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Kate Bosworth: Esquire House LA Lady

Kate Bosworth: Esquire House LA Lady

Kate Bosworth dons Derek Lam at the grand opening of Esquire House LA on Friday (October 15) in Los Angeles.

The event, which was hosted by Sienna Miller, also benefited International Medical Corps.

Earlier in the week, Kate and her beau, Alexander Skarsgard, hit up a pub in West Hollywood.

Esquire House LA, a 9,000-square-foot property located in the Hollywood Hills, was rebuilt from the ground up and outfitted by top designers.

The $18.9 million home will host upcoming charity and celebrity events.

FYI: Kate accessorized with Jewel Ming earrings.

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Credit: Michael Caulfield; Photos: Getty
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  • cute

    Sienna looks beautiful.

  • cute

    Kate looks beat.

  • Bunnyk

    Sienna Miller and Kate Bosworth have a lot on common:
    - having affairs with married men…
    - making more news abouth their dates than their work

  • Cynthia

    Kate has incredible eyes.

  • twenty-two

    What happened to the photos of Sienna Miller?

  • LisaM

    Um……So what?

  • Bunnyk

    Alex can’t be posible tapppping tha!

  • http://www./ Ashley

    I think that Sienna Looks Good in her dress and i love the way her hair looks i hope she still has her old hairstyles

  • Sue

    Her breasts look larger. Looks weird on her small frame.

  • kaching$

    @twenty-two: Too much who*re power for one post.

  • Eon

    Bosworth looked fine until I opened the big pics.
    The thumbs are cute but she’s a mess up close.

  • Lawton

    Well, that may be Esquire House but that’s no lady.

  • Really?

    This should be on JJ Jr. sounds like a frickin HS thread. “Kate visited a pub earlier in the week with her boyfriend Alexander Bubblehead”, why must we relive that again Jj, when you gave us a play by play the first time?

  • whenwillitend?

    JJ this hsould be on JJJR? Why are we hearing about Alex when there are no pics of Alex. Why must you mention that it is her boyfriend, when we get a play by play from you anyway?

  • nio

    @Really?: @Really?:

    for the same reason JJ went on and on forever citing Chris Pine holding a freakin’ pie on the set of ‘This means war’ :-)

  • muppet show

    she is a very hard working girl she has to deside whose gonna pick her dress her shoes ,someone to do her make up, her hair!hard work!and also she is doing drugs!hard life very hard life! hang in there kate!!!

  • whenwillitend?

    She looks 47 instead of 27, just sayin,

  • muppet show
    what did just i told you!? why is she standing there?ohh she is not with alex so she can pose more!

  • freebird

    her lipstick is pretty but the outfit is fug.

  • Rê with Fangs

    I hate her! Fact! She is one displayed, greedy, and untalented bitch!

  • Alison

    Why do people hate Kate so much? Just a question I am not a fan of hers but I was just curious.

  • slanted view

    I have heard that Cher Coulter has worked for Kate and Sienna in the past. I hope that’s not the case tonight because someone should demand their money back. Kate looks 7- 9 years older than she is. Sienna looks vibrant and lively and her age. Kate shows none of her assets or beauty. She looks like she needs make up, a hair cut and a much hotter outfit. Why? She should have gotten better help. This is unfortunate.

  • nikki

    I think Kate looks pretty, but where are the pictures of Alex, all the other sites have his pictures too.

  • Magic

    @Alison: She’s a slu-t that f–ucks married men. Plus, she can’t act and shows up at the opening of an envelope. They should pity her really.

  • oasis

    when I first saw the photos i thought she looked pretty but take a look at the large shots. she’s scary looking.

  • Charaze

    Love Kate’s red lipstick. She looks stunning!

  • nicole

    Sorry but Sienna looks absolutely gorgeous!! Kate looks a hot mess. And who cares if she was there. She is such a cranked out homewr*cker. Joke of the century. Is she wearing tackymint jewelry?

  • muppet show
  • JM

    @ Muppet Show
    The headline should have read:
    Alexander Skarsgard attends grand opening of Esquire House to benefit his alleged famwh*re’s nonexsistant career.

    BTW, I’ve seen her lipstick before..on the hookers that walk skid row.

  • Clue

    I love how the stans/pr always write about her eyes. Pathetic that the only interesting or worthwhile thing about her are a genetic anomaly.

    What! No FewelMint joolree? Doesn’t she want people to come up to her and ask about her show stopping pieces that she got for 70% off?

    Funny how all the “testimonials’ on the FewelMint site seemed be worded the same and written by the same person.

    How is it possible that FewelMint launched last month, yet the posters claim to have many pieces of the joolree? Aren’t you only supposed to get one piece a month? Yet these women with their professionally done AVIs claim to own many pieces. Hmmm…..

    For the geniuses at FewelMint, the actress’ name is Kate HUDSON, not HUDSEN. Can’t you people get anything right?

    Girl Scouts are better business women than these FEWELS.

  • Dot

    In the big pictures she looks kind of worn. Too much starvation takes it’s toll?

    Anyways, it’s funny that there are photos of Alex with his friends and other people, but none with Kate. I understand him but I do wonder 1)how long she’ll accept a boyfriend who doesn’t join her in the famewhoring and 2)how long their relationship would have to last for Alex to start posing with her.

  • Iffy Miffy

    You are insulting real ladies everywhere Jared…

  • alex with pals

    ALEX’S brother gustaf skarsgard including pals bjorn, swedish actor joel kinnaman was also there so he did not attend this event ALONE with KB don’t even think about JJ!!!!
    I don’t even no if KB and AS showed up together or seperate?
    is it just me or does her smile look forced. maybe she is unhappy she got no alex PDA at the event or he did not pose with her?

    KB and AS have been together for 1 year and yet he is more then happy to have photograph with his pals but he cannot have a photograph with his SUPPOSED GF KATE BOSWORTH I’M NOT TAKEN TO HER RED LIPSTICK. and how come alex and his pals are not dressed up for the ocassion where everyone else is in suites? and why is gustaf smoking at a high profile event. hmmmmmmm

    anyway nice pic of alex & gustaf and pals!
    in the pic there is alex, joel, gustaf, another swedish pal (not bjorn)

  • Clue

    Alex and his friends dressed like that because that’s how they attend parties in Sweden. Go look at pictures on the Swedish entertainment sites. Hardly anyone dresses formal at these kinds of events. Good for them for not conforming to HW standards.

  • alex with pals

    @ clue thank you for the info I was not sure why they dressed like that.

    scream awards will be very intresting I wonder who will be alex’s DATE I hope its gustaf and bjorn

  • Clue

    Alex and his friends dressed like that because that’s how they attend parties in Sweden. Go look at pictures on the Swedish entertainment sites. Hardly anyone dresses formal at these kinds of events. Good for them for not conforming to HW standards.@alex with pals:

    Welcome. Alex should just hold auctions to attend events with him and give the money to Bajen Aid for his beloved Hammarby.

  • Clue

    @alex with pals:

    That last post got messed up somehow.

    You’re welcome@alex with pals. Alex should just hold auctions to attend events with him and give the money to Bajen Aid for his beloved Hammarby.

  • Vanessa

    Why doesn’t Kate and her ‘beau’ Alex go to these events together?
    You’d think as a couple they would want to go? or was he there but they didn’t go together?
    What an odd relationship.
    Too much red makes her look like a high class hooker, oh wait, I meant low class hooker.

  • whenwillitend?

    @Charaze: Thats becasue Cher you have f –upped everywhere else with that recycled crap she is wearing. Honestly, I have never seen Kate look that bad at an red carpet event. She has looked bad, but not with recyled hand me downs. She should fire you, but I guess with all the Blueblood money she has..

  • whenwillitend?

    Isn’t it weird, that other people takes pics with other celebrities, like Sienna takes pics with other celebe, Felicity Huffman, , even Alex, but everyone avoids and ignores KB like the plague? Interesting, look at all the pics on Getty images, and tell me who has she taken a pic with, besides herself?

  • Clue


    “Love Kate’s red lipstick. She looks stunning!”

    I wish somebody would just stun her. Maybe when she comes to, she’ll have some sense and either go to college or take some.acting classes.

  • keep movin

    kate is beautiful!

  • Bunnyk

    I meant to say:
    Alex can’t be possible tapppping that


    Kate looks stunning. She’s such a beautiful girl. Best eyes ever!

  • Heloise

    @crazy: I want her nose and eyes!

  • Tori

    She is HW trash.

  • Bored:
  • me 2

    She is in the movie with an unknown an Rachel Bilson. Who in the world is going to pay ot watch it?

  • me 2

    She looks alder than she is.

  • blondie

    Kate lools the worst ever! I think she can be pretty sometimes, but this was a big fail! Where the h*ll did they find that dress??! And what’s up with the hair? Was the plan with the stop light lipstick to make people forget about the rest of her??! So many questions, so few answers…