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Taylor Momsen: Guns N' 'Revolver'

Taylor Momsen: Guns N' 'Revolver'

A gun-toting Taylor Momsen strikes a pose on the cover of the latest issue of Revolver magazine.

The 17-year-old actress and Pretty Reckless singer wore a pair of platform stilettos, thigh-high stockings, and had a holster strapped around her leg.

Last week, Taylor rocked a pair of buckled boots while filming some scenes for Gossip Girl with co-star Penn Badgley.

Looks like Taylor avoided an on-stage mishap while performing with her band in Maryland over the weekend.

“Had an awesome time in Baltimore last night, you guys were great,” she wrote on her Twitter page, “even if the mic almost killed me.”

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# 2
rock n roll queen @ 10/14/2010 at 8:06 am

revolver magazine is one of the greates rock magazines, which feautures mega bands like korn,slayer,slipknot etc.she must feel sure people will start calling her the same sh*t but the truth is simple.if u r into rock n roll the moment common people approve ur persona , go kill urself.

# 3

Oh God Revolver, don’t encourage her!

# 4

How old is she again? Gash…
And she used to be so nice…

# 5

Oh boy…

Okay I’m trying to word and wrote music actually, and the rock is not about the dresses, I would even say that the more time you’re searching for dresses, the less you work on music.

She’s just trying to prove that she’s rock n’roll and rebellious, but let me tell you something : here in France some people can go to jail if they have pics of minors dressed like that on their computers…lol

# 6

to work, not to word.

# 7

@rock n roll queen:

Rock is not about dress, or undress.
You can add some style on videos or on covers if you got really good music, but getting naked while you’re very young, it’s jut some try to proove something, it’s sad.

# 8

She’s trying too hard. What an ae*ehole.

# 9

cool cover.

Where are the parents of this girl? She looks like a prostitute. In a year this will be the cover of Playboy and she’s not the hottest chick in hard rock!

she’s worse than Lohan!

H.O.E, ho ho ho trying too hard, looking pathetic zombie like quality bad parenting, bad seed

ChristieGirl15 @ 10/14/2010 at 9:13 am

How is Miley Cyrus worst then her . Why does Miley get all the bad rap and this girl dosnt . She’s younger then Miley too.

Lilakoi Moon @ 10/14/2010 at 9:15 am

So many WRONGS on that cover. @MlleF: I know riiiiight! ;D

@Lilakoi Moon:


There’s a lot of jokes about europeens and France who’s supposed to allowed anything in sex, I don’t know where did come those ideas…

But I’m not sure that this kind of cover will be possible…or maybe we are too classy for

No there a lot of **** in France too I must say, but no naked minors on magazines I think.

I am a teenager in lingerie with lots of eyeliner and I am really pissed off.

yipiantaohua @ 10/14/2010 at 9:42 am

Wholesale and retail
== ==

she’s freakin 17!! wtf??!

Can someone feed that girl a triple cheese bacon and everything on it
What is with these so called young starlets and acting out, clearly a cry for attention.

WTF… check out her new tweet + tattoo
that’s weird for Age 17

rock n roll queen @ 10/14/2010 at 10:50 am

@MlleF: actually its about everything.sure music comes always first but style is also important as its a way of expression and thats why certain unique dress codes have been used by movements in the rock scene so often.extravagant ,unique,rebellious persona is important as david bowie,marilyn manson,sex pistols,who 1rst introduced punk style and bdsm fashion and the whole punk philosophy.every common person was repulsed by them at the time as they do now by taylor.sure she isnt as great as them but she makes good music at a young age and this is impressive.the mentality is the rock star mentality and its**w the standards of society.and actually that way u have more fun.i remember in high school where every girl hated me except my 4 best friends bcause i slept with all the guys and every teacher as well bcause i had a big mouth and dressed what?i had loads of fun which i wouldnt have if i thought that this wasnt acceptable she wants to dress that way.let her be,accept other people as they r even when u disagree with them.

@Christiegirl15 – ikr? People call Miley white trash, but this one makes Miley Cyrus look positively wholesome.

Man she’s stolen my Friday night look – damn H0!!!!!!

she should be on guns & ammo cover next.

@Saad G.Khan: That tattoo is not on her, it’s on a fan.

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