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Alexander Skarsgard: Esquire House LA With Kate Bosworth!

Alexander Skarsgard: Esquire House LA With Kate Bosworth!

Alexander Skarsgard hits up the grand opening of Esquire House LA on Friday (October 15) in Los Angeles.

The 34-year-old Swedish actor didn’t walk the red carpet like girlfriend Kate Bosworth but was spotted inside the bash mingling with guests.

Last weekend, the couple also spent some time together, first grabbing a low-key lunch in Brentwood before having a night out at Village Idiot English pub.

Also pictured: Alexander posing with Esquire‘s associate publisher Stephen Jacoby. He also hung out with his friend, fellow Swedish actor Joel Kinnaman and his younger brother (also an actor), Gustaf Skarsgard.

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138 Responses to “Alexander Skarsgard: Esquire House LA With Kate Bosworth!”

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  1. 51
    over and out Says:

    @@burnt bacon: Because they need more practice at it? Or a year wasn’t enough of this nonsense? Burnt is right, you have to be kidding. And X17, I think they were joking because she really does look like she rolled off a bed and threw that crap on. Has to be fugliest outfit ever.

  2. 52
    burnt bacon Says:

    @@burnt bacon: “I don’t subscribe to the “calling the paps” theory some people like to throw around.”
    Your choice, but it does happen. A lot. How else would we get pics of D-Listers buying nasal spray, meanwhile Sandra Bullock managed to completely disappear in the midst of a huge scandal involving her husband?
    “And they’ve been seen plenty of places and not papped – i.e. Santa Fe, Michigan, other parts of Sweden.”
    Yet we still managed to find out about it, didn’t we? Someone always reported it somewhere.
    ” I’m surprised that you used her ex and his wife as an example of people who stay out of the limelight. Seems to me, they’re papped all the time when in LA or NYC, Paris, London, St. Barts, even peeing in Malibu! Plus they appear at events.”
    And even with all of that, we didn’t even know they were married until well after the fact, and there was no publicity around the wedding. No reports of her dress shopping. No “leaks” from the wedding planner telling us what stationery she was interested in. No constant engagement rumors. No reports on how much the ring cost. We got all of that with O/K, and they were never even engaged.
    OK, I’ll give that Orlando and Miranda do get spotted and photographed fairly often. Probably a bad example to use. But they’re practically invisible compared to how much O/K was put out there.

  3. 53
    muppet show Says:

    im trying to find a reason why they dont want to be photographed as a couple.i am not saying that we want to see them kissing but whats wrong with admiting that they are together?and if they are friends why they dont have a photograph together as it so bad?oh please either they are stupied or they definitely want the attention.

  4. 54
    monice Says:


    ok, i’ll play.

    Is this Sweden? When in Rome do as ……

    Furthermore, they’re not civilians, they dont get the luxury as the rest of us, to dress with jeans and mismatched outfits, they make big buck, it is their duty

    to stimulate the economy by hiring people to help them look pretty and coordinated, much like they are doing by hiring you :)

  5. 55
    Clue Says:

    @@burnt bacon:

    I believed she meant Chris Martin not Orlando Bloom. Alex went to a TB conference the other night with Anna Paquin, yet the paps didn’t take not one picture. Unless he used a transporter , all 6″4″ of him should have been very noticeable entering and leaving a venue. A TB event not high profile for pap interest? But a Broken Bells concert is?

  6. 56
    Clue Says:


    Are you really equating fashion on par as respecting the social norms of a culture? That really only applies to maybe being accommodating by wearing a headscarf in deeply religious Muslim parts of the world, if YOU CHOOSE to go there. Mind you, that means you decided to go to these people’s country fully knowing their customs.

    WOW! How much of a shallow follower must you be if you feel the need to have to dress like others. This was not dinner at the White House or Buckingham Palace or some other black tie event. I’m sure if there had been a dress code they would not have been let in. You…… do…… understand …..that ……don’t ……you?

  7. 57
    much like they are doing by hi Says:


    …..much like they are doing by hiring you :)

    So they hired me to call them or their associates leeches and parasites? You might really want to rethink some of your responses….or stop listening to the people in your head.

  8. 58
    varya Says:

    I never liked KB so I never really cared who she was dating until she started “dating” Alex. Probably because she seems like such a user.

    Does anyone know if she was this media hungry when she was dating Orlando? were they always papped out and about doing really mundane things?

    Seems to me if there is repeated over exposure of her doing things that most celebs (unless they are in high demand, which most would agree she hasn’t been since Blue Crush) don’t get the amount of random paparazzi “sightings” as she does. Does she have them on speed dial?

    Also JJ since Alex was only seen with his friends why did you have to drag her into it? Especially when she already has a post about her being there… does she pay you to mention her with any guy she is reportedly sleeping with?

  9. 59
    Clue Says:

    ***sorry, either my computer of JJ is nuts today******


    “……much like they are doing by hiring you :)”

    So they hired me to call them or their associates leeches and parasites? You might really want to rethink some of your responses….or stop listening to the people in your head.

  10. 60
    Clue Says:

    @Monice that message was meant for you. Stop taking this so personally. It’s just clothes. Let’s face it they’re all probably single guys or their GFs are in Sweden. If they had proper owners they would not have been allowed out of the house looking like that to any kind of public venue. They really look like a bunch of guys who’re hanging in someone’s back yard. Somewhere their mothers are all shaking heads and sighing. Been there, done that. I’m happy that AS had his brother and friends to keep him company. Bless their rumpled clothes wearing hearts. Hopefully water and soap were involved before the fashionistas picked their clothes from the Oscar the Grouch Collection off the floor. They’re guys!!! I’d rather have one of those than someone I have to fight for mirror and products.

  11. 61
    Dot Says:

    Bald or not – Gustaf is hooooot :D

  12. 62
    cathy Says:

    You can’t compare these two with Orlando and Miranda. For one thing Orlando and Mirnada are a real couple not something made up in the minds of Kate and the paps.Orlando and Miranda haven’t been seen in almost two weeks since they got back to London. They do not let the paps know every place they are going to be, as a matter of fact they do try to avoid them.
    Everytime I look at Kate Bosworthless I’m sad she just seems so sad and lonely she dosen’t seem to have any female friends at all anymore at least you dont see her out with them.

  13. 63
    cathy Says:

    Sorry one more thing, is there something wrong with Kate’s teeth if you look you hardly ever see her smiling so that you see them I noticed that a long time ago. Oh well just wondering

  14. 64
    varya Says:

    Also, was Kate ever greeted by anyone at the party? Alex didn’t even greet her, let alone anyone else. So basically she just showed up for the photo opportunity… yet no one acted like they wanted her there. Everyone else seemed to be greeted by someone at the party besides the photographers, everyone except KB. Tells you something doesn’t it.

  15. 65
    J12003 Says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I love celebrity couples but for some reason… This “couple” drives me nuts.

    Reason why this couple drives me up the wall is they refuse to be photographed together? You guys will walk 10 feet apart, why not just stand next to each other.

    I don’t care for Kate Bosworth, at all really, but if I were her I’d be mad to think my “boyfriend” doesn’t want to stand next to me, hold my hand OR show any sort of affection. Its pretty clear you both are dating (In my opinion)… you obviously don’t mind posing for pictures so why not go that next step and stand next to each other and take a flippin’ picture? It makes me wonder if they even like each other, seriously they are weird…

  16. 66
    Marge Simpson Says:

    @Kate Bosworth:
    I thought….I thought…..don’t lie to me kate! Is that really you behind the smary lipstick?

  17. 67
    Fiona Says:

    Mark Malkin has reported that Alex & Kate talked at the party, gave each other a hello kiss and stood talking with arms around each other before mingling with other people. You know, like couples do.

    I have also seen a photo, taken by someone who attended the TB premiere party, of Alex & Kate in each others arms once most of the fans had left the party.

    They’re a couple – get over it.

  18. 68
    mjforlife Says:

    The difference between Orlando and Alex other than the fact that Orlando is the most bankable actor of the decade is that Orlando never treated Kate like this when in public NEVER and even being a young stud that was just staring out and having a girlfriend could have been a carer killer because of his teen age fan girls HE ALWAYS OWN UP TO DATING HER and went on her Beyond the Sea premiere and kissed her on camera .The same goes with Miranda the Australia Telethon does Orlando play the press for attention? It can be but he is a MAN about it and owns up to it and better at it that is for sure.

  19. 69

    Why is Alex’s brother Gustaf bald if he’s so young???!!! Maybe Kate and Gustaf could join some kind of hair club! Instead of jewelry, maybe Kate could design wigs with the help of bisexual baldy Gustaf Skarsgard.

  20. 70
    Bjorne Larson Says:

    You could see BJORNE LARSON, aka Alex’s scrub beggar friend right behind Kate in pic #5. I think Bjorne is a bit of a famewhore as well…

  21. 71
    e online Says:

    The True Blond hunk and Ms. Bosworth hit Sienna Miller’s benefit for the International Medical Corps at L.A.’s Esquire House.

    Are they a couple? We’ll let you be the judge. Here’s what we saw:

    Bosworth arrived first followed by Skarsgård and a gaggle of guy friends at about 8:45. Once inside the party, the two hung out by the bar.

    He simply gave her a peck on the cheek when they said hello before chatting for a minute or so. They stood with their arms around each other’s backs while talking to their friends before Bosworth took off into the crowd.

    wow I am feeling the romance with the artical what a way to greet your girlfriend quick peak on the cheek and then kate disappears how romantic
    .so whats wrong with them posing for a pic together if they are so lovey dovey sorry i aint buying it and nither are most people who have commented on the artical.
    and i don’t care about the true blood premiere obviously that was then and this now something has changed they are FWB with PR at most and two idiots!

  22. 72
    over and out Says:

    @Fiona: The whole point of Marc Malkin’s piece was that…they didn’t really act like a couple. Quick peck on the cheek, talked for a few minutes and then she went off with Arlene. Friends? Yes. Couple? Hmm. The video here isn’t really supporting your view either. Considering that Alex isn’t even near her or talking to her, no one says anything to her from his crowd except Gustaf and she/Arlene don’t look that welcome.

  23. 73
    @Fiona Says:

    Mark Malkin reported that they gave each other a hello peck on the cheek, stood with their arms around each other for a “a minute or so” before she walked away. Way to inflame ;)

    Also- that’s one pic that I’ve never seen. If it actually exists, wouldn’t it be widely circulated to prove they are in fact a couple? I’m thinking you’re full of it.

  24. 74
    Alex's brother is so FUGLY Says:

    To comment #3 that said: “An Alex, Joel & Gustaf sandwich sounds like heaven 2 me… yes please!!!”
    Ewwww, Yuck, Grosss! Gustaf is bald and has a very ugly face! And he’s got this weird scrawny sinewy body like a cocaine addict. Girl, you got some bad taste! LOL

  25. 75
    Kitten Says:


    ? :)

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