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Kate Bosworth: Scream Awards for Alexander Skarsgard!

Kate Bosworth: Scream Awards for Alexander Skarsgard!

Kate Bosworth comes out to support her boyfriend, True Blood hunk Alexander Skarsgard, at Spike TV’s “Scream 2010″ Awards at LA’s Greek Theatre on Saturday (October 16).

The 27-year-old actress was careful not to be pictured with Alex, but took pictures with his co-stars (and real-life couple) Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin.

Kate cheered Alex on from backstage as he picked up two awards — Best Horror Actor and Best TV Show. The couple was also spotted getting their PDA on in the VIP lounge.

At last year’s Scream Awards, Kate presented Alex with the Best Villain award.

FYI: Kate paired her ruffled No. 21 dress with Nicholas Kirkwood shoes.

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Credit: Kristian Dowling/PictureGroup; Photos: AP Images
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  • Kate Worthless

    Hahahaha what a joke

  • ray

    so cute!!

  • kimi

    My God she is a mess from head to toe. At least she wears a color :P

  • muppet show

    she must have fallen asleep somewhere back there!dont wake up kate!let her be in her wonderland!!!

  • Jess

    Oh God!! Here we go!!! Wait, let me get some popcorn….

  • bebe

    I don’t have anything against her, but posting this photo right above the Natalie Portman post is not very flattering to her.

  • nicole

    Is she on something? She looks dazed and confused. This is just a ridiculous ploy by the both of them to get more attention. Never get papped together but get the rumors out there. Also, she is trying to get rid of the rumors that the cast hate her so she takes a pic with Anna and Stephen. BTW they are showing more PDA after the Esquire party fiasco.
    This is who she is. He is the disappointment.

  • Donnaflopp

    Hilarious! Could it be that she needed to prove to Alexander that she didn’t mind if they were being photographed or not. Someone is probably beginning to see the whole picture.

    Something in the milk ain’t clean! Why didn’t she just watch the show like a normal invite?

  • swedeavenger

    WHORE WHORE GO AWAY! RUIN SOMEONE ELSE’S DAY! Give it up, Honey! No one is buying your “great romance” with ASkars. Time for you to go back to trolling the Chateau for producers to blow. And Jared…you’re just as bad as her for promoting the talentless whore for a few bucks & whatever access you can get. SHAME ON YOU!

  • Lovely

    Kate looks fab and I love the dress.

  • poor

    She’s a pain in the neck who doesn’t notice!! God, she’s so dumb!

  • Sharon

    She’s 27 and she looks like s****. Her legs are like toothpicks. She needs to gain at least 15 pounds, I mean seriously, eat something!
    She is pathetic and ASkars can do a lot better than that.

  • mm..mmm…good

    that deliciou walking piece of sex (aka….alexander skarsgard) can do better than kate bosworth. i want her to gain 10 lbs.

  • scarecrow hunter

    WHORE WHORE GO AWAY! RUIN SOMEONE ELSE’S DAY! Give it up, Honey! No one is buying your “great romance” with ASkars. Time to go back to trolling the Chateau for producers to blow. And Jared you’re just as bad for promoting the shameless famwhore for what? A few bucks & whatever access you can get? SHAME ON YOU!

  • poor


  • another day

    Wow. JJ – did she stop the Jewelmint checks because we ripped her to shreds? She looks like last call at a truck stop bar. If she’s not drunk, I don’t know what. And Stephen and Anna look…thrilled to be in the position to have to photo’d with her. Oh my. And just to say it, who the hell hangs out in the green room all night like some sort of illegal drugs he has hidden? when is he ever going to stop this nonsense? Askars – if this is because you thought we all believed you were Nelly Fang, you can stop now. We’ll make Ted C quit that rumor if you get rid of this mess.

  • evathediva

    Hey Jess I will bring the liquor, I think I will need some, after reading the dissecting and endless speculation of this supposed relationship.

    Okay guys, get it, he is with her, whether its for spec or its for real, he chose to be with her, he is much a douche as she is stupid for letting herself be treated this way. Again, he can date whomever he wants, but own up to it. She relegates herself to taking pics with your castmates.? Not so cool. Own it!!! If you were my man, Alex., Eric or whomever, all 3 pieces of your wardrobe and all 2 pairs of your shoes, would be sitting on a curb along with your 6’5 frame.
    Good sex or not.

  • Joss

    As much as this wil b marked down i have 2 say … 4 once i think she looks kinda pretty, its nice 2 see her in a colour and her hair looks healthy if a lil messy!

  • evathediva

    @Sharon: Maybe he can’t? Maybe we as fangurls need to wake up to that possibility?

  • poor

    @evathediva: Believe it or not, he’s laughing at her

  • Frank S

    this is what is considered sexy and attractive in Hollywood people
    she looks like she is starving sickly and pale
    this is NOT sexy people
    I am sick of this bland blondette look
    every gal looks like this
    there is no sex appeal in this kind of boyish ten year old look
    please eat something
    soon you are going to look very very old and wrinkled

  • S*8hallo

    I love Joe Manganiello and his girl Audra Marie.

    For a Hollywood couple…they seem as normal as can be.

    Go ALCIDE!

  • Nobody

    Apparently they were showing plenty of PDA in the green room…

    Ugh will this ever stop? I mean it’s been over a year. I’m terrified we’re going to wake up one day and they’re engaged!

  • hmmm??

    JJ YOU SAID The couple was also spotted getting their PDA on in the VIP lounge.
    where did you here that from and what source.?? and why have you not posted the pic of there supposed PDA hmmm everytime they are doing PDA there is no pic. the only time i see PDA is skarsgard and beer in his hand thats his love. and there is no pic of alex and kate posing together but yet you always use PDA
    oh and JJ nither of them have confirmed they are BF and GF only the gossip sites including there PR person who pays you to promote them. CHECK YOU SOURCE JJ PLEASE !!!!!!!

    kate have you trimed your hair you look a hot mess and where is your SMILE?

  • WTF

    This girl used to be adorable. What happened to her?

  • curious

    Jared, aren’t you embarassed to be cashing paychecks promoting this imaginary couple?

  • slanted view

    Remember – PDA in their terms could mean her kissing his beer as he throws down another six. Their PDA has always been a bit one-sided. But whatever. I think this came a story on E!, JJ, shouldn’t you credit it?

  • Wonder

    She looks like a crackwhore.

  • huh

    She looks like she is drugged.
    She didn’t even bother to comb her hair.
    The dress is cute, but her posture makes it look sloppy.
    Pull it together Kate.

  • Jess

    IMHO, Kate is shameless. She does not care how she looks as long as someone looks at her. Alex is too nice to tell her to go away and figures if she don’t care how bad she looks why should he? plane and simple. I don’t think it goes any deeper that. Sorry but the whole PR plan to rule the world is too over the top for me to buy. This will be over when Alex meets someone he actually likes and that girl tells her to eff off. Till than, well is just shameless. Nothing els to figure out.

  • swifty

    I think she’s sick. Look how emaciated her legs look.

  • TrueBlade

    Hole looks like she just rolled out of the cab of a 18 wheeler. The dress is nice….too bad it’s wearing her. No comb I see…no matter her hands would probably have been too shaky to do a good job.

    I love that some people consider a drunken, disheveled, prematurely aging cranked out female as cute and stylish.

    Speaking of style, where is the FewelMint jewelry she contractually supposed to be hawking in public? l see a lawsuit in her future.

    Anna look like she’s about to b*tch lap somebody for having to pose with BosWaste . Stephen, who always smiles in pictures looks clearly pained to be next to the designated escort..

    All in all I see the evening was a big success for AS/Hole.

    I wonder how long before Sid and Nancy Part Deux cracks up?

  • AS never walked red carpet?

    please correct me if I am wrong but-

    skarsA**HOLE was the only one who never walked the red carpet for pics or interviews was he frightened of all the akward questions he might be asked about his ho or whats his other excuse running late after a quick sh*gg with his ho.
    his TB castmates walked the carpet and took pics what makes him so different?

  • vix

    She has looked much better in the last week than she has the last couple of months. Why doesnt she try cleaning him up a bit.

  • slanted view

    @AS never walked red carpet?: I think you answered your own question..(the former reason, not the latter, **shudder**)

  • TwistedSister

    Uh Oh, I think Lee Ann Rimes is now taking clothing tips from Bosworth. I’m sure the jewelry will be next. LOL.

  • http://justjared mjforlife

    That hair ….. I wish I could personally fix it LOL .

  • Gina


    Hi Joe. I’ve noticed you post on all the Alex threads. LOL.

  • evathediva

    @poor: Who Askars? and where is he laughing at her? I ‘m laughing at her, but seeing him laugh at her would make me feel so much better about his thing being a joke!! Pics please!!!

  • evathediva

    I see under 40 posts. I guess we all are getting tired of this fauxmance, or whatever it is.

  • Lester

    Seems to me they’re a couple in love. They’ve been together in Sweden twice, he visited her on set in Michigan, they’re together a lot in LA. She’s beautiful but more than that, she’s probably very nice. Both Bloom and Skarsgard have commented that that in a woman is important to them. I think the haters here could take some lessons in human kindness and decency.

  • Beth

    I was thinking the same thing about 40 post, but I gotta tell ya, I never saw what the big deal is about any of this anyway.
    I don’t like her but I don’t hate her. I don’t care one way or other. I love Alex and Kate does not change that for me at all. Men are simple creachers and a lot of really good guys I know in my life are with women I can’t stand. It never occurred to me to walk up to them and tell them to dump that witch or I’m not going to like you any more. Maybe Alex is too busy for a real relationship but isn’t going to sleep alone. who knows? but I’m not going to hate the man over Kate Bosworth, she truly is not worth all that.

  • evathediva

    @Beth: LOL, no trued words have been spoken, men are simple …LOL, who nows what they are thinking and why? LOL

  • OMG

    Kate and Alex both look beautiful at the Scream Awards! Wow!

  • nye

    haterz r always gonna hate

  • Beth

    I wish a knew…..but what can you do.

  • lus

    She looks sick and pale. Her legs euw. Her hair euw. Her dress euw.

  • notbad

    she’s looking okay, skinny legs, but everything else looks good. i don’t think she’s looking too thin at all. at the previous event, i thought she looked healthy enough. but HIM, he needs help. He’s been wearing the same clothes all week.

  • Sara

    Agree that she is way too thin now days but I think she has a really pretty face, liked her in Blue Crush, now in that movie she was really pretty!

  • funny

    I was lurking on another site, and they kept worrying about these awards. I just figured that he would go, and not take her. It’s not like it’s some major award where he needed a date or anything. But they were right, he really did take her. And for all those who think him keeping her in the green room was a big deal…. well I disagree. She was in the green room last year because she was just presenting, she is comfortable in that scene. He did nothing wrong. I think he really likes her alot, and its not pr either.