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Glee: Rocky Horror Episode Behind the Scenes Look!

Glee: Rocky Horror Episode Behind the Scenes Look!

Amber Riley, Dianna Agron, and Chris Colfer dress up as characters from The Rocky Horror Picture Show for the upcoming Glee Halloween episode!

Chris Colfer plays Riff-Raff and says he begged to play him as he considers it “the best character in the show.”

Chord Overstreet plays Rocky and said “I’m kind of naked. Everything but some gold shorts… and they’re skin tight.”

Matthew Morrison calls the episode “ab-tastic!” He says that he, Chord and Cory Monteith will all be showing off their abs. We got a preview of the shirtless action after this week’s “Duets” episode!

Glee: Rocky Horror Episode Behind the Scenes Look

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  • Scarlett

    in plain English.

  • nicole

    A show for “outcasts” and “people trying to fit in”. Really?

    I don’t think so. “Glee” is chock full of jocks and cheerleaders. Give me a break!!

  • oy

    @lol: STFU

  • breckin

    mailey overstreet.

  • evathediva

    @lol: true and I don’t want to see the girl with the big beak, try to sing or dance. She whines.They are all lame.

  • http://h Leah

    Chord Overstreet is a little hottie & needs to have a gay sex scene ASAP

  • http://h J.

    @lol: you’re foul.

    amber has the best voice btw

  • mailey

    @breckin: that’s horrid. really. i can’t stand his name. or his hair. but u know that.

  • breckin

    you’re right on all points. besides – mailey cross-alley sounds better anyway.

  • Dan

    @lol: Too bad the only thing you have against her is weight which is totally irrelevant. You sit on the computer making fun of others while they’re out making money and pleasing millions with their talented acting. Your use in society is only so others can compare themselves to you and feel better that they are who they are.

  • Marianne

    Im sorry, but Mercedes cannot be Frank N Furter.Its a a DRAG role. I was honestly excited for this. But Ryan Murphy makes me want to punch him in the face.

    I mean seriously, would it have been that hard to get someone like Mr. Shue into that costume?

    Everything this still looks all dandy and fine…but that annoys me.

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    I am so SICK of television shows casting the black girl as the FAT one. Why not have a think black girl and a fat white girl? Why is it always the other way around. I don’t watch this show because it pretends to stick up for the eunderdog but they just rehash old stereotypes. Hyped garbagae. Next.

  • Jolentini

    Check out my new video “If tomorrow never comes”

  • Sara

    Oh, please.
    If you dont have anything good to share, then dont share!
    Besides, if you really hated Glee, then you wouldn’t be looking at stuff about it online!
    Get over yourselves and go watch your Jersey Shore. Leave the Gleeks alone.

  • MaryTodd

    Why do the producers and casting directors of the hit show ‘Glee’ insist on ALWAYS presenting Black women and girls as FAT, LOUD, OBNOXIOUS, UNATTRACTIVE, IGNORANT, GHETTO, etc.?

    On tonight’s episode (‘The Substitute’), for instance, they presented “beautiful, petite, blonde” Gwyneth Paltrow getting beaten-up (in an unprovoked attack) by a FAT, UGLY, LOUD Black girl (who, of course, “had an attitude” about nothing).

    There was NO REASON for them to present this crude image of Black teen-girls (other than to reinforce the stereotype of the ugly, violent, loud Black).

    The producers, writers and casting directors of this episode should be ashamed of themselves and the Black actress who took on this moronic role should hold her head down in shame.

    This presentation of the Black teen girls was both offensive and pathetic in my opinion (and I AM NOT EVEN a BLACK person).

    This criticism does NOT include plus-sized actress, Amber Riley (a regular cast-member of the show) -- who has managed to present herself as both an attractive and a dignified character on the episodes I have seen ... unlike all of those other Black actresses who have appeared on the show in 'guest' roles.]