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Alexander Skarsgard: Scream Awards' Best Horror Actor!

Alexander Skarsgard: Scream Awards' Best Horror Actor!

Kelly Osbourne (in Dolce & Gabbana) presents the Best Horror Actor award to True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgard award onstage during Spike TV’s “Scream 2010″ Awards at LA’s Greek Theatre on Saturday (October 16).

Looks like Alex wears 2(x)ist underwear!

Marilyn Manson also presented the Best TV Show award to the cast and crew of True Blood including Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer.

At last year’s awards, Alex‘s girlfriend Kate Bosworth presented him with the award for Best Villain.

15+ pictures inside of the True Blood cast…

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Credit: Michael Caulfield, Jeff Kravitz, Frazer Harrison; Photos: Getty, Filmmagic
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  • howdy

    True Blood sucked last season

  • JohnDoe

    Manson seemed happy to meet Alex… considering… lol

  • anna

    haha that was funny the pic with manson and alex. like its ok, we have the same ex, nice to meet you . “shake hands”

  • anna

    haha that was funny the pic with manson and alex. like its ok, we have the same ex, nice to meet you . “shake hands”

  • anna

    haha that was funny the pic with manson and alex. like its ok, we have the same ex, nice to meet you . “shake hands”


    You mentioned the famewh0re leech why?

  • rock n roll queen

    love both alex and marilyn manson so much ,they rock.and i really like kellys new look.the only drawback of the post was the bosworth mention

  • #23

    Could Kelly be anymore ugly?

  • EVR is probably not an “EX”

    I don’t think Alex and Evan Rachel Wood were ever dating or sleeping with each other. I think they were getting to know each other and she seemed to have a little crush on him. But it doesn’t seem it ever got very far.


    Oh no! Why does he keep wearing the I-just-sheatted-myself pants?! Those pants that are saggy in the butt make him look like he pooped himself! Is this some kind of Swedish trend b/c I noticed that his friend Joel Kinnaman (the one who looks kinda skeazy and pervy) who was at the Esquire event also wears his pants that way. So gross!!!

  • EVR > KB

    I would have actually preferred him with someone like EVR who seems to be a bit more real than KB who’s so unbelievably fake and phony.

  • TrueBlade

    Congratulations to him.

  • Ashleigh

    I agree that EVR was never really dating Alex. Yes, she did meet up with him in New Orleans when he was working but she might have been in the area herself for work reasons or visiting other friends/family. And if she did go just for him, then it was just on friendly terms. But I don’t think they ever boned. She probably liked him but I think he saw her as being to young and immature for him – not that Kate is mature, either! LOL

  • Just Kidding

    Congratulations! Hard work of dating the famous famewh0re has paid off!

  • UCLA girl

    I know Evan Rachel Wood seems kinda bratty but I genuinely hope she finds someone else to share her life with other than Manson. She shouldn’t ruin her life by getting married to some old creepy freak like him. *Shudders*

  • Summer

    This is the closest thing to an Emmy or an Oscar that Alex will ever have. So congrats! lol.

  • EVR’s too young for Alex

    @Ashleigh: Yeah. He even said in an interview that EVR was very talented and also extremely young! I think he saw her more like a little sister. She seems like she still has a lot of growing up to do.

  • Focus on your career

    Not trying to rain on his parade, but I hope he wins more serious or respectable awards from now on. Enough already with the Scream/MTV/cheesy awards! Not that a controversial remake film like ‘Straw Dogs’ (which is more known for the rape scene than the actual movie) or a cheeseball weekend blockuster like ‘Battleship’ are helping him any. I hope he selects some better projects from now on.

  • Manson = YUCK

    Manson is a fugly atrocious-looking nasty sick fcuk and EVR is waaaaay to young for him. If she actually marries him she will be ruining her life.

  • Summer

    You can also tell how “legit” these awards are by the way all the men dressed up. They really take it seriously!

  • Half-azz post needs more info

    So I take it Kate didn’t go to the Scream awards this year? Who was Alex’s date then? I see no pics of the unemployed hanger-on better known as Bjorne here. Did Alex’s less attractive bald brother attend? What about the other friends from Sweden that appear to be visiting Alex in L.A.? Geez, talk about great investigative skills, JJ! So we basically know nothing.

  • Tami

    Kelly O. looks like she has bobble-head.

  • @Half-zaa

    Unfortunately, Kate was there. She hung around backstage in the Green room. Supposedly, they left the show together.

  • Liv

    LOL at people complaining about Evan Rachel Wood. ERW is like a million times better than KB, in every possible way. At least she’s a respected actress with a solid career whodoesn’t have to call the paps to make herself relevant.

  • Kelly is cool

    What’s with the Kelly Osbourne hate??? She seems like a spunky, fun, sweet girl. Kelly actually has a personality which is a lot more than you can say for the fake, phoney, snobby, disingenuous Kate Bosworth.

  • EVR was too young for Alex

    @Liv: Liv, I agree that EVR is 100% better than KB because EVR actually has a respectable career and she’s not obsessed with being papped. But EVR is way to young for Alex and if their friendship would have evolved to more, I don’t think it would have lasted very long. It also seemed like Alex wasn’t all that comfortable dating someone that much younger than him – which is respectable and shows he’s looking for a peer not a trophy or a daughter/wife unlike with that gross perv Manson who’s old enough to be EVR’s dad! Eeeek :O

  • Contribute something!

    I really like Kelly Osbourne. She’s devoted her time to several charities including important animal rights causes. If you’re gonna use your famous name for something then atleast help others that cannot help themselves. KB just uses her celebrity status to have her pics come out on gossip websites and in fashion magazines. And once in a blue moon when she does something charitable it seems so fake and posed like it was her PR agent’s idea.

  • GIRLS: Grow a spine & a brain

    Yeah, I also don’t understand the Kelly hate. I don’t get why straight women judge other women on their physical appearance??? Men don’t go around judging other men by what suits they wore or how their bodies look. Straight men wouldn’t waste their time doing that because they have no sexual interest in other men. They think it’s silly. But yet us women berate other women even worse than the men berate us! So women not only get judged by men but also by their own gender. It’s so ridiculous and sets us back hundreds of years. This is one of the reasons why women are still second class citizens and not yet equal human beings to men.

  • Carlos Alvarez

    I personally think Kelly is a cute girl. And its true that women are their own worst enemy and actually hold each other back. Men have something called “gender pride” so we think before we speak. And we try to push each other up not down. It’s men that started the term “HOES BEFORE BROS”. Just goes to show you the two different sets of mentality and why women stay behind.

  • Carlos Alvarez

    @Carlos Alvarez: Oooops I meant “BROS BEFORE HOES”. But you know what I mean. Lol

  • Just Kidding

    @@Half-zaa: So, they are avioding money shots being taken, right? Sneaky!

  • JM

    So he kept his dirty little secret backstage again? LMAO! Nothing says I love you more than sneaking your alleged famewh*re out the back door AGAIN!

  • Fliss

    I’m glad Alex won, especially as so many of the crazies went on a little mission to vote for S.M or any one but Alex after he was seen leaving the concert with K.B…. ….

  • rock n roll queen

    all those people that judge manson r simply pathetic.marilyn manson is a rock symbol and probably the last remaining rock star in this pathetic disney brats worshipping world.i dont give a sh*t if he wants women 20 years younger than him(as if hes the only man) hes a great musician and the last remaining with the sex drugs and rock n roll lifestyle.he deserves respect.i actually thank god that people back in the 70s didnt think the way they do now otherwise led zeppelin had to be good next door boys with steady girlfriends and clean cut lifestyle cause otherwise every one would boycott whole lotta love.

  • Anna


    somebody needs to chill out. seriously the hate on jj seems so isolated, obv he has fans otherwise he wouldn’t have won this award. and it was rightly deserved whether you like the actor as a person or not. Askars is a good, charismatic actor, and that is just the truth . he is the reason a huge portion of the audience tune in to tb, his portrayal of Eric. i honestly can’t picture another character in that role, and that is a good measure of how good an actor is imo.

    Whether you like Askars as a person, its all speculation. His acting on tb and portrayal of Eric has been critically acclaimed.

    Also, from all acounts, in fan encounters its always positive feedback, he signs for fans and seems like a nice person. I am not saying he is perfect, and may not be falling with the materialism of hollywood, but i still think he is a nice guy. and HOT.

  • JohnDoe

    No dont go and get a fit… crazy fannys…

  • Anna


    i totally agree. reading jj is like reading people on the warpath. i am a fan of askars acting on true blood and admit i think he is hot as hell but i am not going fanatical one way or another. if he loses an award, i don’t care. as long as he keeps his acting level on TB up, which imo he is, who cares what he does in his personal life?

    and honestly, JUSTJARED you are not helping askars cause in getting popular. obviously you must read the comments and know that its having a negative effect.

  • Anna


    i totally agree. reading jj is like reading people on the warpath. i am a fan of askars acting on true blood and admit i think he is hot as hell but i am not going fanatical one way or another. if he loses an award, i don’t care. as long as he keeps his acting level on TB up, which imo he is, who cares what he does in his personal life?

    and honestly, JUSTJARED you are not helping askars cause in getting popular. obviously you must read the comments and know that its having a negative effect.

  • Fishy


    ROFL yea, no shit.

    He’s still an idiot, but at least she got no exposure out of this and we didn’t have to see her useless mug, so there’s something positive about it. Next time he should just give her a room key and meet her after or some other action that fits what she is. Although it will be a bright sunny day when the charade ends, I guess Alex gets thirsty and ends up drinking out of the toilet everyone uses instead of going after some bottled water. At least we know he won’t have to pay for sex, since she’s so easy and available.

    And I’m glad he won, even with the famewh*re still in the picture.

  • JM

    @ Anna
    You’re so right. Someone does need to chill out. Please tell me where I said I didn’t like him or thought he was a bad actor or didn’t vote for him???? I didn’t.
    He’s a good actor with tremendous talent and TB is my favorite show. However, I do not subscribe to the thought that simply because I enjoy his work, I have to adore anyone and everyone in his personal life especially a no talent cling on who smiles for the paps at every turn..even leaving the post office or the vet.
    Alex has stated numerous times he likes his privacy. Yet, he allegedly dates a known HW famewh*re. This “Are they, Aren’t they” dog and pony show is getting old yet, oddly, is still an entertaining train wreck.
    You want to worship at the Alex alter? Be my guest! I won’t admonish you for it. The Constitution gives us freedom of speech even if you don’t agree with what the other person has to say.

  • rock n roll queen

    @Summer i think its sad that people will judge an actor from the importance of the award they receive.i have seen amazing actors never winning an oscar as i have seen amazing singers never winning a grammy.and of course tb and alex totally deserve an emmy,hands down.i think people who say this movie is great just bcause its academy awarded have no idea about art.requiem for a dream is one of the best movies ever made and was never nominated yet lord of the rings won.theese things dont even matter to real actors,like jonny depp has stated,as they dont matter to people who can tell real art and overrated crap apart.

  • Fliss

    @Anna: Snap I totally agree with you too, reading the comment section on this site should definately come with a “Hate” warning. I’m like you I have no interest in his personal life, just as long as he stays pretty, keeps up the great acting and commits no crime too serious then I will stay a fan!

  • JM

    @ John Doe
    Awsome picture! Anna looks soooooo happy to be posing with the ultimate poser. LMAO!!!!!

  • JohnDoe
  • muppet show


  • JM

    @ John Doe

    I last saw that dress hanging in my grandmother’s window.

  • muppet show


  • @Half-azz post 21

    this is my comment the from the last alex post Alexander Skarsgard: Esquire House LA With Kate Bosworth! post 123

    KB was at the scream awards guess what? they did not pose together walk the carpet together, and she did not sit with him in the audience. I read she was backstage in the green room. and no after party pics of them together thats not like kate? just alex with the trueblood cast?? i don’t think the trueblood cast are fond of KB. why would alex care what the TB cast think of his GF why not acknowledge her oh yeah he is doing his PR duty

    but guess what they left together? are they arn’t they hmmm I have a headache

    emilygee5 via twitter,

    Kate Bosworth just made my fav people list. As I waved goodbye to her, she rolled down the window and thanked me! Totally made my day x10 :)

    Oh and did i mention that Alexander skarsgard (or however u spell it) was in the car with her? Hottie!!!
    30 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone

  • Jolentini

    Check out my new video “If tomorrow never comes”

  • over and out

    Oh, why does anyone bother guessing with these two..of course she was there. And went to the afterparties and made sure there was a photo or two hanging around. Do I care who he dates? No..but I think if it’s an event with fans and he avoids the red carpet or hanging out with the fans because of who he brings, that kind of doesn’t help his cause. Glad he won, the Marilyn encounter was hilariously awkward (and how people can think he and ERW weren’t banging is beyond me – no one just drops in on Shreveport!). Someday…we may see real grown up photos of the two of them together, or better yet, the PR contract will end and we can back to peace and quiet.