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Gerard Butler: 'Conviction' Premiere After-Party

Gerard Butler: 'Conviction' Premiere After-Party

Gerard Butler congratulates Hilary Swank at the after-party for the Conviction premiere on Tuesday (October 12) at the Soho Grand Hotel in New York.

The 40-year-old Scottish Stud filmed a commercial for L’Oreal over the weekend while scaling a Brooklyn building on the fire escape ladder!

Gerard recently returned back to the United States from South Africa where he wrapped up work on his upcoming film Machine Gun Preacher.

Hilary‘s film Conviction opens in select theaters on October 15th!

FYI: Appleton Estate Rum sponsored the after-party!

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Credit: Stephen Lovekin; Photos: Getty
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  • gerry

    Still has the boo boo on his nose.
    I can’t decide on his hair. Sometimes he looks great, and other times he looks a little old…..

  • Clamsie

    I’m not fond of the Queen Liz look. Is he stuffing his asscrack with crumpets?

    The first thing he asked Hilary was “why weren’t you at my Gamer premiere?”. Then Alan ribbed him in the side and pointed out that there was no premiere for Gamer.

  • Mr. Giggles

    G needs to put some L’Oreal make-up on that big zit

  • Mr. Giggles

    PS I love Hilary ……. now that’s a woman who could keep G in line

  • Mr. Giggles
  • she

    nice to see that Gerry had a good day yesterday. I was involved in a car car accident. nothing serious a few bruises


    he looks like a hot steaming cup of sh77777

  • Fatima

    Ugly Hilary is probably thinking…THIS GUY USED TO BE SOOOO HOT wtf happened??
    Gerry’s looks have jumped the shark at last
    greasy smelly and dirty looking. where is the shaving cream Loreal?
    Up his arrrrrrrsee?

  • Skunk

    There was no premiere for GAMER?
    What a sgy5tty movie
    Gerard is the worst actor on the planet. Almost as bad as Boris Kodjoe.

  • love

    OMG! he looks effing hoooooooooottttttt

  • GFW

    I really can’t wait to see Conviction. First time I saw the trailer it brought tears to me eyes. Really hope it does well for her and Sam Rockwell. It’s a touchy subject and I can see why Gerry, not just cos he know Hillary, would go see this film. Oh and he looks happy-go-lucky, fit and hitting his stride riding the crest of a feeling good-vibe wave.

  • lennie

    Can’t wait to see this movie too! I love Hillary. This is a woman that Gerard Butler respects. It shows. He would never ever dare put his finger in her a**, unlike he did to another one whose name isn’t even worth telling. Bwahahaha

  • Merlin

    The first thing he asked Hilary was “why weren’t you at my Gamer premiere?”. Then Alan ribbed him in the side and pointed out that there was no premiere for Gamer.
    * * *
    Bwahahaha… Usual Gerry!!!!!!!! Any time he starts opening his mouth is an incoming disaster… rofl

  • LauraS

    the G drought is officially over! Are we gonna have a new thread every other day JJ? Not that I am complaining :))
    Hello JJers :)
    @she I hope you are well

  • OK

    I’ve never seen a single film he’s been in. Why does this fugly man have so many (delusional) fans?

  • she

    @LauraS: yes I’m fine. I got a substitute car from the Insurance company so my son tells me mom this car is really sophisticated I feel the air conditioning in my a$$…lol

  • redOctober


    …get well soon : )

    Hilary looks like a real woman and what a great actress…good to see Gerry was there ; ) …but what can we do about his big mouth? …tsk…tsk..

  • she

    @redOctober: thanks

  • http://LOLA LOLA

    OK @
    it does not matter if you do not understand, go back to bed

  • curious cat

    wowee. Another new thread so soon. To those who think he looks hot, I have to go with the others who say he’s looking old. Hate to say it but it seems as if the man has aged a lot rather suddenly. I’m not complaining. He looks fine to me, but there is a noticeable change in his face, the jowls and sagging chin, the gray beard, increased lines around his eyes, just a new and different expression to his face. Even though he looks pretty trim. Maybe he’s been in Sam Childers mode and his look will suddenly change again and he’ll have some work done and get some sleep and do a cleanse and regain his youthfulness. Most people, though, I have read, don’t age at a slow and steady pace. We go along looking the same and then in two or three years have an aging spurt and look suddenly older.

  • Puzzled


    And how would you know?

  • I hate

    the sultry thing he tries to do with his eyes…..the “come hither” look. He looks like a creep instead.

  • kriss

    They both look wonderful! Hillary is a beautiful woman who commands respect! but she’s a 2 time Oscar winner after all and there’s nothing fluff or phoney about her.

  • sukar

    I am so happy we are getting new Gerry threads every couple of days. But he doesn’t look good at all in these photos. I was actually quite shocked when I saw them just now. He looks really old and his skin leathery. I think the shoot in S.Africa might have worn him out.

  • Nuts

    I will never be able to look at a photo of Hillary and Gerry together without thinking of the kiss on the road in Ireland in “PS I Love You.”

    It’s just so romantic…

    Yeah. I can be a sappy girly girl.

  • redOctober

    When I see a photo of Hilary and Gerry together I see two talented actors and fair looking individulas, probably being good friends.
    I agree with @kriss: Hilary commands respect and she has an aura of credibility about her.

  • Gracey

    I think he looks great. I’ve noticed how his eyes pop lately. Must be because he’s gotten so much thinner. I will say, however, I’m not loving the hair. I like it short better.

  • grandma

    Does Hillary have a significant other right now? She and Gerry look nice together.

  • breckin

    machine gun preacher. awesome title.

  • Karen

    Ahhhhhhhh. I like seeing them together. PSILY is one of my all-time favorite movies. It can still make me cry.

    I think Gerry looks terrific. Love him.

  • vs


    Hilary has been dating her agent,John Campisi, for the past 4-5

  • Teamster

    I see the usual stinkers are here fouling up the whole place under different socks.

    Gerry looks good. He looks weathered. What a surprise. You get weather beaten skin if you film in SA under the blazing sun under rough conditions playing someone who has even more weather beaten skin for a couple months. It looks like he has a chunk of skin scraped off his nose. Cover it up with some makeup Gerry.

    Good for him to show support for his old colleague after all he almost took Hilary’s eye out once.

  • Heidiho

    I love the way Gerry looks. Old? Heck no. He looks like a man. Not a dweeb. His eyes are beautiful. The color just stands out.

  • Ibet

    Ibet he usually looks incredible in person. Not to say he does not photograph well. . . better than most I say. An off angle in a shot or a change in hair-BIG DEALl. He is keeping fit and is a working actor/producer. Lovin’ life is the best picture.

  • redOctober


    Totally agree . He looks like a man, like @Teamster: said , who has been working under extreme conditions, who sleeps a few hours , travels a lot and his line of work is not sitting in an office …I don’t know if he looks great…he looks like a real person to me, not like an oversized Ken doll.

  • cubedweller

    @curious cat: I agree with you, Curious. He looks terrible. Drained, exhausted, unkempt. I just shook my head, too, over the rugby photos. Not seeing anything there that’s appealing. He really needs to get some sleep and stop doing those freakin cleanses.
    Hilary always looks good. She’s a great example of someone with a unique look, who always appears pulled together. She dresses well – and has her own style. The two of them look congenial together. Cute how he scrunches down a little to look her in the eye.

  • How do I put this…?

    My two cents (and I expect change back from it):
    He needs to let a minimum amount of gray “peek out” all over his hair, like he does the beard. And The Sandman needs to send him some SLEEEEEEEP! 7-8 hours a night, UNINTERRUPTED, for one whole week in one city (Impossible for him, I’m sure. L’Oreal would have to force him). It would do wonders for his overall appearance.

    Maybe for some peaceful slumber, he can light some cupcake incense (it does exist), lie down next to Lolita (Eh, a warm body is a warm body), and lull himself to sleep listening to a looped recording of his mum alternately humming a Scottish lullaby and whispering “TBH was all Jen’s fault., not yours…No really…Gamer was too high-brow and before its time…No really…Your American accent is awesomely awesome…No really…”

    And I’ll probably get grief for this but he obviously injured his nose recently, poor baby =^(. And while it’s really a perfectly lovely nose, can you imagine if it was (more) swollen? O_o

  • gossiphound

    @GFW: I think Gerry is also a friend of Sam Rockwell he went to see Sam in a play in NYC – note to Gerry put Sam in one of those Evil Twin productions.

    I agree Conviction is the first movie in a while that has caught my attention.

  • Ibet

    @redOctober: @cubedweller: People as they age tend to loose the youth in their face if they are trying to attain/maintain their ideal weight for the camara. Women do it all the time. Their bodies may be thin and tight but their faces look drawn and hard. Then they run for botox or collagen. Healthy weight and lifestyle is at least 10 pounds more than the Hollywood standard. Example did you see the commercial of the Real Housewives of LA. Those women all look alike. There is no fresh, original or unique look to them. They don’t care because they substantiate their wealth as their self-esteem.Less is more. Gerry does look like a real man. But I agree-he needs more sleep.

  • gossiphound

    I love the hair but it looks better if he just lets the curls happen, look more like that roll of a bed look than if someone tries to style it, I like it better here than the L’Oreal commercial, stylists, you wonder sometimes what drugs they smoke

  • kriss


    I agree about the extreme regimes of actresses Ibet. Hillary is definitely not one of those! She’s always been slim and natural looking. Gerry still handsome, but may have had some sun damage the way he’s been romping around under the Tuscan,Miami,Brazilian, and S Africian suns. People with very fair skin like his need to be alot more careful. He should get that red spot one his face checked out right away!

  • gossiphound

    It appears Gerry cut his nose in South Africa but after filming, because it first appears in a photo of Gerry with a little boy in Capetown but was not evident in those photos with the gossip guy from Capetown which was post wrap. And it looks like more of a cut there

  • Gracey

    Just Gerry’s luck to have some accident and cut his nose before he had to do the L’Oreal shoots! Like when the vein in his eye burst right before the LAC premiere.


    I WAS THERE!! Wow. I went to the screening and premiere last night but did not get to see Gerard Butler. Wish I had. Oh well……and BTW everyone should check out CONVICTION. Oscar Worthy.

  • really

    Well, Hillary is single again so maybe they will start dating. Who knows?
    Ibet, unfortunately Hillary doesn’t look that good in her face and she is in her 30s. she looks sagging and that’s because she is too thin.

  • cubedweller

    @gossiphound: Now THAT’s a gorgeous shot. Miles ahead of the L’Oreal pics. He’s a handsome guy when he’s smiling a genuine unguarded smile. No contrived blue-steel glare there – just an open-hearted grin on his battered face. That even makes MY jaded ice heart go pitter-pat.

  • Teamster

    Hilary looked a little surprised to see Gerry. Maybe his appearance was unscheduled?

  • LauraS

    @gossiphound: what a lovely pic! thanks GH
    my fallopian tubes just got choked and my ovaries just exploded :))
    that kid is sooo cute!
    did you think that had to do with G??? Nooooo

  • justsayin’

    Time to line up those character roles Gerry.

  • Vegas

    @gossiphound: What a photo. Beautiful. Cut nose and all, he’s just amazing.