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Angelina Jolie Brings War And Peace To Hungary

Angelina Jolie Brings War And Peace To Hungary

Angelina Jolie playfully flashes a peace sign on the set of her new film in Budapest, Hungary on Thursday (October 14).

The 35-year-old actress makes her directorial debut as she filmed some intense war scenes, complete with amputated soldiers, on today’s set.

The new wartime love story tells the story of a Bosnian woman who falls in love with a Serbian man in the middle of the 1992-1995 Bosnian war.

It looks like Angie won’t be able to shoot in the country where the film takes place anytime soon. Recently, Bosnia revoked the film’s request to shoot in Sarajevo on the grounds that no screenplay had been attached to the application. According to BBC, the Bosnian culture minister cited that the screenplay had to be included as required by law.

25+ pictures inside of Angelina Jolie bringing war and peace to her new film…

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  • Thai

    Bosnian women, dont let this fake and stooge tread on ur dignity! U have a terrible truth on ur side but she only wants to make more money from a crappy movie. Do ur best and dont let her do the movie!

  • teri


  • teri

    Such a beautiful and loving woman to give of herself and money for places far less fortunate. The world is far better with such people as Angelina and Brad or anyone who makes a difference. Quit being so evil and spreading such hate thai. Doesn’t this world have enough of that?

  • teri

    If you haven’t read the script Thai how can you know what it’s about and what she plans to do with the movie. Is it just your hatred of Angelina that your mad about. If she doesn’t film it there it will be someplace else.

  • lurker aka angel

    thanks jared she is working hard looking foward to this movie

  • lurker aka angel

    idiots will always be idiots the culture minister will look like a fool i hope they take the production of the movie somewhere else



    TRL–yes as fans our initial reaction is WTF and screw them if they don’t have the decency to read what the script is how dare they judge it…
    However, JMHO the reason why Angie wants to tell this story is NOT to make money, or get her directorial acknowledgement…..Angie wants to tell this story for a very humanitarian reason…Angie as a Goodwill Ambassador is very well aware of the unbelievable war crimes and ethnic cleansing that occurred in the region. This isof course JMHO… she believes maybe if she could tell a story of a couple who fell in love before the war … religion, ethnicity, customs did not matter b/c they fell in love…it was maybe sort of frowned upon pre-war but definitely not unheard of. Unfortunately the war forced them in to a dilemma…their love versus their loyalty to their ethnicity, religion, family, customs etc. IMO Angie is trying to tell a story about how love trumps all…We are all human beings, we all hurt, we all love, and most off all we have more in common than our differences. I think the story is about accepting our differences and embracing and accepting how much we actually have in common as fellow human beings…
    Therefor, I think Angie will do anything in her power NOT to alienate any of the countries involved. She will bend over backwards so that they can keep an open mind and see the movie..this movie is being made mostly for them to see and help with the healing process for all involved and gradually move forward. OK, this is too mushy for this early in the day but this is just my opinion No need to tar and feather moi

  • LLM

    lurker aka angel @ 10/14/2010 at 11:23 am

    I agree with you. It is their loss not the film’s loss. Can you imagine how many publicity bring to their country if it is filmed there.

  • teri

    I read someplace yesterday that Angelina stated she’d never disrespect the women of Bosnia in the movie. She’s worked to hard for women and children who are being tortured and getting ra. p .ed to turn around and portray it in a movie. That’s not Angelina and for even hens to say that’s her goal are a bunch of sickos. The movie will go on regardless where it’s shot at, looking forward to it even more now. How many actors doing these types of movies haven’t been permitted to film at certain locations? I’m sure Angelina isn’t the first and won’t be the last.

  • Jin

    @Thai: We’ll do, after you kiss ALL our asses. Deal?

  • Lara

    Angie’s movie will do just fine, despite all this predictable and unfair bs being thrown in her direction, it’s not like she isn’t used to it after 6 years.
    She looks as fresh as a daisy after filming until 10pm last night, maybe Brad’s the reason!
    Shout outs to Neleh and all J-P fans, enjoy your day.

  • LLM

    Good for Angie’s movie, more talks more buzzes
    , at the end, the film will be done no matter what.

  • Jin

    @AWHODAT: Well said. Thank you.

  • teri

    Some of the pictures look really good, guys leg blown off and just the rubble and such look like a war scene. The power of women is rising and wishing Angelina the best. Some of you hens can haha all you want and mock the movie but it will go on and generate more attention.

  • plus


  • a bit too full of herself

    In Ang’s privileged pollyanna world of mansions and celebrity it’s peace and love, but she’ll find that the horrors of war and human cruelty can’t be so easily boiled down and presented in a Hollywood style love story.

  • nakedoldjennifer

    I see the crazies got here first
    With AJ involved this movie will embody Quality, integrity without trivializing anyones pain and suffering
    Unless you have read the script STHU

  • miok

    Did Angelina Jolie Have a Tummy Tuck?

  • dawne


    Thank you, we will now that you have given us permission. Now eff off bish!

  • dawne


    It’s okay blimpette, she doesn’t have to eat to make you feel better about the super sized burger you’re slammin’ into your ugly face right now!

  • dawne


    Did you have a head transplant cuz you were so butt ugly you couldn’t leave the house??? Oh, yeah, and they forgot to sew in the brain…… there you are empty headed again.

  • dawne

    @a bit too full of herself:

    You wanna give Angelina Jolie a heads up on war………..right…….she hasn’t been in war zones meeting with limbless children???????? Go judge the local dog show cause you’re way over your head playin’ god here.

  • lurker
  • NAN

    Thai is just a friend of Norman,who was ashamed to be herself,when she have to lies and kiss Grandma Spinster Jen’s @sss,next Thai will be Bosnian or Serbian or like me a Canadian girl from Vankong he he he he he.

  • Angelina Jolie

    I’m communicating peace,love,and understanding in our world through my craft of acting and chosen art form of filmaking. NOW GIVE ME YOUR F-ing MONEY!

  • Lucky Charm

    Well, it seems some people just have no life at all, and no other interests than waiting 24/7 for a new Angelina thread just to be the first to throw a punch. Wait until you see the movie or the trailers, or read the script, or otherwise have knowledge of the film before pronouncing it crappy or not. Better yet, get off your computer, and start helping the poor and less fortunate, you’ll feel so much better.

    No matter whether she films in Bosnia or finds another location, I am proud of Angelina for actually doing what she wants to do, rather than just talking about it or making another movie just for the big paycheck. She is truly an inspiration to women all over the world. Good luck to you, Angelina Jolie, wishing you all the best.

  • Erianthe

    Unflipping believable. This woman is the last person on earth to ever disrespect war victims. With all the attention going to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the victims of the Bosnian war seem to be all but forgotten in the media — but not by Angie, who went to Bosnia on an UNHCR mission earlier this year.

    But YET, people are slamming her left and right about a script where a “victim falls for her rapist.” Really? Angelina Jolie would write this? A woman who’s visited refugee camps and heard horrific stories of murder and rape and seen for herself the devastating effects of war on displaced families?

    Haters get a life. How many of you have actually read the script??? WAIT!!! Even a BETTER question … how many of you actually CARE about what happened in Bosnia? Or Haiti? Or Pakistan? Or Sudan? If you spared a fraction of the time spent spewing your vitriolic nonsense about this women and actually LEARNED about what’s going on in the world, then maybe … just maybe …. you can understand why Angie CARES.

    I like this site because of her fans, but the trolls are really beginning to get to me.

  • a bit too full of herself

    Jealous? only of my fellow trolls who get thumbed down twice as fast as me…..hee

  • puuuke

    I’d say stick to what you are mediocre at Angelina-mindless action movies.

  • Lucky Charm

    Nah, Angelina’s not a bit too full of herself, she’s full of Brad! Now please go take your petty jealousy over to the dead end JA thread, it’s desperately in need of attention. That’s where you need to be to see a woman who really is full of herself.

    Angelina has CONFINDENCE and COURAGE to try something on her own, to tell a story that she is passionate about and wants to share. She has Graham King and Clint Eastwood, not to mention Brad Pitt, to go to when she has any questions.

  • Kim

    @plus: plus as in plus size

  • Jin

    @a bit too full of herself: Why are you here? Love being a troll? Or your idol Jen the Old Fart is boring you to death? I know, I’d puke too if I keep looking at her face.

  • Kelly

    This is going to be nothing but a headache for Angelina. She should bail now.

  • mmsic

    @a bit too full of herself: Hey you,you know who is too full of herself,it’s your idol the not so beautiful,talentless aniston.That woman has no self respect.Her secrets are slowly but surely coming out.Just wait for David write a book about her,for sure it’s gonna be a seller.

  • lovejoliepitt

    Kelly: Looks like Angelina is having a blast ,oh this is what ticks you xfans off Brad is there holding her, kissing her, eating with her and going back home with a wonderful family and man to f**k at night.
    Angie is smiling cause probably Brad gave her a wonderful night, ha,ha!
    This is what driving you X fans crazy but man, 6 years going on to 7 years still have that passion- wow !!!
    Guys, get a life cause your hate is about brad pitt cause he dumped x the loosers and so are you pathetic loosers who winnes at anything Angelina’s doing and usually is about helping others .
    You hate and anger is pathetic cause its all about your pathetic fantasy of Brad.
    Get a life and live a real one!

  • ICU

    What CAN’T this woman do? Great woman, person, humanitarian. Beautiful person, inside and out AND a beautiful family. God continue to Bless her for what she does:)

  • lurker aka angel

    so true these losers are just mad because all their lies were exposed
    angelina owns their asses, i hope they shoot the movie in another country not bosnia

  • Judit

    I was there, but she didn’t appear at the entrance, unfortunately…

  • Danny

    #41 Find yourself someone to f**k at night and stop dreaming about the joliepitts.

  • mmsic

    @Tracy: Yeah Tracy ,why don’t you do that.Let’s see how good you are.Go rail against the Pope or better yet,blame the Jews.How stupid can you be!!!

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    This is not the 1st controversial movie ever made. There are tons of others. However, since this is Angie’s movie the trolls is having a heart attack. Since Angie & Brad were caught giving each other a loving kiss yesterday these haters couldn’t bring up the breaking up story so they pick this one. I’ll bet the trolls will go back to the breaking up crap once this topic dies down.

  • truth is

    @Angelina Jolie: no honey! go find a F*king job yourself. you are just F*king lazy. remember, our government cannot afford anymore because the are so many of you.


    As is always the case, even the trumped up false controversy some try to invoke around Angelina will, in the end, sooner rather than later, serve to educate the public about important topics, such as history, the pain and atrocities of war, ethnic cleansing, genocide, the filmmaking process, government diplomacy, – you know, IMPORTANT things THAT MATTER….it just shows you how Angelina operates on a much higher plane, COMPARED TO….
    …the TACKY cheesey low-class former TV hacktresses who have nervous breakdowns and call their enabling PR slimeballs to attack 80 yr old Hollywood octogenerians who they feel slighted their appearance by calling them ‘cute.’ Yeah, federal case that – let’s stone Joan Collins and rig her wheelchair.

  • Kim

    Angie is making a film she is passionate about if she was about money she could be filming Gravity for $20 million or more.

  • lovejoliepitt

    lurker aka angel : The hate is about Brad Pitt dumped X and boy, I can’t until DC tells it all as In Touch and Star covers said of Angelina and Brad in the past 6 years.
    When DA went on Howard Stern and shared a little bit of the real story this guy is not going to shut his mouth and thats what make Brad Pitt a real gentleman that X took advantage .
    X also wants Brad go out and see other people with them still staying in marriage but BRAD PITT do not live like that and once he gets the divorce when after Angelina without wasting time.
    So xfans your hate is never about angelina is about brad pitt woke up and said I am BRAD PITT>

  • Danny

    Waiting for the RAZZIE Nominations!!!!!!

  • Lucky Charm

    “To whom much is given, much is expected”. This perfectly defines Angelina Jolie. She has been blessed with so much, both personally and professionally, and she knows that she needs to do something with all that success. Which she consistently does, much like sharing this story she is so passionate to tell, and all of her humanitarian and charitable work. Her daughters (and sons) are so fortunate to have such a good example for their mother. The Jolie-Pitts are truly blessed. Remind me again – whatever you do comes back to you sevenfold? No wonder she can hold her head up & ignore the hate, no matter what vile, nasty lies are repeated about her and her family.

  • can’t wait

    I read where Angelina’s next film will be another touching love story between a moparist and a hobnocker. (urban dictionary may be required)

  • srb

    All these stories about the script came from Zeljko Mitrovic, owner of Pink TV here in Serbia. He is angry because he failed to bring Angie in Serbia to make a movie. Here, he has a production company and film studio. He is the strongest in the media field in the former Yugoslavia. So, he has a great influence on public opinion. I hope that the Bosnians will be wise enough to reconsider their decision made on the basis of gossip and not real facts.

  • lovejoliepitt

    Danny: Are you talking about X??? yeah, thats her !