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Taylor Swift: PARADE Magazine Cover, Album Release Festivities!

Taylor Swift: PARADE Magazine Cover, Album Release Festivities!

Taylor Swift‘s hair blows in the wind as she graces the cover of Parade magazine’s October 24 issue.

When the 20-year-old Speak Now singer was asked about her love life, she shared, “Things change so quickly. I have no idea who’s going to be a recurring character and who’s just a guest star for one episode. Love is fascinating. Wishing for it, pining for it, and the anger that comes when you lose it. I used to think that I could figure out some pattern to love, like if you don’t text a guy back for a half hour, he’ll like you more. But there is no pattern. Absolutely nothing is predictable in love or in life.”

Click inside to find out all about the bi-coastal week Taylor has planned with her fans to launch her new album…


– OCTOBER 25 – A group of winners of contests held around the world will join Taylor for a private performance at the United Nations in New York City. The event will be streamed on many of MTV Networks’ web properties, including,, and websites across Europe, Asia, Australia and Latin America.

–OCTOBER 26 – Taylor will perform live for fans from Rockefeller Plaza on the Today Show as part of their fall concert series. Fans can apply for passes to the show at That night, she will do an interview and performance on the Late Show with David Letterman. The Today Show airs on NBC from 7:00 – 11:00 a.m. (all time zones), and Letterman airs on CBS at 11:30 p.m. (ET/PT).

– OCTOBER 27 – Taylor‘s day starts with Live! With Regis & Kelly, where she will do an interview and performance. Live! airs on ABC affiliates nationwide, check for listings by area. That afternoon, she will visit Scholastic’s New York headquarters, where she will take time out from her busy release week schedule for a special literacy event, “Read Now! with Taylor Swift,” as part of the company’s 90th Anniversary Literacy campaign. Later in the day, she will visit Madame Tussaud’s New York – the famed Times Square wax attraction — for the unveiling of her original wax figure.

– OCTOBER 28 – Taylor‘s Speak Now release week culminates in Los Angeles, where The Ellen DeGeneres Show will celebrate the release of Speak Now by once again devoting an entire hour-long show to throwing Taylor‘s official album release party. The Speak Now Album Release Party will air on the Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday, November 1st (syndicated, check local listings). This is only the second time in history the show has hosted an album launch, the first was for Taylor‘s Fearless album in 2008.

– NOVEMBER 2 – Taylor will be back on Los Angeles to perform on Dancing With the Stars, airing on ABC at 9:00 p.m. (ET/PT).


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  • ko

    seriously…every song she writes about has to do with a boy friend. how many bfs do u have taylor? i wonder whether she is a “pure” as she says she is….. i guess they don’t call u “SWIFT” for nothing!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pixy

    does she ever think about anything else besides dating…?

  • kizbit

    @ pixy: I doubt it. She’s a 21 year old woman. That’s about all there is to think about at her age…remember? And she obviously speaks for MANY young women out there because she is wildly popular and hugely successful.

  • hillary

    cant believes shes only 20!?!? and shes had a billion boyfriends? y is cute lil country star still singing about fairytales, ponies, weddings, happiness, lollipops? hasn’t any of those bf’s managed to make her go all the way yet? LOL un-purify her?

  • lu

    wow! she’s busy!!

  • Joanne

    her songs are getting old, can’t wait till she writes something other than all this love dovey stuff

  • Rockstar

    How profound……zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Samuel

    I can’t believe this basic bish has so many fans. LOL Middle America.

  • mailey

    that’s a really crappy cover tho. looks like a photo from the 80s. or a glamour shot.

  • gia


    yeah, or maybe an 80s photo plus whoever did the artwork for the twilight posters….not a good thing.

    i want to know why her make-up artist never gives her a warm look even though she’s so pretty. she has smaller features so heavy eye makeup, dark lipstick (which wasn’t even filled in properly…look how uneven it is), and matte skin doesn’t do anything for her. combined with the fact that she never really shows her teeth when she smiles it looks like she’s insincere even when she’s trying to emote happiness. it’s always a cocked eyebrow and mouth slightly ajar. seriously…look at her website, more than half her promo hotos are her trying to give this “coy” look.

  • lila

    You people are idiots.
    She said that she writes songs about her freinds relationships, her parents, and she can see a guy from across a room and write a song about him. Im sure that if someone looks sad, she writes about that too.

  • Bree

    She has no range or variety, although I prefer her SLIGHTLY more than auto-tune queens like Ke$ha. Boring, repetitive songs matched with limited singing skill (anyone see her grammy performance?! bleh!) = Taylor Swift.

  • jess

    @gia: everything u said is right. that is strange that she never shows her teeth when she smiles…….

  • Bree

    When will people start listening to real artists? Kick out Bieber and Swift! I don’t hate them personally, but they suck at singing live! Green Day, Sara Bareilles, Colbie Caillait, U2, and Bon Jovi on the other hand, all sound amazing live!

  • waco

    Bree- all of the mentioned have had bad live days. Do not kid yourself. Taylors latest lives have been pretty good. Seems like she is getting better.

  • Jenn

    I used to like her music when it first came out. Now her songs sound all the same.

  • ck

    God I’m sick of her!

  • gail

    I’d rather date a 1000 toads to find my prince than give up and settle for mr. wrong.



    I agree with your comments. She was so HORRIBLE on the Grammy’s I felt sorry for Stevie Nicks.
    Isn’t she dating that guy from The Buried Life?

  • Brooke

    She’s terribly overrated. I’m tired of hearing about her.

  • Anonymous

    Hey writing about her love life has made her rich. And its a topic everyone can relate too. I say do yo thang girl!

  • Sarah

    You guys will bash anything just to think what you have to say is relevant or important. I find it amusing. Seriously, what are you doing?

  • Andie

    LOL people here are idiots omg! Hey news flash you can write 2 albums in a relationship! And you can be inspired by little things that isn’t even your own experiences! Stop the hate! Fad isn’t always wrong! She’s the real deal! Have seen her many times live and all of them she brilliantly delivered! But yeah, haters gonna hate I guess!

  • Halli

    I’m pretty sick of her love/hate ballads but she is stunning!

  • reba

    she is one unattractive young lady

  • G

    Love her! Can’t wait for the new album!

  • ellie’

    Taylor is stunning..beautiful voice..

  • therainhouse

    @ko: Not true. Not true at all. Stay Beautiful was about a boy whom she thought was cute. That’s all. I don’t think she even had feelings for that boy.

    The Best Day was about her relationship with her parents.


    Fifteen is about growing up, it’s a coming-of-age story.

    She didn’t even date the guy who was the inspiration for ‘Picture to Burn’ .

    Teardrops on my Guitar is about a close friend she liked.

    Forever and Always is about Joe Jonas.

    Back to December most probably is about Taylor Lautner because she wrote that song a few days after they parted ways.

    So, don’t say ‘every’ song is about a boyfriend.

    Mine is about a girl’s insecurities and worries about marriage.

    How can you say every song is about a boyfriend?

    Don’t start casting shadows on a person’s character just because you don’t particularly like what they sing or write or film . It’s not your place to do that. It’s very misleading and you can influence others to think the same of Swift when your allegations are clearly untrue. If you were a reporter or a journalist or a celebrity, you could be sued.

  • Blaire

    You don’t have to have THAT many boyfriends to write a bunch of songs guys… Chances are a lot of her songs are about the same guy. I personally like that she writes about love. Her songs have helped me in the past and they continue to help me now. She finds ways to put what you’re feeling that you can’t put into words, right into her lyrics. She’s putting out these songs for her fans and for people who want to hear them, so if all of you who are b****ing about her writing about love too much don’t want to hear it…then go away. Seriously. She does an amazing job. I saw her live, it was incredible. She’s gorgeous. She’s talented. And you’re all just jealous.

  • Blaire


    I saw her live, and she was amazing. Let’s see you try and do better. OH WAIT. You’re not famous and probably not talented. There’s a reason why she is and you’re not.

  • yo sista

    She’s beautiful STFU haters.

  • tyler

    i love taylor. she is perfect. i love how all of you bash her while shes got millions of dollars. pop pop

  • unpainted furniture

    that’s a really crappy cover tho. looks like a photo from the 80s. or a glamour shot.

  • rob

    @ko: She writes about her friends and familys experience as well as her own.

  • jenn

    theres a lot of haters in here…