His work is incredible! I wish I went in that new York stroll with Jim <3 and I live his hair now, but I also lived it on his BATTLE STUDIES RECORD. He looked handsome. Love ya John. Keep writing the incredible music that you always introduce your fans to.

  • shallow hal

    This guy is just pathetic…

  • shallow hal

    John Mayer, can you please SHUT UP?

  • julie

    i like john too, he looks cute here and he is talented, sometimes he turns me off with some of his comments, but then he writes,sings, and plays another song and i’m back, lol.

  • Sarai Wish

    Hi! I found your blog on Google.It’s really comprehensive and it helped me a lot.

    Continue the good work!

  • back

    No need to hate the guy until he actually did sumthing to you. If u can’t stand him, just don’t bother.

  • ramona

    drop dead gorgeous i want to blow him so bad