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Gavin Rossdale Addresses Romance Rumors with Marilyn

Gavin Rossdale Addresses Romance Rumors with Marilyn

Gavin Rossdale has spoken out about a part of his past that he hasn’t addressed before.

The 44-year-old rocker chatted with Details about the rumors of his relationship with gender bending British pop singer Marilyn. Check it:

Last year, the cross-dressing pop singer Marilyn revealed that he was romantically involved with you in your teens – an assertion Boy George first made in 1995. Why haven’t you talked about those claims? I think at the outset there was a sort of fear—that was right at the beginning of Bush, and I didn’t want it to be part of it. It felt like a cheap shot, so I was like, “I’m not getting involved.” I’ve never wanted to appear closed about it. It’s not something I’ve talked about really because it’s always been in the glare of a tabloid world. It’s just one of those things: Move on. When you’re 17, Jesus Christ. I don’t think there’s anything strange about any form of – you’re learning about life. It’s a part of growing up. That’s it. No more, no less.

So it was just a one-time experimentation? Yeah. That was it. You have to know what you like, and I know what I like.
Gavin‘s interview appears in the November 2010 issue of Details, on newsstands Tuesday, October 19!

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  • nepenthes

    Why ON EARTH are someone’s sexual preferences such a big deal to fuss over.
    I guess we still live in the middle ages.

  • http://www. !!!
  • Londoner

    @nepenthes: Seriously. This wouldn’t even be news in the UK.

  • NDoubt

    Never been much of a Bush fan but I’ve always thought Gavin was sexy

  • Emma

    @NDoubt: he used to be really cute… think the drugs & family life aged him quite a bit….

  • oh

    Let the man be. He’s not hurting anyone and obviously someone out there wants to HURT him. Leave him at peace with his family. He doesn’t owe any of us an explanation.

  • derrek

    I had no idea Gavin was Bi

  • Emma

    *i (not ‘it’)

  • may

    Please, dude experimented something with 17 years old! There is nothing wrong with that.
    Now he is a grown man with a beautiful family, leave him alone .

  • Gay Gavin

    The band is ironically named. Bush is not what this guy wants.

  • Nate

    What a cop out. Yeah he doesn’t owe anyone anything but I’m disappointed with the way he handled that question finally after all them years.

    He was with Marilyn for SEVEN years yet he dismisses that part of his life as some silly teenage experiment? The least he could do is own his sexuality. I’d think 7 years would be enough to decide if you were Bisexual or Gay. Give me a break.

  • http://www. V

    it’s so weird how daisy lowe is his daughter…..he looks almost the same age as her………

  • lol

    @may: What do you mean leave him alone? Stuff like this is why I read this blog, Gavin and Gwen are cute btw.

  • LuckyL

    Lol, this is awesome.

  • Jase

    They didn’t bring up his affair with Courtney Love?

  • Leila

    @Jase: OLD news mate.

  • JMO

    I feel like this guy cheats on Gwen all the time and she just puts up with it.
    Way to dismiss a 7yr relationship as experimentation. Coward -___-

  • noscrub

    Rossdale clearly knows what he likes. He has a loving wife and two beautiful children. What has Boy George and Marilyn got….. I can’t hear you…. exactly.

  • Iffy Miffy

    Considering the stigma that STILL follows gay men, and even more bi men and women, I see nothing strange about his answer. Yes, some people may think of him as a coward but heck, not all people have the same courage and ultimately it really is his business.

  • http://www. Mena

    ‘You met your wife, Gwen Stefani, while touring with No Doubt in 1995. Do you remember your first date?’

    “We drank a bunch of hurricanes and went around the French Quarter. We had our first kiss that night, just walking around, being careful to step over the puddles of pee. The next day we had that sort of cute, embarrassed, sober meet-up.”


    ‘How do you explain the paparazzi to Kingston now that he’s old enough to understand?’

    “We haven’t found the words to explain it. I’ll want to take my kid to the beach, and there’s six grown men chasing us. He’s running around in his underwear as every child should, and I have to go up to them and say, “Can you not photograph my son running around in his underwear?” The pictures show up anyway. He went through a really angry stage. He’d scream at them, “Get away! Don’t take a picture of my mom!” They’d say, “Wow, Kingston’s really moody.” You’re a f***ing grown man running after a 4-year-old! What do you want him to do?”

    Paparazzi are so gross.


    oh god jared you are SO lame you couldn’t even post the full interview just the parts you think are ‘scandalous’, he even talked about roger federer.

    you have officially turned into perez, congrats.

  • ….

    Gwen looks like a dude these days anyway.

  • sillyme

    Well, unfortunately, in this day of openness and gay pride, you’re not allowed to be private about your sex life anymore. If you’ve had any kind of homosexual experience, the gay community demands that it be made public.

  • http://www. O

    @….: you’re an idiot.

  • boston61

    Gavin is now a closeted homosexual. There is no such thing as being bi (ask your therapist). And no Gavin, the truth is straight men NEVER have sex with other men unless they are in prison for life.

  • Chris

    @sillyme: More like Society in general. We’re gossip hounds.

  • speakingofthedevil

    @boston61: Oh lord the self righteous mental case is back.

  • http://www. STOP

    Your outright entitlement on pretending to understand others’ sexuality is offensive not to mention unattractive; please stop with the disparaging and onerous comments. I’m bi. no questions about it, I like guys/ I like girls. I’m old enough to understand my own sexuality. There are all kinds in all factions of society. Gays who hate gays, gays who hate themselves, gay men who hate lesbians etc. I am tired of bisexuality being treated like some urban myth. Sex is such an important factor to happiness that it irks me to see it dismissed in such a cavalier way.

  • boston61


    It irks me to see that you are either ashamed of being gay of you just want the best of both worlds. There is no such thing as being bi. Men and women are too different. It is impossible.

  • breckin

    not surprised. no one else should be either.

  • Nic

    Never heard of Marilyn, so a question to those who know, is he just a cross dresses or a transgender? I really cant tell much by that photo, anyhow if he was in that relationship for 7 freaking years, how on earth can you dimiss it all as an experimentation? Wtf!

  • Marcus


    Well, HE and his publicist certainly think otherwise because he’s now talking about it.

    Yeah, that was my issue. I wonder why he’s talking about it now…is Marilyn writing a book or something I don’t know about? And besides, he is lying. He didn’t stop sleeping with men at 17. He might be able to fool the 4 people in Middle America who read Details magazine, but he’s not fooling people who are in the music scene.


    No we don’t, thanks. When has the gay community even demanded anything from GAVIN ROSSDALE? Yes, we in the gay community and just dying, DYING to hear about Gavin Rossdale’s sex-life. Give me a break.

  • shelana

    sorry but once a c*cksucker, always a c*cksucker

  • haha

    GAVIN THE GRIFTER. poor stupid gwen. her husband puts her in danger by not being up front about his sexual history. first denying an affair with that woman which produced a child and now finally admitting to an affair with this man but lying about the duration, all for what? so he could rub shoulders with the right people? NEVER MARRY SCORPIO MEN…

  • Marieme

    I’m sorry this is not about judging homosexuality. Being with someone – anyone – for 5 years is a huge piece of their life. It’s not merely experimentation. If my bf was with a man even once I’d want to know and understand that. It would affect my feelings more likely than not. Sure hope Gwen knew about this otherwise that’s three huge surprises about her hubby: his bi-sexuality, his daughter and (alleged) affair with Courtney Love. Someone’s sure been busy.

  • u mad?

    Who hasn’t experimented? if you haven’t experimented, you haven’t lived.

  • jenks

    I really “enjoy” the “experiment” crap :/
    Whether one is hertero or gay is not a question of experiment.
    Straight men DON”T try sex with men, straight women DON”T try sex with women.
    Sexual interest is NOT ice cream – you don’t have to try to know what you like !!!

  • christine

    I think Nate & boston61 are right.
    Some straight young men have had gay relations in the past on & off for years in order to get money or move up in something the’yre doing.
    One of my friends who’s an accountant & has had many women & now currently has a beautiful wife, clearly stated to me that he had sex w/ men to get money & drugs.
    His wife has no idea about his past & yet she sees quite a few of his friends are gay.
    Now he takes his wife around the world & own properties everywhere.

  • dee

    I like his answer. We did not deserve to hear an answer but in this climate where there have been multiple hate crimes against gays…..this is something that teens currently struggling with their sexual identity need to hear. I like him even more now + plus love all those adorable family photos

  • 100mph

    @ shelana…….. “sorry but once a c*cksucker, always a c*cksucker”

    spoken like a…. Pro* …lol
    @ dee……Well said!!

  • slanted view

    @Marieme: Agree – when I saw this (which is old news other than Gavin finally acknowledging it) I thought I wonder if this will be pegged as a slander story or an opportunity to show that there is a lot of question attribued to homo or bisexuality. Clearly Gavin falls in the latter camp and lots of people want to label him to their own convenience. We don’t need to know if Gwen knew about all of this or the relationship that lead to his daughter or what…she’s been married to him for ages. They have two children. My hope is that this revelation, not unlike Tom Hardy’s, leads to greater tolerance. Too many people feel rejected in this world, let’s show some acceptance. Bisexuality isn’t that uncommon. And it was ages ago. I am glad that he finally (finally!) owned it, but it is in the past.




    Ewwww I wouldn’t bone this deadbeat if he was the last man on earth! He might be a dad to his 2 boys with Gwen, but he’s a deadbeat dad to his model daughter, Daisy Lowe.


    He seems pretty sleazy. I think Mr.Gwen Stefani has slept with a lot of women – and now men as well – in his life. He’s a disgusting skanky manho!! Gwen should get tested for STDs.

  • So Sad

    Is this his pathetic attempt to remain relevant because he couldn’t make it as a solo artist after his rock band broke up? He’s now selling his stories to gossip magazines?? Bwahahahahah!


    This man needs a J-O-B asap!

  • slanted view

    @boston61: I will have to assume you were raised in an environment where the breadth of human sexuality was either repressed or made shameful in your world. people can be all levels of gay, straight, bisexual. they are not what you label them in hard terms. If we continue to perpetuate the belief that all bisexuals are really gay, we’re judging them and therefore creating situations like the ones that have driven suicide levels as of late. Back off. it isn’t what you know – it’s what any individual judges for themselves.


    Well this explains his tendency to live off of women such as his current wife, Gwen Stefani. NOW I UNDERSTAND WHY HE HAS NO SHAME ABOUT BEING A KEPT MAN! He’s probably a homosexual who wishes he was a female. I bet he would like nothing more than to wear a dress and apron and bake a pie while his hubby returns from work.

  • Leslie

    Ughhh, i have nothing against gays but i seriously think he might be one. And I hate when they deny it like it’s so shameful. “One-time experimentation”? Come on, I’m not buying it.

  • Deadbeat Famewhore

    Maybe he should spend more time with the 21 year old daughter he refused to acknowledge as his own and a little less time trying to draw attention to himself in a stupid celeb magazine.