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Brad Pitt: Watch the First Five Minutes of 'Megamind'!

Brad Pitt: Watch the First Five Minutes of 'Megamind'!

The first five minutes of Brad Pitt‘s upcoming animated flick Megamind has been released by Nickelodeon!

The pic is about two aliens that are sent away from their home planets in times of crisis that grow up to be archenemies. Megamind (Will Ferrell) tries to conquer Metro City in every way possible, but Metro Man (Brad Pitt) foils every attempt!

The film also features the voices of Tina Fey and Jonah Hill.

Click inside to watch the first five minutes of Megamind

Watch the First Five Minutes of Brad Pitt’s Megamind
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Credit: Kevork Djansezian; Photos: Getty
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  • Janicka

    brad Pitt rocks. Hello from the Czech Republic

  • Armenian_Girl

    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are the best.
    Armenia loves you sooooooooooo much Brad and Angie.

  • thats_rgith

    Brad and Angelina all they way, the best couple on the entire planet :)

  • thats_right

    Brad and Angelinaaaaaaaaaa all the wayyyyyyyyyyy :)

  • Lurker

    Loving you Brad and Angie. Looking forward to Angie’s directorial debut.

  • fivehead

    Ang the alien in this too?

  • taylor



  • nakedoldjennifer

    thanks JJ, Love BP and AJ, although this clip is really about will ferrell
    can’t wait for the red carpet !!

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    fivehead @ 10/15/2010 at 11:40 am -1

    Ang the alien in this too?

    Yes, she is in it too. She is beautiful isn’t she even as an alien. Unlike some long chin hag who don’t look beautiful even as a human. Angie is gorgeous as a human & alien.

  • bosh

    it looks cute .I will check it out .

  • Random!!!

    I can’t watch the video! :(
    I am not located in the U.S .. I’ll check it out somewhere else, looks g00d.

  • Dan

    The five minutes were very interesting. Brad Pitt always knows how to pick good roles, glad to see him in an animated. Wish he was in the main role though, but Will is hilarious as well.

  • just wondering

    soo the blue big headed alien stickfigure is supposed to be Angelina?

  • jaye

    A great example of when blue babies go bad. This looks like it will be hilarious.

  • sandra

    so tired of this family…

  • Most fascinating People 2010

    Barbara Walters has included the cast of Jersey Shore in her Top 10 Most Fascinating People of 2010. They’ll do a sit-down interview with Walters for a TV special later this week.

    The annual 10 Most Fascinating People special will air on ABC on December 9th. First Lady Michelle Obama, Lady Gaga, Jay-Z, Brad Pittand Tom Cruise are also on the list. Kate Gosselin and Adam Lambert are, as well.

  • Lucky Charm

    With these four in it, I’m sure this movie will be good. I just might have to check it out. And Sandra, if you’re tired of this family then don’t bother reading & commenting. If you really were tired of them you would have ignored this and just moved on to the next one.

  • Lucky Charm

    @Most fascinating People 2010:

    Wow, I know BW is getting older and a little out of touch, but where did she compile this list from? I really don’t get how Kate G. or the Jersey Shore cast are considered fascinating, but obviously enough people do…and Tom Snooze used to be but not lately. I find Lady GagGag more annoying than fascinating. The rest of the list I could agree with, though.

  • WBPFan

    Walters’ 10 Most Fascinating People 2010 has NOT been announced yet.
    That 411mania and other blogs mangled the press release which talked about BW interviewing Oprah and having that air the same night as the 10 Most Fascinating 2010 is aired. To describe the show, names of previous year’s lists were then listed such as “Michelle Obama, Kate Gosselin, Sarah Palin, and Lady Gaga among Barbara Walters’ 10 Most Fascinating People of 2009.”
    The 2010 list HAS NOT BEEN ANNOUNCED.

  • t.m.delafonda

    Brad is simply amazing. He has truly become a force to be reckoned with since he found his soulmate. Let the haters hate while the fans of the JP’s celebrate.

  • WBPFan

    Not B&A related so skip if not interested:

    OK channel flipping and saw E’s fashion show wrapup (don’t know the exact title), when talking about Cortney Cox, they began talking about Aniston and Joan said she wears dresses so short she looks like she’s saying “I can have dinner and a pap smear at the same time” I was still laughing so didn’t hear the whole joke afterwards but then she said something like she hoped Aniston starts making better movies because they were so bad that even in the last one “the dog was begging to die”

  • lulu


    LMAP. I agree with Joan River, when woman reach 40′s wearing a short -short pants or dress is not cute anymore !! even you got a ton leg or whatsoever. it just look like desperate aging S., L .U T

    I think Maniston , CCox and other member of their botox fans club have serious issue on relationship as well as their common problem of aging phobia . those hag need help!

  • dawne

    Hasn’t Hag spent up close and personal time with male leads (or with a fcuk buddy) on red carpets who have all had the ‘experience’ of working and falling in fascination and admiration with, Angie?

    Poor thang……she is forever relegated to sloppy seconds…..LMAO……

    Vince V, Butler and now CF….I love it. They walk the carpet thinkin’ to themselves……no effing wonder Brad traded up.

    Love Joan’s pap smear metaphor…….damn, she can nail it like noone else when it comes to pure ‘cat’ humour. And the dog beggin’ to die in a movie Hag is in……..perfection.

    When Joan starts making jokes about your sl*tty/needy/fameho style and your acting is the punch line following your bad azz style intro…..I’d say your career is most assuredly on the rails.

    Hello, Hag. Let me introduce you to Karmic Conviction.

    Katherine H is now on the Angelina bandwagon…… there anyone left who won’t use Angelina to boost their own profile??? I think MF gave up………she doesn’t have the acting chops or the mystique…or the brain………

    I truly believe Angie has reached the apex of her star status…….is anyone more famous than she at this moment………no wonder Brad is in awe…….she must inspire and challenge him on every level.

  • LLM

    Brad and Angelina Completely In Love

    The Jolie-Pitts Camping?

  • sera

    Everyone uses Angie to get their name in the news. The good news is that Brad and Angie know it and are not impressed. Watch how quiet all the haters are ow that Angie has permission to film. When she losr it they were jumping up and down with glee and couldn’t report it enough. The silence regarding her getting the ok is deadening.

  • Passing Through

    # 407 busted @ 10/16/2010 at 8:53 pm
    I had to laugh at your comment that seeing Courteney cutting off David while he was talking made you look at her in a new light. I’ve been saying forever – Courteney is a great big honkin’ biitch. Oddly enough this week’s US mag pretty much pegged it – aside from being polar opposites without a lot in common, she’s a type A personality, controlling and anal like a mofo, he’s laid-back and easy going. Is this sounding familiar? Kinda of like X – she’s neurotic, controlling and anal like a mofo…and Brad is laid back and easy-going. Even though CC did the dumping and DA sounds like a whipped puppy, it’s pretty obvious that she’s got just as many problems as he’s got – but she put it all on him that she was tired of being his mother. Well, if she wanted David to grow up, then she should have LET him instead of always having to be the one in charge. Once again – just like X…everything was HIS fault and her shite doesn’t stink. I wonder if there’s a whiny Elle tell-all in her future? (I said Elle cuz she’s not important enough to get a VF or Vogue cover. Elle, Marie Claire or probably Good Housekeeping is about as good as she can expect.)
    The other Coquette tabloid funny came courtesy of OuttaTouch (IIRC) who noted that X and her pals – Courteney, Snora Dern and Sheryl Crow – could form their own Ex-Wives (and fiancees) Club because each of them had now been dumped by their husband or fiancee.
    Oh yeah, speaking of Snora Dern, the tab stories are running together in my head, but IIRC it was Lies & Shite that had me ROTFLMAO when they said that Ben Harper dumped Snora Dern because “he’s just not that into her” anymore! LOL! Yeah, they went THERE.

  • zen2

    Very good!