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Vanessa Hudgens & Shenae Grimes: Aloha, Hawaii!

Vanessa Hudgens & Shenae Grimes: Aloha, Hawaii!

Vanessa Hudgens takes a walk outside the Marriott Waikiki Edition Luxury Hotel on Saturday (October 16) in Waikiki, Hawaii.

The 21-year-old actress is on vacation with her sister, Stella, and mom Gina!

Also at the hotel is 90210‘s Shenae Grimes, who was spotted in a gold bandeau top and high-waisted bottoms. Shenae was taking photos of her amazing surroundings!

FYI: Vanessa is wearing Tkees flip flops.

10+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens and Shenae Grimes visiting Waikiki…

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vanessa hudgens shenae grimes honolulu hawaii 01
vanessa hudgens shenae grimes honolulu hawaii 02
vanessa hudgens shenae grimes honolulu hawaii 03
vanessa hudgens shenae grimes honolulu hawaii 04
vanessa hudgens shenae grimes honolulu hawaii 05
vanessa hudgens shenae grimes honolulu hawaii 06
vanessa hudgens shenae grimes honolulu hawaii 07
vanessa hudgens shenae grimes honolulu hawaii 08
vanessa hudgens shenae grimes honolulu hawaii 09
vanessa hudgens shenae grimes honolulu hawaii 10
vanessa hudgens shenae grimes honolulu hawaii 11

Photos: Flynetonline, GSI Media
Posted to: Shenae Grimes, Stella Hudgens, Vanessa Hudgens

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  • Annie

    Shenae has gained a lot of weight.

  • babyg

    V is so pretty! :)

  • Wes

    I love Shenae! She’s so cute and bubbly. Definately fun to be around and looks good with the extra weight :) Vanessa is awesome as always! p.s. Jared there are other pics of the two of them at a party.

  • Ginger

    Is Shaenae pregnant? I do like these two young actresses! And I love Hawaii!!

  • Mariana

    Wow! Shenae’s bathing suit is very very ugly!!!

  • Lilakoi Moon

    What a life they have. Ugh. I’d love to go to Hawaii <3 ….. That Vanessa Hudgens b!tch has nice legs. I love her style. But I don’t like her…… at all.

  • Hyoid

    c’mon guys, shenae didn’t gain weight, neither is she pregnant. It’s just the belly of someone who doesn’t do sit ups – And she’s entitled! That bit is small so it’s easy to suck in so she probably doesn’t see the need to to sit ups. She n V look great! :)



  • mark12

    They both look pretty bad.

  • http://j ivanka

    there are better pics of v, jared post them:)

  • miss infamous

    Horrible bathing suit!

  • lauren

    oh wow that’s a very unfortunate & unflattering bathing suit

  • go sox

    They both look relaxed and happy! Shenae looks NORMAL, seriously. Why do people think stick-figures are attractive? That’s gross to see a woman with skin and bones, with no shape. This is healthy. Vanessa looks great, as usual, and looks like she’s having a wonderful weekend with her mom and sister!! Sounds like she will be filming a movie there soon as well. Not a bad place to be stuck for a few months!!

  • Tata

    They both look great!!! Vanessa is awesome as always!

  • sunny

    That swimsuit is terrible! Hudgens looks great as always.

  • janiece

    @Hyoid: yeah i agree, but she actually just looks bloated to me. Might be that time of the month.

  • Malia

    Wonder if Vanessa will be staying at this hotel while shooting her movie. That would be awesome. Luxury.

  • helen

    that’s weird, she gained weight in her uterus area lol

  • nathalia

    vanessa is beautiful as always
    seems very happy

  • Malia

    . . . and why a post of Vanessa and Shenae? Seriously, I don’t get that. They’re not there TOGETHER. So, why not give Shenae her own thread?!?!?!? Or why not put Christina Aguilera on this thread, too?

  • amnddy

    ya, we know vanny you & your sis think you are the shiz. cant wait til you get older & startd abbling wit da botox!!! beauty comes from within and you two are conceited & not that talented!!!!

  • uglyV

    Vanessa: the poor girl nobody notice lol

  • julie1981

    excuse me but they’re not there for vacation

  • hypocrite

    Really, I dont know why you thumb down people who are telling the truth. That bikini is not flattering at all and its even ugly. If you were true fans youd help them and tell them the truth because she doesnt seem to notice and thats very cruel even more if you imagine she wasnt famous.

  • Brooke

    Whoa…. Shenae seriously looks pregnant!

  • wild

    @Hyoid: First she’s too skinny and now they’re calling her fat. They’re all idiots.

  • briana

    omg seriously dont start the rumors, SHENAE IS NOT PREGNANT, it is bloat! i can relate, i am thin and i easily bloat. and yes it looks like im pregnant too somtimes when im bloated but nor me or sheane are pregnant. that bathing suit was probably a bad idea to wear when bloated, she should of went with a one piece. so please shut up about sheane being pregnant or gaining weight cuz neither are true.

  • Nikki

    Maybe the girl is bloated from having a meal (I do when I have eaten a large meal and I can admit that), but also she might be coming close to her monthly vistor why do people just jump on a girl with a bit of a round tummy as either putting on weight or oh she must be pregnant!.
    It’s annoying when people jump to that idea with me because of my age and I am married.
    Give the poor girl a break she was having a holiday should not have to look good at sneaky (creepy) people taking photo’s of her.

  • Marianne

    That bathing suit is not flattering. I not saying she’s fat or pregnant…but the bathing suit just isnt doing it for her figure.

  • demetrius

    Shenae is pretty!!!

  • lus

    Vanessa’s little sister looks more filipino than herself. U can’t relly se that Vanessa is filipino.

  • Jasmine

    @AMY WOO: Why would anyone click thumbs down for this comment? Racists.

  • Soni

    Nikki #28
    I don’t want to say she is pregnant either, but the evidence is there.
    Seriously, did she not look at what she looked like before she left the hotel?
    I am not famous, but I not that if I have a bulge or I look like I am pregnant, there is no way I will go out. I would find some way to camoflauge it.
    But I also know that the monthly visitor or a big meal, does not make you look like you are pregnant. I know because I am 50 and married and I have been there with the monthly visitor and eating big meals.
    Next time, she might want to do a double take before she goes out in public, especially since she is a famous person.
    Just my opinion.

  • briana

    @Soni: are you kidding me with what you just said? no one should have to waste a day hiding at home because they are bloated. if thats what you do then you must live one boring pathetic life. leave the girl alone, she again, IS NOT PREGNANT, and she is allowed to look what ever way she wants and still go out in public. and being 50 dosnt give you the knowledge on OTHER peoples bodys.

  • Soni

    And YOU think you know exactly what is wrong with her, right?
    And for your information, I DO NOT lead a boring, pathetic life. On the contrary, I lead a very happy life. But again you are assuming you are knowledgable in everything.
    I happen to have a very loving husband, two wonderful kids, and a great life. I just chose not to go out when I was bloated, but if you had read my part, which apparently you did not, I said I would find someway to camoflauge it.
    Fortunaetly from me, I had to have a life or death surgery 6 years ago, so I do not have to go through the monthly visitor anymore.

  • Malia

    Don’t think Vanessa is there for a vacation. She’s getting ready to start shooting her movie next week. And she and her costar were seen taking surfing lessons today. Guess that means she’ll be surfing in the movie. Getting paid to improve her surfing skills.How cool is that?

  • tanja


    you may be 50 but you probably do NOT know that monthly visitor or some kind of meal (even not big) CAN make you look like you r pregnant….it makes me, my sis, my mom, a lot of my friends so why it cant be in her case???? if you were lucky enough nt to get bloating from this things it does not mean that it is impossible…..

  • tanja

    i meant SONI (sorry nikki)

  • tanja

    i meant SONI not nikki

  • tanja


    i meant Soni

  • Isabelle

    After seeing this picture, I have newfound respect for Shenae. It’s so refreshing to see an actress not care about her looks or starve herself just to look good in a bikini (most stars do that when they know there are cameras around). I am thin myself and I feel miserable and worried that others think when I get a tummy bloat. We’ve become so used to stars having flat or sunken stomachs that we forget what it’s a completely unrealistic image. They don’t look like normal people. I’m now a fan of Shenae – she’s a picture if health and always seems to be happy and vibrant. Kudos to you, Shenae!!

  • danielle

    vanessa hudgens has wicked style, i love almost everything she wears and i like how she looks relaxed all the time but yet always stylin lol. she has that boho thing down well, especially with her long wavy locks.

    and shenae- so cute!!! shes not that gorgeous i dont think like wow stunner, yet she always looks good and i rly rly like her! No idea why she is attractive, I think its her attitude and dont give a shit im tiny and cute attitude LOL. love that she is a canadian girl :) (ugly bottoms tho- too grannyish haha-cute tummy though she pulls it off )

  • Dani

    Love Vanessa’s style

  • Soni

    #37 Tanja:

    Well for your information, I DO KNOW that the monthly visitor or big or small meals can make you bloated. Just I have never seen someone get bloated so much that they look pregnant. I have a 24 year old daughter and it does not happen to her.
    But it will repeat myself again, because it seems you and Briana #34 don’t read everything someone posts.:
    If She did not want people to speculate, like me and others, then she should have done something.
    I have a question for you and Briana?
    How the hell do you know she is not pregnant? Do you know her personally? Did she tell you? I am just curious.

  • Soni

    Briana and Tanja:

    Can’t come back with a answer? That is because you do not know for sure.

  • briana

    @Soni: what do you come on here everyday and wait for our response? and well for one, i know SHE IS NOT PREGNANT because in another picture i saw from this set(that jared didnt post, it was on another site) she was DRINKING and hmm last time i checked you dont drink alcoholic beverages when youre pregnant, or since you being 50 and all maybe youd know the answer to that. AND im pretty sure that youre not a doctor and do not know what the stomach can and cannot do, so for youre imformation it is capable of becoming so large that you look pregnant JUST FROM BLOAT, i would know because it happens very often. just because you have no experienced it does not mean it dosnt happen to other people. and no body asked for you to tell us youre whole life story so keep it to your self

  • brr

    i dont care if she’s pregnant or not, but jus one question, is bad or terrible to be pregnant?? because you’re screaming she’s not pregnant like it’s something terrible

  • briana

    @brr: there is nothing wrong with being pregnant, but im sick of dumb people making rumors about celebritys. and then the next day the storys on the covery of OK! mag saying “close sources say so and so is pregnant” and those sources are actually these people. and im not screaming, that women just pissed me off so maybe to you it seems like “screaming”

  • Thahmina

    they sure look like their sisters!
    love uuu nessa and stella

  • Soni

    @Soni: What was wrong with my comment? I didn’t say anything bad.