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Sarah Palin's 'Alaska' Show - FIRST LOOK

Sarah Palin's 'Alaska' Show - FIRST LOOK

Check out the first promo for TLC’s new series, Sarah Palin‘s Alaska!

The eight week event, which kicks off on Sunday, November 14, will follow the former Governor both at home and around the largest state in the U.S.

“I’d rather do this than be in some stuffy old political office,” Sarah said in the promo. “I’d rather be out here being free!”

FYI: Back in July, Kate Gosselin and her little ones visited the Palin family and went on a camping trip that’s said to be part of the show!

Sarah Palin’s Alaska Promo
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  • MrJeffery


  • Cammie

    Alaska’s a beautiful place. Can’t wait to see the series.

  • yassss

    unless she dies on the show, i won’t watch.

  • puke

    flip it

  • Halli

    I just threw up in my mouth

  • Ryan

    B*tch say’s she’d rather be up in Alaska and be “free”? That’s what we all want from you Sarah. Stay in Alaska. But no one is dumb enough to not know what this is. A PR series for America’s idiot. TLC is a freakshow channel now.

  • Oye Vey

    If we sell Alaska back to Russia, could we finally be rid of Palin too??

  • disgusting

    vomit vomit vomit vomit vomit

    Sarah Palin is a bitter sore loser, a liar and a racist. A scourge.

  • lisali

    She is really irritating. Likes nails on a chalkboard.

  • nakedoldjennifer

    I can’t stand the sound of her voice!!! she is the puppet for the tea party crazies- a message of Fear and Hate

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    Yeah she’d rather be “out there being free” and getting PAID millions rather than sitting in an office like regular folks and representing the people of her state. her hypocrisy is so thick. will NOT watch unless she and o’donnel do a re-enactment of witches of eastwick, dimwits.

  • wild

    @yassss: lol!

  • Susie#1

    Shame on you Jared! This idiot is an insult to all women, and an embarrassment to our country. To Oye Vey: I don’t think the Russians would want her. What would they do with her? Entomb her with Stalin?
    Maybe all blog readers should boycott TLC…And to Ms Bar Jolie Gaga: Andy Borowitz wrote a very funny column on how Palin and O’Donnell prove Darwin right…

  • lab0rat

    So sad that someone like her can be famous

  • [I n F a m o u s l y C o o L]

    …she’s such a fcuking joke. this woman embarrasses herself daily.

  • OMG

    I don’t know how anyone will EVER take her seriously now! I mean, she was a joke before, but this is just shameful. And she wants to be PRESIDENT OF THE USA?? Really? If she wins, the United States will be the laughingstock of the world. She is very embarrassing now and I have no idea how she ever was THIS close to becoming a leader of the US. I’m flabbergasted.

  • Rose

    Alaska is absolutely beautiful but you have to be there to know. We love travelling and Alaska is on our list of ADRJ=a defnite return jaunt trip. USA has some wonderful must see states with lovely cities and small towns with neat scenery and neverending interesting information. But why the callous mean harboring of hate and fear of this woman Sara Palin.

    You have the freedom to read truth or lies. to agree to disagree
    but thinking with such inbred hatred only arrives at circles that go nowhere. Hatred fogs the brain. It certainly is not the way to find. the correct answer to serious problems. jmo

    If your fear is because you think she might be your president one day
    obviously the other half are not talking hateful or if they are it is not being printed.
    The press is supposed to be fair and balanced what happened?

    Ultimately If i think of it i will watch the show. Sara Palin is far from
    being dumb. When ppl fear you that is Power. We need more powerful women.

  • republican’t

    she’s a moron

  • missy

    maybe Moochie Obama could have a series showing America the hood!

  • Shaggul

    Sarah, most people rather wanted you to be there instead of Washington as well… Thanks for finally agreeing with the rest of us .

  • I wonder

    if there will be a part of the show where Sarah will continue her twitter rants about how much she hates Muslims. Shame on you TLC and JJ for promoting this vile evil person.

  • Zoe


  • Jade

    “I’d rather do this than be in some stuffy old political office,” Sarah said in the promo”…in that case, dear Sarah, it’s about bloody time you stop referring to yourself as a politican. You quit your political job halfway through, well over a year ago.

    So do us all a favor and dissapear into the Alaskan wilderness forever, you’re a disgrace to politics and you’re an even bigger disgrace to us modern women. Dissapear and never show your face again. The world will thank you for it!

  • Marieme

    Hahaha! I was going to add my own snark, but let me just ditto #3 yasss instead. Perfectly stated. Zero interest. Who gives a flying fuk?

  • Logic, Anyone?

    Her voice is like Bobby’s mom…can’t tolerate S. Palin!

  • bleh

    Uh, you brilliant libs know that the Obamas have a habit of appearing on reality shows as well, right? LOL!

  • Betty

    I really want to go visit Alaska, I was born there when it was still a territory.
    Only stayed less than a year when my dad was stationed there, so I do not remember it.Came close to going once,but it fell through..

    Palin is humble & as honest as they come,so don’t be too quick to judge. I would vote for her any day.

    At least she has a voice..some people do not…

    ..Love to go to Alaska,my dream!!

  • Betty

    Oh, I forgot,November 14 is my birthday!! Reallyyy..this has to be a sign for me to finally get to go to Alaska!!

  • SingMeNoHymns

    As an Alaskan for more than 20 years I can honestly say one thing..Sarah Palin is a horrible example of an Alaskan. Please everyone, don’t assume that everyone in Alaska is as bat-sh!t crazy as her. Alaska is “The Last Frontier”. Beautiful..Time-less..Home. People like her in my opinion ruin the good name of the state of Alaska. I shutter to think what others think we do in Alaska with this bimbo being the “face” of Alaska.

    If we could ship her out of here…believe us. we would.

  • Jimmy

    Dear Liberals,

    Jealousy is a shameful thing.