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Olivia Munn: Chilean Miners Rescue on The Daily Show!

Olivia Munn: Chilean Miners Rescue on The Daily Show!

Olivia Munn reports “live” from the site of the Chilean miners’ rescue in Copiapo, Chile in this new Daily Show video!

The 30-year-old correspondent joked about having to subside on PowerBars and pouched juice while waiting to interview the rescued miners. Watch for Olivia starting at about 6:25 in the video below!

This weekend, Olivia will be hosting the Environmental Media Association Awards with Jason Ritter!

“Don’t let people make you feel bad because you can’t do everything,” she told E! “It’s the little things that you can do.”

Daily Show – Rescue in Chile
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  • nkenk

    I thought that was Mandy Moore at first….

  • mailey

    i cant believe she hasnt been dropped from the show yet. she’s not funny at all. and ive given her a chanc and watched her in severa segments. she is never funny.

  • News follower

    The chilean miners asked “No nos traten como artistas” “Don’t treat us like artist (celebs)”. But they are everywhere, I hope they just leave them alone.

  • mumu

    She is painfully unfunny.

  • Kimberly

    She is simply not funny on that show. Scripted comedy is not her forte. She is better when she can improv and on The Daily Show you simply can’t do that.

  • Whatever…

    Not funny
    Not famous
    Not pretty
    Not necessary
    Not newsworthy
    Not interesting

    How many more times do people have to tell you Jared that they are not interested in hearing ANYTHING about this trannie?

  • FunkyMedina

    You haters are out of your minds. Olivia is hilarious! just because YOU don’t get her humour doesn’t mean she’s not funny. Olivia ROCKS and she’s an amazing addition to the Daily Show news team

  • M.

    I don’t see why this would be funny to anyone, not because of her not being funny at all but because it’s disrespectful to make fun of this situation and Chile. And no, I’m not from Chile.

  • Sean

    Cringeworthy. She should’ve stuck with AOTS. I’m sure she’ll be back there once her NBC pilot gets canceled.

  • Lilakoi Moon

    I canNOT stand this girl. Why is she famous again?!

  • Nicole

    How is this funny? The miner situation was serious. Can she only keep her fame status by making fun of a serious situation? By making fun of a life threatening situation?

  • FunkyMedina

    M. if tongue-in-cheek humour is not your thing, that is fine, but people need to be able to talk about serious situations with a little light-heartedness otherwise nobody would pay attention. poking a litlte fun never hurt anybody. Olivia has mega fans out there and i’m proud to be one of them!!!! EFF the haters!

  • Eli

    I bet if they were American miners she wouldn’t be there poking fun at them and their country. Is there anything else that can be used for comedy? FunkyMedina, just go and get stuck in a well for 69 days then let’s see what you say. Futility has no limit. BTW, where is this mega fan base you are talking about ?

  • News follower

    IDK why my comment is -1.
    I’m saying that what happened in Chile is not a joke or a show.
    Why is in a gossip site? Just because a Bimbo went there to make lame jokes.

  • Brightside

    @News follower:
    I agree with you. Being trapped for over 60 days underground wondering whether you will be rescued or not is not even remotely funny. It’s on the same level as making fun of earthquake victims or the victims of a plane crash. It’s been an incredibly traumatic experience for all involved and the miners have been amazingly stalwart and courageous so why make the whole scenario the butt of a sick sense of humour.
    Doesn’t make me laugh but I do want to applaud the miners courage and Chile’s determined efforts to bring them to the surface safely. I would also like to stuff Olivia Munn in a hole for 60 odd days and see if she was still laughing at the end of it. I doubt she would be.

  • Lola

    She is sooo painfully wooden on this..get some acting classes or something. She’s another famewhore who slept her way to where she is..

  • vale

    Viva Chile!!!

  • offtheproperty

    Brilliant !!! There has never been anyone like her. There has been someone like everyone else. But never like her. Until now.

  • Carla

    @vale: VIVA!

  • nati aranguiz

    something was funny ad true about
    the situacion. but dont offense my country,
    chile is awesone and that is all ;) (page of know, check it out)
    maybe u dont know what r u talking about.. :)
    c-h-i- chi l-e le chichichilelele viva chile

  • Natali

    Porqué los gringos son tan fomes (sin generalizar), y tienen un humor, además de malo.. ( o penca), tan desubicado?.
    Sería como mofarse de lo que les sucedió el 11Sept. No?.
    Jaja.. ahí no les gusto..

  • Constanza

    i’m from chile and i think that this is a joke, nobody should make fun of the situation of the miners, VIVA CHILEEEEEE !!

  • Carla

    @Natali: waajajaja los cagaron xd

  • ccrl

    @Natali: wajaja bueena xd

  • Blake Seabreeze

    I really admire these guys! Their families must be elated that the rescue went according to plan. What a great triumph for Chile and everyone that was involved.

  • jaye

    It’ll be interesting to see how or if their ordeal will affect their lives, including their relationships with their wives or significant other. Added to that, how their celebrity will affect them. Like it or not, willingly or not people can change the way they see the world and not always in a good way when something like this happens. I would be surprised if they just went back into their former lives unchanged.
    .I’m glad they all got out safely, I doubt that this was by any means an easy thing with which to deal. I would say they were well entitled to the few luxuries they did have.

  • Find waterbeds

    The chilean miners asked “No nos traten como artistas” “Don’t treat us like artist (celebs)”. But they are everywhere, I hope they just leave them alone.

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