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Mario Lopez: Meet Baby Gia!

Mario Lopez: Meet Baby Gia!

A shirtless Mario Lopez holds his newborn daughter, Gia Francesca, over his head in this brand new shot from OK! magazine.

Gia, born September 12, is the first child for Mario and his girlfriend, Courtney Mazza.

Mario told PopEater that he’s doing what he can to help take care of Gia! “I’m the go-to guy for diaper changing,” he shared. “I’ve gotten pretty good at it!”

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  • yassss

    when is he coming out of the closet? he’s a total queen! admit it, girl!

  • cacey

    Another fame WHORE, why is the mother that carried the baby for 9 MONTHS not in the picture?.

  • Emma

    omgggg what a cute baby lmaao….and yeah I’ve always thought he was gay too.

  • tr

    cute, but please, support the head and neck! :)

  • lil

    This man is gay. What is this? Poor baby.

  • jenMS

    what a strange picture. dad put on a shirt and hold that tiny baby properly.

  • nakedoldjennifer

    Mario is a Narcistic jerk he just had to remove his shirt and the mother from this photo op
    the baby is cute

  • Butter_Fly

    Should you really hold up a newborn like that? I used to like him now he just annoys me. Can’t stand him. Cute ‘lil baby though.

  • hippay

    sfghxcv bxcvbxcbxcvbxcv

  • Alice

    I can’t stand this guy. He is a known womanizer and totally narcissistic. Seriously, put your shirt on. It’s about the baby – not you.

  • Courtney

    Baby Gia is precious and looks exactly like her daddy as Ophelia Dahl does like hers or Melissa Newman does like hers. of course in both cases their fathers are dead so it’s a different thing totally and both also come from oscar winning lineage as well correct both of their mothers and Melissa’s father all won best actor/actress oscars.

    also the parents were friends and in the case of the film Patricia Neal won the best actress oscar for Co-stars with Paul. correct Joanne Won march 26th 1958 best actress for the Three Faces Of Eve Patricia won best Actress April 13th 1964 for hud missing the ceremony due to pregnancy with Ophelia who was born 29 days later and Paul won best actor March 30th 1987 for his reprisal of the pool shark Fast Eddie Felson in The Color Of Money the same role he had lost the trophey for 25 years earlier to Maximilian Schell

  • shoegal

    is he going to cheat on her too?

  • laverdadduele

    Why is he posing shirtless? Isn’t this supposed to be about the baby? Pointless.

  • Steve Jobs

    Mario is just proud of her little Gia. Maybe the point of being shirtless is to show how hunk he is. However, if this all about the baby, why is he in the picture?

  • natalie

    Mario is a good looking guy no doubt, but he is narcissism personified. I don’t think anybody is more of a legend in their own mind than Mario is LOL. Hopefully he won’t cheat on his current girlfriend.

    With that said, their baby is adorable! I’m sure Mario will be a doting dad when he’s not admiring himself in the mirror.


    hold her properly and her diaper is way too big for her..

  • laura

    Is it only me or does the baby seem to have down syndrome…??? NOT trying to be mean…I am serious…thoughts?

  • http://uhhhh..... Tracy

    ….ummmm…no comment.

  • XYZ

    Ugly baby, those who say shes cute must be idiot. She has the common/alien features of the newborns/babies up to a few months old. In a few months actually she will look more human and maybe then shell be cute.

  • Eve

    Oh lord why couldn’t he have taken a normal picture with his baby like everyone else this is just cheezy!

  • amy

    @natalie: Good looking? He’s a buttaface.
    Cute babies though (but I think all babies are adorable….)

  • nina

    i guess the baby is not his. too ugly to be made by him.

  • Sarah L.G.

    Aww!!! What a little Angel! So cute!

  • j

    sweet but yes please hold her more carefully! Its not good to hold new born babies that way, you have to support their head & neck. He looks like a proud papa! congrats!

  • commonsense

    Why is he shirtless?

  • Lisa2

    I think they should have had the baby’s mother in the photo. It’s kind of a “diss” on her. Afterall, there would be no baby without her. I also think he should be wearing a shirt. It’s not summer anymore, it’s freaking October. Put a shirt on Mario and some clothes on Gia too…….

  • Pat

    What does all this have to do with the picture?

  • Pat


  • lisa

    @laura: Looks like downs syndrome to me too

  • AG

    @Lisa & Laura, cute baby, but the pics I’ ve seen she does look Down Syndrome. Speaking as a medical professional.

  • katrinaalexis

    @laura: the baby looks to have downs to me

  • Ez

    I agree…the baby looks down syndrome.

  • Dina

    Mario and Courtney are both phony and fake. Mario told Courtney to have breast augmentation and lipo and she was stupid to do it.
    Why is he shirtless in this pic? Because everything in his life is about him. The baby is o.k. but appears to have something wrong with her.
    I think his show is going to suck big time. Who cares about them?

  • Guest

    Cheater! I think this relationship will be over before the VH1 program……He probably has already had an affair on his many trips. After all, Courtney hasn’t gone on all the trips…..How would she know? The man can’t keep it in his pants…..

  • backpain

    i guess the baby is not his. too ugly to be made by him.

  • sweetchick

    yall just hating on him and he’s not GAY and the baby is soooo cute.

  • http://cassidysm Susan Cassidy

    I agree that Mario DID NOT NEED to take his shirt off for this picture. It does SAY alot about how he feels about HIMSELF and not enough about HOW he feels about his child and the child’s mother. He is always so concerned about how a person LOOKS. There is MORE to an individual than just beauty, Mario! The adage “Beauty’s only skin deep, ya ya ya!” hold true once again but I guess not for Mario. He looks at the “outside” first then the inside…maybe he IS different in his personal life, but this is the persona he displays to his public. Should I give him the benefit of the doubt? IDK. I have read some pretty negative things about the dude, but I believe Ms Mazza knows what she’s doing so maybe he’s ok afterall! :)

  • http://cassidysm Susan Cassidy

    @cacey: I totally agree! Where’s a public portrait of Courtnay and Gia? I bet she’ll keep her shirt on! LOL

  • http://cassidysm Suzy Q

    The comments about the baby having Downs is not very nice! She is very cute and I bet one day she will be gorgeous like her Mom! I agree the diaper is huge though! She probably needed preemie size here! Bet she fits in it now though. Babies grow FAST :)

  • Dee

    All you people have some serious issues, you would talk shit even if he did have a shit on, even if the mama was in the picture and even if he was holding her different way… jealousy is a serious illness you all need help… especially the ones who said the baby was ulgy, or she had down syndrome and called him a rapist …………. you have your nerve to talk shit about him your all haters and hate is the root to all evil

  • meme


  • Boston Girl

    This would be cute but he slept with my friend in Boston in June!

  • Haters

    Seriously everybody??? What a bunch of haters. Why don’t you worry about your own kids and relationships instead of ripping on someone who doesn’t even care what you have to say? Get a grip people!

  • Jackie Holton

    WOW i have never come acrossed a group of people that are so JELOUS i am sure your all upset that you MAN OR WOMEN dont look HALF as good as he does with out a shirt on or/and cant get a MAN or WOMEN who is not butt ugly. As far as the child… i am sure none of you have children that are even CLOSE as cute as her. You all must have some pretty DANG ugly kids is absolutly beautful not to mention that she is miracle from God.. babies are blessings and how dare any of you talk about a child in that way…. Way to pick on someone who cant defend themselves. You are all jelous and insecure and thats why you find it fun to pick on people. You must of all been made fun of in HS and now you want to do it to others ONLINE not to peoples faces. WEIRD

  • Desiree

    I am not saying anything bad about baby gia. I seen her and my first thought was down syndrome as well. Only because she has a lot of the characteristics. but who says downs babies are not cute??? She is beautiful and a blessing from god!! He seems to be a very proud loving father and a devoted boyfriend. Its nobodies business who he sleeps with!! while all you haters are on here being nasty your men/women are probably cheating on you.. really who wants someone who is so hateful and judgmental!?! Mario has worked his whole life to get to where he is now!! and fyi the magazine set up the shoots( place, clothes and feel of the pic) not the celebrity!! i wish only the best for him,mazza and baby gia. for those who made nasty comments i say get a life, hit a gym and become famous enough to get your pictures in a magazine!!

  • alexus

    Not being a hater but this baby is not tht cute but of course a lot of babies arent tht cute at first but yess mario is an asshole at times

  • moni

    Mario Lopez is silly. He tries so hard to portray this image of some traditional family man–please! Cheated on his first wife and won’t marry his child’s mother–how embarrassing. Just embrace who you are–a sex addicted workaholic who is abnormally selfish and immature. I feel sorry for Courtney Mazza.

  • Setting it straight

    Give Mario a break. I have watched the show and “his girl” needs an attitude check. I mean, really, does she even know how to smile. She is always trying to control Mario even when it came down to his possible work move to NY. She acted like he came up with the idea to get rid of his family. How sick! Perhaps she can just say THANK YOU MARIO for giving me the home I leave in and being a wonderful father.

    Massa is more like “Master”.

  • Lynn

    Yes, the baby looks like she has down syndrome. Don’t think she’s cute at all!

  • Marie