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Jordan Bratman & Max: Let's Do Brunch

Jordan Bratman & Max: Let's Do Brunch

Jordan Bratman and son Max share a sweet moment as they leave Figaro Cafe after having brunch on Saturday (October 16) in Los Angeles.

Max‘s mama, Christina Aguilera, is currently in Hawaii celebrating the grand opening of the Marriott Waikiki Edition Hotel.

On Thursday, Christina filed for divorce from Jordan after announcing their decision to split earlier in the week.

Christina has asked that she and Jordan share joint custody of Max.

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  • mattchew

    Way to follow around a kid while his parents go through a public divorce! You rock JJ!

  • guestoftheyear

    I’m so sad they are not together anymore :( Maybe they’ll fix things soon – like everybody in Hollywood.

  • sway

    looks like his father!!!!

  • hey

    rumor has it Max’s mom is into girls too

  • lexy hates bilson

    JJ why are you paying for pics of this man and his son?? Neither are famous! This is a disgrace!

  • Frida

    So now they’re going to start following HIM around too? Way to wallow in other people’s misery.

  • lexy hates bilson

    JJ why are you paying for photos of this man and his kid? They are not famous or celebs! It’s a disgrace!!

  • LTFB

    Wish this family well, especially the son.

    I saw this coming for a long, long time. I think Christina waited till the baby was a bit older.

    I also think Christina is a self righteous BEATCH.
    Bowlegged do whawha

  • LTFB

    lexy shut the fluck up and get a life dummy
    wth do you care?

    go play on the expressway you freeeeeeek

  • Kaz

    Max beautiful & pretty not like jordan
    good jared complet ^ .^

  • sexy

    it’s nice to see her son copy face from dad

  • sexy

    nice to see her son with copy face from dad

  • seila

    men, that guy is UGLY i never understood why christina lay eyes on him… well , after all she left him so…

  • busted

    Another NICE guy who will be made to be a douche or something similar. SICK of women like Christina, Courteney and that Laura Dern being painted as the VICTIM.

    maybe they are the problem and not the guys. There are some good men out there, and just because they leave a marriage or are the one dumped does not right off the bat make them the bad guy. Some of these women have issues and the guy is taking it on the chin.

    I am pro woman, but Men are getting the shaft all because of a few that cheated. Jordan seems like a GOOD man.. and he looks to love his son. I think he is cute in a average guy way. Hard worker and he has been VERY supportive of her.

    so I hope he finds someone that will appreciate a good man..

  • J

    ugly kid.

  • Michele

    @busted…totally agree with your post

  • keep movin

    I like Jordan! He seems like he has been a wonderful husband and father! He is a hard worker and faithful! Christina will realize to late what she had – so sad. Sweet picture – thank you.

  • David

    Maxx definitely has autism. His lips are so large and rubbery they never close and his nose is flat and broad and looks as though it has been broken numerous times. Perhaps it has been broken numerous times by his crazy old mother who walks around like 40 tones of circus paint smeared on her face. This poor guy married her in good faith and she turned out to be a serial cheating LESBO! Xtina is mentally ill stemming from her abusive childhood where she was beaten bloody by her drunken father. She should have gotten help for her emotional problems instead of visiting those problems on innocent Mr Bratman. Jordan will overcome this major embarrassment while Xtina will continue to fail.

  • LittleMonster

    His wife left him to cruise gay bars for women. I feel so sorry for Maxx and Jordan. No only are father and son ugly they are now lonely.

  • Kingston/Zuma


  • Sue

    nice guy didn’t know he was marrying an unfaithful DYKE.

  • Billy

    Christina’s movie will bomb exactly like her marriage and music career and it is all her fault. She is nothing more than a Bozo the Clown Face Loser with bow-leggs.

  • ew.

    ew. Father like son,,,,,son like father,,,ew.

  • julie

    cute father and son, good luck to them. stop being so hateful at a sensitive time like this, people.

  • Kaz

    Max more alot like mom christina aguilera
    copy face mom

  • http://Jadmj Slig

    Max so pretty and cute and dad ok

  • http://Jadmj Emma

    Cute son i love thim

  • Beautiful people

    Max so a drouble He seems great dad!

  • miley

    i dont care if she’s a lesbo, if she cheated, or he did it… i’ve never seen him working.

  • miley

    btw max is a clone of xtina when she was a child!

  • jess

    @miley: he’s a producer/businessman. they usually don’t work outdoors, on screen or on stages in front of thousands. get a clue.

  • vhnf1

    Jordan was a good husband! Xtina’s self-centered and emotional and that’s why she should never marry again.

  • miley

    @jess: i know, but there is a millions of music producers as he say he is, that you know what are they doing, even when they do it behind doors, and they’re not married to a pop singer like christina aguilera.

  • Xtina_Amazinglera


    I wouldn’t expect haters to know this… but Christina used to talk about how much she loved Jordan SO VERY MUCH, in almost every single interview since the year 2002 up until VERY recently. She never stopped talking about how lucky she was to be with a great guy like Jordan, she dedicated Back to Basics to Jordan…

    And now everyone’s trying to accuse Christina of being some evil person who just divorced her husband for no reason? Christina didn’t even promote her new album for many MANY SO MANY MONTHS so she could work on her marriage, going on vacation to Italy and whatnot.

    Yes. Christina is such a terrible person. She is to blame for everything. She is a criminal. LMAO…. you imbecile haters. Do you enjoy being dumb, you idiotic haters? I mean what is your problem? LMAO!! Go ahead, stay bitter haters because you can’t stand Christina’s amazing talents and strength and epicness. Go ahead, be angry. LOL…..

  • qboy

    so cute !