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Alexander Skarsgard: Esquire House LA With Kate Bosworth!

Alexander Skarsgard: Esquire House LA With Kate Bosworth!

Alexander Skarsgard hits up the grand opening of Esquire House LA on Friday (October 15) in Los Angeles.

The 34-year-old Swedish actor didn’t walk the red carpet like girlfriend Kate Bosworth but was spotted inside the bash mingling with guests.

Last weekend, the couple also spent some time together, first grabbing a low-key lunch in Brentwood before having a night out at Village Idiot English pub.

Also pictured: Alexander posing with Esquire‘s associate publisher Stephen Jacoby. He also hung out with his friend, fellow Swedish actor Joel Kinnaman and his younger brother (also an actor), Gustaf Skarsgard.

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Credit: Michael Caulfield ; Photos: Getty
Posted to: Alexander Skarsgard, Gustaf Skarsgard, Joel Kinnaman, Kate Bosworth

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  • Vanessa

    Why are they not pictured together?
    Separate cars again? >:D
    Honestly for a “couple” they are not very “coupley” (Ok that’s not a word)
    But, same thing at the True Blood premiere, they were not together.

  • Rachel

    Yeah Alex!! I love him!

  • Cherry

    An Alex, Joel & Gustaf sandwich sounds like heaven 2 me… yes please!!!

  • JM

    Enough of the cramming this “couple” down our throats JJ. I’m sure there will be plenty of Scream Awards pics for you to who*re out on this site.

  • Boomer

    Hotest couple in Hollyweird!

  • ABC

    Gustaf! Haha. Is he trying to make a name for himself in Hollywood too? If only he were taller and with more hair… He’d be hotter than Alex. :P

  • tinkerbell

    “Kate walked the red carpet alone”
    Oh of course she did. She wants to get as much attention as possible, Askars was probably like you go alone and grab all the attention.
    What are they playing at?
    If you are a couple you attended events together, as a couple! Walking the red carpet signifies that.
    I bet they didn’t mingle inside either, Kate was probably a babbling idiot, then Askars left her standing in the corner behind a plant all night! hehe

  • Quinn

    Askars looking hot, loving the unshaved look … Joel Kinnaman always looks good in a total bad boy way!

  • muppet show

    so alex are you playing hard to get? you dont mind to being photographed
    inside but you mind the paps outside?or you like it because you were
    with your friends?which one? or you like to make a deference?you like it when you play the smart guy and not possing with your girl?
    oh please you are so pathetic , win an oscar first!!!

  • GPS

    The headline should read: “Breaking news! Dude with grim face manages NOT to scowl!” I have to admit I love the chick with no function´s stoned facial expression! I see she´s expanding her usual posing repertoire. Or maybe she´s just tired from chasing dude with grim face who this time somehow navigated around her and left her in the dust? Hit the gym, chick with no function, hit the gym!

  • Kate Bosworth

    I am like so totally hot! Does everyone like my dress, it’s pretty isn’t it? I am not wearing my Jewelmint accessories, since they are what I like to call “tackymint” they like so don’t go with my beautiful and expensive dress, OK I got the dress at Wal-Mart, can you tell? No, it’s fab.
    And while I am here be sure to check out my fab jewelery line
    All one of a kind jewelery.
    Help ME help YOU pick out a range that suits you, trust me I am a genius when it comes to shopping.
    I am a real fashionette!
    Come on over today, everything is 70% off, aren’t I nice?
    And with just a sum of $29.99 a month I might as well be GIVING THEM AWAY.
    ~Love the gorgeous Kate Bosworth.

  • okay

    I never seen a post where we needed an explanation why they were not together. He did not walk the red carpet in case you were wondering. Who are trying to convice JJ?

    Why you answer that I am going to get the popcorn

  • Flo

    He actaully has a career, so no need for him to walk the carpet I guess.

  • Lulja

    Delicious !!!

  • keep movin

    i love kate! she is beautiful!

  • yet again

    So – he came with his brother and Swedish actor friends. She came with her outfit that makes her look 37, not 27 and forgot her jewelry. And they did not stand together or get photographed together. I guess if they’re in the same general vicinity in LA, that’s good enough for JJ. And btw – JJ – why no post on KB yesterday with that lovely beige sweater coming from the salon? Even X17 couldn’t resist having a moment with her in their comments on their site about that one.

  • who?

    @Boomer: Who? Skarsgard and Kinnaman?

  • my3cents

    Jared, you’re being silly. There are no photos or reports of those two together yet you still put her in his headline. I know bloggers are biased but try to report the news not create it.

  • Clue

    I see Alex but no Leech in his vicinity. Parasites usually attach themselves to their victim when they can. Another KB failure.

  • Kitten

    OMG! Joel Kinnaman is so hot.
    I love him!!!

  • Halle

    I read he spent the night hanging out with his brother and Swedish friends not Bosworth. Not sure why you have her in his post, but check WireImage. No pics of them “mingling.”

  • Sienna Miller

    @Kate Bosworth: Ummmm Kate? Once again you tried to upstage me. It ain’t working Kate, you could not even upstage me in the husband stealing game, at least my stolen man admitted to sleeping with me and actually left his wife. Guess what I even got my lame boyfriend, BACK after the fiasco. All your friends and boyfirends avoided you like week old milk. YOu had to go out and get the Tall swede dude, that hates being seen with you. I almost choked on my meal, trident gum, when he just waltzed right past you on the red carpet. Does he really know you Kate? I mean he did this totally weiird facial expression and walked by with all 7 of his friends. Then I saw you running in to catch up with him, of course after your favorite pap pose. Well Kate signing off, since I have real projects to attend to and people REALLY like me, I guess you lost this round too. In fact, since Jude is not here, I’m gonna see who I can eat from the Swede Smorgasboard, I mean he really can’t be your boyfriend Kate, he does not ackowledge you or look at you. I think my chances are pretty good. After all, I did get the Getty guy to leave his wife. Your boyfriends deny you to all Tabloids. Kate I would feel like——, oh well, bye bye Kate. Ha Ha , even my dress is cuter, are you going for the Lost in Sweden Oland look? Well it worked!!! That combination is all things horrid…That mint thingies that you are selling what is that? they look—-well, so eighties, well I at least am working a fashion endorsement from a well know Fashion House. You do see me in the print ads right?

    Wish it were you..HA!!! Kate I digress…..

    BTW- my friend Wilson says, there is help for your pattern baldness. I kinda see the diagonal part thing that you have going…


    Sienna Barracuda Miller

  • RedRock

    His behavior is odd if he’s actually dating this chick. I’m beginning to believe this is FWB (sex must not be very good) or a showmance.

  • best u can do

    well i’m back after a break. HERE they are again THE VILLIAGE IDIOTS BARBIE AND KEN lol.
    we have seen no pics of them since there last publicity stunt outing then look what shows up out the blue these two. well I guess these IDIOTS are getting the head start with all the pics before the scream awards!! I BET KATE CANNOT DECIDE WHAT SHE WILL BE WEARING FOR THE SCREAM AWARDS!! I know put a paper bag over your head LOL !
    cheer up alex you should be proud of your PR STUNT WH**RE the one you don’t pose with, look at, walk with, acknowledge as your GF LOL
    lets see if you can do a little bit better at the scream awards! and at least look at her and SMILE!!!!!!!!!

  • licorice

    ASkars had quite the entourage last night.

    Agree, JJ, try do some actual news reporting. You link this girl to him every chance you get even when there’s no photographic evidence. I’m surprised you didn’t photoshop her into his pictures.

  • tanya

    Umm…who cares? She looks kinda sad in these pics and Alex looks like he is having a good time with his friends and not here. No pics together again. I am sure she will manage to wiggle her way into the Scream Awards and try and be relevant. Which she will never be again? Why do you put her pics and name in his post but not in hers? So pathetic! The situation is a complete joke in hollywood. I mean when couples attend functions they walk the carpet together or one does not go at all. Alex is not a big enough star to try to act like he doesn’t want the attention or connections she is giving him. He is loving the attention so much.

  • Kitten

    Cherry , you bad naughty girl!

    An Alex – Gustaf sandwhich MUST be enough for you!

  • jatoya

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  • AlexTheStupid

    Fans, I love you!
    Follow me!

  • A passersby

    I am not a fan of this couple, but just wondering, is that AS’s best freind in the right of the pic?

  • Lolzzz

    Well i’ll say this for her her– at least you cant see her bones anymore: she’s looking slightly healthier. On a sadder note, i don’t get why she subjects herself to his obvious indifference. He is not so famous that his relationship would be the stuff of front page news. If not for JJ they would barely be photographed, why hide his relationships like its something shameful. He could just say “yeah, we are dating and I don’t want to get into details because I am a private person”. I doubt that the paps would hound them…unless of course she calls them herself.

  • Kitten

    Yes , that´s Björne , A passersby.


  • A passersby

    @Kitten: Thanks! :)

  • kate why so sad

    kate you’re looking a bit sad!!! whats up girl alex paying more attention to his mates and brother then you. is that not telling you nothing kate he may be sha**ing you but you are not the love of his life.
    you will put up with anything that alex does to you because you are that desperate and attention seeking.
    kate i am no fan of you but you deserve to be treated a little better then just showing up in alex’s bed (you’re lucky) from time to time. I bet his mates are laughing at you for following alex aroung like a lost puppy. kate get a backbone please and GROW UP!

  • monice

    His douchery antics and his choice of such “well dressed”, “well liked” , “actress” woman companionship are starting to alienated his fans. We love TB and the character of Eric Northman, but we are not sure about this dude.

  • monice

    That’s the Esquire event, and both of them are dress so “nice”.

    Especially her outfit , is so, so, color and pattern synchronized;

    and nothing says “I am here”,” I have arrived”, “this is a hollywood event” like a non-shaved face, denin faded cowboy shirt and black jeans.

    I dont see his shoes , but i am almost sure he used those ridiculous black booties walmart tennis shoes, he always wears.

    Come on, Alex, you have money, dress nicer, or hire somebody (thus helping the economy) to help you choose better outfits.

    your eric’s fan

  • Cherry

    @Kitten: It would be enough any other time, but Joel looks like he brings the kinky,how can a girl limit herself to just the Skarsbro ????

  • burnt bacon

    I don’t get these two, I really don’t. They make a big show of advertising their “romance,” yet they half-@$$ it at every turn. They avoid each other at big events, and in pap pics he looks surly and put-upon even though they were obviously staged. You’d think they would realize that the “coy” act doesn’t have anyone guessing anymore. What it DOES do is make him look like one of those douchelords that will act one way to the girl in private (assuming they interact in private) to get what he wants from her and pretend she doesn’t exist in public because he wants to keep his options open. And it makes her look like the kind of desperate doormat who will put up with any bad treatment necessary just to have a boyfriend. Going by the dearth of “OMG KEWT KUPPLE!” squee that accompanied the Orlando and Kate Show, I’d say that the teenyboppers that fell for that are all grown up now and aren’t buying it, so if they’re going to sell this thing, they’re going to have to market it differently and act like they actually like each other. Because Alex and Kate? No one actually believes that you’re upset because the paparazzi showed up.

  • madonna

    Both KB and AS are gorgeous! So’s Gustaf!

  • burnt bacon

    And also, assuming her feelings for him go beyond “ooh, shiny,” it’s got to suck to see his TB costars paired off or with their SOs and looking so openly happy and unashamed, meanwhile she appears to have to fight for and painstakingly arrange every interaction. If I was surrounded by all of these happy and in love couples but barely got a smile or a look in my direction from my man, he wouldn’t be my man for much longer. I’m just saying.

  • @burnt bacon

    How do you know she barely got a smile or a look in her direction last night? They’ll go public when they dam well feel like it and it’s nobody’s business but theirs.

  • Jenn

    If she wants to look silly and hang out with someone who barely acknowledges her out in be it!

  • over and out

    You know, I love to rip on these two, but this event…I can’t even be convinced they came or left together or that there’s even fauxmance effort here. She looks sad and kind of lost, he looks like he’s into the bros and it feels kind of pathetic overall. We go from hyperoverdrive last week with faked up lunch dates, scowling and drunk exits with the Bjornes from bars to this? KB standing forlon-ish and alone and AS with more entourage than usual. Oh well. I’m sure they’ll be back in fine form tonight to make us gag away. Burnt, agree – if that were my supposed boyfriend he’d have to chalk up more energy to being seen together.

  • burnt bacon

    @@burnt bacon: Have you been living in a cloister for the past year or so, or somewhere else where there was no Internet access or contact with the outside world? Because they’ve been making this “public” from the very beginning. And they’ve been making sure that it IS everybody’s business, at least as far as the Internet gossip blogs are concerned. They’re not that special compared to other celebrities who manage to keep their relationships out of the limelight for the most part (her ex and his rather high-profile wife come to mind), so if they were so concerned about their privacy, they’d have no problem getting it. Nice try, though.

  • X17

    X17 say that kate bosworth spent the night at alex’s how the hell did they know where alex lives and how the f*ck did they know kate spent the night at alex’s. god i hope they are not staking out alex’s home aswell I swear kate you told them or your PR you little trolls

  • muppet show

    i think they are IN this together!!!its a deal they made!but its ok they want to confuse us!haha its so childish! do you think they play hide and seek?

  • Clue


    Alex and his friends are dressed as they do in Sweden for events. Go look at the Swedish entertainment sites. Most people do not wear formal clothes to industry events there. It’s good that they do not feel the need to impress anyone but themselves. They’re comfortable in their own skins and choose not to conform to HW cookie cutter standards. How very refreshing.

  • Brightside

    She’s such a pap-wh-re. If he can turn up without the paps knowing then I’m sure she could too. How’s that going to work then, if they are in a relationship? I can’t imagine anything worse than a pap-wh-ring girlfriend who needs to be the centre of attention every freaking time they go out.

  • @burnt bacon

    I don’t subscribe to the “calling the paps” theory some people like to throw around. And they’ve been seen plenty of places and not papped – i.e. Santa Fe, Michigan, other parts of Sweden. I’m sure they go out without getting caught by paparazzi. I’m surprised that you used her ex and his wife as an example of people who stay out of the limelight. Seems to me, they’re papped all the time when in LA or NYC, Paris, London, St. Barts, even peeing in Malibu! Plus they appear at events.

  • rock n roll queen

    r u sure he went there with her?i mean i only see him with his brother and friends.anyways he looks really good and casual.her skirt sucks though.