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Gerard Butler: Apartment Hunting Downtown!

Gerard Butler: Apartment Hunting Downtown!

Gerard Butler goes apartment hunting on Thursday (October 14) with a broker in New York City.

The 40-year-old Scottish actor checked out a spacious, sunny loft with a broker.

Earlier this week, Gerry stepped out to support Hilary Swank at the after-party for the premiere of her new film, Conviction.

Over the weekend, Gerry shot a L’Oreal commercial hanging onto a fire escape ladder in Brooklyn!

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  • Nuts

    So…Gerry is hunting for a new apartment in NYC…

    And, according to twitter he was spotted around town today, talking with Jared Leto and visiting some commercial shoot set (Hugo Boss???)

    BossVaughnage_Special visitor on set and his name is Gerard Butler!about 1 hour ago via Twitter

  • Gui

    Gerard, you can live in my apartment, I wouldn’t mind. I promise I cook for you and do your laundry.

  • anon annoy

    He must have gotten tired of living in the S and M dungeon

  • LULZ

    Woohoo! Just what NY needs. Another piece of trash.

  • *eyeroll*

    My guess is investment property. Regardless of what else anyone thinks of him, he’s not dumb.

  • redOctober
  • hairdresser’s den

    Daniel Redcliffe, the actor who plays Harry Potter, reportedly owns six apartments in New York City. Gerry is a small player in this game.

  • gerry

    He looks like he couldn’t afford to buy a cardboard box under a bridge.

  • pickles

    He has a place in Chelsea. Or so I’m told. An over-decorated, Phantom of the Opera type place in a mid-century modern building. Actually, the building looks like it was a housing project built in the 60′s. Very ordinary and ugly.

    He should stay in Chelsea.

  • G-Man

    his business acumen is top notch. i hope he finds some good deals. if you have cash right now,you’re king lol

  • Fanster

    @anon annoy:
    Gerard’s into S&M????

  • Hi

    @redoctober. looks like he is enjoying talking to a fan.

  • redOctober


    Not sure the man is a fan…could be Paul Haggis. But I could be wrong.

  • hellotheregb

    From the last thread, sorry just getting caught up..

    @Teamster: “Guido” he is the only one who is in the “know”on the internet! LOL

    @Skunk: yet you have not had him?

    @Merlin: models running? ROTFLMAO!!

    They would look like zoombies with stick legs breaking every which way!

    Read more:

  • hellotheregb

    this is one of my fav. twitterers!

    “Naomi Munroe I’m really flattered by the number of invites I get to all these events. Really I am, but do you HAVE to constantly send update messages? It crowds my inbox, and half the time I’m not even in the same STATE as the damn party! Unless it’s a f*ckfest with Hugh Jackman, Hugh Laurie and Gerard Butler…I’m PROLLY not gonna drive 500 miles for it. Sorreh.”

  • Now Then

    No I think it looks like Paul too.

  • hellotheregb

    sorry Fb’ers

  • So Swedish

    What has happened to our dear Gerry?
    He looks tired and really worn out. His face has changed so much during Machine Gun Preacher. It´s puffy now.

    How about a nice long vacation Gerard? A month on some resort, just sleep, eat good and wear very high sunscreen.
    Leave the cell phone, the coffee and that soft drink at home.

  • curious cat

    My first thought was, what does he need another apartment for? Doesn’t he own two in NYC already? Oh, yeah, investment. Maybe he doesn’t plan to live there.

    @fanster, I think anon annoy was cracking a joke about the S & M place. The apartment, which was featured in Architectural Digest in May this year (you can probably find the pix on line) has a bizarre decor that evokes some kind of medieval castle, the kind of place where Dracula might live and operate.

    btw I noticed today in one of the celebrity mags (I never can remember one from another after I’ve seen them) has a list of the 50 most powerful entertainers in Hollywood. GB is NOT on the list, contrary to the suggestion from Sam Childers that GB is one of the top 10 actors there now. Talking through his hat really.

    To change the subject, posters, if you are like me and much of the world, you must be awed and exhilarated by the miraculous rescue of the 33 miners in Chile. I was glued to that effort n TV all night, excited to watch the reunions as that capsule appeared each time with another live miner, and then the rescue workers until the mine was empty, never, according to oone resporter, to be entered again by anyone. Incredible human drama and continuing stories will be told. I hope this almost disaster and miraculous rescue will force companies all over to improve safety conditions. What a lucky bunch.

    But the cynical side is that reporters were talking about the through the roof “ratings” on this real, as opposed to reality drama, and mentioning the future movie that is sure to come. Antonio Banderas and Xavier Vardem were mentioned as potential stars. Some of this was joking, I’m sure, but it probably will happen. :)

  • curious cat

    Oh, yeah, I forgot. Hugh Jackman is on the top 50 list! But not GB. Unless I missed seeing his name and have just written a complete lie! :)

  • Vegas

    Guess people were right on the last thread – they saw this one coming!

    He seems quite happy in the bike photo.

    The drought is certainly over!

    Now, if we’d just get some career news.

  • Mimi

    Odd that a Portuguese site has that photo first (the bike one). Or maybe it’s from Brazil? Still odd to me.

  • Skunk

    What a full on idiot.
    Why is he dressed like a fkking BUM??? Disgusting.
    What happened to Nick the d**k? Boy*e??? Hmmm??
    Or did he just decide Gerard was boring and immature???
    Gerard, you are such a disappointment. You could have been a legend. Instead you are a joke fifteen shades below Jennifart Anustown.

  • Skunk
  • Mimi

    @Skunk: Me thinks you’re the full on idiot. He’s laughing at you all the way to the bank. Making you the joke.

  • Gracey

    Where do people like skunk come from at the start of each new thread? Dam.n what pathetic stuff. If you don’t like him, just go to someplace you do like and leave the rest of us alone.

    I know, Manny and Merlin, don’t talk to the trolls, but it’s hard not to.


  • Sun


  • lolita

    @Gracey: I know it’s hard to ignore but it looks like skunk wants to be a little stinker just to get a rise. Don’t let her upset you.

  • ughhh

    Sun, maybe Gerard doesn’t need fans like you? Thought about that?

  • anglesrock

    I know this is crazy….but I like Gerry for his courageousness and his disregard for mirrors. He is no pretty boy, but dayum he is one sexy muvva. I can’t stand the “just stepped out of the Sears catalog” cause “I’m the prettiest boy in Hollywood” jerk. Gerry has no style and I’m loving it. There are times when I click on a new pic and laugh out loud because he looks so bad. Love him for that.
    And when he cleans up and puts on a suit…well, he DOES clean up nice!

  • anglesrock

    Okay, what the heck! I meant his outrageousness, not courageousness.

  • lolita

    @anglesrock: ITAWY. He can look great and also WTH was he thinking. Love him too!!

  • Skunk

    @Gracey: @ughhh:

    What a couple of lame-os. No one cares. When has Gerard actually made a movie worth watching, hmmmm????

    Til then, his dingy arrsssse is fodder for jokes. Take a shower Gertard. You smell we can tell.

  • redOctober

    Aside from the occasional fashion misstep, Butler’s look is comfortable and pulled together.
    Around town, Butler dresses simply. He often wears dark or neutral colors, pairing t-shirts with jeans and a leather jacket. His style is current but not overly trendy…What can I say, I like and dress with the same simplicity.
    Many comments here have a strong reek of envy or jealousy. The man not always looks like a god, who does. He doesn’t need that we speak a good word on his behalf. He sports his own style and gives a flying **** about what others think of it. I usually do the same. Either way he’ll be criticized …

    ” Don Quixote said: “They bark, Sancho, a sign that we’re moving”

  • lolita

    @redOctober: Red, applauding you on your comment.

  • CJ
  • Daily Fail

    How stupid are these people?? Those aren’t blonde highlights. That’s Gerry’s own natural gray showing through. Most of his gray is at the sides. His last dye job was probably semi-permanent and it’s washing out.

  • lolita

    @CJ: It doesn’t look blonde to me. Looks like grey streaks. I don’t think it looks bad. i would love to see it up close and personal.

  • Teamster

    I agree. That doesn’t look like dye blonde streaks at all although I would not use that much hair gel.

    I agree with you RedOctober. Why would he care what others say about his style as long as he feels comfy in his down time? Or are celebrities allowed any down time anymore?

  • Nuts

    From FB…
    FB: August Chiarella had an interesting day at work, got my big toe run over by Gerard Butler who was riding a bike, I called him a dick and he said sorry. 2 hours ago

  • gotta be kidding


    sounds like BS from FB person

  • The Noise In The Walls

    I agree RedOctober..who cares how he dresses when he’s down and doing his business around town etc..We’ve all seen he can dress up sharp when he wants too..Two thumbs up for Red’s thread..I agree..

  • lolita

    He is just comfortable in his manliness. He doesn’t have to doll up to be ruggedly sexy…he’s got it going on no matter what he wears.

  • redOctober


    Those ” bizarre blond highlights” were in his hair way back (2003) already…

    They are usually called salt and pepper , right?

  • redOctober
  • Teamster

    You got it RedOctober. Yup. There was another one that really showed this s&p color, the interview at 2006 comic com when he had his hair fairly long. Oh I have to comment on his green eyes in this picture. hmmm..

  • lolita

    @redOctoberRed, that’s what it is called. Darn it he looks good in that picture. I do hope it keeps it long for a little while… but he does need to slack off on some of the gel. I think because his hair is so thick and curly he gets impatient with fixing it that’s why he keeps it short. I like the salt and pepper suits him.

  • stupidfans

    How long before someone claims he’s looking for a house for his future French wife and kids?

    He’s probably been harassed by fans hovering at his current place and decided to sell or turn it into a rental so he can be left alone. Getting it in Arch. Digest helps up the value. That’s a smart real estate move for a strange looking place.

    Before he finished remodeling, he said a large high rise was built next to him. That probably blocked his view. Either way, he’s better off moving out of there.

    About the hair piece, pardon the pun, they’re picking on him partly because the writer probably doesn’t like him for whatever reason and considers him a joke (like TMZ), and because they know his followers will click on the site like crazy to add comments. More traffic means more money. I guess they’ve learned how to use them to their advantage just like Gerard has. It’s too bad they themselves never catch on.

  • juniper & lamplight

    Butler should save money on an apartment and just find a cardboard box

  • nosoup4u

    @curious cat:

    I have to agree w/ you Curious Cat, awesome! Not only did these guys not see sun light for 2+ months, they didn’t bathe, brush their teeth, go to the bathroom in private and were cave dwellers thinking, probably, they would be buried alive. I heard some were instilled w/ fear of just that. Then, coming up in capsul 21″ inches in diameter, 21″? that is, indeed a very small space, lees then an MRI machine, very confining. Ultimately, it was a full on success, thanks to master engineering and the grace of whatever GOD you believe in.

    I have to say, my fave, was the first guy, he was all over that crowd like nobodys’ business. the beginning of 24 hours (suppose to 48) of a great rescue, WOW! Now reality is setting in. I heard they have each have been offered equivalent to $10,000 USA, (in Chile this is 1 yr pay) for their story. Also, one of them was not from Chile and was offered from his government to come home with, basically, all expenses paid life, he chose to stay in Chile.

    A great story, nobody could have just wriiten this, it actually had to happen.