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Gerard Butler: Laughing with Leto!

Gerard Butler: Laughing with Leto!

Gerard Butler visits his pal Jared Leto on the set of a Hugo Boss commercial on Thursday (October 14) in New York.

Earlier in the day, the 40-year-old Scottish actor went apartment hunting in the Big Apple with a broker and saw a spacious loft in downtown Manhattan.

On Tuesday (October 12), Gerard supported his P.S. I Love You co-star Hilary Swank at the NYC premiere of her new drama Conviction.

New shirtless shots of Jared with photographer Terry Richardson were just released!

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gerard butler laughing with leto 01
gerard butler laughing with leto 02
gerard butler laughing with leto 03
gerard butler laughing with leto 04
gerard butler laughing with leto 05
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232 Responses to “Gerard Butler: Laughing with Leto!”

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  1. 51
    G-Man Says:

    OMG, Jeannia looks so heavy, if that’s her. i don’t remeber her looking so bad. he dated her once, didn’t he? his choices leave much to be desired.

  2. 52
    doubt it Says:

    @G-Man: thats not gina

  3. 53
    doubt it Says:

    @G-Man: thats not gina

  4. 54
    G-Man Says:

    @doubt it:
    gosh, i hope it’s not her. but she could be, if she colored her hair darker.
    the only thing is, Gina was shorter and skinner, if i remember right.
    He is not attractive at all. He is kind of boyish looking, while G looks like a real man. Except that he does look like a guy in his late 20s, which is over 10 years younger than G, even though they are almost the same age. it could be because shorter or small-framed men just look younger, just like shorter slim women look younger too. But I think G is just sexy, even if he is aging. Although, he could help his looks tremendously by just staying the hell out of the sun.

  5. 55
    Annie Nomynous Says:

    WTF is this, LOL:

  6. 56
    Tuesday Says:

    Jared looks ill and lost weight! He schould better eat a little bit more! He is too thin!

  7. 57
    - Says:

    @doubt it:
    I’m pretty sure that really is Gina/Jeannia. She looks pregnant.

  8. 58
    sukar Says:

    It’s weird but I think the long dry spell we had made me go off him a bit. It is a case of out of sight, out of mind, I think. I enjoy the new threads, but his photos don’t make my heart flutter anymore. I don’t care who he is dating or what movie he is doing anymore. I post once and don’t post again or care to post again until a new thread comes. It’s weird and I hope it is just a phase, because I do like Gerry.

  9. 59
    mel Says:

    Love Jared!!

    He could put on a bit of weight though. :)

  10. 60
    curious cat Says:

    I actually like these pictures. Even the winter hat. He looks like an ordinary bloke relaxing and hanging out with friends. Someone you could throw snowballs with in another couple of months. :)

  11. 61
    Sussie Says:

    A while ago Gerard hooked up with a Scandinavian Los Angeles based model. Now we all know that Gerard Butler sleeping around with models is not an unusual thing and probably happens on a regular basis. The disturbing thing about this particular hook up though is that the girl is in her late teens and Gerard is almost 41.

  12. 62
    G-Man Says:

    what are you talking about?
    what Scandinavian Los Angeles based model?
    isn’t she seeing Evan Hart – he had a small role in LAC?

  13. 63
    uRANIAN Says:

    Cant understand some men that keep pretending they dont know who Jared Leto is…that is so lame..drop it already

  14. 64
    kp hearts butler Says:

    People….you can google Jared Leto..and figure out who he his…..he’s an actor who turned into a singer….and, his group is actually very successful, turns out.

  15. 65
    Dasha Says:

    I love you Jared

  16. 66
    Merlin Says:

    @curious cat:
    Someone you could throw snowballs with in another couple of months. :)
    * * *
    ROFL CC!! It could be a nice idea… And while throwing snowballs at him, we could yell “This is for booty hunter!! And this one is for Gamer!!”
    * * *
    Concerning the pictures, he seems weathered and definitively grumpy in all the pics, except the Conviction premiere ones…
    CJ, Gerry’s hat is latest Scottish fashion trend so no wonder is wearing it even if it’s not so cold right now……

  17. 67
    angelsrock Says:

    @Gerry vs Jared:

    I’d still clunk Gerry over the head and drag him home with me and leave Leto for you.

  18. 68
    Fed Up Says:


    Oh, wow, I didn’t realize we had Paris Hilton’s doctor commenting here. I mean, you would have to be Paris’s doctor to know for sure that she has Herpes, right? Also, you were in the room when she & Jared slept together? You saw it with your own eyes? C’mon, stop being a hater and spreading rumors. Yes, rumors, because without being confirmed facts, that’s all they are.

  19. 69
    oldfurniture Says:

    I love the picture of that Facebook page! LMAO!

  20. 70
    Nuts Says:

    Alejandra Simon met Gerard Butler today. he was extremely nice. and yes. his voice is as sexy in person as it is in the movies.
    8 hours ago via Facebook for BlackBerry

    And, yes, she’s a brunette.


  21. 71
    Nuts Says:

    So…Gerry and Jared know each other thru Gina/Jeanna Robinette, Gerry’s ex-girlfriend/make-up artist.

    Is Gerry courting Jared for an Evil Twins production.

    And, I was floored to read that Gerry is only 2 years older than Jared. Man, it looks like a wider spread than that.

  22. 72
    Abigail Says:

    Aww. Jared Leto is too cute to be 38years old.

  23. 73
    So Swedish Says:

    Jared Leto being a spokesperson for Boss? Must be only shown in America, hardly anyone knows who he is in Europe. (As I know of anyway).
    I remember him from that series with Claire Danes…. what was that, 15 years ago??

    Jonas Åkerlund is a Swedish film and music director.
    He is quite succesful, and has (among other things) done
    - Madonnas video for Ray of Light,
    - Lady Gaga´s Paparazzi & Telephone with Beyonce,
    - Rihanna´s Who´s That Chick.
    - Christina Aguilera´s Beautiful

    Plus worked with U2, Rolling Stones, David Guetta, Metallica etc etc.

  24. 74
    Nuts Says:

    that’s “weighs”

    Edit button PLEASE, JJ!!!

  25. 75
    S*8hallo Says:

    Jared Leto…aka Jordan Catalano on My So called Life a pretty good actor. ..Butler hasn’t done anything I’ve liked in a while.

    But they both have the womanizing thing in common. I would love to hear their convo. They both have gone through more women than a snow plow during a blizzard!

    Can ya hlp here: Let’s keep track…

    Leto—– Cameron Diaz, Scarlett Johansen, Paris, Lindsay..and??

    What about Gerry?

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