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Gerard Butler: Laughing with Leto!

Gerard Butler: Laughing with Leto!

Gerard Butler visits his pal Jared Leto on the set of a Hugo Boss commercial on Thursday (October 14) in New York.

Earlier in the day, the 40-year-old Scottish actor went apartment hunting in the Big Apple with a broker and saw a spacious loft in downtown Manhattan.

On Tuesday (October 12), Gerard supported his P.S. I Love You co-star Hilary Swank at the NYC premiere of her new drama Conviction.

New shirtless shots of Jared with photographer Terry Richardson were just released!

Just Jared on Facebook
gerard butler laughing with leto 01
gerard butler laughing with leto 02
gerard butler laughing with leto 03
gerard butler laughing with leto 04
gerard butler laughing with leto 05
gerard butler laughing with leto 06
gerard butler laughing with leto 07
gerard butler laughing with leto 08

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  • nyob

    Are they seriously only two years apart in age? Wow. Jared looks at least 10 years younger than him.

    I have always thought Jared was hot in a weird sort of way. Something about his face is just gorgeous to me. His face reminds me of a guy I used to date. Hate his crazy hair (at times) and super skinniness, though.

  • Sussie

    @G-man: Sorry, can’t tell you her name, that would be too “easy”. I went to the same school as her. I heard it from another girl who also went to that school. News travel fast here LOL.
    Sorry for my English by the way ;)

  • Sussie

    @gossiphound: Yes, you are right. I just checked and she was born in 1989 so yes, she’s 21. I thought she was the exact same age as I am but I was wrong. Still, she’s 20 years younger than Gerard Butler! Gross!

  • oh come on

    what’s the swedish models name.

  • Sussie

    @oh come on:
    Why do you think she’s Swedish?

  • julie

    whos the blonde girl next to jared?? anyone know??

  • obser

    That’s a full blown woman not a girl. lol

  • obser

    Yeah that’s Gina, Gerry’s former makeup artist, the one who sprayed him orange all the time and is the rumored ex girlfriend back in the early 2000s. She is like the go-in-between for the celebrities, or the lubricant that keeps the engines running smoothly so to speak. Haven’t seen pictures of the fishnet girl for a long time, who Gerry used to hang with a lot, whose last name is Olsen or something like that, a NY socialite.

  • tintin

    Do you mean Camilla Olsen/Olsson?

  • ummmm

    ummm r they gay? i heard rumors that both of them are.

  • obser

    Yes. Camilla. Gina and Camilla seem to be his steadies when he is in NYC, not necessarily girlfriends but friends to hang with. So is or was the FryGuy.

  • tintin

    Gerry is a major mans*lut who sleeps around with women like God is about to stop making them, so no, he’s not gay.

  • :)

    It’s *Jeannia* ;)

  • obser

    Stand corrected.

  • free sport games

    who do you think she is?

  • The Noise In The Walls

    again, who cares how Gerry dresses on his off time…I’m sure at times I’m no bed roses when I’m doing errands. Glad he’s smiling in these pics though…New York City is quite compact..I’ve been there several times so riding a bike or walking is easy…especially if you know your way around. Same is true in cities like San Francisco..only much hillier…

    I’m waiting to hear what his next project is…

  • Julie

    I recall Gerry said he has a hearing loss because of a childhood illness and surgery on his ear. My son has a hearing loss as well, and he covers his ears in cooler weather all the time. He states he doesn’t want to get a cold, ear infection, etc., and jeopardize the hearing he still has. Maybe Gerry does the same, who knows?

  • Skunk

    gerard needs to stop t rying so hard to be “cool” when he is NOT. just some stinky old trout

  • obser

    Are we talking about the Swissmiss in LA after he returned from Cannes? Who is this 20 year old gf of his? First time heard of it. Care to enlighten us?

  • Fact

    Gerrard has very very bad hearing and gets tinnitus which is why some people thinks he talks very loud

  • The Noise In The Walls

    Julie – I remember that interview and as I recall..yes, he suffered some sort of virus or infection in one ear when he was a teen..His hearing is off…and I think Fact stands corrected as well..

  • Skunk


  • Fact

    @The Noise In The Walls:
    Why do I stand corrected? I knew of Gerard’d hearing issues from a long time ago. The interview is well WELL overly documented.

  • @Fact

    A source for that info, please?

  • The Noise In The Walls

    Sorry Fact..I just meant I agreed with you :)

  • Fact

    Dead old news. Those two ugly wannabe girls were on here threads and threads ago posting and reposting their own information to get people talking about them. There was no proof no nothing. gerard only dates MODELS sorry. And I dont blame him. I would if I were famous and had girls throwing themselves at me.
    For a while…it was truly quite pathetic and obvious.

  • Fact

    @The Noise In The Walls:
    No problem :)

  • Mellifera

    I go away for a day and theres a new thread – always happens! These pictures much better than the last ones – nice smiley pics, who cares how old he looks as long as he is genuinely happy looking in them.

    I wouldn’t say I’m a huge fan of Jareds, but I definitely rate him as a very talented person and his music seems great. But he needs a little feeding up :-)

    And seeing as we’ve already discussed G’s peen, the fact he’s gay, and his ex girlfriends, I’ll be the one to say it:



  • The Noise In The Walls

    In Paris…I would say….

  • Sussie

    If you are referring to the girl I was talking about she is certainly not his girlfriend, just someone he had (still has???) sex with.

  • Nuts

    Apparently Gerry flew into Detroit a few hours ago:

    FB: Chris Hanstad Just passed Gerard Butler in the airport! shouldve yelled THIS IS DETROIT! 4 hours ago via Mobile Web

    Chris Hanstad Yeah….he was about 3 feet away from me
    3 hours ago

    (Michigan State University student)
    maddiecoletrain: I can’t believe @nattersss just saw Gerard Butler at the airport and didn’t get a picture or an autograph or touch him or anything!! OMG!! about 4 hours ago via web

    More MGP…or has he been re-thinking the Miss Michigan Teen USA age issue…


  • Manny

    Gerry is in Michigan…
    from twitter…
    MSU_Football Spartan Football
    by ldesprez
    Mark Dantonio introduces actor Gerard Butler (King Leonidas) to his team during Friday’s viewing of “300.”
    3 minutes ago

  • Cora

    @Julie: That’s a very thoughtful observation and it makes sense. IIRC, Gerry’s hearing problems were the result of an infection and he may not be too eager to get another one.

  • Nuts

    From Twitter:
    Gerry is hanging with the football team at Michigan State University (The Spartans) tonight.

    Gerard Butler, the star of “300,” made a surprise appearance at the Kellogg Center while the team was watching his movie tonight. 16 minutes ago via web

  • Manny

    another twitpic…

  • Nuts


    Here he is, being introduced:

    Here he is being introduced:

  • redOctober


    Great pics ; D …thanks Manny!

  • redOctober
  • Nuts

    Another photo from Facebook:

    “Spartans, prepare for glory…now where are the tall, exotic brunette cheerleaders…”

  • laurie 3

    “Are we talking about the Swissmiss in LA after he returned from Cannes? Who is this 20 year old gf of his? First time heard of it. Care to enlighten us?”
    Yeah, she should enlighten us. I’m still waiting for details regarding this allegation and nothing yet. It’s easy for anyone to come here claiming anything they want with impunity. Right now, until we get some clear details, i think we should not take such stories seriously.

  • Julie


    Thanks, Cora. :)

  • Sussie

    @laurie 3:
    What do you want to know? I’ll try to tell you as much as I know, but I really don’t want to tell you her name. I hope you can understand that :)

  • laurie 3

    Don’t tell us her name – that’s fine.
    But is she Swissmiss, the girl he met in Cannes?
    And, also how do you know this info? Maybe it was just assumed he is sleeping with her because they were seen out together. You know, he talks to a lot of women. However, just because he talks to a girl, doesn’t mean he is sleeping with her.
    In addition, she said in Cannes that she knows he is a player and therefore she didn’t throw herself at him like the rest of the women, so you’d think she is a bit wiser than the usual woman who falls for him.

  • dirty laundry

    @Sussie: Why come here and talk about a young hookup of GB’s and not give her name. If she’s a model she should want the publicity.
    Why shag him if not to brag about it like that Martina girl did. He’s not known as a great lay or helpful to the women his been with, so all the girls should come forward and talk, or have friends talk, about their hook up.

  • Sussie

    @laurie 3:
    I have absolutely no idea who Swissmiss is? Is she from Switzerland (you call her SWISSmiss)? Switzerland is not a country in Scandinavia.
    Do you have a picture of Swissmiss?
    I know this info because we went to the same school and in my circle of friends this girl’s name is often mentioned. A friend of mine who actually knows the girl I’m talking about told me the story. She had heard it DIRECTLY from the source (the model). Gerard is not the only celeb she’s…umm…”been” with.

  • G-Man

    @dirty laundry:
    There you go!

  • TO: Dumb Swiss Model Herself

    @Sussie. Stop being a doof. We know it’s you trying to create a rumor about yourself.
    Either put up or shut the hell up.
    “A friend” (laughs at Sussie)

    We arent that stupid sweetie. If you slept with GB and want to talk about it – give your name. Otherwise, PIS/S OFF. Who cares???

  • oy

    @Nuts: Just when you thought football couldn’t get more homoeroti/c.

    Gerard’s film career will reconvene as soon as his co-ed appreciation tour ends.

  • Swede

    LOL!! I think some people here are confusing Switzerland and Sweden. Sussie only said that she and the model are from a Scandinavian country so it could be either Sweden, Norway or Denmark. Switzerland has nothing to do with the Scandinavian countries.

    Är du svensk, Sussie?

  • Team laurie c.

    That always naked diet fitness girl Gerard “employed” is half deaf too or something – if I remember from her inane tweeting
    Maybe they met at a self help group LOL
    i still think Laurie will come over and meet Gerard in the States when she has time. She has a job as a presenter as well. She has her own work.
    I am TEAM LAURIE because she has her own job and doesnt milk the Gerard Butler is my boyfriend thing as much as she could.