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Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie: Kissing in Budapest!

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie: Kissing in Budapest!

Angelina Jolie sneaks a kiss in with partner Brad Pitt on the set of her new movie in Budapest, Hungary on Wednesday (October 13).

They still look so in love after all this time!

Angie, 35, is directing alongside Oscar-winning producer Graham King on her yet untitled film, which is a love story that takes place during the Bosnian-Serbian war.

FYI: Angie wore a Michael Kors black button front A-line skirt.

15+ pictures inside of kissing couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

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brad pitt angelina jolie kissing budapest 01
brad pitt angelina jolie kissing budapest 02
brad pitt angelina jolie kissing budapest 03
brad pitt angelina jolie kissing budapest 04
brad pitt angelina jolie kissing budapest 05
brad pitt angelina jolie kissing budapest 06
brad pitt angelina jolie kissing budapest 07
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brad pitt angelina jolie kissing budapest 09
brad pitt angelina jolie kissing budapest 10
brad pitt angelina jolie kissing budapest 11
brad pitt angelina jolie kissing budapest 12
brad pitt angelina jolie kissing budapest 13
brad pitt angelina jolie kissing budapest 14
brad pitt angelina jolie kissing budapest 15
brad pitt angelina jolie kissing budapest 16
brad pitt angelina jolie kissing budapest 17

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253 Responses to “Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie: Kissing in Budapest!”

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  1. 126
    hard Says:

    @pitussa: And you on the other hand try really hard to rule this thread. hard,hard, hard

  2. 127
    legsfan Says:


    Angie is getting all riled up by Blake! Blakey u r such a trouble-maker!!!


  3. 128
    Mrs. Chancellor Says:

    My my my this is sooo cute.

    About the script or plot of this film, where people got the idea that it’s the story of a woman who falls in love with her rapist is beyond me. It’s straight out of thin air.

  4. 129
    Passing Through Says:

    ROTFLMAO at Jezebel’s recap of the OuttaTouch cover story. It beats me what’s so outrageous about nearly 7 year-old Pax having a girlfriend. All kids that age do that. Besides…Pax is awfully darned cute. Six year-old girls know cute when they see it,,,
    In Touch
    “The Nanny Tells All!”
    The sensationalist cover lines are pretty hilarious: “Lets Maddox drive a car and drink wine.” At the same time?!?! “The kids swear in French & watch R-rated movies.” Who doesn’t? Anyway: What you find reading the story, of course, is that an unnamed nanny reports that Maddox was allowed to steer a car — on private property in France. Also, he once had a sip of wine that his mom was drinking. Brad has collections of valuable artwork, that the kids touch with their greasy hands after they eat chips and ice cream. When they watch R-rated movies, “Angelina lets them repeat the salty dialogue. She thinks it’s funny when Maddox curses.” And! “Learning French has afforded Maddox and his siblings the ability to swear in a foreign language.” Are we supposed to be outraged by this? Because it sounds awesome. Zahara was seen stroking a bodyguard’s face “like he was a pet cat.” But Zahara was also overheard screaming “merde!” at one of her bodyguards while playing in the pool. “In many ways, all of the kids are acting out beyond their years,” claims the mag. “For example, at just six years old, Pax already has a ‘girlfriend’ whom he holds hands with at school.”

  5. 130
    dark angel Says:

    From JJB +5
    Cute picture. Brad and Angie are having lunch on the set
    Even in bright light, Angie is really beautiful. She sparkles amidst the rubbles. And I must say, the couple is really grounded and down to earth. I don’t see any director’s chair, oh boy. If it were, let’s say, any “A-lister” that is directing, the set will be furnished with tents with A/C, catered gourmet foods, make up artist for the director, hair stylist for the director… and so on. I may be mistaken with regards to the director’s chair and everything that I enumerated but one thing is for sure… Angie rocks!!!

  6. 131
    REEVEN Says:

    ¡¡¡EAT THAT HATERS!!!!

    TEAM JOLIE-PITT ,1000, 000


  7. 132
    thelookoflove1365 Says:

    Sealed with a kiss>- that’s the fate of trolls in this board, crying and screaming at the ocean- AGAIN! LOL.
    Glad Brad is in full support of his missus, Angie. Instead of being intimidated by and resentful of Angie’s successes, he is there with her-visiting the set or taking care of their children so Angie can concentrate on her directing job. Brad turn our to be the a good father and husband/partner.
    Wonder if some of his exes are now wondering????It could of been me in that position? Not the directing part, only Angie can do that, but just having a supportive partner and hands on dad.

    Hi neleh, as always, thanks for the shout out. Bless your heart for bringing sunshine to this board by just giving everyone shoutout!

  8. 133
    dark angel Says:

    @an oldie,
    I didn’t see any pics of Brad kissing X either… or I just didn’t read the tabloids much.

  9. 134
    Andrea Says:

    I’ve seen Angelina and Brad today, got autographs from both of them and shake hands with Angie, she was so nice! I’ll never forget this day!

  10. 135
    dawne Says:

    Hard to imagine how they keep their ‘normal sensibilities’ with the level of their fame they enjoy. (or not)

    So happens they are both grounded and humble people with quality work as their aim….unlike the other type of celebrity who is merely interested in ‘fame’.

    Problem with this type, like Dedn, they are all ego without really being prepared to do the really hard work

    Just rely on the buzz about their B O D Y and H A I R………

    Celebrity Imposters!

    Mission Statement:

    Dupe the public into ‘thinking’ you are a talent because you are famous for one reason or another……..

    no better than a reality show no-talent like Khate G and KK. Khate G is now ‘hinting’ that she would love to lose herself in a ‘role’……….(I just puked a little in my mouth)

    Sound like her soul sister, Her Hairness, whom is just bursting to direct. What a sad sack of sh*t!! These two should be BFF’s

    They take female empowerment back a century or two with the objectifiying of the female body.


    Well she takes us to a whole new level. That’s why she has my unbending admiration.

    The other type, I simply loathe on every level.

  11. 136
    question Says:

    Why are people fascinated by a dirty old man and a ex herion addict? Disgusting. Have any of you read that biography? What a nutcase.

  12. 137
    dawne Says:


    Listen, bish, if you wanna talk about someone who needs their ‘happy’ as Lainey calls it………check out the hasbeenhag Brad Pitt ceremoniously dumped for the talented and sober MEGA-STAR!!!!!

  13. 138
    anon Says:

    What an idiot you are.

  14. 139
    NAN Says:

    He he he,Grandma spinster Jen still thinking thoughts to sell the dirty books that sent baby jane to be the spinster barren cow ex of HW !

  15. 140
    lurker aka angel Says:

    angry much you know you are a lying piece of trash poor trolls

  16. 141
    TRUTH HURTS. Says:

    Team Aniston over at Showbiz Tonight are doing a segment today about Joan Collins calling Angelina Jolie beauitful and X not so much.

  17. 142
    Neleh Says:

    Good day Neleh here.
    Good day 2 All JP+6 Fans On Board & Lurking Now.
    I Must say again- Angelina & Brad are Soo In Love- In tune- Interested/Smitten with the other..
    I enjoy, okey love seeing their
    Anyhoo Pardon Im starting from this page with Hello names.
    Okey posting my Continuance of Healthy Eating Plan..Next..I
    m at work, soo I will be in & out..
    Muaaaah every1..Hi NAN my dear Hi tlol1365..Hi Angel.

  18. 143
    Neleh Says:

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  19. 144
    NAN Says:

    He he he,Grandma spinster Jen in pian that her nose’s jobs + botoxes can be only cute NOT beautiful….Ouch Ouch Ouch!

  20. 145
    groundcontrol Says:

    Reported for defamation & deletion.

  21. 146
    CLINIQUA Says:

    Did y’all hear about Perez supposedly cleaning up his act:
    Apparently this was spurred by the whole cyber bullying thing against gay kids which has affected him, no more outing gay celebs (Lance bass) no more squiggling jzz on people’s faces, or writing crap on their pics, and no more bullying of individual celebs (he is TRYING to destroy his own site??) — sadly this also includes not calling Maniston, ‘Maniston.’
    Daammmy. :-(

  22. 147
    STEVE Says:

    Seriously, the comments on this site are completely IGNORANT and thankfully, RARELY SEEN. Clearly, they are written by a bunch of uneducated, pathetic losers who are living their sad and mundane lives thru celebrities they have never and will never know.

  23. 148
    Agatha Says:

    so cute! i love this couple

  24. 149
    hmmmm Says:

    @STEVE: Why are you here in the middle of a Blog?How did you find this blog?

  25. 150
    Neleh Says:

    Pardon meant 2 put
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    Bb..Brad & Angelina look sooo happy-2gether..

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