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Sienna Miller is 'Fur' Real

Sienna Miller is 'Fur' Real

Sienna Miller arrives at Heathrow Airport to catch an outbound flight in London, England on Thursday (October 14).

The 28-year-old actress wore a tweed and red suede fur trimmed coat as she prepared for her flight.

On Tuesday, Sienna wore a stunning blue dress to designer Matthew Williamson‘s book launch party.

The book depicts the last twelve years of the designer’s career and includes shots of Sienna in addition to supermodel Kate Moss.

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  • LJ

    I hope that’s fake.

  • lol

    @LJ: I hope you don’t wear leather shoes or eat meat. SHM at preachers.

  • Brightside

    I agree with LJ. There’s a big difference to skinning an animal alive so that some idiot woman thinks she looks beautiful in the name of pretentious fashion and eating meat. I don’t eat meat or wear leather but I do realise that some people don’t feel a vegetarian diet is for them but there is absolutely no excuse for killing a wild animal solely for the ridiculous and amoral idea that it’s fur is a fashionable item. It is disgusting and the women who wear fur are just so they can fool themselves into thinking they look beautiful in it (they don’t) are doubly disgusting and despicable creatures.

  • “foreal?”

    Jared, you have officially outdone your corny titles. Omg LMAO.

  • http://www. CruellaDeVil~

    @Brightside: What about those of us who wear the fur of an already dead animal? They don’t have to be skinned alive.

  • LJ

    Sorry, I wasn’t really trying to preach. But I do enjoy a good debate so feel free to reply to me again. I don’t wear leather shoes, my shoes are made from fabric and have rubber soles. I do however eat meat but only from the free range or RSPCA Freedom Food section of the supermarket ensuring the animal has had a good life and was killed in a humane manner. Either way, I’m pretty sure the animals in the meat industry aren’t skinned alive like they are in the fur industry. Don’t get the wrong idea about me, I don’t go around forcing my opinions on others or attacking people who don’t agree with me. I just hope it isn’t real fur, thats all.

  • Ben

    @LJ: The meat people eat even Organic meat is processed through machines, the animals are ALIVE and are killed through the revolvers, how is skinning animals worse?

  • Music 101

    What will PETA say?

  • Fur

    I will leave it to your judgment.

  • jessemosslover

    First she likes to sleep with married men and now she’s wearing an uglyass fur coat. As IF this beotch couldnt get any tackier. Yuck.

  • LJ

    @Ben: As I stated, I only eat meat from free range and RSPCA approved farms (I think “Organic” means something different). I trust that the RSPCA would never allow an animal to be killed in such a cruel way. I have seen many videos of animals being skinned alive for their fur. Never have I seen a video of an animal being processed for its meat while it is still alive. Can you provide a link? If not, I am going to find it hard to believe you.

  • rori

    Animals are mistreated to the point of torture while in captivity before they are slaughtered, organic or not.

  • J.Gault

    When will some folks wake up and realize that watching a video on the Internet from a group with an agenda does not make one an expert on anything except perhaps gullibility, stupidity, and foolishness?

    Would you also swallow a video produced by the KKK about the NAACP so readily without any critical questioning as you do these videos by animal rights zealots?

    Read the label and buy fur that is raised in Scandinavia, Canada, or USA. It does not matterf where the garment is manufactured. Problem solved.

  • J.Gault

    When will some folks wake up and realize that watching a video on the Internet from a group with an agenda does not make one an expert on anything except perhaps gullibility, stupidity, and foolishness?

    Would you also swallow a video produced by the KKK about the NAACP so readily without any critical questioning like you do the animal rights zealots?

    Read the label and buy fur that is raised in Scandinavia, Canada, or USA. It does not matter if where the garment is manufactured. Problem solved.

  • Willow

    @J.Gault: Eh?

  • LJ

    @Fur: Thanks for the link, very interesting.

  • peggy

    Not only is her fur terrible. She’s flying to LA where it’s warm.
    Sienna the prima dona can’t even push her own cart.
    Jared you have outdone yourself. This is the fashion icon that everyone is talking about or is it just her PR team.

  • Brightside

    I don’t eat meat but I live near a free range farm that raises turkeys and geese. They have large spacious barns attached to large spacious fields they can run around in. Inside the barns there are CD’s and cat balls (the ones with the bells in) hanging from the rafters for the turkeys and the geese to peck and play with. They are given pumpkins and squashes to peck at and eat for variety and when there are plums in season they get those too. It’s like watching a football match, one turkey picks up the plum and races around the field with it while the other turkeys chase after him, or her if she’s a hen. Music is also played in the barns for their relaxation. Their barns are strawed up daily with fresh straw and any injured birds are taken to a special hospital pen. They are very well treated and the farmer has fired staff who do not treat the birds with kindness and respect. They are humanely (I personally hate that term but….) killed. If you absolutely have to eat meat (even though it’s unnecessary to an adequate and healthy human diet) then it is possible to eat meat from an animal that has been raised with kindness and treated with respect. But there is no excuse for wearing fur. None at all. That’s just about killing something for fashion snobbery. Why rob an animal of it’s life so you can swank around being a brainless fashion snob?

  • doodoo

    @Music 101: then it is possible to eat meat from an animal that has been raised with kindness and treated with respect

    PETA ARE disgusting

  • Teacher

    real fur or not…..Sienna is a nasty, classless, disgusting woman.

  • emily


    Don’t Fool Yourself
    that’s all

  • luisaonline

    What an ugly coat!!!

  • rui



  • sasha

    We humans use animals. We eat them, play with them, and wear their skins

    Get Used To It !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sasha


    fur are also treated with respect in finland , denmark……
    and you have absolutely no excuse to judge fashion style
    eat meat wear fur are no difference
    the problem is humanely or not

  • Brightside

    Don’t eat meat, don’t wear fur. As a human you have an informed choice to do either or not to do either. Our survival doesn’t depend on eating meat to fuel our bodies or wearing another creature’s fur to keep warm. Just because our caveman ancestors had to do both to survive doesn’t mean we, in the 21st century, have to. They had no choice. We do. So ditch the ignorant, caveman attitude.

  • Dahlia

    Why do you keep reporting on this nasty-ass trashy ho

  • kiki

    She is such a selfish unthinking and uncaring person. I cant believe she would parade around wearing a skinned alive and tortured animal without a care in the world :( That poor animal she is wearing would have had a life filled with nothing but torment and suffering but Sienna does not care, she think she looks good and thats all that matter right…stupid cow. I cannot STAND her now.

  • Mari

    Escrache!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No al uso de pieles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dan


  • Heather

    Where on earth is the evidence that animals used in the fur trade are tortured, suffer and skinned alive? Oh yes, a few videos produced by extremist animal rights organisations, Reliable evidence indeed eh? why are you so stupid to believe them? These vids are just not true, it just doesn’t happen in the resposible fur trade. Even in China the market place (not a legit fur farm) where the skinning alive vids were taken, was tracked down, and the miscreants punished. Yes EVEN China has animakl welfare laws.

    There is so much rubbish on the net about fur. There is plenty of legitimate information out there about how animals are raised for their fur humanely , believe that, and not the lies and emotional rhetoric put out by fanatics. If you don’t like it, don’t wear it. But millions of people like it and think it looks good. It is certainly fashionable as the growth in world wide fur sales shows

  • ajlondon

    For all those that think peta are saints:

    so please stop being so hypocritical
    the only organisation that makes a real effort to monitore animal welfare is actually the fur industry. those are facts!

  • J.Gault

    Animal rights groups are not interested in humane farming practices, they are interested in the 100% banning of any farming at all. It would not matter if these animals were raised in Buckingham Palace in the lap of luxury, they would still be against it. For them to argue about farming standards is disingenuous. Farming standards are beside the point for animal rights zealots. They simply perpetuate these stupid lies and publicity stunts to sway the attitudes of the public, especially those dumb enough to believe that if a video is posted on the Internet it must be true.

    Stop preaching your hate and pretended morlatiy to others.

  • Lisa
  • Ravynwolfe Moondancer

    Only wear the fur if you eat the animal. There is nothing so wasteful and disgusting as wearing the fur of an animal that you won’t even eat.

  • J.Gault

    @Ravynwolfe Moondancer:
    The reason most animals of these animals are not eaten by humans is because the meat is not very likeable. Meat from carnivores, such as mink, tastes horrible to humans. However, the meat and some organs from mink and other animals on fur farms is used as an ingredient typically listed as “meat byproduct” in some pet feeds. So it does not go to waste. Also, the layer of fat between the muscle and skin is used to make a product most of us know as “mink oil” which is used to preserve leather products so they last longer and remain supple and do not dry out.

    There is always some waste in any form of production no matter what it may be. For animals raised on fur farms, they only waste is generally the skelton and some organs.

  • Dahlia

    I agree, fur clothes for a trashy fur brained idiot

  • eab

    The comments stating that animals are skinned alive are absurd. No fur ranch in the western world does this sort of thing. Their practices are the same ones used by veterinarians, who they consulted with in revising their procedures. The fur industry has been unfairly criticized by a bunch of do-gooders who use emotional arguments and fraudulent evidence to make a point. Hunting and trapping of animals is necessary to maintain healthy animal populations in the wild. Animals raised on fur ranches are not tortured or abused. In fact, it is in the rancher’s best interest to treat them very well; they generally live longer on these ranches than they would in the wild. The pet food industry is a by-product of the fur industry; you anti-fur nuts have probably fed some mink or other such meat to your pets. All of the arguments of the anti-fur people can be torn apart when just a little logic and reason is applied to the issue. The only way their arguments hold up is when they are viewed entirely emotionally, which PETA hopes is the case. After all, the more they can gin up public furor over these issues, the more money they raise and the more power they create for themselves to control people’s lives.

  • mommy

    There has been no issue so hijacked as this fur/anti-fur debate. The animal rights fanatics have created an issue and demonized an entire industry on the basis of minimal knowledge. Even if everyone stopped wearing fur, it would not reduce animal suffering one iota. This has been proven in the wild. As certain furs have become unpopular in fashion, the numbers of those animals taken from the wild goes down. Invariably, those animals start to overpopulate and cause an imbalance. This increases disease, starvation or infringement on another animal population. The fur industry actually helps to keep balance in econsystems through regulated hunting and trapping. Ranch-raised animals are not abused, contrarty to what PETA tells you. PETA uses videos of questionable source to appeal to human emotions in order to raise funds and further a political agenda; they are very effective at this, but that doesn’t make them right. Is wearing fur a necessity? Of course not. Then again, eating a steak is not a necessity and wearing a pair of calfskin Gucci loafers is not a necessity. In fact, very little of what we do is a necessity, and much of what we do impacts the earth and the environment is some way or another. Real fur is more environmentally friendly than the fake stuff. Some say that’s not true, but don’t believe it. A real mink coat can last for decades; theoretically, there is no reason to have another coat. If more people in cold climates wore real fur coats, we’d actually all be better off, including the mink population!!

  • hh
  • hh