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Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie: Kissing in Budapest!

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie: Kissing in Budapest!

Angelina Jolie sneaks a kiss in with partner Brad Pitt on the set of her new movie in Budapest, Hungary on Wednesday (October 13).

They still look so in love after all this time!

Angie, 35, is directing alongside Oscar-winning producer Graham King on her yet untitled film, which is a love story that takes place during the Bosnian-Serbian war.

FYI: Angie wore a Michael Kors black button front A-line skirt.

15+ pictures inside of kissing couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

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brad pitt angelina jolie kissing budapest 03
brad pitt angelina jolie kissing budapest 04
brad pitt angelina jolie kissing budapest 05
brad pitt angelina jolie kissing budapest 06
brad pitt angelina jolie kissing budapest 07
brad pitt angelina jolie kissing budapest 08
brad pitt angelina jolie kissing budapest 09
brad pitt angelina jolie kissing budapest 10
brad pitt angelina jolie kissing budapest 11
brad pitt angelina jolie kissing budapest 12
brad pitt angelina jolie kissing budapest 13
brad pitt angelina jolie kissing budapest 14
brad pitt angelina jolie kissing budapest 15
brad pitt angelina jolie kissing budapest 16
brad pitt angelina jolie kissing budapest 17

Credit: Flynetonline, Matt Keeble ; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, WENN
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  • What’sthedeal:

    Excuse me MrMarleyFan…rude person. If you’d step outside once in a while, you’d see it for yourself.

    Please go away and leave me alone, this is bad enough without you being such a beeeeeeeeyotch! Go goole it numbskull.

  • LLM

    Brad Pitt: On Set and Kissing with Angelina Jolie in Budapest on 13 October 2010

    Source: Extra, ETHD and Etalk

    Hi to all JP fans.

  • lurker aka angel

    you dumb fu*K STFU get the facts or zip it

  • first and last post

    From previous thread: OT skip please if not interested
    re: 767 Passing Through @ 10/12/2010 at 5:15 pm +6
    “That crap about DA not being concerned about Coco before flapping him gums just doesn’t wash with me.”
    In total agreement PT, as long as the family tries to provide positive and shared experiences and constantly communicate with the child, children do okay in divorces…it’s not only friends that are cruel but often the ex-wives manipulate the child when the ugly gets going. The Arquette child will be in a similar position as the JP children when they and/or their parents are attacked publicly. The JP’s shield their children, the Arquettes can do the same.

    774 lylian @ 10/12/2010 at 5:46 pm
    Hi lylian,
    I just heard part of the interview of DA with Stern on TMZ and IMO he didn’t really “attack” Cox in fact he was making excuses for her and praising her…you can hear in his quivering voice, in how and what he says, he is hurting. I feel badly for him…take this scenario…he’s still clinging to this Mother figure who just rejected him. Women who marry much younger men have to have the stamina and patience to “be the Mother”…children hopefully “grow up” and want to move out and on with their lives, husbands don’t always grow up and aren’t expected to move out…from lack of foresight, the wife tires raising a perpetual child. If as it has been notoriously researched has any validity, at any age men’s ego and confidence level is through “sex”, the woman of his affection finding him sexually arousing…there is no better way to control and deflate a man’s self confidence than to deny him sex…just as men “force” themselves on women for control, women deny men for control.
    DA is very naive and Stern wisely pointed that out when DA was essentially manipulated by Cox in her language when he repeats that Cox said “you have to what you have to do” and Stern says “you mean she wants to have sex with others.” These words are conniving, twisted and innuendoes to make herself look good and to remove the blame from her own intentions…it’s a manipulating woman in this case manipulating a younger, inexperienced immature boy of age 39. I read a joke that men don’t mature until they die LOL. Women are far more savvy about how to survive a social jungle. Poor DA is still spouting how “wonderful” she is and what a “remarkable” woman she is and “she is true to herself”…from his interview…
    “I completely understand, she is in a… place of wanting to be real, she’s an emotional woman…she’s an amazing woman, if it doesn’t feel right, she doesn’t feel like bonding in that way”…”We’re still tight…She loves me with all her heart”
    DA -Cox says “I want you to be able to do you know do whatever you have to do, essentially free to see other people…”
    Stern “you mean she’s free to see other people.” At the end of the TMZ excerpt DA says
    “She is the greatest woman who ever lived.”
    This is not a man who is attacking, he is making excuses and trying to be understanding what his failure was because here is this “amazing” “wonderful” “remarkable” woman who rejected him. There are strong inferiority inferences here in his language.

    He’s been indoctrinated for all the eleven years having been married to an older, image conscience, successful, self serving, CONTROLLING woman…she can do no wrong. This man is not only immature from lack of experience, he’s been controlled, brainwashed and manipulated for the past eleven years which means he was 28 when Cox started to diaper train and “mold” him to her liking. He has had no life experiences other than with her, through her and probably because of her. Controlling people try to control situations and everyone around them. He considers himself a “failure” to satisfy her on all levels, sexually, emotionally, he may even believe because of her, he is where he is today. BTW, this reminds me of a “finesse indoctrination” or it could be simple idolization of a much younger vulnerable individual by an older role model, it’s common in women who idolize men and it does exist the other way too.

  • Scarlett

    Angie looks so good I can’t believe how many kids she has and still manages to look so radiant! She’s amazing and my favorite actress loved SALT and Changeling!

  • What’sthedeal:

    Here you go now you can apologize and would you like fries with that crow you’re eating???Jolie film blocked in Bosnia after objections to story line
    Oct 13, 2010, 17:52 GMT
    Sarajevo – Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie has run into problems with her directorial debut, after complaints about the film’s
    subject led to the cancellation of her filming permits in Bosnia on Wednesday.

    Jolie’s film is a love story set during the 1992-95 Bosnian war. According to Sarajevo media, the main characters are a Muslim girl who is raped by a Serb soldier with whom she later falls in love.

    The minister of culture for the Muslim-Croat Federation, Gavrilo Grahovac, retracted Jolie’s permits after meeting with the activist group ‘Women – war victims.’

    The group said the film’s story was ‘unacceptable’ and could cause r**** victims ‘further emotional pain.’

    Jolie began shooting her movie in Hungary earlier this month and was scheduled to film closing scenes in Bosnia in November.

    After the war, Bosnia was divided into two largely autonomous parts – the Serb Republic and the Muslim-Croat Federation.

    Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie has run into problems with her directorial debut, after complaints about the film’s subject led to the cancellation of her filming permits in Bosnia on Wednesday.

    Deputy Prime Minister of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Federal Minister of Culture and Sport Gavrilo Grahovac issued today a decision to cancel the permission for filming feature film “Untitled Love Story”.

    Grahovac met today with members of the Association “Women – Victims of War” Hasecic, Zibom languages, Razom Omerović, Sanja Milović Mujanović and Amr, who indicated that they have knowledge that the film “Untitled Love Story,” a love story between a raped woman and her rapist, was announced from the Cabinet Minister Grahovac.

    Given that the victims of systematic mass r****, the representative of the Association have indicated that such a story for them intolerable, and that victims of r****, such a scenario caused additional mental pain.

    President of the Association Hasecic wondered whether there is a law of the Federation of BiH on the basis of which could be stopped filming this movie.

    Grahovac explained that under current legislation, the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports shall issue an approval if the film captures in several cantons, and if it takes in one of the cantons, the cantonal ministry responsible.

    After review of documentation submitted by the Association for the development of science film “scout film of Sarajevo, it was determined that the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports issued a permit for filming, which was signed by Assistant Federal Minister for Cultural and historical heritage and culture Angela Petrovic, about which the Minister Grahovac was not familiar.

    As the application is not in accordance with the Act, is incomplete and not attached to it the necessary script, Grahovac Minister today issued a decision on the cancellation of this authorization.

    Association Scout film “has the ability to, in accordance with the Act, re-submit the request with the necessary documentation.

    The meeting was attended by a representative of the Institute for Research of Crimes against Humanity and International Law Šestanović Muhammad.

    “Avaz” reveals: Association “Women – Victims of War” will boycott the film Angelina

    While Anđelina ole (Angelina Jolie) in Budapest working on his directorial prvjenac, in our region are largely speculating on the screenplay of her film. Hollywood star has so far released to the public the news that it is a love story that takes place during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and that the film does not propagate political views, which is repeated and the Sarajevo-based actress Zana Marjanovic before going to Budapest.

    Old wounds

    Owner of TV Pink Zeljko Mitrovic, as is already known to the public, was in talks with Anđelininim personal assistant to the producer and co-producer of FIMA. Although they talked about possible cooperation, it never came. As revealed Mitrovic, they met this summer in Sarajevo, where they agreed on the technical capacities Pinkovog film studio, which is located 20 kilometers from Belgrade.

    It is planned that they were visiting a studio in Belgrade, but they canceled their attendance. Several hours after the cancellation of the visit, Mitrovic was sent a press clipping which he says, to say the very sense of the word shocked.

    - It was a text that has been talked about film content, while we did that night we talked about the content. Then I just started out to examine the matter in the film. I got information that it is actually a love story where a soldier with the Serbian side of raping a Muslim woman and after that they fall in love. It is a love story out of the horror. Then I decided not to participate again to boost the same issue, because I am not of

  • What’sthedeal:

    here’s your little link…..

    and the REST
    It was a text that has been talked about film content, while we did that night we talked about the content. Then I just started out to examine the matter in the film. I got information that it is actually a love story where a soldier with the Serbian side of raping a Muslim woman and after that they fall in love. It is a love story out of the horror. Then I decided not to participate again to boost the same issue, because I am not of those who believe that the constant need to awaken old wounds – says Mitrovic.

    It also reveals that the first hand, exactly the person that works directly on the film, got confirmation of this information.

    - What is certainly true is that it is a love story that has grown from a r****. There I got the information directly from people who are directly involved in the film. It can happen to appear completely different scenario and that the risk of this conversation – said Mitrovic.

    For such a scenario from the beginning she knew the president of the Association “Women – Victims of War” Hasecic, but as we said yesterday, the team did not want to go out in public. Crying Hasecic said that they Anđelina this film blacken and humiliated.

    The humiliation of victims

    - In the scenario we, the victims, as shown in the way that we voluntarily adhere to the r****. Of course we will boycott the film. Anđelina we inflicted enormous pain and returned to us in 1992. year. Van mind is that the victim falls in love with his executioner. Tell that to these women, of whom 90 percent have permanent personality changes. Although this woman sought through UNHCR to meet with us, we believe that there is no need for it – said Hasecic.

    She recently sent a request the cantonal and federal minister of culture in which he requested that they receive and listen.

    It’s too much!

    With the original script for the film Anđelina ole familiar and chief editor of TV Pink BH Lajla Torlak.

    - By the time the war was in Sarajevo when I saw what was going on in the film Anđelina ole occurred to me to vomit. Muslim women raped by Serbian soldiers, cut off her breast and then gives birth to the love between them. It’s too much! And I was one of those who suggested that Pink does not work on this project – says Torlak.

  • new thread

    what’sthedeal – nice find

  • briseis

    @What’sthedeal:: Umm, see your first post where you said the HUNGARIAN government was the one who pulled the plug on Angie’s directorial debut. Then in the links you have provided and the article you posted, it was the BOSNIAN government that has said she cannot shoot in Bosnia. So you are still wrong. Angie is shooting in BUDAPEST, HUNGARY right now, and it is only BOSNIA which has said she cannot shoot there. HUNGARY ISN’T BOSNIA!!!! There is no reason why she can’t finish the film in Budapest, or Serbia, which can pretty much substitute for Bosnia. Comprende??????

  • bdj

    How dumb do hens really have to be. Sad to show your ignorance in such a sloppy way.



  • dianad1968

    @new thread:


    For heaven’s sake, STOP ANSWERING YOURSELF!!!. You’re not foolling anyone. LOL.

  • busted

    awww man..

    so cute..

    Let the HAGS dig their own graves.. They can LIE in them later.. NOTHING new.. they got some information and are noW trying make a story that will NOT go anywhere.

    Brad and Angie have ALWAYS supported each other.. Work or Play. The thing that pisses the hags off if he does what most men in Hollywood don’t do for their spouse.. HE travels with her and for her. MOST men in Hollywood either have their wife move with them or they leave their families for MONTHs to make a film or travel. Brad and Angie don’t do that. They stay together. don’t hear anyone complaining that Johnny Depp is usually NOT in the same place with his family while he films.. I recall Laimey going on and on about Johnny keeping his family out of view in Venice.THEN TAKING A NASTY SWIPE AT THE JPS. Well as it turns out it was a really easy task since his family was not in Venice with him except for a couple of visits over that 3 month period.. YET no talk of Johnny being a bad dad.. ONE shot of him with his kids then we get.. OH what a great dad.. Huge Jackman takes his family with him when he makes movies. (great thing) but do you hear any HAG patrols screaming that he is uprooting his family over and over.. that the kids don’t have a stable home.. HECK no. because the Hags only care or fake care for the JPs..

    The couples that have broken up this year and last have it easy…YES EASY there are no Tab reports every week about them.. NO hate sites trashing their relationship, NO blogs posting every single rumor, lie or whatever about them.. NO constant talk of their past relationships. NO attacks on their children.. and in light of them NOT having to deal with 1/10th of what Brad and Angie have had to deal with for almost 6 years they could not make it work.. Could not hold it together.. Can you imagine David and Courteney living under the constant scrutiny that Brad/Angie do… EVERY SINGLE DAY.. EVERY SINGLE DAY…

    Heck most of these people act like they have it tough. But PLEASE…they have it easy compared to some. YES the Hollywood celebrity life if hard.. But when a couple tries to do the things necessary to keep their relationship connected are attacked and trashed. Why? because they feel in love and some stupid women felt they should not have. SERIOUSLY?

    Well let the haters hate.. and like many have said before. I truly think it has made them stronger, closer, a team.. and that is the last thing these fools expected.. but as they say..

    GOD don’t like ugly..

    I hope they continue to hold each other close and block out the craziness and find joy in the life they have build together for their children and themselves.




    bdj @ 10/13/2010 at 9:58 pm +5

    How dumb do hens really have to be

    It’s not their fault, their sucky godess is a self proclaimed R*tard who can’t think thoughts properly and they are like mushrooms, fed with sh*t and kept in the dark.

  • Jokergurl

    These two are definitely on the same page they have a very natural chemistry.

  • aoi

    soo soo sweeet

  • wackybutnice

    Great to see a great couple together and supporting each other!

    I believe the Arquette_cox split is timed to boost-up ratings for her Cougar Town since the “help” that Aniston was supposed to generate didn’t work out!!!

  • dianad1968

    I sometimes slum at Celebitchy when JJ is quiet, so I did just that a little while ago, and SURPRISE, SURPRISE, the idiot aka Kaiser deemed it necessary to (1) post the the OuttaTouch usual lies about Angie, and (2) ACTUALLY encourage a debate about a story that is so obviously ridiculous that even Stevie Wonder will recognize it for the c r a p it is. It never fails to amaze me when I read these women, who obviously consider themselves intelligent, actually discussing these lies as if there is any truth to them.

  • voe

    @first and last post:

    I think DA is conflicted. On one hand he wants to preserve the peace for his child’s sake. On the other hand, as someone pointed out earlier, having seen first hand the game his wife’s circle has been playing where the ex husband/boyfriend is concerned, he wanted to get a good start to save his reputation by going on HS.

    This marriage doomed because Cox made more money and is more successful than DA. Perhaps she had pondered divorce many times, having grown tired of being both the financial and emotional provider; hence she said a couple of years back (don’t quote me on the time frame) that divorce is out of the question. When I read this I thought she thought of divorce but (her) money made it out of the question. It certainly did not help that she got a circle of female friends that she has. This is one of those cases where women friends are not worth having.

  • voe

    On topic:

    Lovely pictures. The love is evident. The chemistry still sizzles.

  • voe

    @first and last post:

    And by the way, I “indoctrinated” my hubby thoroughly and he, me, and we both are quit e happy with the results. Indoctrination is not bad actually when reciprocal/mutual. I think BP and AJ are indoctrinated reciprocally too, hence I think they will last, even have wild love making 25 years from now and beyond.

  • aseret64

    Brangelina is the most powerful couple on earth, period. Stories about them -good or bad, truth or lie – will always sell. Therefore, tabloids will always write anything about them. Sometimes I get angry or upset but its useless to feel that way (although sometimes I react). But, at the end of the day, what I know is that BRANGELINA love each other, they are happy, they support each other, and they make beautiful babies. Those are facts that will remain in my heart and in my brain forever.

  • first and last post

    re: voe @ 10/14/2010 at 12:08 am +3

    @first and last post:
    ” Indoctrination is not bad actually when reciprocal/mutual. I think BP and AJ are indoctrinated reciprocally too…”

    Hi voe,
    indoctrination is not a bad thing if two people are equal in intelligence, maturity and experience. DA being way younger than Cox at the time they married plus since men don’t mature as fast as women, this makes him a man-child at age 28 when she at age 39 married him. Women are mature by mid thirties, men mid to late forties. At age 28, DA was impressionable and a nobody really, Cox was already successful…the age difference didn’t help. And you’re correct she did make more money and has more notoriety than him…that plus the age of his indoctrination by a much older woman are all factors. The whole “Mother” issue is the key. AJ is no “Mother” to BP and you were not a Mother to your husband…big difference.
    btw nice to see you posting.

  • Catsup

    How adorable my fav couple are.. always look happy.. Angie’s on the job and sexy Pops is having a peak at her first movie she is directing. Go Angie! Angie looks so at ease just as her and Brad look so at home and comfy with one another.
    LMAO at all of the break ups and the stoopid paps were too busy chasing down the wrong couple making up BLAH over and over ridulous lies which got them nowhere. Don’t tell me they didn’t know when Brad finished up his last movie that Angie and Brad would be seen right back together again and continuing to live as they have been for the past 51/2 yrs as in solid lovers.
    They have only been doing this same thing for 5 1/2 yrs so why bother with all of same old bs that gets so boring.
    Actually that Gossip Cop new or recent site is being fair in telling the truth about insane tab stories. So the truth is always out there if you really want to know, rather then play in LaLa Land..
    I wouldn’t doubt there were problems in the Cox/arquette marriage when DA was doing the talk show in earlier yrs,.. was it 05 or 06
    when HS wanted him to discuss Brad and Angie . So he did saying he never ever saw Anuston cry. This was right after Anuston gathered herself up a slew of peeps whom she screamed bloody murder at, saying hey ppl “Don’t make me your victim”!! HAhahaha It’s was a wee bit late after whining like a needy suck on the Oprah show for 2 days in a row as well as going on the Diane Sawyer show for another 1hr each time two more days in a row) Poor me poor me poor me.
    Kinda messed the convo up when DA admitted to Anuston spending so much time at their house but he didn’t mind. MamaBear Courtney would of had a bird if he didn’t help babysit Anus-ston at that time.. Poor Anus-ston even changed her name to end with Arquette at the time. Again DA didn’t mind at all. lol Actually that’s when many peeps were posting how good friends never knowing when to go home CAN cause marriages to go down hill……..hint …hint Spinster Anuston.
    I notice she is keeping her distance NOW as far as doing dumb talk cover stories about her bestest friend marriage. Who the hellll would want any advice about couples from this ole spiister. No Thank you lol

    So happy to see the JP’s doing there usual fun stuff.

    G’nite FANS….The JP’s Rock!!

  • lsam

    They looked so happy, even Lainey can’t say anything bad on her blog. They are beautiful and hardworking.

  • gracie

    Hi Neleh, just catching up on your shout out. Thanks and God bless.

  • gracie

    Brad and Angie, you’re both inspiring and beautiful inside and out, may your love for each other and your family continue to blossom. Haters and jealous trolls instead of hating, you can take lessons from them on how to love and be good people. You can also learn from your idol and her friends that good does not come to those who lie, plant and fabricate lies and wedge vindictive campaign against an innocent woman. Love to all JP fans, you all do wonderful job.

  • dakila

    wowwwwiiieee!!!!! these pics make my day!!! thanks jared!
    just worried about rumours tho that Angie
    might not be able to allowed filming in the Balkans. I’ve read a book called SREBENICA – a story of how the people of that village were ‘cleansed’. Moving. I think it’s where that movie THIN RED LINE was based- if im not mistaken. I would understand why the Bosnian women would protest about the film if the script was true. I just hope not coz i think Angie would never film a story detailing how a victim falls for her rapist.

  • dakila

    …..and why is this issue about Cox being dragged here on Angie and Brad’s forum????????????? Not fair on Angie. :(

  • DumbDumped&Dumber

    & the people that report it!

    1. those who are posting David A’s apology tweets and missing the fun of fitting it into 160 characters.

    2. The website asking CC to be their poster child for asexless Krugeer, (yep Freddy…)

    3. Out of touch who may have came on to the (nameles nanny) but reported JP children touching their most famous Daddy’s collection of art. Yeah that is what kids long to do, touch all the paintings. RIGHT!

    I can’t get over that one. I think it is the dumbest.

  • DumbDumped&Dumber

    @dakila: Or maybe you?

  • dakila

    your handler says it all…. dum bo :P :P

  • DumbDumped&Dumber

    @dakila: They are not in Bosnian they are in budapest dumpie.

  • busted

    They still have that IT thing going on..That thing that makes people go gaga when they see them together.

    I can’t think of another couple out there that this happens with. Just a picture of them together is enough to make EVERY celebrity site.. A kiss and that is upped 100%,

    The are the Gold Standard of Couples in Hollywood.. I saw some pap video and the scum were talking about how much a picture of these two bring.. And someone on Mega 4 translated and on of the paps said something about a certain picture of Brad and Angie could bring enough money for him to retire on.. NOW can you fathom that. Can you name any and I mean anyone else in Hollywood that could bring that kind of money.

    And the fools don’t get why pics of them are not PR moves.. They are rarely photographed.. that is why pics of the couple or their children bring 100,000 to 200,000 dollars.

    that is beyond sick money.

    So the paps stalk them waiting for that money shot. that shot that will bring in the cash. Remember that picture 5+ years ago of them on a beach.. not touching.. brought in 500,000 dollars. And that was YEARS ago.

    Haters need to recognize… they are the ONLY IT couple out there. And the fact that people that claim to not like them or are sick of seeing them are more obsessed then fans.. just proves that point.. There have been over 4 break ups in the media.. yet gossip sites makes sure they have at least 1 story a day on Brad/Angie..

    They rule.. They are what the public want. and have wanted for years..

  • anustin

    dakila!!! ya do know the power of the jolie.she can make hollywood a balkan eh!

  • http://justjared Fascinated by Angie

    Can’t get enoughh of this vid of Brad in Burn After Reading.Brad is one freakin’ funny dude.Enjoy

  • anustin

    heheheeh….Maniston is one fuggy old woman.per joan…she’s not beautiful!!!! spin a win!!!! winner!

  • http://sherry77amei sherry77amei

    They are so in love………

    love them.

  • Sorry but

    I’m so sure they will last no long.

  • LUYN

    Sorry but , you meant YOURDAD AND MOM WILL NOT LAST LONG?

  • LLM

    Joan Collins is right – Fugly is really Fug

  • dawne

    I was ‘ruminating’ about the endless references to Angie being an H addict………….I am so tired of it.

    Angie does not do drugs. She, in her wilder and more rebellious youth, did experiment with drugs at one time and has freely admitted it. So effing what!

    She is also always being portrayed as the man-stealing vixen with no morals.

    Now I find this very interesting:

    X is the ‘loosely moraled’ one who ‘clearly’ does her ‘happy’ as evidenced in ‘ewww embarrassing’ interviews and people like Sculfor, whom she dated, had to get away from the ‘influence and exposure; as he is a recovering addict.

    Then we have Goopey Drawers who ‘cheated’ on Brad….

    With these two ambitious women, it was not ‘who you know’ it was ‘who you blow’………..

    Angie was never a ‘sl*t or a chronic drug abuser………..that is why Brad has said in interviews that “she is the most misunderstood’ person I have ever met.”

    So, the trolls can just give it up……Brad’s exes were the slags and snorters…..

    Angie is a clean living, hard working and monogamous woman. Unlike Hag and Goopey, she never killed a relationship by screwing around first.

    As we all know, she is too classy for all of it.

  • FAN


  • Sami

    @Sorry but: They’ve lasted longer than Jen and Brad were even married for. People have been ‘saying ‘they won’t last long’ since they got together. 5+ years later, they are still together, and went from 2 children (Maddox and Zahara) to 6 children. They are going stronger than ever, and I LOVE that you hate that they are still together! hahahaha suck that bitter lemon!

  • http://yahoo Sabrina

    aint they just luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuvly!

  • busted

    OT a bit.. I was thinking back to that break up list..

    I don’t recall but did David A’s sister Patricia break up again from her husband Thomas Jane or are they still together..

    Anyway.. I have loved seeing all the pics of Brad/Angie together.. beyond cute..

  • Jolentini

    Check out my new video “If tomorrow never comes”

  • neer
    Angelina Jolie was given the thumbs up for her looks, but not all celeb babes fared so well
    16th October 2010
    By Emily Hall
    NEW iPhone app which rates people’s ugliness has been launched.
    The Ugly Meter lets users take a snap of a person’s face and scores their unattractiveness out of 10.
    It analyses the “contours” of the face, and the higher the score, the more ugly the person.
    It can even be used on pictures of stars to see who really is the hottest celebrity.
    Movie babe Angelina Jolie, 35, impressed the most. She managed a fantastic 2.0 out of 10 – with the lower the score the more attractive the face.
    The program said Angie is “so hot” she would “make the sun jealous”.
    But when used on some of the world’s most glamorous celebrities, there are some surprising results.

  • neer
    by Ali Gray ON Oct 15, 2010 at 4:59PM
    …..Who would you love to work with in the future?
    “I really want to pitch a comedy to Angelina Jolie because I really think she’s super-funny. I saw Mr. & Mrs. Smith again recently, and she’s fantastic in that. I totally want to play the ridiculous person to her really awesome person. I’m not sure she’d be down for it, but it never hurts to ask!”

  • backpain

    Here’s to The Tourist and a new baby!