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Rachel Bilson Likes to Add Pops of Color

Rachel Bilson Likes to Add Pops of Color

Rachel Bilson feeds the meter and heads out to meet a friend in Hollywood on Saturday (October 16.

The 29-year-old actress was recently asked how she can mix bold shades in one outfit and still look great. She told InStyle, “It’s fun to add pops of color here and there. I like to start out with a basic canvas (a white T and jeans), and then add a yellow sweater (H&M has some great ones) and maybe pink shoes. If it’s too much, one or the other provides enough color. When combining hues, you want to use shades that complement one another, such as lavender and brown or blue and green.”

15+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson feeding the meter…

Just Jared on Facebook
rachel bilson pops of color 01
rachel bilson pops of color 02
rachel bilson pops of color 03
rachel bilson pops of color 04
rachel bilson pops of color 05
rachel bilson pops of color 06
rachel bilson pops of color 07
rachel bilson pops of color 08
rachel bilson pops of color 09
rachel bilson pops of color 10
rachel bilson pops of color 11
rachel bilson pops of color 12
rachel bilson pops of color 13
rachel bilson pops of color 14
rachel bilson pops of color 15

Photos: Fame Pictures
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  • Love Her

    She always looks so beautiful

  • Dani


  • Helen Vu

    Why is she famous? She’s like a young Jen Garner famous for nothing but her style and in Jen Garner’s case marrying an Alister and pimping her kids. If Bilson’s smart, she’ll learn from Jen Garner and Katie Holmes and marry an Alister to stay relevant. In the real world, we call that pathetic!

  • howdy

    Great more of this never-been

  • maya

    My lovely sweet girl she’s back to LA great
    Dani o no sé k no jodas vale si no te gusta rachel pues no estas obligado dejar comentarios callate y sea mejor para todor cabron

  • Dani

    Sorry Maya, don’t understand what u r saying!

  • All about fashion

    She looks gorgeous like always !

  • All about fashion

    She looks gorgeous like always ! I wish she gets a role again soon.


    she sounds like a moron. that’s fashion 101, certainly something everyone over 10 knows….enough of rachel bilson, she’s just not interesting enough, sytle-wise. i’d pick sienna miller’s brain, she has the most innate style of all the young ones….

  • Purple Poo

    OOh!! I love the boots, skinny jeans and stripped tee shirt!! She is doing the Audrey Hepburn look with the tee shirt! CUTE!!

  • lela


    What earth shattering news. She likes pops of color.

    I’m so excited to hear this.

    thank you

  • wtf

    WHO CARES?????????

  • JM


  • Ash

    Dials up the paps. I’m gonna be feeding the meter. Feel free to take pics!

  • H

    Agreed. I actually don’t mind Rachel Bilson, but these little ‘style’ snippets she puts out are just ridiculous.

    Also, why is it that her opinion is so valued when she has a stylist who is paid to do all her oh-so-important clothes-related thinking for her??

  • whatanitwit

    Rachel, why don’t you auction off your gazillion clothes and donate the proceeds to charity, like those kids you supposedly visited in Africa. How about spending the money instead on books so that you can educate yourself better.

  • Fashion Police!:

    Wanna tell us when she goes to the bathroom too, JJ?

  • Rockstar

    She’s a genius, I say! A GENIUS!!! Who would have thunk to keep one’s wardrobe simple and add just a splash of color? God bless you, Rachel. Whatever would we do without your profound input? Somebody, please, get this woman a job!

  • Aphrodite


    One would think if she was this supportive over her love of organizations to aid ppl in need she would stop the shopaholic shit, pick one on going charity and support it. She is the I want to be a do gooder but is addicted to Herself. Then plays follow the leader on any function she can add her name to to get ppl to think better of her.

    This is actually getting rather hysterical seems she is cross promoting her INSTYLE articles on JJ he prints every quote from the magazine. When you read this crap she is using references from her column, how quaint, it’s all for this fashion magazine nothing honest about her. Is she speaking out against the violence in foreign countries no she is there sporting her blood diamond collection to the ppl and hopes to build dormitories. Her so called good causes are laced with bad intentions mainly to promote herself later on down the line.

    I get the feeling if PETA asked her to do something against animal fur trading or cruelty Bilson would show up to the event wearing those fur covered boots or some type of animal print outfit. She is the biggest female dork I have ever seen can’t dress her age and relies on others to do the work for her.Hey maybe someone can act for her too cant hurt.

  • jess

    She’s becoming more and more of a reality star and less and less of an actress. It’s all about her clothes and who she may be hooking up with but almost nothing on her acting. But then reviews of her film acting have been excruciatingly bad so maybe that’s why her handlers choose to focus on her being a quote unquote fashionista.

  • Dan

    @Aphrodite: Interesting how you’re so quick to attack someone when you know nothing about them. Celebrities make a fortune, but that doesn’t mean they need to dress like the middle class and donate all of their money. They work hard for it and feel the need to indulge, only they can afford to indulge more than people like me. She’s doing her thing, if people dislike it, that’s too bad because she doesn’t lose sleep over it, but it seems like you do.

  • She Has No Taste

    She’s wearing a huge white raincoat that is way too large for her, carrying a white bag big enough to put a her mother’s dead body in and tight jeans that show her fat thighs. And just to make sure we notice her legs are short and shapeless except where the knees meet the cottage cheese saddlebags, she wears boots that are truly unflattering in every way. A woman needs to be model thin and be at least 5’10 to wear those boots in public and not have it look bad. And I don’t give a goddamn about her liking ‘pops of color.’ What a brainless stupid expression. And how she fails to follow it, as her outfit earlier was so boring colorwise that I don’t even remember what colors they were. So, Jared, how much does it cost to have pictures two and three times a day in your blog when you don’t have a job and haven’t done anything over 6 minutes in anything for 3 years?

  • aa

    Josh Schwartz ought to read the comments here. He may be under the impression that his favorite pet actress is universally liked when that is certainly not the case.

  • reyon

    HEY! GUYS!!! lets boyott her threads and jared will stop posting baout her.. PLEASE

  • Aphrodite

    @ Dan

    Oh and your quick to defend a woman whom you have NO CLUE if she is really the girl next door or the spoiled princess that she is quick to tell ppl she is. REASON she is not well liked she is so far down the bottom of the food chain the only ppl who sport her pics now is JJ. Seems her other big supporters ditched her long time ago and picture her when she with bigger name celebrities. Not to mention her comments are dying as fast as this so called career of her’s.

    Never said she had to dress poor she tries to be someone she isn’t a working actress, she is carried like luggage by her family and friends. Now if she actually did work for the money I guess ppl would be shocked. But then again if walking the streets, shopping lunching with mom is her biggest career move then she is scoring big there on the JJ box office.

  • Aphrodite

    oh and trust me she does lose sleep over it when this is all she has is jj, ppl don’t like her enough, paying her PR to drum up paps to make her feel special it shows on her face when she isn’t on the popularity scale with JJ. Seems he is the real only supporter she has next to those of her friends who wish to get their two seconds in the spotlight when the paps are called out.

  • me

    You know, I thought I would try to give her a chance and see may be there is something there, and than I look at her going shopping AGAIN, wearing a rain coat, which is for a rainy weather, and fur boots, which are not for a rainy weather at all. Honestly, I give up, she is mentally retarded, there is no doubt in my mind, her miserable existence is the best evidence of that.

  • Family Lawyers Melbourne

    That’s a great idea

  • Pharmf276

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  • Heads/Tails

    The only pop of color I see are from her key-rings—–and I think it is hilarious that the “click to” was Rachel Bilson Feeding The Meter….HA….how captivating…oooo….did we see how many coins she put in….I’m biting my nails…..

  • Brightside

    It wouldn’t change a thing. JJ has to provide posts about her in order to earn his paycheck. The posts would still be here but with zero comments like her fan sites where not even her ‘fans’ can be bothered to reply. All of the people who praise and endorse Rachel Bilson do so because they know her (like Nicole Chavez) or because they are paid to do so (like JJ) or both. That’s known as being a suck-a$$. So we get these suck-a$$y little posts about a person that’s less well known than the cast of Jersey Shore!

  • lexy hates bilson

    Hey Brightside – you said it!!! That Snooki has a book deal and The Situation has an exercise video — not to mention Snookie’s even got Halloween costumes with her hair-do! Rachel needs to hire Papa Joe (the Simpleton sister’s dad/manager) or the Jersey Shore’s agents to rep her – maybe she’d have SOMETHING going on!!!
    JJ you need to ask her PR folks to provide some info for you to write with all these free photos they provide you with! These quotes from InStyle are pretty lame since WE ALL KNOW SHE PAYS A STYLIST to dress her! Also aren’t you breaking some copyright laws??

  • lexy hates bilson

    @ Helen Vu – are you kidding me?? Jen Garner was famous BEFORE she married Ben and in fact when she married him he was no longer an A-lister. Jen is famous b/c she’s a lovely and talented actress – which is why she keeps getting movie roles and she’s got that endorsement deal with Neutrogena. So please do NOT compare her to Rachel! Same with Katie Holmes – Katie may have gotten more attenion for marrying Tom Cruise but she can hold her own in acting – you don’t do LIVE THEATER in NY on BROADWAY with NO talent!!!

  • lala

    i wonder how much is she paying jared…seriously i liked her,she seemed really cute and its her business if shes working or not i just dont need to read about her on a daily basis…

  • kiki

    Boring….as usual…. but she looks cute and I like what she is wearing.

  • BRIGHTSIDE posting again

    BRIGHTSIDE AKA the DUMBSIDE posting every few seconds just check out the timing shes so stupid she doesntt even realize how sickly pathetic she is grow up already go back to leos threads and continue your hating and bashing and jealousy there FYI everyone knows who you are already allllllllllllll your alias

  • http://twitter annie

    the smell of no talent bilson,nothing to do .who writes this crap jared,ha,ha.jared is getting paid, will never stop posting look at the writing ,hes told what to print,nicole

  • the truth

    Might not like her. But i love her boots.

  • Shy

    Please someone tell this idiot that she looks beyond ridiculous when she hires photographer, then poses for him on street and then photographer gives her pictures and she sends them to Just Jared…. It’s beyond pathetic. How desperate and low you have to be to do this. And i wonder what this idiot thinks about herself. Does she think that she is popular, star? Because she appears daily on one site. But only because she pays money to him. She is shame to all the real stars.

  • http://vertverysext=y!! sharyllee

    nothing important about her!!

  • stop hatin

    kool guyz u be hatin, i b luvin, she ona my role models, her long wit mischa barton, ben mckenzie, and adam brody… i luv them, all of them, so y dont u guyz just be goin away, or if ur luvin… stay! :)

  • peacock

    Thumb up Thumb down -11

    you can do it hit 600 then go for 10000 then go to the nearest mental ward hahahahahahahahahahahaha

    Yeah lets ! Everytime I see one of those you get one of these:

    Boycott Bar Refaeli Boycott Bar Refaeli Boycott Bar Refaeli Boycott Bar Refaeli Boycott Bar Refaeli Boycott Bar Refaeli Boycott Bar Refaeli Boycott Bar Refaeli Boycott Bar Refaeli Boycott Bar Refaeli Boycott Bar Refaeli Boycott Bar Refaeli Boycott Bar Refaeli Boycott Bar Refaeli Boycott Bar Refaeli Boycott Bar Refaeli Boycott Bar Refaeli Boycott Bar Refaeli Boycott Bar Refaeli Boycott Bar Refaeli Boycott Bar Refaeli Boycott Bar Refaeli Boycott Bar Refaeli Boycott Bar Refaeli

    Don’t buy GARNIER FRUCTIS. She looks ludicrous in the ad anyway!
    Boycott Bar ! Boycott Rampage! Boycott Hurley ! Boycott Agua Bendig

  • Ugh

    I don’t know why this ordinary empty headed little presswh07e gets pics on JJ all the time walking the streets and getting coffee. Oh yes…its because she pays for the press, calls the papparazzi herself and is related to half of Hollyweird. She’s the same category of star as LiLo and Paris Hilton but at least the two of them have resumes and some of what’s on them is reasonably good. RB has only the OC where she played herself on a teen soap opera that people can remember her for. Eternally hungry for fame and attention and eternally not worthy of it.

  • @42

    is this rachel bilsons thread or bar refaelis thread? omg this girl really did crack up i think the other person is so right about this so called BRIGHTSIDE why are you here talking about bar r?

  • Brightside

    Bar Rafaeli is one of the world’s most gorgeous woman! Why would you want to boycott her (and unlike the miniscule midget of LA Valley she doesn’t have to pay for posts on this site)? She’s also dating Leo (one of Hollywood’s handsome A++ and highly bankable and talented stars). Bar Rafaeli is lucky on all accounts…she’s beautiful to look at, she’s got a fantastic career in modelling, she works hard at it, and she’s dating a successful and handsome man. Rachel Bilson has nothing and no one!
    If you’re on a Rachel Bilson thread then you are better off boycotting Rachel Bilson who’s nothing compared to Bar Rafaeli. But why bother? Since Rachel pays for the publicity she receives on this site and as JJ won’t willingly want to lose a paycheck, she keeps on getting posts.

    On the other hand you sound like that nutter #36 so I’m convinced you and #36 are the same person. There’s a Rachel Bilson fan (poor thing) who has a bee in her/his bonnet about beautiful and successful women featured on this site. Probably because Rachel Bilson isn’t either beautiful or successful!


    @ BRIGHTSIDE now BRIGHTSIDE IS saying BAR R is gorgeous and etc see how sick she is hahahahahahahahaah this is incredible i take it back youre beyond help we all know youre the same person you are sick and everyone knows it im curious do you really understand hoe ill you are? but if not keep us entertained this thread is being SAVED hahahahahahaha wait til they see this on leos threads we have to post it there

  • Brightside

    Your illiterate spelling and appalling sentence construction make your posts impossible to read. Can’t you go back to school and learn to write properly? They do run adult education classes these days so you don’t need to go through life with people thinking you’re an uneducated Appalachian hillbilly every time you make a post!
    Yes Bar Rafaeli is a beautiful and successful women…I have always said so. Rachel Bilson is plain, bland, unoriginal and unsuccessful. That’s the big difference between the two of them so, please, stop comparing them. Bar Rafaeli is far too beautiful to be compared to a nobody like Rachel Bilson…and Rachel Bilson isn’t fit to breathe the same air as Bar. Bar is a goddess and Rachel Bilson is a succubus.

  • Brightside

    A truly amazing look that Rachel Bilson will never achieve in a million years,

    A truly and amazingly beautiful and talented woman and actress.
    Anne Hathaway…….wonderful!

    She is simply too gorgeous for words!

    And that is the difference between a faker and the real thing. You just can’t beat it, the real thing, it takes your breath away.

  • @47

    really?????? you have always said BAR R. is a beautiful successful ok post it on LEOs thread now as BRIGHTSIDE and say how beautiful and talented you think she is will wait to see that post on JJS last thread of LEOs