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Taylor Swift's 'Back To December' -- LISTEN NOW!

Taylor Swift's 'Back To December' -- LISTEN NOW!

Check out Taylor Swift‘s new string-laden ballad “Back To December” off of her forthcoming album Speak Now, which drops Oct. 25.

The 20-year-old country cutie has said the song “addresses a first for me in that I’ve never apologized to someone in song before. Whether it be good or bad or an apology, the person I wrote this song about deserves this. This is about a person who was incredible to me, just perfect to me in a relationship, and I was really careless with him. So, this is a song full of words that I would say to him that he deserves to hear.”

Listen below!

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  • iamAWESOME

    hair looks better like this

  • Katie

    I love this song..I guess Lautner really was into her…sweet :)

  • Katie

    I love this song..I guess Lautner really was into her…sweet :)

  • Zoe

    Love her new hair!

  • Catchy


  • iFellytone

    This one was actually really good

  • FYI

    except for the fact that taylor lautner is GAY and she’s a BEARD

  • swiftly

    so pretty!

  • fans

    This song is better that Speak Now. However, does taylor swift really have experience of honest relationship? I do not think she really care about taylor lautner, if she does, she will not put him on a song. Like those artists who separated won’t brag out on TV or a song ect– most of them care each other to keep things private. She just wants more attention and fame by using those media buzz names.

  • taylorfan

    Love the cover and the song!!!!! Song kinda made me cry! Taylor Lautner should hear it, i wonder what he’ll think!?!? Taylor Swift never lets me down!!!!! I could listen to this song over and over again!!!!

  • Amy

    I don’t understand how she has so many fans?
    Her songs are mediocre… Sure she can write songs, but come on! They’re all the same. The lyrics are generic and aren’t thought provoking or inspiring at all. Her voice isn’t amazing and she can’t even sing live what so ever.
    This song isn’t horrible, I guess it’s cute in a way, but 3 albums later and she’s still writing about the same things every single time. She needs to branch out a little bit and learn to sing or write songs that aren’t always about boys. She’s only what? 20 for goodness sakes! How many boys has she been with to have written over 40 songs about them. Seriously, there are so many other things she can write about, but she seems to always put out the same song, the same meaning, the same story, just a different title.

    just an honest observer.
    She’s a sweet girl, but she’s nothing special.

  • Sparks Fly

    She’s more special than a lot of crappy pop artist out there, she actually cares about her fans and goes out of her way to meet them.

  • emmily

    I could not agree with you more. I used to love taylor swift’ s music 5 years ago, but now I grow up, I do not see boys like the way she sees in her songs anymore– her point of view is still in crush, initial dating stage such as giving roses and looking good. 20-21 years see relationship as personality match, life interesting match ect.

  • Sparks Fly

    Actually she doesn’t write just about relationships:

    Go here and your view will change.

  • ko

    seriously…every song she writes about has to do with a boy friend. how many bfs do u have taylor? i wonder whether she is a “pure” as she says she is….. i guess they don’t call u “SWIFT” for nothing!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tcrogera12

    shes a lie….. she has apologized in one her songs called Breathe. And I like that song way better than this!!!!!!! Come on Taylor, you were nominated for best pop collaboration w/ vocals for Breathe, don’t know how you could forget!!!

  • Mary

    Love her hair, much more better than the forme way!!!

  • Amy

    A lot of artists go out of their ways to meet fans… & they are fifty times more talented, yet don’t get the same recognition.
    That’s what’s disappointing. I’m not trying to be a hater, I’m just being realistic. There’s nothing about her that seems unique or unforgettable.
    She’s just another girl writing about a boy on her guitar.

  • Jason

    Absolute tripe.

  • Ashlee

    She writes and sings songs for a specific audience, very young girls who are in middle school and crush on boys. They all love the sameness to her songs and her girly cuteness. That’s why she’s successful.

  • Bree


    I second that! Taylor has songwriting talent and I’m sure she’s a nice girl, but her songs literally have no variety. People need to get back to real music!

  • Rachel

    I love Taylor, and this is one of her best songs, so stop hating because if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all. Because nobody wants to hear your bullsh*t.

  • Dooley

    Boring!!Same Old Boring writing from a 15 year old Diary..If her writing is this immature I can see her room is decorated with Rainbows,Unicorns and Puppies.LOL!!!!!

  • Ayesha

    whats up with all these “Decembers” in the song titles?! Demi, Miley, Taylor.. did everything happens around December thing for these girls or something

  • lexy hates bilson

    Wow! I’m not use to her hair straight! Looks great but I still love her curls!

  • mailey

    it doesnt even look like her, but i do like her hair like that. it must be a wig tho bec there’s no way she’d be able to be rid of bangs that severe.
    she needs to go with this look bec her standard is way tired. for serious.

  • Kelly

    Taylor is my FAVORITE singer! I love every song she sings! No Matter what kind of song it is. She is very honest in her music and thats what i like about her. She doesn’t make up Fairytale things that don’t really happen. She writes about things that happen to people everyday. If you don’t like her why do you listen to her songs? And don’t HATE cuz you really don’t know her to say she isn’t sincere about what she is saying.

  • Allie

    God help Taylor Swift if she stops dating because then she will never have anything to sing/write about. Is dating all her life is comprised of? Doesn’t she have any other experiences to sing about??

  • Taylor

    Shes dated people before she dated Taylor Lautner. This could be about anyone she used to know. Its great.

  • the girl who cried love

    who said this was about taylor lautner by the way?

  • rystal

    in breathe she got her heart broken she wasnt the breaker in that one

  • tcrogera12

    yes she was the heart breaker, thats why she should she never wanted to see him hurt, and feels like she just lost a friend, same exact meaning like this one. listen to Breathe and listen to this one. Love Taylor but getting tired of the same old stuff. I liked Change, wish she does more like that. I could actually see her have done The House That Built Me

  • Michelle

    @tcrogera12…Breathe is about a friendship…one of the girls (Emily, fiddler player) left the band for a better opportunity. It’s about a break up, but not about a boy. So, no, it’s not the same meaning.

  • Lorraine

    OMG this is amazing! Taylor Swift is just amazing and this is me putting it lightly…. I think it’s got to be about Taylor Lautner; on the bridge bit, she sings of missing his tan skin and sweet smile! OMG, I hope Taylor Lautner listens to this! They were such a cute couple and not to mention super good looking! =)

  • Jaz

    @Amy: Taylor writes whats in her heart and her songs RELATE TO SO MANY PEOPLE who were her age or younger, who have been in her position. I think she is special. She’s probably the type that doesn’t write what is not true.
    This song I think it’s different and deep.
    I don’t believe for a second that this song is about Taylor Lautner (unless she says its about him, which we know she isn’t going to say who)

  • workplace lawyers melbourne

    I’m a huge fan of hers, she has the most amazing voice of all the singers, love her

  • Karen

    Taylor Swift’s hair is gorgeous! It’s nice to see her as not the curly haired singer… :-)

  • jlc

    OMG! Can people just let the girl apologize and move on! Obviously, she needed to get this off her chest…done! Its just like any other apology song.I’m sure Taylor L is over it..they’re still good friends..why do people need to try and make a big deal out of everything. I’m sure Tay Lautner has moved on with his life =)

  • CorneliaCullen

    Can’t stop playing this since I found it this morning…so that’s been a solid 8 hours…It’s a beautiful song, regardless of whether she wrote this for Lautner (hello, TAN skin?), whether her songs seem a little repetitive (umm…remember The Best Day, which revolves around her FAMILY, among others?) and whether her hair looks better this way (honestly, I prefer the curls.) Taylor Swift is a big hit, regardless of her haters. And hate on her all you want, but while you’re paving your way to loneliness and cyber bitching, Ms Swift is making millions and STILL remaining a hit. And that’s that. Period.

  • Erika

    I like the picture :)

  • sharylmj

    They think it’s about Taylor L because they broke up in December when he came to her bday party and she was a total jerk to him. I love this song no matter who it is about. She is such a great lyrical talent.
    She writes about her feelings in a way that people can relate to. She appeals to such a wide audience because of it. I don’t think that only young girls like her music (although this age market is HUGE). I know a lot of adults that love her music as well. Me being one of them.

  • Anonymous

    I remember Taylor L. saying in an interview that he was bummed she hadnt written a song about him…well now she has. :)

  • Lololol

    I like how it says “listen below,” yet there’s no link for it.

  • wow!

    not really into her music but this song was powerful. it actually brought tears to my eyes…loved it…

  • wow!

    @Dooley: obviously this song wasnt for you. why did you make time to actually listen to her song if you dont have anything good or a positive opinion to say about it…

  • keke

    Love it `Taylor is amazing – {heads up to the haters!}LoL.

  • http://Playlist.comlol Makmellow xD

    Taylor Swift looks so pretty with her hair like that. Her voice is awesome. :P

    o__O -MakMellow

  • jane


    Your comment is looser, so is your nickname.
    The fact that she is making millions with preadolescent girls doesn’t really bother me (Justin and Miley are doing the same and nobody says a word when this whole site comes down hating on them) and the fact that, in my point of view, she sucks really, really hard and her lyrics are the most childish lyrics I’ve hard. So kitsch it almost burn my ears ! I know I’ll get thumbs down for this, but she’s so fake, commercial and talentless that I had to say it.

  • Melody

    This is an awesome song, P.S: Her hair in this is pretty!!

  • MYEARS!!!!!

    F****ing AWFUL.