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'Top Gun' Sequel in the Works with Tom Cruise?

'Top Gun' Sequel in the Works with Tom Cruise?

Maverick may be back!

Paramount Pictures has reportedly been shopping around the idea of a Top Gun sequel (the original came out in 1986) with Tom Cruise possibly returning for a smaller role.

The studio has made offers to super producer Jerry Bruckheimer and director Tony Scott, while screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie is already locked in, according to NY Mag.

Tom is agreeing to the film “provided it’s not too ‘obvious’ a part, i.e. Lieutenant Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell as grizzled Top Gun flight instructor,” reports NY Mag‘s Vulture.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of a Top Gun sequel?

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  • Jolentini

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  • busted

    Tom should NEVER do this. It would be like grasping for straws. Actors should NEVER go this far back. It makes the viewer recall younger days. Keep it in the present. I hate that he is doing MI4.. but whatever.

    There has to be some better scripts.. Tom is a Producer and over a Studio. why in the world would he do some crap like this..

  • Anthony

    I think Tom Cruise would do just fine in making Top Gun 2 a success and entertain us in the theatres, despite his age which seems to be a turning point for the movie. I loved Top Gun and would not mind seeing a Top Gun 2

  • jaye

    I liked Top Gun, but I’d much rather see actors and actresses doing new things instead of digging up old successes as sequels. It shows, imo, a lack of confidence on their part by jumping back to something that is familiar and a proven success. Will Smith is doing the same thing. No doubt there is money to be had in these movies, but they’ve both made tons of money and should be confident enough to take chances.

  • Theresa

    busted @ 10/15/2010 at 9:29 pm
    tom may have had such a good time filming Top Gun he may want to do it again.

  • Dan

    I think if it can work, it’ll be brilliant. Although, if the film is any worse (not saying Top Gun was bad at all, I just mean worse than how great the first one is) than Top Gun, then it’ll be the worst idea possible. Although, a mainstream Hollywood film for Top Gun 2 might be extremely difficult to do due to new technology which might lack in the film or would be too severe for a sequel. A classic shouldn’t be touched unless it can solidify how awesome the film really is.

  • Rose

    I can’t stand this guy and won’t watch anything he acts in.
    It’s not just me who took his mouthing off personal i guess he thought all were Fans who listened to his crap.
    There are too many to count i am talking about kids or ppl who remain kids who were doing well ontil they listened to thier idol
    Gay scifiboy speak about how ridiculous it was to take ‘their’ medication b/c you don’t need it..
    Many are dead and the others who were found with there prescriptions thrown out suffering seizures and other more disgusting horrible things and it was all Tom Cruises fault b/c these ppl looked at him like he was an icon.. Ever try to sue the Sci Fi cult?
    Nothing happens except many of the sick ppl took their lives.
    Witnesses for the dead children suspiciously died a few days before trial. Apparently it happenes frequently when it involves words from the gay Cruise but sadly how quickly forgotten. BUT Never by the families and loved ones.
    Gayboy Tom you are not fooling anyone. Beg for new Fans as you have done in the past. Nobody cares and ppl are onto you. You must know that Freak!

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  • kizbit

    Can you say “DESPERATE”?

  • Doll

    I bet he will want Suri in the movie too!

  • Christy

    I miss the cocky Tom Cruise that he played for Maverick. If Tony Scott and Jerry Bruckheimer are involved than he should do it. It would be great to see an older & wiser Maverick who is also cocky.

    He was cast in the original at the young kid age of 20, so even though it’s been a long time, right now he is not exactly Clint Eastwood age. He is still very young and should play the lead. I also want to see Kilmer/Iceman but his ass better hit the gym and stop eating those damned donuts. : )

    Don Simpson was a big part of the original (especially the script, he fired several writers for not giving him what he wanted on the original movie) and the dark bad boy edge that was in Jerry Bruckhiemer movies that made them beyond cool was gone after Don Simpson’s death. So, I hope they can make it work…

  • nincompoop

    he;s too old and obnoxious too.
    no way jose!

  • Kay

    Is this what Tom Cruise career has come to doing sequel to movies he did years ago? That just sad I don’t even like him and I feel sorry for him he should ether find something else to do besides acting or demand better roles in movies that are not sequels.

  • ellie’

    I would love a sequel of Top Gun…Tom is a great actor..and gorgeous..

  • daylan

    No, please no. No more Tom Cruise. Why in the world would he go so far back in the “way back machine”? Absurd.

  • pr person


  • itstrueagain

    It would be awesome to see Kelly McGillis back as his love interest, even though she just married her girlfriend. Not!
    Leave a classic alone. Don’t cheapen it. This is Hollywood for you, no new movies, just remakes, remakes, remakes.

  • Charly

    Wow. You don’t get more desperate than this. He’s doing a tired “reboot” of Mission Impossible with a bunch of younger guys so nobody notices how old and bats/it crazy he is and now he wants to remake a movie he did when he was half decent looking and appeared to be sane. Pathetic. He’s done. Over. Past his prime. Try directing Cruise cause you blockbuster days are finished.

  • taco

    Really dude, I don’t understand a single word.

  • Anthony

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  • nincompoop

    # 20- anthony

    What does this have to do with Madonna???


  • dani

    Tom should have laid off the plastic surgery. As time goes on, he isn’t looking that natural any more.

  • Mayanktaker

    Interesting.. Go ahead Tom. Haters, shut your beak off

  • someguy

    “I think if it can work, it’ll be brilliant.”


    Sure Mayanktaker, right after you shut your 40 sock-puppets down.

  • Mayanktaker

    lol lo lo !!!!! hehehe