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Angelina Jolie: Night Shoot in Budapest

Angelina Jolie: Night Shoot in Budapest

Angelina Jolie clocks in some overtime hours on the set of her new movie on Wednesday (October 13) in Budapest, Hungary.

Earlier in the day, partner Brad Pitt dropped by to visit her. He even gave Angie a kiss!

Last week, Brad landed in the Hungarian capital with the couple’s youngest kids, 2-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne.

The 35-year-old actress is making her directorial debut in the still untitled film, which tells the wartime love story of a Bosnian woman and a Serbian man.

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Photos: Flynet
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  • hee

    very sticklike

  • boring

    Vampiress Angelina is at home in the dark.

  • fresh

    I love Angie and Brad as much as the next person. But posting pretty much the exact same pix as before (a few hours ago) is too much. Nothing new. Leave them alone for a bit –and post new ones in 2 weeks.


  • bathroom scale

    I say Angelina weighs…oh…95 lbs.

  • Fan for over a decade

    Wishing her the best of luck with this movie…love her

  • http://hotmailaustralia paras

    Love everything about Angelina and all her beautiful family.

  • anon

    She looks nice:)

  • yikes!

    is that a nightvision movie of the anorexic bigfoot

  • bdj

    Best wishes to AJ on her movie. Take a break whiny hen and return Jenny Craig’s phone call.

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    Shocking newsflash: Just read via AP/Reuters that the Bosnian governement has denied further shooting of this film in the country due to protests from rape victims’ support groups. They say until they read the script, they will not allow any more shooting there. They claim that the women say they do not know of any rape victims who fell in love with their rapists as the movie’s storyline deals with. Not sure if Production will be halted or if they will just use another city as Bosnia. But this news just came out. I suppose they could shoot on a movie studio lot or just in another similar city.

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    Here is the story. Bosnia Government Film Commission revokes filming license for the film:

  • bdj

    There has already been an update posted regarding this

    lurker aka angel @ 10/13/2010 at 6:30 pm

    “We were informed today that we need to amend the documentation and I have just forwarded the script to the ministry,” said Edin Sarkic, the Scout Film executive producer and location manager, adding the ministry had never asked for a script but only for a synopsis.
    “I hope the film will get the green light after the officials see the script,” Sarkic told Reuters by telephone.
    “The film has nothing to do with the allegation made by this women’s association. As we said before, it is only a love story.”
    Saying the movie was being filmed in Hungary, Jolie’s Los Angeles-based spokesman said it was “not true” that that there had been any protest about the movie.
    When asked about Hasecic’s complaint, he said she “brought something up, and UNHCR have been on the phone with her.”
    Jolie, who is a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations refugee agency UNHCR, sent a letter to the women’s group last week to reassure them about her film and proposed to meet them the next time she comes to Sarajevo.
    “Don’t judge me before you see the film,” Jolie said in a letter read to the women by Naveed Hussain, the UNHCR representative in Bosnia, and published in Oslobodjenje.
    Jolie arrived in Sarajevo in August for a surprise visit and met members of Bosnia’s inter-ethnic presidency to discuss ways to help thousands of returning war refugees.
    crdt nenu jjb

  • Welp

    There’s more than one toxic sludge spill in Hungary. Angelina’s poorly researched movie is pissing people off.

  • bdj

    If those lame rom coms of Baby Jane have not pissed folks off, then there is hope for the real artists and talents in Hollywood.

  • An Intelligent Mind

    My… she certainly looks good here! Angelina has impressed me with her growth as a true artist, divulging into a new endeavor with directing! Her’es to hoping it’s a hit!!!

  • Jin

    @hee: What about your idol Jen with her long chin? She looks like a thumb tacks!

  • lovejoliepitts

    Lmao rotf hahahahahahaha wow haters neva sieze to amaze me,colling angie names aint gon change the price of bread,certainly nt change the hard hiting facts dat she’s got a beautiful family,a supportive loving n very good lukin man,a career n a fortune u can only dream about!suck on dat haters,I assure u angie dnt give a hoot wat u think o4 her u can go jump of mount everest 4 all she cares!


    Support the Tourist December 10th. Yahoo! Headline. Some people are pretesting the film in Bosnia.

  • sera

    If there is ine thing that the haters have it is perserverance. They are so delusional that they see only what their hateful eyes want to see.
    Angie’s body looks great as Brad will testify and she is doing a great job.

  • bdj

    Changing names and repeating the same thing, does not make you smart hen, just whiny.

  • briseis

    I love the fact that the JP haters and fanistons are going ballistic because of the loving pictures of Brad and Angie that have been posted all over the net. Brad visited his lady love, shared her lunch and gave her encouragement and a kiss!!! Such a loving, supportive husband. No wonder the loonifers are losing their minds and are trying to hit Brad and Angelina with anything they can cook up. I am loving their agony!!!!

  • oh

    She’s so overrated. She’s starting to look just like her brother. :/

  • Trolls Are Unhappy

    Oddly enough, all is takes is seeing a loving, happy family to make a troll MISERABLE- what a way to live…trolls must get headaches from all the hate that they spew. Trolls never sleep either because 2 beautiful truths keep them awake- Brad loves Angie & Angie loves Brad- oh, I just heard some troll heads EXPLODE!!!

  • ompa

    yuck some Hollywood propaganda war film likely…makes me sick


    Brad Pitt was a very smart man to get out of that deadend relationship with the sitcom actress. Brad knows what unconditional love is because of Angie. To have someone who support you in every aspect of your life is hard to find in Hollywood. Angelina and Brad are there for each other at all times. The trolls are screaming breakup every other day. When Brad went to Cannes in 2009 and Angelina was shooting Salt. They were hoping for a breakup. But Angelina was there to support her man like always.

    X and her hens know she never care about Brad’s career or his humantarian efforts. Brad Pitt was her ticket to a movie career. It was always about her own career.

  • lurker aka angel

    hmm you mean maniston

  • ompa

    Thumbs down if you think Jolie is a Sk@nk!

  • grandpa freeze

    Not Only was I right about Grandpa Freeze Brad’s 2-3 photo-ops but I was also right about how he must eat her food. I saw pix of him having a go at her lunch. Is he blind? He knows she needs that plate. ALL TO HERSELF! She can’t spare any food, PITT Stain.

  • lovejoliepitt

    X-fans (you are the pathetic fans that does not know Brad Pitt?)
    Brad Pitt is smart man dumped X for his soulmate and great love (these are BP words which he is still with the love of his life and angie love oh her life)
    DA and CC relationship was a joke which DA told Howard Stern that CC lets him f**ked other people for the separation …?????!
    Well, X try to do that to Brad Pitt but he is different man and say NO . He went after Angelina and looked them right now still inlove and support each other.
    Its been 6 years Brad and Angei will be here together with thier family loving each other and giving to the people of the world.
    Get a life !


    It has been a great day for the Jolie-Pitt fans. Jared thanks for all the pix. Every year since they met have been good for Brad and Angelina. But 2010 could be one of their best. Angelina directing her first film, the success of Salt and The Tourist in December. So proud to be a fan of Brangelina.

  • grandpa freeze

    the entire time Angie was free of Brad only one paparazzi photo came out. Now since botoxic fame mongrel is there how many? even close ups of their backyard? Grandpa Freeze Pittstain is So predictable.

    hope he leaves Budapest soon so Angie can have her privacy back. She can’t have any with Grandpa freeze phoning the razzi every chance he gets.

  • blessings

    God Bless the Jolie-Pitts

  • Frenchy

    Helloooooo allll!!!!!!! It’s raining JP threads LOL!!!!!!! I love it….How funny is it that Angelina is not even the star of this movie yet these pictures are all about the director!

  • well


    ha, the women’s group was probably female first liars.

  • teri

    I’m looking forward to Angelina directing, sounds exciting and fun. At times I’m sure it’s frustrating but jumping into something new will have huge rewards and just another thing she’s accomplished.

  • lovejoliepitts

    @grandpa freeze n we all knw how u desperetly nid a workout 2 shed a few kilos,n hopfully gain a few brain cells n a gud eye sight cos clearly ur the blind 1 hear,angie has neva bin biger than she is,she’s practicaly bin the same size ol her life,so stop souding pathetic*rolling eyes*

  • what

    what are these people protesting? A love story? LOL! from the little inside info I have, this movie is kind of like Dr. Zhivago

  • shylola

    gosh.. so many haters here.. oh jared shud stick in the pic of angie n brad kissing in each post … swallow em’ yo haters!!!!

  • bdj

    I am protesting a 45 year ex sitcom star being called “cute”.

  • JH108

    She looks lovely as always! Everyone knows she’s the most beautiful woman on the planet. My significant other and I (heterosexual couple) have a non-cheating clause with her (as if that will EVER happen). However, referring to everyone who disagrees with anything in a Jolie-Pitt fan post (including genetic resemblance) as a troll is just plain unfair. It has become somewhat sad to continue to reference a certain TV actress in every Jolie-Pitt post. It doesn’t matter any more!! I doubt the Jolie-Pitt family or the Jennifer Aniston camp would appreciate the references from either side!

  • Ginger

    Wow… those were some stupid comments. hahahaha… It’s great seeing Angie at work directing her first big film… I can’t wait to see it… And I hope she does get the go-head to complete this film. If not, there’s always other countries that they can use…

  • shame on aj

    why she’s living a life with great purpose and happiness , but i’m here on the net miserably talking about her greatness.


    When Brad told X he was leaving her to pursue Angelina. Rachel said you can have your fling but lets stay married for my career. Brad knew he would get some bad publicity for dumping a tv actress who was obsesses with fame. But he did not care because he was already in love. I remember back in 2004 when the Brad and Angelina rumors was out of control. I did not believe any of them was true then or now.

    It was that cover of Us Weekly from 2005 of Brad staring at Angelina that told the world Brad was head over heels in love. No body language expert needed. Here’s the cover I am talking about. We saw that same loving stare today.–201036/8602

  • bdj

    Yep look no further than Fugly first and probably a certain PR bulldog. All to defect from the whiny hags and their pitiful lives.

  • lovejoliepitt

    Shame on AJ – right back to baby cause your hate for angie is the only reason you even say anything about this topic.
    Do the homework and learn before you speak ,pathetic looser?
    Angie knows and understand the sistuation more than you do looser cause she works at the UN and she even went Bonsia which you have no glue on the matter.
    Go back to study more on the world cause your world is about hating Angelina cause Brad Pitt still loves her and be with her all the time.
    That is why you x fans are pathetic with your hate cause its all about your little pathetic fantasy . Shame on you !

  • lurker aka angel

    go on trolls keep giving the thread hits keep having a meltdown am just having so much fun

  • trt

    Going back to splitsville, HW…Collin Farell is split with his baby mama?

    What’s going on here? Best to leave and head out to a more peaceful place like the Jolie=Pitts.

  • busted

    OT… ok…. Gavin Rossdale is bi?

    Now lets see how this story goes.. I am sure the haters will not say a word. I was at HP..and the comments are SO WHAT? Let’s see.. Gavin dressed as a woman and Kingston likes to have a manny and a peddy OH WOW.. does that mean that Gavin is trying to turn Kingston into a Woman.. or Bi..Why does Gwen allow this behavior.. Does she hate Kingston. is she jealous of the nail and toe colors he chooses?

    (eye roll here).. but we all know that there will be nothing about this at all.. NO female reporters writing articles about Gwen and Gavin..

    Angie had a relationship with a woman when she was 19 or so.. and these freaks bring it up like it was yesterday.. I will wait to see what the parent patrol says about Gavin and Gwen..

    NOTE I will not be holding my breath.

  • legsfan

    Wow! I have never known a better judge of beauty than Joan Collins!! I will go out and buy 5 Jackie Collins novels just for that!

  • sophiaB

    Angelina and her plastic face. Angie never does any research upfront. She just does what she wants. There are protest about her movie, there is no reason for people to lie. Her film is a disaster, when you think of Bosnia you think of war not love story. She is a total idiot.