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Jensen Ackles' Directorial Debut -- PHOTOS

Jensen Ackles' Directorial Debut -- PHOTOS

Jensen Ackles makes his directorial debut on Supernatural this Friday (October 15) @ 9PMET/PT on The CW. Don’t miss it!

Synopsis: After Bobby (Jim Beaver) discovers Crowley (Mark Sheppard) has no intentions of returning Bobby’s soul, the hunter takes matters into his own hands. He calls on Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Ackles) for help after he unearths one of Crowley’s deepest secrets. Meanwhile, Sam and Dean learn what Bobby does all day when they are not around.

Teaser video below!

Jensen Ackles’ Directorial Debut — VIDEO

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jensen ackles directorial debut 01
jensen ackles directorial debut 02
jensen ackles directorial debut 03
jensen ackles directorial debut 04
jensen ackles directorial debut 05
jensen ackles directorial debut 06

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  • Kate

    It’s a shame there isn’t enough Jared and Jensen for that matter in the episode.

  • http://www. V

    One of the most flawless men earth.

  • http://www. V

    ^on earth ;)

  • Leila

    jensen ackles is soooo yummy.

  • bettie

    I’ll let him direct me anytime!!! :)

  • Ana

    @bettie: haha me too ;)

  • Status Quo

    That’s one good looking guy….

  • brr

    he’s wearing the worldcup spanish tshirt!!

  • always


  • jensenLUVER tanya


  • Xin

    hahaha he’s wearing spanish nt shirt!!! haha Gerard Piquè ones!! haha love it!

  • carley

    He looks hot when he’s all focused and in control :D

    On a less shallow note I’m really happy he’s had this opportunity, he clearly loves the show and fingers-crossed it’ll be a great episode and fans will support him.

  • Shanda

    Pretty cool to do!

  • shirspn

    I proud of JENSEN!!!

  • Fun work environment

    Jensen seems pretty chummy with the cast and crew. It’s nice that they get along because there’s a lot of drama and jealousy on many of these TV shows

  • Jessica

    At 2:22 the chubby old guy behind Jensen whispers something in his ear which was probably to tease him and then when Jensen turns around the fat guy was backing away like if Jensen was gonna hit him. LOL. But sweet Jens hugged him instead. What a sweetheart! He’s a good sport and seems to have a sense of humor.

  • Hot but old

    Jensen is looking kind old. He’s at that age where he needs to really start taking care of his skin!

  • TV actors are nicer

    @Jessica: Yup, he seems down to earth. I hope Hollywood doesn’t ruin him! It seems that when actors starts doing movies it’s when they get conceited. TV keeps them more down to earth.

  • SPF is key

    He’s still young but he just has very thin skin. Light haired/light eyed men and women wrinkle a lot faster than other people their own age. He needs to slather on the high SPF everyday before leaving home.

  • Generational differences

    @TV actors are nicer: I agree that tv actors are generally nicer and more humble than movie actors. But also, I think it’s a GENERATIONAL thing. The older actors – especially the males – are the worst! Pacino, DeNiro, Russell Crow = they’re all douchebags. But the younger actors are more levelheaded. Thank God for this newer generation!

  • Old d-bags

    It’s because the older actors are from a sexist time when it was considered normal for men to be douchebags, it was considered men just being “assertive” when they were rude, cocky, and disrespectful. But only the men were allowed to behave this way. This behavior is still tolerated of the old actors because they are old Hollywood stars and people get starstrucked and are brainwashed into thinking that they have to respect them. But these old farts are dieing off. And within the next 20 years nobody is going to tolerate that kind of behavior from them.

  • Leslie

    @JAMES CAAN IS A PERVERT: God, I hope Jensen and Jared never turn out this way!!!!!

  • http://@missyblaine missy blaine

    Thanks Jared for more J2/ Supernatural posts! Im loving them! SPN is my favorite show and I love how Jensen, Jared and the rest of the cast is so down to earth! I’m excited to see the new eppy tomorrow night! I’m sure that it will be great!!! Love ya Jensen! :)

    SPN fans: follow me on twitter at @missyblaine


    @College girl: I HATE SPANIARDS AS WELL!!! They try to associate themselves with Latin/Hispanic people because it’s convenient for their careers, but as soon as they are amongst themselves they start badmouthing Latinos and saying how superior they are. Penelope Cruz is one example. She HATES Mexicans but does movies with them and goes to award shows for Hispanics. Spaniards are two-faced hypocrites and THEY ARE NOT AND NEVER WILL BE Latin/Hispanic. They are EUROPEAN.

  • kiki

    Could Jensen be any hotter!!! I am sooo in love with this man and watch Supernatural just to see him. He is totally perfect and gorgeous and seems like a really nice guy too….where do you find men like him in real life???

  • Regi

    Im sorry but there should be a law against Jensen Akles and Jared Padaleki on he same screen together. Way to much to handle at the same time…… Lord help us all !!

  • Koree

    Thank You JustJared for posting about the best show on tv!!!!

  • chocolatecookie

    my favorite show of all time..i watch the re-runs..and even the 2 hours of re-runs in the creative and original..the guys on the show are great including bobby..i hope they bring the dad back at some point even if its just for a dream or memory or something!

  • birdie

    Jensen is so talented it’s awesome that he’s directing one of the best shows on TV. Congrats!!

  • mrs. robinson

    Beautiful Jensen. I’m proud of him and hope the episode does well tonight. Thanks for the picture and video.

  • emma

    jensen is hot !!! i can’t wait the next episodes of Supernatural just to see him :)

  • Rio

    Oh Jensen good for you!At least you won’t be jobless after Supernatural…Oh no we need to wait and see!
    Good luck anyway.

  • brr

    @ college girl and spanish are the worst. learn a little bit of history. first, latins are all the countries that had latin as their mother tongue (italy, spain, portugal) because romans lived in that countries. second, the word spain means hispania in latin, so spaniards are hispanics. so dont insult people gratiutously

  • http://www. V

    @Jens likes GAY futbol players: That’s not Pique! LMAO!

  • saif

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  • saif

    hi im saif im 23 yers im from lraq plese i hope from jensen to send me messagw becuse i write story i want from him yo read i9t with all my respect

  • Raquel Thalia

    I love him ♥

  • Flashing Beacon %0A

    i like movie actors that are not only good looking but can play a lot of differient roles :-`

  • norwaygirl93

    Jensen Ackles, is te hotest person alive,
    i want him in my bed now, he is indescribable.

  • Supernatural_Freak-

    Awwww ^^ cute Jensen =D

  • Supernatural_Freak-

    He’s so into his work :)