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LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Shots and Shopping!

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Shots and Shopping!

LeAnn Rimes and boyfriend Eddie Cibrian go shopping at Sports Authority on Friday (October 15) in Westlake Village, Calif.

The 28-year-old singer and 37-year-old actor picked up a sleeping bag, which Eddie also used to block photographers as they walked through the parking lot.

The night before, the couple enjoyed a date night together at Beso in Hollywood. LeAnn even posted a photo of the two taking shots!

“My neck hurts so bad from dancing yesterday!!!!!” she tweeted. “Last night was a blast, good times! Up and ready to wrk. Happy Saturday!

10+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian at Sports Authority…

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rimes cibrian sports authority 01
rimes cibrian sports authority 02
rimes cibrian sports authority 03
rimes cibrian sports authority 04
rimes cibrian sports authority 05
rimes cibrian sports authority 06
rimes cibrian sports authority 07
rimes cibrian sports authority 08
rimes cibrian sports authority 09
rimes cibrian sports authority 10
rimes cibrian sports authority 11
rimes cibrian sports authority 12

Photos: GSI Media
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  • blair

    Who needs the paps…..leann will take her own pics….wewe does it all!
    The sleeping bag is for leann when Eddie’s mistress comes over.

  • Jake

    Guess Eddie really needs to get drunk to do her, and what’s with LeAnn’s suggestive tongue action on the tall shot glass, she already bought Mr. Rimes. For all you demented pro LeAnn people, what do you think of LeAnn’s selecting that specific photo to post, I say she’s the epitome of despicable and stupidity!

  • Annie

    ugh, these squinty-eyed whore twins again.

  • Sam


  • http://www. Jase


  • loca


  • Kee

    could u please please please stop posting stuff about leann and eddie? i like them but all is gonna happen is more pointless bashing! why cant we all just leave them alone? the affair happened over a year ago! GET OVER IT PEOPLE! so jared could you please please please law low on the posting of eddie and leann? i’m just sick and tired of the constant bashing! all’s gonna happen is more bashing! why cant people just move on from the affair already!?!

  • gwen

    Oh JJ, WEWE called you again?

    Your title should be Mr Leann Rimes and WEWE tip off the paps again.

    What, those photos of her and EC making out at the kids game didn’t convince enough people that EC was in love with her? Of course she posted photos of her and EC out at the bar, she is always posting photos of her and EC so why is JJ acting like this is something new?.

    If these two didn’t want to be seen, they wouldn’t have tipped you off.
    BTW, doesn’t he appear on Chase on Monday? So isn’t this just another “WaTCH MY SHOW” photo-op?

    Seriously, for people who claim they want privacy, these two are always tipping off the paps.

    It is a shame that EC has to drink inorder to be in the company of

    So they are going to bombard the public with WEEKLY photos until we believe that its’s Real love?

    Or are they repeating the same Fri-Sun wacth my show photo-ops like they did with CSI?

  • gwen


    So WEWE and Mr Leann Rimes are the victims in this?

    WEWE gets bashed because she keeps tweeting about another woman’s kids and then tipping off the paps because she desperately wants us to believe that a man who sells out his own kids is in love with her because he holds her hand and makes out with her when he is drunk.

  • gwen

    Image, this is the type of stuff that she may be doing in front of those kids.

  • http://bettyj2u betty

    OH NO NOT AGAIN!!!! All this photo opting and its still is not selling concert tickets for Leann and Eddie is still unemployed. Just a juvenile acting couple when are they going to grow up especially Eddie he has kids he should be setting an example for. But actually I enjoy critiquing this farce as a source of amusement. Both are pathetic.

  • gwen needs a life

    God get over it and get your own relationship gwen, maybe then you’ll stop being so obsessed.

  • elaine

    there is the most wonderful pic of them on twitter looks just like them

  • blair

    Check x 17 for a real laugh.

  • Eileen

    here’s the REAL Leann-all these are just photoshopped

  • blair


  • Go Ask Alice

    Eileen is crazy,LOL!!!!
    Click on the link.
    Very funny.

    With somany ofHollyweird’s couples going splitsville thisweek,whypickon Leann Rimes and Eddie Rimes.

    These 2 are going to be KAPUT.Over. Done. Cooked and put afork in it.

    I give them another good year before the cracks start. They were a couple from
    2008-09, 2010, Dec.2011,Jan 2012, OVER!!!!!

  • ka-blamo

    They look greasy and gross.

  • gwen needs a life

    Some people are just so obsessed with celeb relationships, they need to get outside and enjoy life instead. Apparently some can’t handle that truth.

  • walker

    She’s shameless. I really don’t care what she posts on Twitter. Because I just see it as flaunting her relationship in front of his ex’s face. It’s just gross.

  • Carter

    These two are sooooo out of date. They’re just two clowns posting pics of themselves. They’re both irrelevant.

  • Bettie

    Jared can keep posting about these two. It doesn’t bother me. I like commenting about them.

  • Julie

    She had 4 or 5 concerts cancelled in less than a month. She should concentrate on her fans instead of photo-ops.

  • annab

    What ugly mugs….yikes!

  • Ann

    I used to think Eddie was cute but he’s become her rag doll. The other day he referred to himself as Mr. LeAnn Rimes. What sort of man would even joke about that. Wusssssy much!

  • joansey

    Not only is Mr Rimes looking old but his hairline is receding He cannot be a happy camper plus the fact that he’s getting grey couple more years and Leann will trafe the old F.A.R.T in for a new model.

  • Kelly

    Eddie has a sleeping bag in each hand lololol.

  • joansey

    Not only does Mr Rimes look old now but his hairline is receding and getting grey couple more years and Leann will trade him in and buy a new model

  • Brat

    These two keep putting out these pictures because they love the abuse. What a couple of turds.

  • Lolzzz

    For all those people writing “why people haven’t moved on from the affair”…here is why– instead of lying low and looking even slightly apologetic for cheating and breaking up their families, both sought the spotlight shamelessly and have been very public with their PDA, even in the beginning. If they had sought privacy and been even slightly remorseful maybe people would not need to remind them of how ridiculous they are. I mean look at the pics…she is so shameless!!

  • blair

    @Kelly….good one…lol.

  • @Elieen#15

    ELIEEN!!!!! That picture link is incredibly clever. Everyone should see it. Pass it around. It will go viral.

  • Marieme

    Gross, fug and all of that! I’ve no doubt they have to get drunk as skunks to deal with each other never mind kissing or having sex! Lol! It would be intolerable otherwise, wouldn’t it? Barf and bark, bark!

  • Lanny


    I quit commenting on this thread months ago but I have to say bravo; very creative. Another site used the same character to portray Rimes. It might have been Celebitchy, TMZ, or Perez. You HAVE TOO send them your creation. One of them will surely use it. If you twitter, you should send to to LeAnn and both her fans. Great job.

  • Lanny


    My comment got lost so I’ll say it again. I quit posting on this thread months ago but I have to say how wonderfully creative your “art” work is. You must send it to all the other web sites. Someone is sure to use it. Send it to all of them as well as to LeAnn and both her fans. Great job.

  • Josie

    Ever notice that every single set up hand holding shot that LeAnn calls JJ and other paps ahead to shoot…(to her surprise!!!)… LeAnn is digging her nails into Eddie’s hand trying to hold on for dear life?

    God help him when he leaves.

    It ain’t gonna be so easy Eddie. I won’t be wishing you good luck. You brought it on yourself.

  • MaryAnn

    To: Eleen

    Your picture at post 15 is funny funny. I didn’t notice the twitter iphone or microphone until I looked twice. Let’s have some more. It’s better than the Sunday funnies.

  • Eileen


    Nahhh -we were just playing around and for some reason some1 said she looks like Falkor and I ran with it. lol I def don’t want anyone to think I’m obsessed with these two-they are totally ridic!

  • elaine

    Eileen I think the pic is hysteriacl and even looks like her put it on you tube some one said and I agree

  • KATE

    everyone is so bitter~~sad!! Im in the same boat~~ Ex wifes are the losers!!Lol

  • http://bettyj2u betty

    @ Kate What ex wife are talking about? Speak for yourself.

  • Christian


    Enjoyed the art work. It needs to be shared.

  • http://deleted Guest

    i’d say homewreckers and serial cheaters are the real loosers :) if racy or wewe thinks that this relationship will last the 13yrs that eddie and brandi’s did then you must be smoking something..this is hollyweird and eddie is a horny cheater …better believe if and when given the chance he will cheat again..they always do

  • elaine

    Kate that is the absolute truth if Lr thinks he is in this for the long haul she had better look in the mirror and Ed better take a look at her mama. any man who would cheat on and lie to his pregnant wife does not have a conscience and now he does not have a job two episodes of Chase and he declares himself as starring in Chase delusional also bet he won’t be able to get another gig Every bite of food he puts in his mouth and every piece of toilet paper he uses to wipe with LEANN RIMES PAYS FOR WHAT A MAN and then he goes out in public with him and smiles like he is happy there isn’t any MAN happy to be totally supported by a woman she supports all her boyfriends otherwise she wouldn’t have any

  • gwen aka 221J

    Still at it! bwahahaaaa……………

  • shallow hal

    LeAnn you are indeed a trailer- trash WHORE who is UGLY and MANLY looking with extreme self esteem issues!
    Without your money, you think Eddie would stay? Pathetic bitch.

  • Annie B

    @Kelly: Nah, Eddie has a sleeping bag in one hand and a trash bag in the other.

  • oy

    I see this relationship lasting until her credit cards starting getting declined.

  • Gangsta

    Why is that every LeAnn pic her nose it looking up the sky? In that pic where her tongue is sticking out she looks like a pornstar or an iguana. She is ugly.

  • Rachelle


    LOOK at Eddie’s sneakers. WHAT A GIRLIE MAN. hahahahahaha
    What man wears those sneakers? I have a pair, but no men wear them that I’ve seen.