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Gerard Butler: Laughing with Leto!

Gerard Butler: Laughing with Leto!

Gerard Butler visits his pal Jared Leto on the set of a Hugo Boss commercial on Thursday (October 14) in New York.

Earlier in the day, the 40-year-old Scottish actor went apartment hunting in the Big Apple with a broker and saw a spacious loft in downtown Manhattan.

On Tuesday (October 12), Gerard supported his P.S. I Love You co-star Hilary Swank at the NYC premiere of her new drama Conviction.

New shirtless shots of Jared with photographer Terry Richardson were just released!

Just Jared on Facebook
gerard butler laughing with leto 01
gerard butler laughing with leto 02
gerard butler laughing with leto 03
gerard butler laughing with leto 04
gerard butler laughing with leto 05
gerard butler laughing with leto 06
gerard butler laughing with leto 07
gerard butler laughing with leto 08

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  • SwissCheeseFarts

    please give me a break.

  • i don’t understand

    once again, I will bring up that a lot of you believe everything negative someone posts that they heard from a friend of a friend, but someone comes on and says something innocuous that they heard from a friend of a friend and they get jumped all over and called a liar. you can’t have it both ways.

    sussie, i don’t know you, i don’t know if you are telling the truth or not, but on behalf of all the normal people who know this is nothing more than an internet gossip board, i apologize for the people attacking you. please keep posting.

  • Nuts


    He also attended the MSU basketball teams’ MIdnight Madness tonight and will be at the football game tomorrow against Illinois!

    Is it being televised? perhaps a chance to see Gerry in the crowd?

  • Sussie

    @ i don’t understand: Thank you! :)
    @Swede: Ja, det är jag!

  • hellotheregb
  • hellotheregb
  • hellotheregb

    I need to get to midnight madness ASAP!!!!

  • Jamie

    I haven’t heard anything about swissmiss either. Could someone please link to a picture of her? Is she a model?


  • Nuts

    Swiss Miss was the first runner up for Miss Switzerland. She met Gerry at a party at Cannes. She had hopes of meeting up with him when she was in LA during the summer. Don’t know if they did meet up before he went to Detriot.

    Young pretty brunette…

  • laurie 3

    I think she is from Switzerland, not from Sweden (but she could be), and she is around 20-22.
    Anyway, whoever she is, she could be just boasting that she sleeps with celebs, so her story is not necessarily true. But let’s assume it is, why call Gerry gross?
    If Gerry is not the only celeb she has been with – at the tender age of 20 – then why declare Gerard is gross? She is at the age of consent, and if two people want to sleep together (consensually), there is no law against it, even if there is a 20-year age difference between them, right? It might not look right, but if she wants to sleep with him, it’s her right to do so. I know many of his fans would too lol
    To those who think Gerry takes advantage of women, it’s not just Gerry’s fault. The women are just as complicit in this behavior as he is. As long as there are young women who sleep with him, why should he not? He is a guy and all guys do this, especially celebs, as well as good looking and rich men. And we all wonder why he is not settling down? With all theses choices how could he? He probably wants to have fun a bit longer.

  • hellotheregb
  • hellotheregb

    He looks great! adorable. ok 30 seconds into the speech he comments on the beautiful cheer leaders! in a huge areana.. Oh ;that Gerry!

  • hellotheregb

    Oh dear me…. what have I been thinking?? he must have a little co-ed he need to make a booty call on tonight! watch out sorority girls here he comes!

  • Cora

    @Jamie: I can’t remember her name, unfortunately. The article said she was a former vice Miss Switzerland or something like that. After Gerry was photographed with Laurie in Cannes, he met this young Swiss woman at a party (a tall, beautiful brunette). He told her he was single and made arrangements to meet up with her again in LA.

  • hellotheregb

    I know it is very cool for him to support the school and the state of MIch.

    nahhhh he is there for the co-ed panties… oops I mean parties!

  • Nuts


    Here’s a link to a video clip of Gerry at the Midnight Madness rally for the MSU basketball team (also “The Spartans). Bear with the poor audio–it does get better.

    He looks tickled to be there–and of course he noticed the cheerleaders!

  • Jamie

    @Cora: Thanks Cora! So there is no picture of her?

  • hellotheregb

    nuts: yes just posted the video! I do like him in this setting. he looks soooo happy. Let’s hear it for a weekend of tweets of little twits (20 year olds) bangin’ the Gman!

  • Nuts


    hahahahaha, yes!

  • *P*Y*T

    “wonder why he is not settling down?”
    Because he’s a sex addict.
    Sure there are girls who use him for sex but they’re going through a fase. Gerry’s stuck in that fase-that’s why he’s the heavy.

  • Cora

    @Jamie: Yes, there was a picture of her and Gerard together at the party. The link was posted here on JJ at the time. Perhaps someone can find it for you. She’s a very pretty girl and Gerry looked infatuated (as always).

  • hellotheregb

    like I said here we go….

    “Claire…… Gerard Butler just touched me… nbd #midnightmadness #spartans #msu”

  • Nuts



    thesnews_sports The MSU dance team is fawning over Gerard Butler for the 2nd time tonight. 10 minutes ago via txt

    Stephanie Lowe I am still shaking from being in the presence of Gerard Butler!!!!!! 4 minutes ago

    Daniel Savage Gerard Butler just asked me what my profession is!!!
    2 minutes ago

  • hellotheregb

    SN-the sports news” The MSU dance team is fawning over Gerard Butler for the 2nd time tonight.”

    love it!! we are sooooo past Swiss miss and Ass Apple! THis is SPARTA-CO-ED style!

  • Nuts

    Yes… he seems to be in a very co-ed phase right now. The students in Capetown, the NYU Film Student, now the MSU crowd…

    Pace yourself Gerry!

  • hellotheregb

    my comments are now awaiting moderation! But Nuts you are posting what I am finding so toooo bad JJ!

    What is with the thumbys? I not tweeting this stuff myself!

  • hellotheregb

    What is “what is your profession? is that a chant or something?

  • Hmmm…

    He slept with STUDENTS in Cape Town? This man is so friggin disgusting.

  • Nuts

    It’s in “300″, his group meets up with another Greek contingent made up of regular folks, not a trained army. He asks some of the other men what their professions are and they tell him what they usually do.

    He then turns to his 300 and asks them “Spartans, what is YOUR profession” and they reply with a unison shout which is, I take it, a war cry or chant Ah-Woo, Ah-Woo, Ah-Woo (or something like that. They are trained and ready for battle.

  • hellotheregb

    @Nuts: oh yes I remember that scene. Gman was good in the flick wasn’t he!!

  • hellotheregb

    ok time to turn in. I am sure you all are tired of my posts. Night and safe sex Gman!

  • Lavender

    I think her name was Rekha Datta and she the runner up for Miss Switzerland in 2008.
    This is her:

  • justsayin’

    @*P*Y*T: “The women are just as complicit in this behavior as he is. As long as there are young women who sleep with him, why should he not? He is a guy and all guys do this, especially celebs, as well as good looking and rich men. And we all wonder why he is not settling down? With all theses choices how could he? He probably wants to have fun a bit longer.”

    Thanks for summing up why the women’s movement has been such an enormous failure at establishing equality. Demi Moore is an old shrew and Jennifer Aniston is a desperate cougar for dating men younger than they are. Isn’t that the most common thing we see written? Yet when men date women old enough to be their daughters that’s acceptable. As long as WOMEN LIKE YOU keep making excuses for men to be skizzy old perverts, it will always be acceptable for them and unacceptable for us. Thanks for helping hold the rest of our gender back. Some if it was Steve Buscemi, I’ll bet you’d be vomiting at the thought of him with a 20 year old cheerleader.

    These young women are still too young to be as experienced as he is and therefore he is taking advantage of THEM, not vice versa. If one of them gets a bun in the oven and sues him for a bundle or her father shoots him, he has it coming. He needs to let go of college. It’s been more than 20 years. GERRY YOU’RE BECOMING AN OLD MAN. DEAL WITH IT. It’s a luxury. Not everyone gets to be old. Stop making older people look like desperate, immature weirdos.

  • Teamster

    Thank you all for the tweet piccs and the video. Have I seen a more gorgeous man! He looks so happy to be with the college aged young people. One Warning to Gerry: Check the IDs Gerry because some freshmen are 17 yrs old and kids these days look a lot older than they actually are.

    The question remains: why is he back to Michigan? He seems to have this habit of re-visiting where he shot movies for whatever reasons. He went back to Serbia after the Moscow visit and after the wrap of Coriolanus.

  • Mr. Giggles

    G hangin’ with a bunch of cooing co-eds !?!?!? ….. perhaps we’ll finally get that long awaited sex tape :P

  • Nuts

    At the bar…with Gerard Butler. Really #FB 4 minutes ago via ÜberTwitter

    Ok, so you’re at the bar with Gerard Butler. Then what? 2 minutes ago via Seesmic for Android


    Don’t know if he did/didn’t sleep with the Capetown students…but he was hanging/partying with them…perhaps a coed or two gave him a tumble…

  • she

    CJ my love…we have to run a way from here. where are you?

  • Nuts

    Gerry has GOT to be riding high tonight with all of this adoration. All the cheering and excitement. What an ego boost.

  • Cora

    @Lavender: Thank you, dear! Yes, that’s her. I remember her name now that I see it. There’s a photo somewhere of her and Gerry and a little article where she talks about him.

  • Teamster

    Mr. Giggles, that would be “College Girls Gone Wild – Gerard Butler Edition” LOL

    I wouldn’t say Gerry only has se*x on his mind when he mingles with college students. He may find the engery from college students, both male and female students, exhilarating, definitely a change of scenery from the HW crowd which he may have grown tired of by now. Just my guess.

  • Old Mia

    Just got home from my mini vacation, and I”m not reading all this. Just looking at the photos. Love G’s big smile.

    I am so humiliated. Went to my Celtic Thunder concert tonight. It was great. Lots of Ireland flags waving. OMG. Surfer boy Keith Harkin isn’t even 25 yet. I’m officially a dirty old woman! LOL

  • sorry

    @justsayin’: i gave you a thumbs down by accident. i agree with what you are saying, except it isn’t the women’s movements fault that the sex.ual double standard continues, it’s people holding onto the prefem mind set, as l3 clearly is, that causes the problems.

  • G-Man

    Stop being so angry will ya?
    It has to do with biology, that’s why men can get away with it more than women can. Maybe we should all evolve into one sex like some species and not have distinctions between the sexes, but I don’t think life will be as much fun without sex.
    Women probabay have to rethink a lot of their behavior and not give it away so fast to every sexy guy who takes an interest in them. Women have to be a bit more selective and that will help them gain the upper hand in the mating game.

  • Teamster

    Yes Nuts, the adoration from these students and we all know he LOVES adoration.

  • Nuts

    Just saw Gerald Butler at Dublin Square, no lie. 20 minutes ago via Seesmic for Android (It’s an Irish Pub in East Lansing)

  • Lavender

    It’s really strange but whenever I see videos of Gerry, interviews or clips like this one posted here, he always reminds me of a little boy, excited and happy. I mean that in the nicest way. I don’t know how to put this without it sounding ridiculous, but Gerry actually has an innocence about him, even though we know he is anything BUT. It’s hard to explain.

  • stupidfans

    @Nuts: Yes he really needs his ego boosted. *eyeroll*

    Will he ever quit reliving 300? It’s been years now. Why was he there -did they pay him to make this appearance, or was he offering his services to repopulate the state?

  • Nuts

    @Old Mia:

    A friend of mine was at that same concert tonight…so you and I can’t be far apart. I saw them late last month here.

  • Teamster

    LOL stupidfans, “repopulate the state” yeah considering how many people left the state since the auto industry went busted.

  • PsychoB

    @G-Man: actually don’t women hit their sexual peak in their late 30′s and men at 19. So biologically women should date young men.