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Wentworth Miller Heading to 'Spartacus: Blood and Sand'?

Wentworth Miller Heading to 'Spartacus: Blood and Sand'?

Wentworth Miller has reportedly expressed interest in taking over Andy Whitfield‘s title role in Spartacus: Blood and Sand.

The Starz series is moving forward with a recasting after star Andy Whitfield was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin lymphoma and has been undergoing aggressive treatment.

According to EW‘s Michael Ausiello, producers are in search of a male in his mid- to late 30s to play the role, which also requires an authentic British accent and the willingness to sign a three-year contract.

DO YOU THINK Wentworth would be a good fit for Spartacus?

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  • Jaimy

    I think he has to bulk up a little more!
    But I think he can do it.

  • S*8hallo

    It was nice seeing him the new Resident Evil 3-D.

    He has great on camera presence. Even the first time I saw him as Miriah Carey’s love interest in a video years ago!

    Would like to see more Wentworth…enjoy his work

  • lic lic lic

    This is a joke..right, Jared? Tee hee,Here’s Went’s snacks list: Jelly Beans, Evian Water, M&M’s (chocolate & peanuts), Gatorade (various flavors), Potato Chips, Pretzels, Fruits, Rice cakes, Gum, Coconut water.
    Not to mention the waffles he has for breakfast.
    Source Excommunicated( with fresh news from China)

    Nope but I think he might be starting a new career…as a super size model.

  • fresh

    Yeah, he needs to bulk up a lot and he must be willing to get naked –if not PASS! The nudity is the best part of the show!

  • OliVer

    He is a very good actor. And sooo handsome. It would be great!!

  • Nat


  • What the…”

    @lic lic lic: What are you even talking about? Are you sure the comment you posted isn’t a joke because you so make no sense at all.

  • mailey forever until the next season starts. like Lost lengths inbetween seasons.

  • Dianna Knows Best

    this will totally get me to tune in…

  • loli

    Hell yeah ! Went’s a an extraordinary actor and he seems like a real nice person so I’ll follow him in everything!

  • breckin

    @mailey: i am not surprised you like a show like Spartacus. Sounds just like you.

  • mailey

    i missed the part where it said they are replacing Andy. That is ass.

  • kiki

    YES YES YES!!! We all need some more Wenty in our lives!!

  • the truth

    No need to do more movies. He has done tv and that’too long to be on a tv series. But i still love him.

  • the truth

    No don’t think he should do another tv series. He already has done one and that’s too long.Should try and do more movies if he can. But i still love him.

  • Nee American Hero

    the blue eyes!

  • Terri

    Absolutely not! Please don’t give this role to him.

  • well

    A three year contract.He didn’t work out for Prison Break, said he was to lazy or for RE.Prison Break was for some years and he just kept gaining more weight.Now Spartacus.He would need to keep fit the whole time. Can he do that?

  • e.e cummings says

    Only Wentworth has the answer ! He ‘s talented, conscientious & a true hardworker so he can aspire to any role.. He knows what he wants, makes his choice according his desire, what he likes & despite of the steamroller which is Hollywood…Just wait & see ;) All My best Went & Still go on !!!!!!

  • Kim

    A hard worker. He’s not had an acting job for a year now.This is hardly a part he’d choose. Maybe it’s a PR stunt to get him some attention so he won’t be completely forgotten.

  • MsNJS

    I haven’t really seen him in anything so I cannot comment on his talent. I just want them to find someone and get the show on the road. Its so good and the hiatus is SO hard.

  • JLO

    Why don’t they give the role to Marc Anthony. Isn’t he a handsome, muscled man. Barf!

  • Bunny

    Well this seems like a odd choice for Went, but as has been pointed out, he is not working and the movies he has lined up are not going anywhere right now. So does he need to get back to TV? Can he still fit in other work with a three year contract ? If he does get the role he had better work on more than just his arms………….. Good Luck either way. Fans would look to see you…….and I do mean SEE YOU.

  • XXLspartacus

    nude wenty !!!!!! went, don’t please

  • Heba

    Wentworth is amazing & talented actor.He’ll be awesome on the show.I wish he gets the role but I also want to see him in more movies.I adore him & I’d like to see him again once week regulary :)
    BTW best wishes for Andy Whitfield for recovery & coming back to his job soon on other shows or movies

  • K

    @XXLspartacus: ROFLAMO
    Dude’s to lazy to work out & talks stamina every time he’s asked about exercises.

  • Alison

    NOOOOOOOO why are they recasting. wait for Andy.

  • pose

    I’ve seen him in shorts
    Please no

  • Elisabeth

    Why not Wentworth as Spartacus? He’s a great actor and he has more than the physical rudiments required for such a role: he is uber good-looking and tall and girls, what about that His eyes and mouth are to die for. He would only need a couple weeks to carve new muscles. My question is: is the role befitting his immense talent?

  • mina

    it will be great ..I love wentworth

  • Val

    That is as immense as his nose

  • Caroline

    Get someone sexy . He does not have a good body. He has a beautiful face but is a limited actor.

  • [I n F a m o u s l y C o o L]

    …has anyone here actually watched that show?!? …went isn’t ready for that. he has to bulk up a lot!!! can anyone here even picture him getting naked, and being aggressive enough. nah

  • Hercules

    @Elisabeth: hi ryan

  • OMG

    I think this would be a good idea. He deserves his break and I was sad when Prison Break ended. He was what made the show even if it sucked towards the end. He’s a great actor and I hope there is some support behind this.

  • Elisabeth

    @Hercules: You’re mistaken. I am Elisabeth.

  • Dan

    Weird to switch a main character like that, but he’d do great

  • Patricia

    No offense against him, but I don’t like him to the role of Spartacus. Andy left the standar very high.

  • Spinelli

    No waaaayyy…we watched him enough in prison break..and he totally doesnt fit for spartacus with his baby face..what about Alexander SkarsgĂ„rd (aka Eric Northman)..=)

  • Tommy

    The undercover gay as Spartacus. Think not.

  • Dino

    No offense but since he didnt take of his clothes in 2007 no point in doing it now.I’m not interested. Enough sexy guys for this. Don’t know where people get it from, he’s a talented actor. This probly started off like a joke anyway.

  • Pure

    Love the show. Andy Whitfield played this role rather well. Not to mention Andy was really HOT. It’s too bad he has cancer. He’s the only reason why I watched it. I can’t see Went doing this but if he decides to sign on then I’m open to it.

  • Stellar

    I am curious to know why a ‘British’ accent is required to play Romans. Romans did not speak with British accents. Britain didn’t even exist back then. Geez.

  • mariana de Souza

    I’d like to see him in any character, but I’ll leave the choice to his criterion. Thanks JJ.

  • http://wenthe natachou

    I’am so happy for Wentworth Miller! I really hope
    that the producers are going too choose him because he is such. a very talented actor and I love him so much.I wil support him in everything that he is going to do.This man only deserve the best.Wentworth miller is the best of the best in everything that he did and now.

  • Ellie

    I don’t know if Wentworth Miller is right for that role. Just looking at that picture, he would have to bulk up a lot!! All the actors on that series have a serious work out routine. Since Andy is an Aussie(I think), maybe they should look for another Aussie or a Kiwi to fill the role.

  • http://wenthe natachou

    That was funny.Wentwoth is not lazy.He does exercise like jogging .

  • Badu M

    he jogs to the Ko Ko Ro chicken place to get his bucket. hes met fans twice during that and practically laid up on them offering them to take pics just so he could some rest.;)

  • nylon-addict

    I’m gonna miss Andy,i really don’t like that they are looking to replace him,the should just can the whole thing.

  • Jen

    Wentworth would be good in anything!! I miss Prison Break so much, I hope he takes on more projects because I can’t wait to see more of his work!! Yes he would be good!!!!!