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Alexander Skarsgard: Scream Awards' Best Horror Actor!

Alexander Skarsgard: Scream Awards' Best Horror Actor!

Kelly Osbourne (in Dolce & Gabbana) presents the Best Horror Actor award to True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgard award onstage during Spike TV’s “Scream 2010″ Awards at LA’s Greek Theatre on Saturday (October 16).

Looks like Alex wears 2(x)ist underwear!

Marilyn Manson also presented the Best TV Show award to the cast and crew of True Blood including Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer.

At last year’s awards, Alex‘s girlfriend Kate Bosworth presented him with the award for Best Villain.

15+ pictures inside of the True Blood cast…

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Credit: Michael Caulfield, Jeff Kravitz, Frazer Harrison; Photos: Getty, Filmmagic
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  • Eva (not the diva)

    looks like the tactical voting didn’t work guys :p
    I am happy for him, he totally deserved it!

  • Hmm…

    Whatever happened to the best tv performance?

  • http://justjared mjforlife

    Pictures of Kate in 1,2,3,4……

  • JustMe!!:

    I voted against Alex, for these reasons:

    1. I lost respect for him.
    2. True Blood sucked this season, too many plot holes and…bad acting.
    3. He’s still dating Kate Boswh0re.
    4. He’s overrated.

    I am disappointed.
    I hate him and his hoe.
    Do some real work Alex and ditch the lampshade (Kate!!!)

  • TrueBlade

    I don’t why why people are so gleeful that Hole was there. She didn’t sit with at him at Scream or walk the red carpet. It seems like she was in the green room but why would you stay an entire show in a green room? Unless it was to be seen. Has anyone EVER heard that someone’s GF/BF/ SPOUSE, agent, family member….cleaning lady …pet mongoose ever spending an entire award show in a green room? She could have just met him at the party. The coked out/drunken hot mess pictures with Stephen and Anna are awkward It’s what it is…. posed. There is no warmth …in fact it looks like minimal tolerance by Stephen and Anna.

    I find it fascinating that every time something negative is mentioned..i.e. no one wants to be pictured with Hole…that within days we get pictorial proof otherwise. Can someone please post 5/6 numbers so I can win the lottery?

    I like that he still won’t take a picture with her. Methinks, some bargain was made and someone is squirming at the end of a hook. But the big fish will only play the game to a certain point. Big fishes can escape hooks…it happens sometimes …just watch River Monsters.

    In the meantime, I await the next installment of the AS/Hole show.

  • Fishy


    Not gleeful, personally, just prefer to see her treated like the classless bimbo she is, if she’s to be there at all (since we can’t control that part). Totally agree with you, and personally would rather never see her mug ever again.

    No one except the HWood big shots (and I’m talking B-I-G, insane HWood clout) would dare to snub her in public or refuse to be pictured with her, should she be nearby. People may not like her but no one wants that kind of needless negative publicity over a pointless photo that means absolutely nothing. The entertainment world is a small community, word gets around. So, not surprised at all that the pic was taken.

  • Vanessa X3

    if they are dating then he’s a horrible boyfriend! xD!
    Having his gf backstage, hiding her? bwahahaha!
    They are SO not dating .. they did not even walk the red carpet together and she was not sitting in the audience….he must be ashamed of her. Why did she even attend? :I
    Gosh he is wasting his time with her, and she is wasting her time with him. They’re are not getting any younger, enough with these pathetic little games.

  • TrueBlade


    I meant certain people who want to shove the …whatever down our throats are gleeful. I don’t care how good looking or famous a man is…I would never allow myself to be treated like a back alley wh*re. Who would ever be jealous of that? AS treats her like that because he can. He wasn’t a douchey BF to Amelia or her brother Joel Kinnaman would not still be AS’s friend. Something is very off with Hole.

  • So?

    The Scream Awards are as worthless as the People’s Choice Awards. Ego maniac Skarsgard will view his Best Horror Actor award as validation of how successful he now is as an actor. In his dreams! With KB hiding out in the Green Room and at the after show parties, all this shows is what a total waste of space he is in the industry, and as a man.

  • evathediva

    @So?: true , it is not an Academy Award or Emmy. I am at a lost of words for this spectacle.

  • Vanessa X3

    Twilight won at the Scream awards last year, what does that tell you? Worthless awards. He didn’t win an Oscar or Emmy. This is a shite award, and shite award show!
    Obsessive Aksars fans voted every 5 minutes probably.

  • Nobody

    Look. I like you guys and I’ve enjoyed reading all the witty, sharp things you have to say and rationalizing theories about this seemingly odd relationship. But I have one and I hope somebody can convince me I’m wrong. When AS was a kid he left acting because the attention and scrutiny made him so miserable and uncomfortable. He’s better at dealing w/ it now but maybe the reason he’s so obsessed about never being relaxed in/or public w/ KB is because she really means alot to him. Like maybe he loves her and is afraid of making that public not just for his own personal reasons but professionally as well. God knows this relaysh has not been good for his career or PR. But c’mon no matter how much we try to deny or belittle they are together alot. And this is just stuff that gets pap’ed, god knows how much time they spend together privately that we know nothing about. I still don’t like either of them but hopefully someone can be objective and help me make sense of this, it seems odd even for Hollyweird.

  • Just Joanie

    @UCLA girl: THIS, times a million!

  • TrueBlade


    If he loves her and treats her like that, it’s a very poor reflection of him . It would mean he lacks strength, character , integrity and conviction in his choices. It would mean he’s willing to toss her under a bus for his ambitions.

    If King Edward VIII could abdicate the British throne to marry Wallace Simpson, a woman despised and disliked by an entire nation then AS should be able to walk proudly side by side with that female.

    The AS/Hole show is distasteful, juvenile and insulting to his fans.

    Scream is an award that allows people to vote numerous times …in fact it’s conceivable that you can sign on to a proxy ip , access the site and vote ..then sign on to another proxy site or the same one and vote again…again….again….again…Rinse and repeat. It in no way reflects true popularity or anything else. Just a numbers game that can be easily manipulated.

  • tinkerbell

    I’d rather see Askars date Kelly Osbourne than Kate.
    Yeah, what an odd pairing! at least she’s real and would not take crap.

  • Ckayed

    Alex was never involved with puke-a-sorous ERW. Sheer speculation.

  • TrueBlade


    ITA. Kelly has a lot going for her and is well respected. Funny, that’s she’s on The Fashion Police with Joan Rivers, but a certain fashionista has to hawk cheap jewelry on a poorly conceived website. Kelly comes a cross as a smart, funny , woman who stands on her own merits. I like that she stands up to Joan regarding her opinions on fashion. Even more importantly she is directly involved in charities not just making appearances at functions.

    AS doesn’t stand a chance with her….she has too much going on for herself.

  • Blackcat99

    @Ashleigh: Yeah!Alex was dating ERW.They were also seen and photographed at a Soccer Game.They also dated in LA.I’m not fond of ERW but she does have talent and is not the Pap Whore Kate is.

    I LOVED last season of TB! I loved Franklin!I was really sad when he met his final death! I think he should have been up for an award!

    Why was Kate mentioned in this?!

  • Sway

    @Liv: You seem to be forgetting the nasty shit ERW did to Manson’s ex-wife. She’s not any better than this one, she just works more often.

    It is very strange how AS does not acknowledge KB. If he were really in love with her, you’d think he’d be comfortable being spotted with her. Everyone knows she was there so not sure why he’s acting like it’s a big secret. He acts like he’s stuck in a bad relationship. Does the girl have blackmail material on him?

  • Criss Cross

    He’s a good actor and deserved to win. I’m glad he wong but this is just a Scream Award though not an Oscar.

  • Ayre

    I really don’t get the A.S hate? It seems to me nothing he does or will do will ever please any of you that continue with the bashing…

    As for him and K.B, you’re moaning about how they refuse to be photographed together, how he leaves her in the green room, how badly he treats her but surely you would hate photos of them sucking face etc even more, and who out of us really know what goes on behind closed doors ???

    It just makes me think that all anonymity does it bring out the nastiness and bitterness in people… I doubt barely any of you who write such horrid stuff would still write it if wasn’t so easy to hide behind a computer screen!!!

  • keep movin

    congrats. i love kate! he is lucky guy!

  • keep movin

    congrats. i love kate! he is lucky guy!

  • Curious

    Has he EVER posed for pics with a girlfriend? He’s dated famous women before in Sweden hasn’t he? He was much more famous there than he was here up until recently. I think rather than speculating that he’s treating her badly or doesn’t like her or isn’t even involved with her, we should know what his past behavior with women is.

  • TrueBlade


    Speak for yourself. Anything I say online I would say in person. BS is never a menu option for me. He’s a good actor that dumpster dived and still continued to eat despite how sick it’s making him. Hole has a career and social hit placed on her by Queen Gwyneth. Few/ No invites to Fashion Week, bit parts in B movies that will more than likely go straight to dvd, FewleMint, no top tier designer loans, etc Coincidence? I think not. AS is caught in that crossfire.

    Fans are fickle. He’s the flavor of the month that’s going bad. Luckily for me , HW, like Baskin Robbins has over 31 flavors and is churning out more every day.

  • nicole


  • Ayre

    @TrueBlade: Ok show my ignorance here I have no idea what “Baskin Robbins” is, my excuse is I’m a Brit but I assume its something to do with icecream… ?

    As for the rest of your comment I think if that’s true then you are in the minority, and unlike some on here I don’t believe in bashing people who have done no wrong other than making his own personal choice of who he dates or spends time with.

    “despite how sick it’s making him”

    How do you know it even is? Are you that on the in with Alex that you know all that? Or is this purely all conjecture based on a few pap shots and videos??

    As for K.B I’m not personally a fan of her, don’t care for her one way orthe other but I refuse to punish Alex because he obviously does! Like I said who knows what goes on behind closed doors.

  • over and out

    @Ayre: Nope, if I met the guy in person and had the opportunity, I’d say it. Again – for many of us, not all, it isn’t that he dates or even that he dates her. (BTW, somewhere today ERW is nursing a hangover for the amount of vodka she had to drink seeing three of her real and rumored exes at the same show and two of them touching each other, ick). We probably would find fault with someone else. It’s this fakery of the we won’t be seen together so you’ll talk about us more crap that is off to me and as a fan who likes his work, kind of insulting esp when he hides to avoid having to talk about her. Which doesn’t let fans get to see him at events. RE the “it’s making him sick” – not entirely sure about that but if you look at photos of him a year ago vs now, most of the time he’s been drinking, he’s lost a lot of weight and looks generally not too happy. The exception being the recent Europe tour. And what was missing from that? Hmm.

  • Annie

    Kelly looks much better body wise lately – too bad she still has her dad’s face.

  • yes


    Yes he has posed then GF sara tun and amelia drake he confirmed both as his GF back when he was in sweden so he has no problems in posing with GIRLFRIENDS just kate!!

    ill try and find some pics

  • Happy

    I love both Kate and Alex and I’m glad they’re together. They’re a gorgeous couple. It so funny to me how some of you have their whole relationship figured out based on paparazzi photos! You have to be kidding!

  • LisaM


    WOW!! KB looks like the trash she already is!!

  • Ayre

    @over and out: Lol the “Hug” between him and M.M did makeme laugh as did the expressions of A.P & S.M as they looked on, it also did make me cringe a little for ERW…

    Thanks for being so civil btw and I do see your point, my own opinion is more to do with him being ‘private’, the interview i think from the independant but i’m not sure where he talks about learning from his father about what to share and put out for public view,I really don’t think it is the whole PR angle.

    I agree he did look lovely on the european publicity tour but I cant believe that was down to K.B’s absence, and hasnt Alex stated that he has always been a drinker ? Hes also stated in the past how much trouble he has controlling his weight… I respect your view but imo I think its too easy toput it all on her.

  • TrueBlade


    You’ve never heard of Baskin Robbins? Okay…. I’m sure you’re still fans of people that date Jordan or Katie Price( I know of them from the easily accessible worldwide web). Same thing with Hole. It would be one thing if she was beneficial to him in anyway. Unless of course him being tweeted by that he is the boy toy of Hole. WOW! How great for his career that this 34 year old man, on a popular HBO show and was recently on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine is the BOY TOY of a 27 year old failed Famwh*ring “actress” with a bad rep, no talent or real career that is now fronting for a tacky, low brow, web based jewelry company. She’ s doing wonders for his career. Check out all the doors she’s opened for him…NONE….except for introducing him to the wonderful world of Just Jared and x17. Top tier.

    Does he look sick? Check out the pictorial evidence between Scream 2009 and 2010. What a difference a year makes…and it ain’t good..

    You have heard of People magazine across the pond, haven’t you? Btw, Twitter is this web based social site where you can reached a great deal of people instantaneously with short messages. Just in case you haven’t heard of it. There’s also something called FaceBook too. We wacky Yanks are always coming up with strange concepts…like businesses with 31+ flavors.

  • WhAtEvEr

    Kelly is really pretty! :O
    If u look at her a couple years ago with her pink hair and horrible attitude, she sure did grow up!

  • nikki

    Alex did not walk the red carpet, and he was with Kate in the green room most of the time. He does not treat her badly at all. They arrived together and left together, so why do you all say that he is not nice to her. I think he is purposely not posing with her, because in the videos you always here the paps asking for a shot of them together and Alex gets annoyed.

  • Ayre

    @TrueBlade: Was there any need to be such a condescending bitc*,or is it not possible for you to have a simple discussion? Lol and how on earth does Katie Price fit in anyway in to this conversation? And luv knowing who she is, is nothing to be boasting about!
    To me when you rant like that, and about K.B you make yourself sound like an unrational jealous classless fan girl instead of I assume the adult you are and I wont waste my time trying to talk with one of them…

    Bloody hell facebook, twitter, people, god what has my life been missing, thank you so much for opening my eyes …

  • Reall?


    How do you know Nikki? Did you work the event?

  • Jesse


    I agree Nikki – people tweeting from the show said the celebs went out into the audience right before the awards they were nominated for and went backstage right after. Kristen’s husband Abri was backstage for most of the show too.

    Npne of the TB people went to the official afterparty – all the photos are from the backstage/hospitality area.

  • Gatorade

    Alex looked wonderful and I am sooooo glad he won. So much for being able to affect his career – haters. Kate looked pretty too – she looked healthier that she has in while.

    PS – I do not work for RB, Jewelmint, HBO or anything else you sad little minds will come up with.

  • over and out

    @nikki: Really? Interesting. Because none of the entertainment reporters that were backstage noted that. In fact one tweeted distinctly “they’re doing their together but not together thing as she’s back here and he’s in the audience”. And people who went to the Esquire party also noted that, at best, they chatted for a few minutes and then he kind of ignored her and talked to his friends. You can see some of that on Getty’s video. I have no clue what they’re like when they’re alone but together they’re playing us for some sort of game so we talk about them, hence this post is heading for almost 100. And Jesse – how do you know no one went to the afterparty? Were you there? Sometimes it’s tiresome on this board when people assert information as if they know the individual or were in their entourage for the evening. There were not many photos last year except exits from the afterparty, so I hope you’re not counting on the photos as evidence.

  • TrueBlade


    Classless.You seem to be the epitome. I mentioned Katie Price because like, Hole she is also just a desperate famewh*re with no conceivable talent or purpose than what I’ve name her. I’m not jealous or envious of anyone. I might wish I had something they had , but not if it deprived them of theirs.

    There’s nothing that AS/Hole has that I envy or want. I just find it a real shame that AS is throwing away all he’s worked hard for on silly games and someone that lowers his stock. See how many high
    profile jobs or interviews it gets him.

    You people cannot seem to handle simple logic and deal with facts. . Fact, they put themselves out here to be judged. They act in a manner to cause speculation. Period. Or else they’d choose to go places where no one sees them. Like Shia LaBoeuf and Carey Mulligan. Sandra Bullock. Oprah Winfrey., All these people have lives and , go to restaurants, clubs, parties, concerts yet we rarely see them. These two want to be seen and spoken about. regardless how negatively.

    Classless, am I? Yet you’re one making baseless, personal attacks on me. Perhaps you really should step back from all this and take a deep cleansing breath. After all, this is just a gossip site …it’s brain candy. Nothing to get worked up over or get your feathers ruffled.

    Like you said none of us knows them…so why are YOU taking it so personally?

  • reality check

    True. Not to mention that no matter how skinny she gets, her jaw will always be massive. Not a pretty girl by any stretch.

  • monice


    I agree.
    I got chewed up and called names but one of his “hired” pr people last time I questioned his fashion sense,

    but seriously at least shave or buy nicer clothes, he can afford it.

  • TrueBlade


    About being a condescending B*tch, Yes I am. B*tch is my first language.I don’t handle stupidity or stupid people well. Usually, I try to step away from the harmful emanating waves of stupidity. It really does affect one. If you did not know what Baskin Robbins was, you could of looked it up in 2 seconds instead of trying to make it seem that it was pointless and irrelevant to you. You’re upset that I turned your attempt at snark right back at you. i know about Katie Price because I read some blip about her somewhere and I have family in England that I speak to. But you know what, I also know about String Theory, Star Trek, black holes, Theory of Relativity, Greek philosophy, etc… I also love bubbles, balloons,anime, and a host of pointless silly things. Some of my funnest moment are meowing, pretending to a cat with 4 year old friend. Love the profane and the absurd.

    I just don’t like stupidity or silly games.

    The AS/Hole Show is comical and pathetic in their obvious need to be seen. It’s good theater though. It’ll end badly soon enough. Has a Sid and Nancy vibe building.

  • Ayre

    @TrueBlade: I’m not taking the whole A.S/K.B debate personally, my whole problem was your manner, the condescending stance that you took, it was rude when there was no need to be so I simply returned the favour even if that meant sinking down to your level.

    I do have to say though that despite whatever hate you have for K.B I dont think you should associate her with Katie Price there is a vast difference, K.B has not done half of what K.P has and really doesn’t deserve that comparrison!

  • TrueBlade


    Don’t you find it odd that Hole or Chris Martin never sued the tabloid and the story was never retracted? I know in England the tabloids are always being sued and having to pay out. The fact that Gwyneth’s friends that she posed with at the 2009 Met Gala ignored her at the 2010 Met Gala? That GP never said Hole was innocent but leaves her to followed by the CM story? Isn’t it strange to you that given the timeline for reationships on her IMDB, she’s dating AS and James Rousseu at the stay time, intersected by the CM affair? Also Ryan Kavanaugh that is having the Warrior’s Way her movie that finished 3 years ago and was shelved, released on Dec 3rd. Ryan Kavanaug had a contest that he had he judge the works of others to see if they were worthy of release. She’s never been critically acclaimed or had strong favorable reviews….how could she judge other people’s work?’
    Especially now since she really has no career? Btw, this picture of her with Ryan Kavanaugh was taken when supposedly she was still dating James. A little too intimate for just business associates.

    With Lohan. Some company she kept:

    I don’t know Price’s rep as you do in England But Hole is no vestal virgin. She’s played the game better than some and alot of her stink never made the big magazines.. There’s a reason she’s a HW pariah and seem to have no friends other than those she employs. Women know snakes when they see them. Unless you think all of her contemporaries are jealous of her therefore that why she’s never seen with them.

  • Eva (not the diva)

    I wouldn’t take it too personally, I have had a similar conversation with TrueBlade on another post, she seems to have an issue with everyone who doesn’t agree with her.

  • Lala

    kelly looks rocking hott!

  • Ugh