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Gerard Butler: Laughing with Leto!

Gerard Butler: Laughing with Leto!

Gerard Butler visits his pal Jared Leto on the set of a Hugo Boss commercial on Thursday (October 14) in New York.

Earlier in the day, the 40-year-old Scottish actor went apartment hunting in the Big Apple with a broker and saw a spacious loft in downtown Manhattan.

On Tuesday (October 12), Gerard supported his P.S. I Love You co-star Hilary Swank at the NYC premiere of her new drama Conviction.

New shirtless shots of Jared with photographer Terry Richardson were just released!

Just Jared on Facebook
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gerard butler laughing with leto 02
gerard butler laughing with leto 03
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  • Nuts

    There are several tweets and FB posts like this one:

    Travis Ward Gerard butler…king leonitus himself just asked me what my profession was!!! Sooo crazy! Midnight madness!
    4 minutes ago via Facebook for Android

    I wonder if that is his line for the evening when talking with these students.

  • Nuts

    LindsayBreann Just got to chat it up with Gerard Butler… on a scale of 1-10, tonight is a 17. 2 minutes ago via web

  • Nuts

    Gerard Butler is at the bar. Better cuff your chick. 1 minute ago via Mobile Web


  • Teamster

    Darn it. I am an Ilini fan and Gerry is going to cheer for MSU tomorrow? Come to Illinoins Gerry Ilini has a great marching band if not cheerleaders.

    @Lavenda, I think Gerry might be one of those who are eager to please and impress others. In many cases insecurity is the root of cause. They tend to need a lot of encouragement and positive feedbacks from others. If they don’t get it they get depressed easily.

  • G-Man

    i meant reproductively, as that’s all nature cares about, not the psychological feelings women might have about sex when they turn 30 or 40. Males don’t have menopause like women do.
    Also sexually, a 60 year old woman might not be as comfortable with sex as a 60 year old man is, though there are exceptions, and most certainly a 60-year old woman might not feel as comfortable with a BF or husband of 50, when he can easily date someone 40, provided he still looks good. So yes there is a double standard but it’s mostly biological, and it’s not practical to pretend there is no biological difference between men and women.

  • Nuts

    I can’t even imagine how he will feel when he finally lays his head down on his pillow tonight.

    “Women’s basketball players knocked on the men’s locker room door to summon Butler into the hall, where they posed for photographs.”

  • flotsam

    from a guy’s perspective, turning up at MSU and cheering on the Spartans very cool………….. hugging Jared Leto not so much.

  • aminah

    It has to do with biology, that’s why men can get away with it more than women can.
    “It’s” not biology, it’s culture. Women can “get away” with a lot if the culture allows.
    In many places women practice polyandry, ie, taking multiple husbands…usually brothers. Other cultures allow married women of a certain age to take a young lover and teach him how to be in a relationship. And many cultures such as Native American tribes expected that both men and women would have multiple partners during theirs lives.
    A man only gets away with what the culture he lives in allows. Biology is too easily manipulated to be used as a basis for rationalizing behaviour.

  • stupidfans

    @G-Man: Your ideas about se xuality are archaic.

    Well done #208!

    There’s clearly something wrong with a 41 year old man who actively seeks out college students to hang with.

  • CJ

    Spanks…we love and miss you..♥♥♥♥♥♥♥….333333333333

  • stupidfans

    @PsychoB: That might be why Madonna is sitting outside a pediatrics ward with a catcher’s mitt right now.

  • stupidfans

    “Butler is scheduled to attend Saturday’s homecoming football game against Illinois.”

    He got paid to appear. Why else would he fly in to chat with the football team in the and the basketball team in the afternoon and then stay for the homecoming game on Saturday? He is running for mayor.

    I wonder how they worked the contract. If L’Oreal got him for around $500K for three years, did the university pay him in cheerleaders? L’Oreal must be kicking themselves. They have can-can dancers and could’ve gotten away for a song (and probably dance, stroke, poke).

    He’s getting to be a cheap date. Maybe the phannies will be able to afford him for their next convention. Four cupcakes, 3 naughty nurses and a stripper on a pole.

    Gerard Butler: If you have a camera, he has room in his schedule.

  • aminah

    i meant reproductively, as that’s all nature cares about, not the psychological feelings women

    Reproduction is not just about sp-erm meeting egg. In mammals the mother’s/women’s well being, physically and emotionally, is absolutely vital to the continuing of life, inside and outside the womb.
    When momma ain’t happy, nobody happy.
    Both boys and girls are at their physical reproductive peak from 14 – 25. We know that “kids” of both sexes are not psychologically ready to be parents until their early 20′s. So the tribal solution was to have the older matriarchs raise the children, at least until the girl was old enough to join in. The older men’s job was to correct any bad behaviour of the boy, not to chase the younger girls.
    But when women became dependent on men for basically everything the story changes to young women wanting established older men, ie, with money and near death. And young women were attractive to older men who needed an heir by a highly fertile and hopefully healthy female.
    It Ain’t Nature, It’s Culture.

  • no paycheck

    I’m sure that there are rules against a public university paying an actor to appear. They may have boosters who provided transportation etc, but I doubt he was paid. It’s more likely that he was asked to attend when he was filming in Detroit and decided to go. He said in the video that he had been asked many times since 300 was released. Maybe he had to return to Michigan on business anyway.

  • G-Man

    You assume that somehow their culture is on the same level as ours? You got to be kidding, right?
    What kind of societies did these people build lately? Did anyone there win the noble prize for anything? Please don’t give me examples of backward-azz cultures.
    Hahahahaha, continue believing in fairy tales. Show me how many men marry women 10 years older? Once in a very blue moon it happens, and when it does, it’s usually in HW because those folks like to try anything unconventional no matter how unpractical, and BTW, those marriage hardly ever last. Demi and Kushber have an open marriage where he can fu/ck other women as long as she knows about it, and we just heard about Courtney 7-years older than David – their relationship didn’t last. Too bad, but it was expectant. She babied him too much, as he said in an interview this week.
    Don’t you think that if there were good basis for it, it would have happened more often?
    That’s why I say you two believe in fairy tales, but continue believing if it makes you happy. Baby Boomers and Generation X are stupid. Generation Y knows the mistakes of the past and we are trying to fix the bad assumptions of the past two generations.

  • aminah

    What kind of societies did these people build lately?
    They continue to build happy, healthy societies.

  • aminah

    If you really want an example of one of these great societies, check out the Minangkabau of Indonesia.

  • stupidfans

    @G-Man: Listen Highcotton GFW, you’re not fooling anyone. You are not Gen Y. Gen Defect, but not Gen Y. If you’re a day under 40 (if not 50), I’m an astroanaut who invented the internet.

    There are plenty of young men who want to get their hands on older women. There are as many men with Mommy Syndrome as there are women with Daddy issues, but our culture tells men that they’re not supposed to go older, but encourages the women to do so because it’s been a male dominated and stupid submissive female (that would be you) society. Biology has nothing to do with it.

    You seem to think the Demi/Ashton agreement is fine because Ashton gets to play. How would you feel about the arrangements if Demi played and Ashton didn’t? She seems to have played with Gerry (but at this point, who hasn’t?).

    Gerard reminds me of that Subaru commercial where the Dad hands the keys to his teenage daughter in the car. Except it’s not keys he’s trying to give her. The age difference is about the same.

    In Gerry’s defense, he might not be there for the chil’ren. He could always be trolling campuses for the pot. :D

  • laurie 3

    I don’t think he’ll pick up any of these coeds. I doubt he wants some girl commenting on the Internet, FB or Twitter about her sexual encounter with him to all her friends. Remember, what he said about not wanting to be embarrassed like Tiger Woods? I think he’s being careful lately and Martina was just a lapse in judgment. He didn’t think she would talk. Ever since Martina, he’s been mostly all talk and no action.

  • laurie 3

    Hahahahaha, that’s what I said in the previous thread and was attacked by the know-it-alls, Mr Ed, Gossiphound, and Cora lol. I said L’Oreal couldn’t have paid him that much because he is not the only celebrity endorsing their products for men. They didn’t sign an exclusive contract with him where he alone is the exclusive face of L’Oreal for Men. They have half a dozen actors endorsing the same thing. Half a million dollars is what I figured they probably paid him and i was righ. I’m sure he doesn’t make that much per movie either, while some A-listers command $15 M per movie, I doubt he gets as much as $3 M per movie, and for many projects he agrees to take major salary cuts, so I doubt he receives more that $1 – $1.5 M per project. That explains why he has made so many movies and his net worth stands at “only” $15 M. The problem is that if he continues to sell short his image and his name recognition for all kinds of side jobs, he will never ascend higher and never compete with the big names.
    On the other hand, think about it, he gets half a million dollars to work for three days; not bad for three-days’ work, if that’s all he has to do for L’Oreal. But I doubt it. He probably still has a lot more to do for them.
    If the university really paid him for the weekend, I estimate it at about $10,000
    LOL, yes, he’s getting to be a cheap date, what’s going on with him? Maybe he doesn’t have as many offers as we thought he did, so he does other things before he gets too old and loses his appeal.
    But look, some people make a great living from giving speeches. President Clinton, for example, gets a quarter of a million per speech. Gerry could do the low end of that lol. But what does Gerry have to talk about? Giving pointers on how to pick up women in clubs and bars? Maybe he can demonstrate his moves and his lines. Or better yet, maybe he could teach how to dodge the paps and not get caught in public with any woman, ever. C’mon Gerry make some movies.

  • Mr. Giggles

    @laurie 3:

    …………..Maybe he can demonstrate his moves and his lines…………..
    G could demonstrate the perfect way of saying …… Wanna F*ck

  • laurie 3

    @Mr. Giggles:
    there you go!
    i guess that’s all he knows how to say to a girl lol

  • CJ
  • oldfurniture

    Why do I have to work today? :-(

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  • hellotheregb

    @Teamster: “Mr. Giggles, that would be “College Girls Gone Wild – Gerard Butler Edition”

    you crack me up teamster!!!!

    @Old Mia: “OMG. Surfer boy Keith Harkin isn’t even 25 yet.” go for it Mia that seems to be the theme this week!

    @Lavender: I see the same thing when watching the videos/interviews etc

    .@stupidfans: I think the school has asked for a few years for him to come out at make an appearance. I thought either he or the coach said that in the introduction?

  • Rafa

    Jared is much more beautiful without a doubt That Gerard. I like Gerard Leto But this much better, sexy, hot. It is the Man my dream. DREAMING IS GOOD

  • Old Mia

    I posted a reply to nuts. Don’t see it here. Just wanted to say I didn’t see her post till today. Keith’s doing something differnet. I saw some videos of him surfing. Kid is nuts.

  • SwissCheeseFarts

    what a ugly guy

  • Fugly GB

    Gerard looks very very ugly standing next to Leto.
    He looks like Leto’s annoying DAD or something.

    Or the “hanger’s on.” I am sure Leto is like I wish this dude would bounce the fkkk outta here

  • http://ana_kissed Rach

    Leto looks ill at the minute. It’s a shame because he’s really good looking but he’s gone too thin for his frame

  • Someone Special

    I must say, Gerard looks great here. He looks relaxed, comfortable and like he’s just chillin’. Why should he be expected to fancy up all the time. Let the man just be himself.