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Rachel Bilson: Little Doms with Mom!

Rachel Bilson: Little Doms with Mom!

Rachel Bilson grabs lunch with her mom and a friend at Little Dom’s Restaurant on Thursday (October 14) in Los Feliz, Calif.

The 29-year-old actress just returned from Uganda where she volunteered her time with the non-profit Invisible Children, a movement seeking to end the conflict and stop the abduction of children for use as child soldiers.

Rachel was carrying her iPad in a striped case, which she used to shield herself from the awaiting photographers.

Last week, Rachel took in the shows at Paris Fashion Week, including the Chanel Ready to Wear presentation.

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Photos: National Photo Group
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  • yassss

    this post should make a few of your visitors happy lol

  • Brightside

    This is a good cause and, hopefully, will prove to be a life-changing experience for her. So we will see a new Rachel….one less addicted to selfish shopping and camera chasing and more focused on a career that helps others i.e. teacher, nurse, charity worker…etc.
    It should make her realise that not every child has had her privileged princess American consumerist upbringing. I live in hope…

  • deshaun

    An Insect face & w/ a cockcroach brain. Case closed

  • Viper

    As it is said brightside hope in one hand and cr*p in the other see which one fills up first..She has really no history of supporting anything in a life long pursuit only short term. She jumps charity bandwagons to keep herself visible to the few remaining fans she does still have. This is a woman who’s life revolves around fashion magazines and shopping. I’m sure she cares to some mild extent but it’s usually covered in cameras and press attention in the outcome.

  • reedley

    That’s ALL hype all for the sake of her dead career!
    An Angelina Jolie wannabe but still got NO hot career & no bff like Brad Pitt.

  • reedley
  • Jenn

    she’s baaaccckkkk

  • no-kidding-sherlock

    She just look soo “abused, ignored & used “in these pics, (save up for that dark glasses again – her bff thing for life) like “”she’s working non-stop and jumping from one movie/project to another”" which everyone knows that it’s damn too far from reality.

  • semanfinder

    how can you even tell that’s an iPad? hmmmm

  • Bridie

    Wait a minute – is that hair…or a dead rat nestled atop her head??? Erm, how about a visit to the hairdressers? And what about that “homeless-and-living-on-the-streets”-look?? I swear it’s getting worse! No wonder she can’t get a job!

  • verity

    Her name Rachel Bilson MEANS…A baloney LA valley midget & a
    No-talent dumbo with pap addiction problems.

  • Rebecca


    She went to Africa last year as well. Was she changed when she came back? There’s the answer to that question.

  • Shy

    Thank you Just Jared. For the whole 10 days from October 5 till October 15 your site was FREE from this worthless trash. That was an amazing 10 days when everyone could come to this site without being tortured with Rachel Bison face every 6 posts. And i prayed that that meant that your contract with this has-been was finally over.

    I guess not. But you should do more often this “Rachel Bilson free” weeks. That was an amazing journey.

  • chauncey

    The bigger the saddlebags, the smaller the brain – lol!

  • chauncey

    Im adressing that to #3.

  • kelpve

    LOVE HER! Non-profit – thats great Rachel – you rock!
    she’s so down to earht – love her for that!
    your big fan xxxx

  • goop

    Where are the photos of her “shielding” herself against photographers? Or is that what she told you to say when she sent you the photos?

  • Keira

    I’m not really impressed with her charitable venture. While it’s great that she shed some light on the cause, she immediately came back, staged photos and had her people tell her internet bff about where she had been and what she had done and mentioned her IPad. I know a lot of stars do this, and it’s a win win for both the star and the charity. Great. But she’s just so into self promoting herself that it’s sickening to me when she does it.

    And before anyone says anything about her not staging the shots, the bracelet she has in clear view just so happens to be the bracelet that the organization sells. I own three sets of other colors including the blue one she has on. So it’s no coincidence. Lots of stars do this, yes, and it’s great because everyone wins. But shameless self promoters like herself still make me sick when they do it.

  • Brandy

    That’s actually kind of funny that she did that, lol irl. She should have just taken press with her and did it that way. Instead she stages pap shots at home, basically flaunts the bracelet and waits for someone like Jared to bite. IDK. It’s a great cause as people keep saying. But this just seems kind of amateurish and desperate. She doesn’t even try to be discreet with her motives, lol. I try not to be so down on her all the time because other people on here are just flat out mean. But there seems to be an ulterior motive in everything she does. But I’m interested in the bracelets and being supportive, so she did that part right! lmao irl.

  • fitzroy
  • ana

    I wonder if she can identify Uganda on the map…

  • kris

    I hope she realizes that the price of just one of her designer handbags or one of her designer boots, which she loves to display so that the paps will take pictures of her, can feed several of these children in an entire year.

  • sarha

    guys plzzz need help , what the name of her mobil i know its blackberry but what the model and its a cover or its come white ?!!!

  • lexy hates bilson

    Oh please JJ – the idea that she went and did some charity work is a joke. She probably gave the charity a few bucks and took some pics with some local kids and then went shopping!

  • lexy hates bilson

    OK normally I don’t really check out these stories but I must admit I was curious…THIS is why Rachel has chosen THIS particular charity…she’s hoping for a JOB!
    We are story tellers. We make documentaries about war-affected children in east Africa and tour them around the world.
    We use the power of media to inspire young people to help end the longest running war in Africa

  • Shanda

    Can’t beieve anythig she do for real.Dressing dowm like that to show people that she’s down to earth is down right wrong. She can’t show people that she has a heart after all the media attention she got last year. She copy everything that everyone else do. About her has changed she haven’t. Why is she look mad.She has been home awhile. The reason she can out becaue someone spotted her supposely getting her hair done.She look like someone made her mad or she is disppointted about something.Getting a ipad is not going to make people that you are smart. Months ago NP had a ipad when she was working on a movie.Good about the charity work but she don’t let no one know that she does things like that. You got to help the at home too. An that’s something that she don’t do at all.There are alot are people in america that need the same kind are help Never see her doing nothing fo her fellow man here. She always avoid doing thing here for charity. its always soemewhere else.You can get man and get people to notice you by pretending that you like something when you don’t. We have see that before. That all rachel do anyway is use people and copy what they do.

  • She’s Desperate

    @18: Keisha is right. Obviously the charity was so thrilled to have desperate mediawh07e with dead career trying to get attention for herself on the back of their worthy cause that they pressed her stint out immediately (NOT.) So transparent that she called the papps to take pics of her trying to look ‘serious’ and like the’s ‘working’ while she gets coffee. Again. The girl can’t get anything except brief guest shots on tv shows and spreads rumors anout filmwork (no job she floated by through papparazzi has panned out for 3 years) and she isn’t respected in fashion since she usually looks like garbage and talks like an airheaded San Fernando/San Feliz Valley Girl. Priviledged American spoiled brat princess trying to look noble. BARF.

  • breckin

    kind alook like she’s wearing hammer pants.

  • gilmorie

    There should be a huge photo of this little twink next to the definition of “(eternally) desperate &/or worthless” in the dictionary.

  • annie

    hayden has his charities, she had to do something,i mean with him gone who can she live off of,just copy him,smelly as ever, buy a brush girl.

  • mailey

    @breckin: when is she returning them to you?

  • breckin

    @mailey: haha ;)

  • Jessie

    She’s so beautiful. :) Is it just me or does in the main picture, the one on the left side does she look like she’s pregnant?? She’s got a really small stomach that’s why it looks weird.

  • Annie


  • Holly

    I love how she pretends to be annoyed about the photographers. Like she doesn’t call them herself. So pathetic.

  • Brightside

    @lexy hates bilson:
    Ah shoot…and here I was thinking that she just might, and I know it’s a small might, have undergone a sea change. Guess not! It’s clear that she used her connections to jump on the bandwagon of this charity. OK, so more charity for publicity purposes shenanigans from the LA leprechaun. At least she’s not trying to sell people anything, yet!
    Her mother is ageing wicked fast….I would have thought she was in her late fifties but she looks more like she’s in her early seventies.

  • Samara

    I’m glad that HC dumped her!!!

  • lexy hates bilson

    Hey Brightside – a leopard can’t change it’s spots!!

  • mel

    I love her.

  • private schools database in America

    LOVE HER! Non-profit – thats great Rachel – you rock!
    she’s so down to earht – love her for that!
    your big fan xxxx

  • Kamari

    @lexy hates bilson:

    As a person very dedicated to this organization, and knows of the work Rachel has done; I think you all need to chill out on the bashing. Invisible Children doesn’t make documentaries with celebs. They make them with real people in everyday life. Rachel is NOT hoping for a job. It really is too bad that you cant appreciate it when a celeb is trying to do something positive. A bunch of haters, who WISH they were in Rachel’s position. Rachel is helping people. Get on board and stop building people up to tear them down.

  • me

    Too late to convert people, Rachel has been around for years and has already convinced everyone that she is a media wh0000re. Everything she lives for is to sell herself for personal gain, she has never done anything for anyone else and never will. You are much too late.

  • homeless rachel

    everybody run for the hillss!!! shes back!!

  • tokamari

    If you are in regular contact with Rachel, please tell her to get acting classes and maybe lay off on her daily shopping visits to designer boutiques. Ask her to spend more time reading about current events like what’s happening in Darfur instead of worrying about which outfit she’s going to wear to please the paps. The amount of money and time she spends on clothes and shopping, whether these things are donated to her or not, seems contradictory to the cause she’s supporting. Rachel has an image as a vacuous, fashion obsessed starlet who got into a fake relationship to try to further her career. Invisible Children seems like a noteworthy cause and I admire the other actors who have been involved with it for years, like Ryan Gosling. But you have to understand why people view Rachel’s actions with skepticism and look at it as another insincere attempt on her part to gain publicity through charity.

  • whodie

    LOSER’s face!