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Gerard Butler: Laughing with Leto!

Gerard Butler: Laughing with Leto!

Gerard Butler visits his pal Jared Leto on the set of a Hugo Boss commercial on Thursday (October 14) in New York.

Earlier in the day, the 40-year-old Scottish actor went apartment hunting in the Big Apple with a broker and saw a spacious loft in downtown Manhattan.

On Tuesday (October 12), Gerard supported his P.S. I Love You co-star Hilary Swank at the NYC premiere of her new drama Conviction.

New shirtless shots of Jared with photographer Terry Richardson were just released!

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gerard butler laughing with leto 01
gerard butler laughing with leto 02
gerard butler laughing with leto 03
gerard butler laughing with leto 04
gerard butler laughing with leto 05
gerard butler laughing with leto 06
gerard butler laughing with leto 07
gerard butler laughing with leto 08

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232 Responses to “Gerard Butler: Laughing with Leto!”

  1. 1
    LULZ Says:

    “Homeless man who lives in cardboard box, laughs with Leto.”

  2. 2
    Gerry Says:

    Gerry looks a little old, especially next to Jared.
    Sorry Gerry….

  3. 3
    kp hearts butler Says:

    OMG, I’ve never been this early on a thread….k, with that said….
    I mean, really?

  4. 4
    kp hearts butler Says:

    Sorry, this look is really pi$$in me off….Butler, what look are you going for? The “I haven’t shaved/groomed for days or slept” for that matter. C’mon…you’re so much better than that, I know you’re prob all “comfy” or whatever but, it’s a turn off….get right.

  5. 5
    wow Says:


    There is only 2 years difference in age between the two.
    Gerry’s looking a little “weathered”. Hahahaha.

  6. 6
    Lisa Says:

    Just looks like a normal guy walking around NYC. Why should he dress like a movie star all the time? He’s just a person! He looks GREAT!

  7. 7
    kp hearts butler Says:

    HA HA….and you gotta love that “get the look” thing that pops up when you scroll over the pic….umm… thanks….I can buy a bag of hefty bags for that look.

  8. 8
    kp hearts butler Says:

    @Lisa….ya a “normal person” doesn’t wear a winter hat in October….just a lil fyi…

  9. 9
    Gerry vs Jared Says:

    Gerry’s droopy jowels and the nasal labial folds are so prominant next to Jared in this pic:

  10. 10
    Markus Says:

    Gerard Butler is a sleazy simpleton.
    Jared Leto is a sleazy conceited as.s.

  11. 11
    kp hearts butler Says:

    @Gerry vs Jared….I think the “droopy jowels” thing is due to laughter and smiling…maybe Jared doesn’t smile as often as butler?
    lol, I’m tryin
    I do love Buter….but, these pics $uck big u know what….

  12. 12
    Gerry vs Jared Says:

    @kp hearts butler:

    You obviously didn’t click the pic that I referenced before commenting. He isn’t smiling or laughing in that one.

  13. 13
    CJ Says:

    Well we were all whinning about a dry it will be overkill…lol…♥

  14. 14
    simma down Says:

    @Gerry vs Jared:

    She didn’t click or take a breath to respond because she is in one of her “manic” phases and spraying the board….

  15. 15
    CJ Says:

    Sorry KP…normal people do wear a hat in October..the east coast has been cold lately….I wore a hat Tuesday for a trek in the woods…♥

  16. 16
    kp hearts butler Says:

    @Gerry vs Jared….oh I know, I’m talkin in general that laughing and smiling causes the jowels to be more prominent. Relax…

  17. 17
    kp hearts butler Says:

    @CJ, I live in NH and your point was?

  18. 18
    V Says:

    They’re both immature tra$h….
    & STD ridden I’m sure. Leto slept with Paris Hilton who has Herpes: as if he’s any better lol.

  19. 19
    kp hearts butler Says:

    And @simma down….pfffttt….oops just “sprayed” again.

  20. 20
    CJ Says:

    @KP…my point was that normal people wear a hat anytime they feel that they need to because of the weather..or maybe he was trying to keep his hair in place..some people wear hats in the summer…does not make them abnormal…

  21. 21
    Gerry vs Jared Says:

    @kp hearts butler:

    I am relaxed. You commented on my post, and I was just pointing out that I was refering to a specific pic. It wasn’t clear in your post that you were talking about “in general” and not the pictures posted and my specific comment. There’s no need to get defensive. You seem to be taking issue with several other posters as well.

  22. 22
    simma down Says:

    @kp hearts butler:

    You’ve posted 1/3 of the total comments on the board thus far – and seem to be somewhat “excitable”.
    Thanks for proving my point.

  23. 23
    kp hearts butler Says:

    @CJ you’re right, doesn’t make a person “abnormal” but, ugh…I’m not getting into a freakin hat debate…it was prob 60 degrees when he wore it….it’s freakin cold here…and it’s 51 degrees…but, I’m not ready to put my “hair in place” with a wool knit hat.

  24. 24
    kp hearts butler Says:

    @simma down….I’m bored….so bored that I respond to you, now with my what is it now? my 5 outta 10 posts….I like to be consistent especially if you respond to it…

  25. 25
    CJ Says:

    @kp…have you been body snatched by stupid fans…you used to be such a pleasant poster…what the he!l happened…♥

  26. 26
    kp hearts butler Says:

    @Gerry vs Jared….O, I’m so sorry I didn’t say “in general”, really? Cheers? I’m sorry you misinterpreted.
    To all you posters, I am merely giving my opinion…if you write back, I respond….just as yourselves. It’s not to be rude or offensive. It is what it is…I’m on a “CHAT BOARD”. I am chatting….

  27. 27
    Specious Says:

    Seriously Gerry!! get to a barber, get a facial for that inflamed face and dress nicely, Geezzz you are a nightmare from 300!!!!!

  28. 28
    stupidfans Says:

    @CJ: Keep me out of it, beyotch!

    Jared Leto looks like his child in these photos.

  29. 29
    kp hearts butler Says:

    @CJ…I am pleasant….until someone tries to rub me the wrong way…
    and even then, I’m not as unpleasant as I can be…
    No offense CJ….I felt attacked by 3 diff posters at once….who are prob peeps that never even come on this site.
    Just giving my opinion on a chat site like everyone else without getting attacked. I don’t attack others with their opinion….I respond when they disagree with me/attack me….simple as that.

  30. 30
    hellotheregb Says:

    who is Leto? and don’t these pics look odd? Gerry looks like he is crashing a party that he soooo was not invited to? and why did I recieve all those thumbs down and the last thread gezzzz.

  31. 31
    stupidfans Says:

    @hellotheregb: I got the same feeling when I looked at the pics of him at Swank’s premiere.

    It looks like some is trolling for publicity again.

  32. 32
    scandic Says:

    @Gerry vs Jared:
    Hey, that’s Jonas Åkerlund in the pic with G and Jared! :D

  33. 33
    jaz Says:

    can someone feed Jared please ??
    he is so gorgeous but has been looking just too thin lately :(

  34. 34
    hellotheregb Says:

    @stupidfans: he is such a strange guy. One minute he is mister popular and then off to make a movie in SA and mysterious and then the next he is tooling around NYC looking for a party to crash. Actually, I like that he is biking around like a regular person would on a nice day. I am sure he was invited to the premier and many others but just pops in instead of planning on getting there. NYC film may be more casual and pop in and less PR like LA.

    who the he$$ is Jonas Åkerlund? I must really be out of touch.

  35. 35
    Gracey Says:

    sneaking this in at 1:30 in the morning is not fair JJ.

  36. 36
    outofit Says:

    Who the h is jerad leto. never heard of him

  37. 37
    Sorry Says:

    who is leto. Don’t know him.

  38. 38
    Ihatethisplace Says:


  39. 39
    I think Says:

    he’s some anorexic actor? don’t know of him. How does Butler know him?

  40. 40
    who-what27 Says:

    since we ARE giving our opinions….y’all can kiss my ever lovin’ (butler-lovin’) ass…you bunch of snotty little entrails of gored monkey’s…LOL.
    lets get real shall we…please, for once. do we really need ‘glam’ all the time. for what? to appease otherwise micro-minute life of boredom? let these gents dress down once in awhile…just like YOU!

  41. 41
    Dee Says:

    Wow, that’s shocking. Two years, really?? Jared looks about 6-7 years younger than Gerry who seems to age really fast lately.

  42. 42
    Dee Says:

    @V: Well, allegedly Gerard has herpes as well. Read about a hundred times on different sites but of course you never know what the truth is.
    Didn’t Gerry hook up with Paris as well btw?

  43. 43
    Dee Says:

    *read about it

  44. 44
    KK Says:

    Guess Gerry is still hanging around Jeannia Robinette. That looks like her in that long black dress and she is friends with Leto.

  45. 45
    KK Says:

    Jared Leto is an actor. He dated Cameron Diaz for a while a long time ago. Saw him in a movie where he played Mark Chapman, he gained a buttload of weight for that role. Lately he is more famous for his band 30 Seconds to Mars.

  46. 46
    Dee Says:

    @KK: Yep, that definitely looks like Gina.

  47. 47
    Dee Says:

    Oh, she spells her name Jeannia?! Didn’t know that.

  48. 48
    kp hearts butler Says:

    @ who-what27
    “since we ARE giving our opinions….y’all can kiss my ever lovin’ (butler-lovin’) ass…you bunch of snotty little entrails of gored monkey’s…LOL.
    lets get real shall we…please, for once. do we really need ‘glam’ all the time. for what? to appease otherwise micro-minute life of boredom? let these gents dress down once in awhile…just like YOU!”
    Ok, I take it back, I’m gonna respond to this one, wtf is “snotty little entrails of gored monkey’s…LOL.”????? What does that even mean??
    O, and I can’t respond anymore cause it appears I have a micro-minute of boredom? lol, know your role….cause, if I’m bored sweetie, and you’re responding to the fact that I’m writing bout being bored, lol, much to say about u except……don’t even try…u got nothin…

  49. 49
    kp hearts butler Says:

    @ who-what27….I can’t help it….I still can’t get over this one….
    “bunch of snotty little entrails of gored monkey’s…LOL.”

    Hey, at least you crack yourself up…..with your “micro-minute” life of boredom.

    Jacka$$….are you sure?!!

  50. 50
    Macchiato Says:

    jared should defiinetly gain a few pounds :S

  51. 51
    G-Man Says:

    OMG, Jeannia looks so heavy, if that’s her. i don’t remeber her looking so bad. he dated her once, didn’t he? his choices leave much to be desired.

  52. 52
    doubt it Says:

    @G-Man: thats not gina

  53. 53
    doubt it Says:

    @G-Man: thats not gina

  54. 54
    G-Man Says:

    @doubt it:
    gosh, i hope it’s not her. but she could be, if she colored her hair darker.
    the only thing is, Gina was shorter and skinner, if i remember right.
    He is not attractive at all. He is kind of boyish looking, while G looks like a real man. Except that he does look like a guy in his late 20s, which is over 10 years younger than G, even though they are almost the same age. it could be because shorter or small-framed men just look younger, just like shorter slim women look younger too. But I think G is just sexy, even if he is aging. Although, he could help his looks tremendously by just staying the hell out of the sun.

  55. 55
    Annie Nomynous Says:

    WTF is this, LOL:

  56. 56
    Tuesday Says:

    Jared looks ill and lost weight! He schould better eat a little bit more! He is too thin!

  57. 57
    - Says:

    @doubt it:
    I’m pretty sure that really is Gina/Jeannia. She looks pregnant.

  58. 58
    sukar Says:

    It’s weird but I think the long dry spell we had made me go off him a bit. It is a case of out of sight, out of mind, I think. I enjoy the new threads, but his photos don’t make my heart flutter anymore. I don’t care who he is dating or what movie he is doing anymore. I post once and don’t post again or care to post again until a new thread comes. It’s weird and I hope it is just a phase, because I do like Gerry.

  59. 59
    mel Says:

    Love Jared!!

    He could put on a bit of weight though. :)

  60. 60
    curious cat Says:

    I actually like these pictures. Even the winter hat. He looks like an ordinary bloke relaxing and hanging out with friends. Someone you could throw snowballs with in another couple of months. :)

  61. 61
    Sussie Says:

    A while ago Gerard hooked up with a Scandinavian Los Angeles based model. Now we all know that Gerard Butler sleeping around with models is not an unusual thing and probably happens on a regular basis. The disturbing thing about this particular hook up though is that the girl is in her late teens and Gerard is almost 41.

  62. 62
    G-Man Says:

    what are you talking about?
    what Scandinavian Los Angeles based model?
    isn’t she seeing Evan Hart – he had a small role in LAC?

  63. 63
    uRANIAN Says:

    Cant understand some men that keep pretending they dont know who Jared Leto is…that is so lame..drop it already

  64. 64
    kp hearts butler Says:

    People….you can google Jared Leto..and figure out who he his…..he’s an actor who turned into a singer….and, his group is actually very successful, turns out.

  65. 65
    Dasha Says:

    I love you Jared

  66. 66
    Merlin Says:

    @curious cat:
    Someone you could throw snowballs with in another couple of months. :)
    * * *
    ROFL CC!! It could be a nice idea… And while throwing snowballs at him, we could yell “This is for booty hunter!! And this one is for Gamer!!”
    * * *
    Concerning the pictures, he seems weathered and definitively grumpy in all the pics, except the Conviction premiere ones…
    CJ, Gerry’s hat is latest Scottish fashion trend so no wonder is wearing it even if it’s not so cold right now……

  67. 67
    angelsrock Says:

    @Gerry vs Jared:

    I’d still clunk Gerry over the head and drag him home with me and leave Leto for you.

  68. 68
    Fed Up Says:


    Oh, wow, I didn’t realize we had Paris Hilton’s doctor commenting here. I mean, you would have to be Paris’s doctor to know for sure that she has Herpes, right? Also, you were in the room when she & Jared slept together? You saw it with your own eyes? C’mon, stop being a hater and spreading rumors. Yes, rumors, because without being confirmed facts, that’s all they are.

  69. 69
    oldfurniture Says:

    I love the picture of that Facebook page! LMAO!

  70. 70
    Nuts Says:

    Alejandra Simon met Gerard Butler today. he was extremely nice. and yes. his voice is as sexy in person as it is in the movies.
    8 hours ago via Facebook for BlackBerry

    And, yes, she’s a brunette.


  71. 71
    Nuts Says:

    So…Gerry and Jared know each other thru Gina/Jeanna Robinette, Gerry’s ex-girlfriend/make-up artist.

    Is Gerry courting Jared for an Evil Twins production.

    And, I was floored to read that Gerry is only 2 years older than Jared. Man, it looks like a wider spread than that.

  72. 72
    Abigail Says:

    Aww. Jared Leto is too cute to be 38years old.

  73. 73
    So Swedish Says:

    Jared Leto being a spokesperson for Boss? Must be only shown in America, hardly anyone knows who he is in Europe. (As I know of anyway).
    I remember him from that series with Claire Danes…. what was that, 15 years ago??

    Jonas Åkerlund is a Swedish film and music director.
    He is quite succesful, and has (among other things) done
    - Madonnas video for Ray of Light,
    - Lady Gaga´s Paparazzi & Telephone with Beyonce,
    - Rihanna´s Who´s That Chick.
    - Christina Aguilera´s Beautiful

    Plus worked with U2, Rolling Stones, David Guetta, Metallica etc etc.

  74. 74
    Nuts Says:

    that’s “weighs”

    Edit button PLEASE, JJ!!!

  75. 75
    S*8hallo Says:

    Jared Leto…aka Jordan Catalano on My So called Life a pretty good actor. ..Butler hasn’t done anything I’ve liked in a while.

    But they both have the womanizing thing in common. I would love to hear their convo. They both have gone through more women than a snow plow during a blizzard!

    Can ya hlp here: Let’s keep track…

    Leto—– Cameron Diaz, Scarlett Johansen, Paris, Lindsay..and??

    What about Gerry?

  76. 76
    gossiphound Says:

    @Sussie: If it is who I think you are referring to I believe she is 20, 21.

  77. 77
    Aitch Says:

    It is his down time–all the actors I see get scruffy faces and sleep in their clothes when they are not filming or attending red carpet. He just want to relax!

  78. 78
    she Says:

    It’s the first time that I can see the boy that he once was.

  79. 79
    Fritzie Says:

    *heavy sigh*
    Seems like old times.

  80. 80
    Gracey Says:

    @uRANIAN: Sorry, I’m not pretending. I’ve heard Leto’s name, but I would not have been able to pick him out on a lineup until these photos. And, I’ve never seen his name connected with G before. Anyway, Leto needs a meal.

  81. 81
    marnieee. :) Says:

    Haha at the haters. I’m sure you’re all just as big of a douchebag as these two apparently are. Jared & Gerard are two talented actors (& with Jared, singer) and if you don’t like them, keep your mouth shut! You’re just as obsessed as the fangirls, otherwise!

  82. 82
    I think Says:

    That is Gina……didn’t someone say she was engaged? She does look pregnant.

  83. 83
    Vegas Says:

    I love these pictures of Gerry. When he smiles for real he looks like a big kid. His whole face lights up.

  84. 84
    Mimi Says:

    Love Mr. Butler.

  85. 85
    Vegas Says:

    Just saw that’s supposed to be Gina. If that’s her and she’s not pregnant there’s something really wrong.

  86. 86
    schwartz Says:

    Leto has a little pencil neck, especially in that shot from the back. I don’t like wimpy little guys.

  87. 87
    Psychob Says:


    kaiser’s great, she loves gerry but is not blind to the moobs.

    I don’t hate the cap on him. Like it better than the **** trucker hat but he could have found a better beenie than that. still say he draws more attention to himself with the way he dresses. Can’t talk for NY but in LA he does not fit in.

  88. 88
    Merlin Says:

    Thanks for posting that Nuts!! I love Kaiser, she’s a funny “phannie”!!
    * * *
    *hands the calculator to S*8hallo*
    * * *
    *waves to JJers*

  89. 89
    How do I put this...? Says:

    GB is a part of Kaiser’s “Hot Guy Friday: To Scottish Dong and Beyond”:

  90. 90
    uRANIAN Says:

    @So Swedish:

    I’ve ,,known” Leto from the late 90′s and i live in eastern Europe

    @Gracey- I just found it odd since he has been in several good movies including the cult movie Requiem for a dream and fronts a pretty good band for some time now..but hey each to his own..peace

  91. 91
    Manny Says:

    OMG I had the biggest crush on Jordan Catalano on My So Called Life when I was a teenager. I wanted to be Angela in the worst way. haha
    For two years difference there is a good decade in how these two men look. Love Butler but Leto has either the greatest genes on the planet or he is much healthier in how he takes care of himself. Butler’s mileage is showing in these piccies.
    Gerry – what is the deal with the swollen face? He has looked puffy since he has returned to the states. I wonder what is up other than his peen…
    I will say, Butler’s clothes look far from homeless. Anyone remember this look?
    Now that is the homeless Gerry look! :)

  92. 92
    G-Man Says:

    who do you think she is?

  93. 93
    comicbook Says:

    Those eyes are so glassy — look like they belong to some Primates living in the jungles of Africa. No offenses to Leto’s fans here.

  94. 94
    Jared Leto Says:

    looks like Courtney Cox!

  95. 95
    Nuts Says:

    And, he was at another after party which was co-hosted by Playboy…

    “Even Gerard Butler joined the festivities later at a hush-hush after party at the Boom Boom Room, which — as per usual — lasted well into the night. Need any more convincing that this was the place to be Wednesday evening?”

    Wonder what ensemble he wore to that event…

  96. 96
    Nuts Says:

    From Cele|b*tchy:

    I wonder if Kaiser has seen THIS photo, hahaha


  97. 97
    Isabella Says:

    Jared is very too thin!!!

  98. 98
    laurie 3 Says:

    So he’s just hanging out in NYC, going from one party to another, or hanging out with other celebs that are working on their own respective projects??? I guess, that’s his way of relaxing and re-establishing a new temporary routine until his next project begins. It’s either that or sexing one of his FWB for relaxation, or maybe he’s doing both as we speak lol.
    In any case, NYC is wonderful, and there is always something going on, which compels you to go out, so it’s hard to sit home and be alone when there is so much life going on outside.

  99. 99
    patrick Says:


    You do know Butler is gay, Leto too.

  100. 100
    G-Man Says:

    and you know Butler is gay how?
    did you sleep with him? or maybe both of them?

  101. 101
    nyob Says:

    Are they seriously only two years apart in age? Wow. Jared looks at least 10 years younger than him.

    I have always thought Jared was hot in a weird sort of way. Something about his face is just gorgeous to me. His face reminds me of a guy I used to date. Hate his crazy hair (at times) and super skinniness, though.

  102. 102
    Sussie Says:

    @G-man: Sorry, can’t tell you her name, that would be too “easy”. I went to the same school as her. I heard it from another girl who also went to that school. News travel fast here LOL.
    Sorry for my English by the way ;)

  103. 103
    Sussie Says:

    @gossiphound: Yes, you are right. I just checked and she was born in 1989 so yes, she’s 21. I thought she was the exact same age as I am but I was wrong. Still, she’s 20 years younger than Gerard Butler! Gross!

  104. 104
    oh come on Says:

    what’s the swedish models name.

  105. 105
    Sussie Says:

    @oh come on:
    Why do you think she’s Swedish?

  106. 106
    julie Says:

    whos the blonde girl next to jared?? anyone know??

  107. 107
    obser Says:

    That’s a full blown woman not a girl. lol

  108. 108
    obser Says:

    Yeah that’s Gina, Gerry’s former makeup artist, the one who sprayed him orange all the time and is the rumored ex girlfriend back in the early 2000s. She is like the go-in-between for the celebrities, or the lubricant that keeps the engines running smoothly so to speak. Haven’t seen pictures of the fishnet girl for a long time, who Gerry used to hang with a lot, whose last name is Olsen or something like that, a NY socialite.

  109. 109
    tintin Says:

    Do you mean Camilla Olsen/Olsson?

  110. 110
    ummmm Says:

    ummm r they gay? i heard rumors that both of them are.

  111. 111
    obser Says:

    Yes. Camilla. Gina and Camilla seem to be his steadies when he is in NYC, not necessarily girlfriends but friends to hang with. So is or was the FryGuy.

  112. 112
    tintin Says:

    Gerry is a major mans*lut who sleeps around with women like God is about to stop making them, so no, he’s not gay.

  113. 113
    :) Says:

    It’s *Jeannia* ;)

  114. 114
    obser Says:

    Stand corrected.

  115. 115
    free sport games Says:

    who do you think she is?

  116. 116
    The Noise In The Walls Says:

    again, who cares how Gerry dresses on his off time…I’m sure at times I’m no bed roses when I’m doing errands. Glad he’s smiling in these pics though…New York City is quite compact..I’ve been there several times so riding a bike or walking is easy…especially if you know your way around. Same is true in cities like San Francisco..only much hillier…

    I’m waiting to hear what his next project is…

  117. 117
    Julie Says:

    I recall Gerry said he has a hearing loss because of a childhood illness and surgery on his ear. My son has a hearing loss as well, and he covers his ears in cooler weather all the time. He states he doesn’t want to get a cold, ear infection, etc., and jeopardize the hearing he still has. Maybe Gerry does the same, who knows?

  118. 118
    Skunk Says:

    gerard needs to stop t rying so hard to be “cool” when he is NOT. just some stinky old trout

  119. 119
    obser Says:

    Are we talking about the Swissmiss in LA after he returned from Cannes? Who is this 20 year old gf of his? First time heard of it. Care to enlighten us?

  120. 120
    Fact Says:

    Gerrard has very very bad hearing and gets tinnitus which is why some people thinks he talks very loud

  121. 121
    The Noise In The Walls Says:

    Julie – I remember that interview and as I recall..yes, he suffered some sort of virus or infection in one ear when he was a teen..His hearing is off…and I think Fact stands corrected as well..

  122. 122
    Skunk Says:


  123. 123
    Fact Says:

    @The Noise In The Walls:
    Why do I stand corrected? I knew of Gerard’d hearing issues from a long time ago. The interview is well WELL overly documented.

  124. 124
    @Fact Says:

    A source for that info, please?

  125. 125
    The Noise In The Walls Says:

    Sorry Fact..I just meant I agreed with you :)

  126. 126
    Fact Says:

    Dead old news. Those two ugly wannabe girls were on here threads and threads ago posting and reposting their own information to get people talking about them. There was no proof no nothing. gerard only dates MODELS sorry. And I dont blame him. I would if I were famous and had girls throwing themselves at me.
    For a while…it was truly quite pathetic and obvious.

  127. 127
    Fact Says:

    @The Noise In The Walls:
    No problem :)

  128. 128
    Mellifera Says:

    I go away for a day and theres a new thread – always happens! These pictures much better than the last ones – nice smiley pics, who cares how old he looks as long as he is genuinely happy looking in them.

    I wouldn’t say I’m a huge fan of Jareds, but I definitely rate him as a very talented person and his music seems great. But he needs a little feeding up :-)

    And seeing as we’ve already discussed G’s peen, the fact he’s gay, and his ex girlfriends, I’ll be the one to say it:



  129. 129
    The Noise In The Walls Says:

    In Paris…I would say….

  130. 130
    Sussie Says:

    If you are referring to the girl I was talking about she is certainly not his girlfriend, just someone he had (still has???) sex with.

  131. 131
    Nuts Says:

    Apparently Gerry flew into Detroit a few hours ago:

    FB: Chris Hanstad Just passed Gerard Butler in the airport! shouldve yelled THIS IS DETROIT! 4 hours ago via Mobile Web

    Chris Hanstad Yeah….he was about 3 feet away from me
    3 hours ago

    (Michigan State University student)
    maddiecoletrain: I can’t believe @nattersss just saw Gerard Butler at the airport and didn’t get a picture or an autograph or touch him or anything!! OMG!! about 4 hours ago via web

    More MGP…or has he been re-thinking the Miss Michigan Teen USA age issue…


  132. 132
    Manny Says:

    Gerry is in Michigan…
    from twitter…
    MSU_Football Spartan Football
    by ldesprez
    Mark Dantonio introduces actor Gerard Butler (King Leonidas) to his team during Friday’s viewing of “300.”
    3 minutes ago

  133. 133
    Cora Says:

    @Julie: That’s a very thoughtful observation and it makes sense. IIRC, Gerry’s hearing problems were the result of an infection and he may not be too eager to get another one.

  134. 134
    Nuts Says:

    From Twitter:
    Gerry is hanging with the football team at Michigan State University (The Spartans) tonight.

    Gerard Butler, the star of “300,” made a surprise appearance at the Kellogg Center while the team was watching his movie tonight. 16 minutes ago via web

  135. 135
    Manny Says:

    another twitpic…

  136. 136
    Nuts Says:


    Here he is, being introduced:

    Here he is being introduced:

  137. 137
    redOctober Says:


    Great pics ; D …thanks Manny!

  138. 138
    redOctober Says:

    …and another one…

  139. 139
    Nuts Says:

    Another photo from Facebook:

    “Spartans, prepare for glory…now where are the tall, exotic brunette cheerleaders…”

  140. 140
    laurie 3 Says:

    “Are we talking about the Swissmiss in LA after he returned from Cannes? Who is this 20 year old gf of his? First time heard of it. Care to enlighten us?”
    Yeah, she should enlighten us. I’m still waiting for details regarding this allegation and nothing yet. It’s easy for anyone to come here claiming anything they want with impunity. Right now, until we get some clear details, i think we should not take such stories seriously.

  141. 141
    Julie Says:


    Thanks, Cora. :)

  142. 142
    Sussie Says:

    @laurie 3:
    What do you want to know? I’ll try to tell you as much as I know, but I really don’t want to tell you her name. I hope you can understand that :)

  143. 143
    laurie 3 Says:

    Don’t tell us her name – that’s fine.
    But is she Swissmiss, the girl he met in Cannes?
    And, also how do you know this info? Maybe it was just assumed he is sleeping with her because they were seen out together. You know, he talks to a lot of women. However, just because he talks to a girl, doesn’t mean he is sleeping with her.
    In addition, she said in Cannes that she knows he is a player and therefore she didn’t throw herself at him like the rest of the women, so you’d think she is a bit wiser than the usual woman who falls for him.

  144. 144
    dirty laundry Says:

    @Sussie: Why come here and talk about a young hookup of GB’s and not give her name. If she’s a model she should want the publicity.
    Why shag him if not to brag about it like that Martina girl did. He’s not known as a great lay or helpful to the women his been with, so all the girls should come forward and talk, or have friends talk, about their hook up.

  145. 145
    Sussie Says:

    @laurie 3:
    I have absolutely no idea who Swissmiss is? Is she from Switzerland (you call her SWISSmiss)? Switzerland is not a country in Scandinavia.
    Do you have a picture of Swissmiss?
    I know this info because we went to the same school and in my circle of friends this girl’s name is often mentioned. A friend of mine who actually knows the girl I’m talking about told me the story. She had heard it DIRECTLY from the source (the model). Gerard is not the only celeb she’s…umm…”been” with.

  146. 146
    G-Man Says:

    @dirty laundry:
    There you go!

  147. 147
    TO: Dumb Swiss Model Herself Says:

    @Sussie. Stop being a doof. We know it’s you trying to create a rumor about yourself.
    Either put up or shut the hell up.
    “A friend” (laughs at Sussie)

    We arent that stupid sweetie. If you slept with GB and want to talk about it – give your name. Otherwise, PIS/S OFF. Who cares???

  148. 148
    oy Says:

    @Nuts: Just when you thought football couldn’t get more homoeroti/c.

    Gerard’s film career will reconvene as soon as his co-ed appreciation tour ends.

  149. 149
    Swede Says:

    LOL!! I think some people here are confusing Switzerland and Sweden. Sussie only said that she and the model are from a Scandinavian country so it could be either Sweden, Norway or Denmark. Switzerland has nothing to do with the Scandinavian countries.

    Är du svensk, Sussie?

  150. 150
    Team laurie c. Says:

    That always naked diet fitness girl Gerard “employed” is half deaf too or something – if I remember from her inane tweeting
    Maybe they met at a self help group LOL
    i still think Laurie will come over and meet Gerard in the States when she has time. She has a job as a presenter as well. She has her own work.
    I am TEAM LAURIE because she has her own job and doesnt milk the Gerard Butler is my boyfriend thing as much as she could.

  151. 151
    SwissCheeseFarts Says:

    please give me a break.

  152. 152
    i don't understand Says:

    once again, I will bring up that a lot of you believe everything negative someone posts that they heard from a friend of a friend, but someone comes on and says something innocuous that they heard from a friend of a friend and they get jumped all over and called a liar. you can’t have it both ways.

    sussie, i don’t know you, i don’t know if you are telling the truth or not, but on behalf of all the normal people who know this is nothing more than an internet gossip board, i apologize for the people attacking you. please keep posting.

  153. 153
    Nuts Says:


    He also attended the MSU basketball teams’ MIdnight Madness tonight and will be at the football game tomorrow against Illinois!

    Is it being televised? perhaps a chance to see Gerry in the crowd?

  154. 154
    Sussie Says:

    @ i don’t understand: Thank you! :)
    @Swede: Ja, det är jag!

  155. 155
    hellotheregb Says:

  156. 156
    hellotheregb Says:

  157. 157
    hellotheregb Says:

    I need to get to midnight madness ASAP!!!!

  158. 158
    Jamie Says:

    I haven’t heard anything about swissmiss either. Could someone please link to a picture of her? Is she a model?


  159. 159
    Nuts Says:

    Swiss Miss was the first runner up for Miss Switzerland. She met Gerry at a party at Cannes. She had hopes of meeting up with him when she was in LA during the summer. Don’t know if they did meet up before he went to Detriot.

    Young pretty brunette…

  160. 160
    laurie 3 Says:

    I think she is from Switzerland, not from Sweden (but she could be), and she is around 20-22.
    Anyway, whoever she is, she could be just boasting that she sleeps with celebs, so her story is not necessarily true. But let’s assume it is, why call Gerry gross?
    If Gerry is not the only celeb she has been with – at the tender age of 20 – then why declare Gerard is gross? She is at the age of consent, and if two people want to sleep together (consensually), there is no law against it, even if there is a 20-year age difference between them, right? It might not look right, but if she wants to sleep with him, it’s her right to do so. I know many of his fans would too lol
    To those who think Gerry takes advantage of women, it’s not just Gerry’s fault. The women are just as complicit in this behavior as he is. As long as there are young women who sleep with him, why should he not? He is a guy and all guys do this, especially celebs, as well as good looking and rich men. And we all wonder why he is not settling down? With all theses choices how could he? He probably wants to have fun a bit longer.

  161. 161
    hellotheregb Says:

    Has this been posted yet?

  162. 162
    hellotheregb Says:

    He looks great! adorable. ok 30 seconds into the speech he comments on the beautiful cheer leaders! in a huge areana.. Oh ;that Gerry!

  163. 163
    hellotheregb Says:

    Oh dear me…. what have I been thinking?? he must have a little co-ed he need to make a booty call on tonight! watch out sorority girls here he comes!

  164. 164
    Cora Says:

    @Jamie: I can’t remember her name, unfortunately. The article said she was a former vice Miss Switzerland or something like that. After Gerry was photographed with Laurie in Cannes, he met this young Swiss woman at a party (a tall, beautiful brunette). He told her he was single and made arrangements to meet up with her again in LA.

  165. 165
    hellotheregb Says:

    I know it is very cool for him to support the school and the state of MIch.

    nahhhh he is there for the co-ed panties… oops I mean parties!

  166. 166
    Nuts Says:


    Here’s a link to a video clip of Gerry at the Midnight Madness rally for the MSU basketball team (also “The Spartans). Bear with the poor audio–it does get better.

    He looks tickled to be there–and of course he noticed the cheerleaders!

  167. 167
    Jamie Says:

    @Cora: Thanks Cora! So there is no picture of her?

  168. 168
    hellotheregb Says:

    nuts: yes just posted the video! I do like him in this setting. he looks soooo happy. Let’s hear it for a weekend of tweets of little twits (20 year olds) bangin’ the Gman!

  169. 169
    Nuts Says:


    hahahahaha, yes!

  170. 170
    *P*Y*T Says:

    “wonder why he is not settling down?”
    Because he’s a sex addict.
    Sure there are girls who use him for sex but they’re going through a fase. Gerry’s stuck in that fase-that’s why he’s the heavy.

  171. 171
    Cora Says:

    @Jamie: Yes, there was a picture of her and Gerard together at the party. The link was posted here on JJ at the time. Perhaps someone can find it for you. She’s a very pretty girl and Gerry looked infatuated (as always).

  172. 172
    hellotheregb Says:

    like I said here we go….

    “Claire…… Gerard Butler just touched me… nbd #midnightmadness #spartans #msu”

  173. 173
    Nuts Says:



    thesnews_sports The MSU dance team is fawning over Gerard Butler for the 2nd time tonight. 10 minutes ago via txt

    Stephanie Lowe I am still shaking from being in the presence of Gerard Butler!!!!!! 4 minutes ago

    Daniel Savage Gerard Butler just asked me what my profession is!!!
    2 minutes ago

  174. 174
    hellotheregb Says:

    SN-the sports news” The MSU dance team is fawning over Gerard Butler for the 2nd time tonight.”

    love it!! we are sooooo past Swiss miss and Ass Apple! THis is SPARTA-CO-ED style!

  175. 175
    Nuts Says:

    Yes… he seems to be in a very co-ed phase right now. The students in Capetown, the NYU Film Student, now the MSU crowd…

    Pace yourself Gerry!

  176. 176
    hellotheregb Says:

    my comments are now awaiting moderation! But Nuts you are posting what I am finding so toooo bad JJ!

    What is with the thumbys? I not tweeting this stuff myself!

  177. 177
    hellotheregb Says:

    What is “what is your profession? is that a chant or something?

  178. 178
    Hmmm... Says:

    He slept with STUDENTS in Cape Town? This man is so friggin disgusting.

  179. 179
    Nuts Says:

    It’s in “300″, his group meets up with another Greek contingent made up of regular folks, not a trained army. He asks some of the other men what their professions are and they tell him what they usually do.

    He then turns to his 300 and asks them “Spartans, what is YOUR profession” and they reply with a unison shout which is, I take it, a war cry or chant Ah-Woo, Ah-Woo, Ah-Woo (or something like that. They are trained and ready for battle.

  180. 180
    hellotheregb Says:

    @Nuts: oh yes I remember that scene. Gman was good in the flick wasn’t he!!

  181. 181
    hellotheregb Says:

    ok time to turn in. I am sure you all are tired of my posts. Night and safe sex Gman!

  182. 182
    Lavender Says:

    I think her name was Rekha Datta and she the runner up for Miss Switzerland in 2008.
    This is her:

  183. 183
    justsayin' Says:

    @*P*Y*T: “The women are just as complicit in this behavior as he is. As long as there are young women who sleep with him, why should he not? He is a guy and all guys do this, especially celebs, as well as good looking and rich men. And we all wonder why he is not settling down? With all theses choices how could he? He probably wants to have fun a bit longer.”

    Thanks for summing up why the women’s movement has been such an enormous failure at establishing equality. Demi Moore is an old shrew and Jennifer Aniston is a desperate cougar for dating men younger than they are. Isn’t that the most common thing we see written? Yet when men date women old enough to be their daughters that’s acceptable. As long as WOMEN LIKE YOU keep making excuses for men to be skizzy old perverts, it will always be acceptable for them and unacceptable for us. Thanks for helping hold the rest of our gender back. Some if it was Steve Buscemi, I’ll bet you’d be vomiting at the thought of him with a 20 year old cheerleader.

    These young women are still too young to be as experienced as he is and therefore he is taking advantage of THEM, not vice versa. If one of them gets a bun in the oven and sues him for a bundle or her father shoots him, he has it coming. He needs to let go of college. It’s been more than 20 years. GERRY YOU’RE BECOMING AN OLD MAN. DEAL WITH IT. It’s a luxury. Not everyone gets to be old. Stop making older people look like desperate, immature weirdos.

  184. 184
    Teamster Says:

    Thank you all for the tweet piccs and the video. Have I seen a more gorgeous man! He looks so happy to be with the college aged young people. One Warning to Gerry: Check the IDs Gerry because some freshmen are 17 yrs old and kids these days look a lot older than they actually are.

    The question remains: why is he back to Michigan? He seems to have this habit of re-visiting where he shot movies for whatever reasons. He went back to Serbia after the Moscow visit and after the wrap of Coriolanus.

  185. 185
    Mr. Giggles Says:

    G hangin’ with a bunch of cooing co-eds !?!?!? ….. perhaps we’ll finally get that long awaited sex tape :P

  186. 186
    Nuts Says:

    At the bar…with Gerard Butler. Really #FB 4 minutes ago via ÜberTwitter

    Ok, so you’re at the bar with Gerard Butler. Then what? 2 minutes ago via Seesmic for Android


    Don’t know if he did/didn’t sleep with the Capetown students…but he was hanging/partying with them…perhaps a coed or two gave him a tumble…

  187. 187
    she Says:

    CJ my love…we have to run a way from here. where are you?

  188. 188
    Nuts Says:

    Gerry has GOT to be riding high tonight with all of this adoration. All the cheering and excitement. What an ego boost.

  189. 189
    Cora Says:

    @Lavender: Thank you, dear! Yes, that’s her. I remember her name now that I see it. There’s a photo somewhere of her and Gerry and a little article where she talks about him.

  190. 190
    Teamster Says:

    Mr. Giggles, that would be “College Girls Gone Wild – Gerard Butler Edition” LOL

    I wouldn’t say Gerry only has se*x on his mind when he mingles with college students. He may find the engery from college students, both male and female students, exhilarating, definitely a change of scenery from the HW crowd which he may have grown tired of by now. Just my guess.

  191. 191
    Old Mia Says:

    Just got home from my mini vacation, and I”m not reading all this. Just looking at the photos. Love G’s big smile.

    I am so humiliated. Went to my Celtic Thunder concert tonight. It was great. Lots of Ireland flags waving. OMG. Surfer boy Keith Harkin isn’t even 25 yet. I’m officially a dirty old woman! LOL

  192. 192
    sorry Says:

    @justsayin’: i gave you a thumbs down by accident. i agree with what you are saying, except it isn’t the women’s movements fault that the sex.ual double standard continues, it’s people holding onto the prefem mind set, as l3 clearly is, that causes the problems.

  193. 193
    G-Man Says:

    Stop being so angry will ya?
    It has to do with biology, that’s why men can get away with it more than women can. Maybe we should all evolve into one sex like some species and not have distinctions between the sexes, but I don’t think life will be as much fun without sex.
    Women probabay have to rethink a lot of their behavior and not give it away so fast to every sexy guy who takes an interest in them. Women have to be a bit more selective and that will help them gain the upper hand in the mating game.

  194. 194
    Teamster Says:

    Yes Nuts, the adoration from these students and we all know he LOVES adoration.

  195. 195
    Nuts Says:

    Just saw Gerald Butler at Dublin Square, no lie. 20 minutes ago via Seesmic for Android (It’s an Irish Pub in East Lansing)

  196. 196
    Lavender Says:

    It’s really strange but whenever I see videos of Gerry, interviews or clips like this one posted here, he always reminds me of a little boy, excited and happy. I mean that in the nicest way. I don’t know how to put this without it sounding ridiculous, but Gerry actually has an innocence about him, even though we know he is anything BUT. It’s hard to explain.

  197. 197
    stupidfans Says:

    @Nuts: Yes he really needs his ego boosted. *eyeroll*

    Will he ever quit reliving 300? It’s been years now. Why was he there -did they pay him to make this appearance, or was he offering his services to repopulate the state?

  198. 198
    Nuts Says:

    @Old Mia:

    A friend of mine was at that same concert tonight…so you and I can’t be far apart. I saw them late last month here.

  199. 199
    Teamster Says:

    LOL stupidfans, “repopulate the state” yeah considering how many people left the state since the auto industry went busted.

  200. 200
    PsychoB Says:

    @G-Man: actually don’t women hit their sexual peak in their late 30′s and men at 19. So biologically women should date young men.

  201. 201
    Nuts Says:

    There are several tweets and FB posts like this one:

    Travis Ward Gerard butler…king leonitus himself just asked me what my profession was!!! Sooo crazy! Midnight madness!
    4 minutes ago via Facebook for Android

    I wonder if that is his line for the evening when talking with these students.

  202. 202
    Nuts Says:

    LindsayBreann Just got to chat it up with Gerard Butler… on a scale of 1-10, tonight is a 17. 2 minutes ago via web

  203. 203
    Nuts Says:

    Gerard Butler is at the bar. Better cuff your chick. 1 minute ago via Mobile Web


  204. 204
    Teamster Says:

    Darn it. I am an Ilini fan and Gerry is going to cheer for MSU tomorrow? Come to Illinoins Gerry Ilini has a great marching band if not cheerleaders.

    @Lavenda, I think Gerry might be one of those who are eager to please and impress others. In many cases insecurity is the root of cause. They tend to need a lot of encouragement and positive feedbacks from others. If they don’t get it they get depressed easily.

  205. 205
    G-Man Says:

    i meant reproductively, as that’s all nature cares about, not the psychological feelings women might have about sex when they turn 30 or 40. Males don’t have menopause like women do.
    Also sexually, a 60 year old woman might not be as comfortable with sex as a 60 year old man is, though there are exceptions, and most certainly a 60-year old woman might not feel as comfortable with a BF or husband of 50, when he can easily date someone 40, provided he still looks good. So yes there is a double standard but it’s mostly biological, and it’s not practical to pretend there is no biological difference between men and women.

  206. 206
    Nuts Says:

    I can’t even imagine how he will feel when he finally lays his head down on his pillow tonight.

    “Women’s basketball players knocked on the men’s locker room door to summon Butler into the hall, where they posed for photographs.”

  207. 207
    flotsam Says:

    from a guy’s perspective, turning up at MSU and cheering on the Spartans very cool………….. hugging Jared Leto not so much.

  208. 208
    aminah Says:

    It has to do with biology, that’s why men can get away with it more than women can.
    “It’s” not biology, it’s culture. Women can “get away” with a lot if the culture allows.
    In many places women practice polyandry, ie, taking multiple husbands…usually brothers. Other cultures allow married women of a certain age to take a young lover and teach him how to be in a relationship. And many cultures such as Native American tribes expected that both men and women would have multiple partners during theirs lives.
    A man only gets away with what the culture he lives in allows. Biology is too easily manipulated to be used as a basis for rationalizing behaviour.

  209. 209
    stupidfans Says:

    @G-Man: Your ideas about se xuality are archaic.

    Well done #208!

    There’s clearly something wrong with a 41 year old man who actively seeks out college students to hang with.

  210. 210
    CJ Says:

    Spanks…we love and miss you..♥♥♥♥♥♥♥….333333333333

  211. 211
    stupidfans Says:

    @PsychoB: That might be why Madonna is sitting outside a pediatrics ward with a catcher’s mitt right now.

  212. 212
    stupidfans Says:

    “Butler is scheduled to attend Saturday’s homecoming football game against Illinois.”

    He got paid to appear. Why else would he fly in to chat with the football team in the and the basketball team in the afternoon and then stay for the homecoming game on Saturday? He is running for mayor.

    I wonder how they worked the contract. If L’Oreal got him for around $500K for three years, did the university pay him in cheerleaders? L’Oreal must be kicking themselves. They have can-can dancers and could’ve gotten away for a song (and probably dance, stroke, poke).

    He’s getting to be a cheap date. Maybe the phannies will be able to afford him for their next convention. Four cupcakes, 3 naughty nurses and a stripper on a pole.

    Gerard Butler: If you have a camera, he has room in his schedule.

  213. 213
    aminah Says:

    i meant reproductively, as that’s all nature cares about, not the psychological feelings women

    Reproduction is not just about sp-erm meeting egg. In mammals the mother’s/women’s well being, physically and emotionally, is absolutely vital to the continuing of life, inside and outside the womb.
    When momma ain’t happy, nobody happy.
    Both boys and girls are at their physical reproductive peak from 14 – 25. We know that “kids” of both sexes are not psychologically ready to be parents until their early 20′s. So the tribal solution was to have the older matriarchs raise the children, at least until the girl was old enough to join in. The older men’s job was to correct any bad behaviour of the boy, not to chase the younger girls.
    But when women became dependent on men for basically everything the story changes to young women wanting established older men, ie, with money and near death. And young women were attractive to older men who needed an heir by a highly fertile and hopefully healthy female.
    It Ain’t Nature, It’s Culture.

  214. 214
    no paycheck Says:

    I’m sure that there are rules against a public university paying an actor to appear. They may have boosters who provided transportation etc, but I doubt he was paid. It’s more likely that he was asked to attend when he was filming in Detroit and decided to go. He said in the video that he had been asked many times since 300 was released. Maybe he had to return to Michigan on business anyway.

  215. 215
    G-Man Says:

    You assume that somehow their culture is on the same level as ours? You got to be kidding, right?
    What kind of societies did these people build lately? Did anyone there win the noble prize for anything? Please don’t give me examples of backward-azz cultures.
    Hahahahaha, continue believing in fairy tales. Show me how many men marry women 10 years older? Once in a very blue moon it happens, and when it does, it’s usually in HW because those folks like to try anything unconventional no matter how unpractical, and BTW, those marriage hardly ever last. Demi and Kushber have an open marriage where he can fu/ck other women as long as she knows about it, and we just heard about Courtney 7-years older than David – their relationship didn’t last. Too bad, but it was expectant. She babied him too much, as he said in an interview this week.
    Don’t you think that if there were good basis for it, it would have happened more often?
    That’s why I say you two believe in fairy tales, but continue believing if it makes you happy. Baby Boomers and Generation X are stupid. Generation Y knows the mistakes of the past and we are trying to fix the bad assumptions of the past two generations.

  216. 216
    aminah Says:

    What kind of societies did these people build lately?
    They continue to build happy, healthy societies.

  217. 217
    aminah Says:

    If you really want an example of one of these great societies, check out the Minangkabau of Indonesia.

  218. 218
    stupidfans Says:

    @G-Man: Listen Highcotton GFW, you’re not fooling anyone. You are not Gen Y. Gen Defect, but not Gen Y. If you’re a day under 40 (if not 50), I’m an astroanaut who invented the internet.

    There are plenty of young men who want to get their hands on older women. There are as many men with Mommy Syndrome as there are women with Daddy issues, but our culture tells men that they’re not supposed to go older, but encourages the women to do so because it’s been a male dominated and stupid submissive female (that would be you) society. Biology has nothing to do with it.

    You seem to think the Demi/Ashton agreement is fine because Ashton gets to play. How would you feel about the arrangements if Demi played and Ashton didn’t? She seems to have played with Gerry (but at this point, who hasn’t?).

    Gerard reminds me of that Subaru commercial where the Dad hands the keys to his teenage daughter in the car. Except it’s not keys he’s trying to give her. The age difference is about the same.

    In Gerry’s defense, he might not be there for the chil’ren. He could always be trolling campuses for the pot. :D

  219. 219
    laurie 3 Says:

    I don’t think he’ll pick up any of these coeds. I doubt he wants some girl commenting on the Internet, FB or Twitter about her sexual encounter with him to all her friends. Remember, what he said about not wanting to be embarrassed like Tiger Woods? I think he’s being careful lately and Martina was just a lapse in judgment. He didn’t think she would talk. Ever since Martina, he’s been mostly all talk and no action.

  220. 220
    laurie 3 Says:

    Hahahahaha, that’s what I said in the previous thread and was attacked by the know-it-alls, Mr Ed, Gossiphound, and Cora lol. I said L’Oreal couldn’t have paid him that much because he is not the only celebrity endorsing their products for men. They didn’t sign an exclusive contract with him where he alone is the exclusive face of L’Oreal for Men. They have half a dozen actors endorsing the same thing. Half a million dollars is what I figured they probably paid him and i was righ. I’m sure he doesn’t make that much per movie either, while some A-listers command $15 M per movie, I doubt he gets as much as $3 M per movie, and for many projects he agrees to take major salary cuts, so I doubt he receives more that $1 – $1.5 M per project. That explains why he has made so many movies and his net worth stands at “only” $15 M. The problem is that if he continues to sell short his image and his name recognition for all kinds of side jobs, he will never ascend higher and never compete with the big names.
    On the other hand, think about it, he gets half a million dollars to work for three days; not bad for three-days’ work, if that’s all he has to do for L’Oreal. But I doubt it. He probably still has a lot more to do for them.
    If the university really paid him for the weekend, I estimate it at about $10,000
    LOL, yes, he’s getting to be a cheap date, what’s going on with him? Maybe he doesn’t have as many offers as we thought he did, so he does other things before he gets too old and loses his appeal.
    But look, some people make a great living from giving speeches. President Clinton, for example, gets a quarter of a million per speech. Gerry could do the low end of that lol. But what does Gerry have to talk about? Giving pointers on how to pick up women in clubs and bars? Maybe he can demonstrate his moves and his lines. Or better yet, maybe he could teach how to dodge the paps and not get caught in public with any woman, ever. C’mon Gerry make some movies.

  221. 221
    Mr. Giggles Says:

    @laurie 3:

    …………..Maybe he can demonstrate his moves and his lines…………..
    G could demonstrate the perfect way of saying …… Wanna F*ck

  222. 222
    laurie 3 Says:

    @Mr. Giggles:
    there you go!
    i guess that’s all he knows how to say to a girl lol

  223. 223
    CJ Says:

    @she….how about here..♥

  224. 224
    oldfurniture Says:

    Why do I have to work today? :-(

  225. 225
    hfjhtgj Says:

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  226. 226
    hellotheregb Says:

    @Teamster: “Mr. Giggles, that would be “College Girls Gone Wild – Gerard Butler Edition”

    you crack me up teamster!!!!

    @Old Mia: “OMG. Surfer boy Keith Harkin isn’t even 25 yet.” go for it Mia that seems to be the theme this week!

    @Lavender: I see the same thing when watching the videos/interviews etc

    .@stupidfans: I think the school has asked for a few years for him to come out at make an appearance. I thought either he or the coach said that in the introduction?

  227. 227
    Rafa Says:

    Jared is much more beautiful without a doubt That Gerard. I like Gerard Leto But this much better, sexy, hot. It is the Man my dream. DREAMING IS GOOD

  228. 228
    Old Mia Says:

    I posted a reply to nuts. Don’t see it here. Just wanted to say I didn’t see her post till today. Keith’s doing something differnet. I saw some videos of him surfing. Kid is nuts.

  229. 229
    SwissCheeseFarts Says:

    what a ugly guy

  230. 230
    Fugly GB Says:

    Gerard looks very very ugly standing next to Leto.
    He looks like Leto’s annoying DAD or something.

    Or the “hanger’s on.” I am sure Leto is like I wish this dude would bounce the fkkk outta here

  231. 231
    Rach Says:

    Leto looks ill at the minute. It’s a shame because he’s really good looking but he’s gone too thin for his frame

  232. 232
    Someone Special Says:

    I must say, Gerard looks great here. He looks relaxed, comfortable and like he’s just chillin’. Why should he be expected to fancy up all the time. Let the man just be himself.

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