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Ke$ha Debuts 'We R Who We R' - LYRICS

Ke$ha Debuts 'We R Who We R' - LYRICS

Check out the latest from Ke$ha – it’s the first single off her new album, Cannibal, called “We R Who We R”!

K$ wrote the tune in response to the recent, gay youth suicides and bullying. “I wanted to inspire people to be themselves,” she told EW. “It’s a celebration of any sort of quirks or eccentricities.”

Ke$ha was recently nominated for 3 American Music Awards! “3 ama nominations….. im pretty speechless,” she tweeted. “thanks you guys…!!! my fans are kicking some serious a–…”

FYI: Cannibal hits shelves on November 22!

Ke$ha – ‘We R Who We R’

Click inside for the lyrics to “We R Who We R”!

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  • re-release

    The verses made me cringe a little but I’m digging the chorus ;)

  • http://WWW. X


  • Jason

    it’s alright sounds like all her other stuff…

  • Jenn

    Her songs are catchy but man she sounds terrible live.

  • Ke$haTime

    LOVE IT <3

  • Ke$haTime

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dubya Bush

    It’s cute. Not like Tik Tok or anything. It won’t be number 1 but maybe top ten.

  • Sean

    ***YAWN*** Same re-hashed beat.

  • maria

    I….CAN………NOT……….STAND…………THIS……………GIRL. She has NO talent, is totally unattractive, and has the WORST voice ever. WHY on, earth is anyone buying her trash???? And putting money in her pockets? I do NOT get it. Is this the best her generation has to offer???????? If it is, and people actually think she’s talented, then we, as a society, are in big trouble.

  • Gabyzoka

    That song isn’t catchy and has a bo-ring lyric…. I just LOVE Ke$ha, but maybe she should work harder on her songs. She is a fabulous party girl, but that doens’t mean that this anoying repeted mixed bizar song is good… :/

  • Gabyzoka

    @maria People buy her songs cuz they’re really catchy and put your mood up, and they’re awesome in parties. And, at least Tik Tok, her lyrics ain’t stupid like other ones… But THIS song is a total expeption, lol
    She’s not an “Mariah Carey” when singin, but the point of her songs ain’t that. Ity’s to have fun. :) It’s like DJ songs…

  • Lilakoi Moon

    I don’t understand why I’m not famous. I can do so much better than that!

  • http://ucefjager ucef jager


  • waco

    total bullcrap.

  • waco

    lyrics are really dumb.

  • Kimberly

    So Amazing, I love it this song

  • Gry Online

    Her songs are catchy but man she sounds terrible live.

  • http://WWW. MARRY ME K$

    KESHA is f***ing RAD, I want her to be mine

    her and her mates where harassed by papz this week but she didn’t give a FU$K, just told them to go F themselves in her own endearing way by reversing their sexism
    love her swagger

    she gotta work on her phrasin at the start of this song but she’s doin her thing,her songs sound so good remixed

    she is the least pretentious person in the music industry n people are drawn to REAL people

    people can call her ugly all they want but she is beautiful to me


  • J12003

    There is no denying the fact that her songs are catchy..

    Sure she may use auto tune and some other stuff to enhance her voice but when it comes down to it, the songs she sings and the beat that goes with the songs are SO beyond catchy and fun to listen to.

    I personally do not care for her live performances nor do I care for the way she acts but I will say I am a fan of her music for the sole purpose of they are fun to listen to and they tend to put me in a good mood…

  • jj1234

    You know what this sounds like? Everything she’s released.

  • Dan

    @maria: Don’t you feel slightly ashamed? I take it you’re a female named Maria. Ke$ha has fame, fortune, and success thanks to her talent. She doesn’t spend her time ranting about how much she hates other celebrities on justjared, or anyone for that matter. You may not agree with her success, but if God gave the human race a choice between keeping her alive or you, the masses would fortunately opt for Ke$ha.

  • kristi

    that’s horrible

  • Robyn

    AWESOMENESS! I LOVE IT! Gonna be a 1# hit song!

  • seda




  • DTM87

    its amazing! best ke$ha song as of yet!! doesnt sound remotely like any of her other songs and even for that matter if it DOES….she did it right cuz her music is fun and catchy!!! who cares!! lol this song will def be toppin the charts #1!!

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  • #1ke$hafan

    bitch no you cant! KE$HA ROCK$!!

  • Chris Wasi

    Love the lyrics. I got the lyrics automatically in my mp3 files so i can scroll along with my iphone =)

  • http://hotmail Ashleigh

    i like your songs and i like to look good songs up!

  • daniel

    oh shit!!
    this song its sooo hoooot!!
    Ke$ha is AMAZING!!!
    Kes$ha FOREVER!!! i love

  • victor

    i love the music is sooo hoooot!! i love Ke$ha
    she is AMAZING

  • brendan

    Listen, I hate pop music, but I will defend ke$ha all day. She is really quite smart (1500 out of 1600 on SATs, 140 IQ, full scholarship to college). Maybe she is not the best singer, or the best songwriter, or even a good musician. I personally think she is, but that’s irrelevant. Point is, she is capitalizing on today’s music industry- you gotta respect her for that.

  • We r Who We r lyrics

    I really love this song…This is so unique…I wish that she will churn out new songs in future that is as good as this!!

  • Krislor

    LOVE IT <3

  • http://yahoo jchick

    Sorry kesha but I don’t see that song saying anything about discrimination. Sounds like another party song but I still like it.

  • http://Richie_lolxx RICHIE_72

    ISnt it “: WHEN weve got our hot pants on and up? not: And we’ve got hotpants on enough?

  • Koowie

    Love it! Kesha rocks!