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Kate Bosworth: Script Reading With Rachel Bilson!

Kate Bosworth: Script Reading With Rachel Bilson!

Kate Bosworth holds a script while leaving a house a few minutes before Rachel Bilson on Monday (October 18) in Los Feliz, Calif.

Kate and Rachel, who are scheduled to begin shooting the indie comedy BFF & Baby at the end of the month in Los Angeles, presumably went over lines together.

Their upcoming film also stars Krysten Ritter and is about three roommates who fight to maintain normalcy in their lives while Krysten‘s character has a baby.

On Sunday, Kate and boyfriend Alexander Skarsgard caught a movie together in L.A.

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  • Jade

    You mean, Kate Bosworth is actually going to be doing something worthwhile with her time?! Wow…I’m impressed.
    Then again, she’s probably desperate for the cash, having had no job since 2006 her bankaccount is probably nearing a zero balance. (that is if it’s not overdrawn massively already!)

  • http://j ivanka

    rachel and kate? wow this thread will have a lot of comments..

  • Bunny

    My god! she was a nodoby before ‘dating’ ASkars… now she’s on the news.
    Shame on you, Jared. Shame on you.

  • nvrmnd

    HA! rachel bilson + kate bosworth : jared’s head is going to explode!

  • Kate Worthless

    this is so boring. imagine when they’ll start shooting! we’ll see 3 posting a day. i mean rachel + kate. this is way to much for me to handle……

  • Bunny

    So, its tree girls and a baby. Booo hoo, how amazing.
    Kate Bosworth is a wh0re, BTW.

  • AS

    really doubt she needs the money. she was smart in one way, became “fashionable” and gets most of her stuff free. she probably bought everything like her house and car when the cash was coming in. she certainly would have gotten cash from Revlon, Calvin Klein, etc. I think the reason she has decided to work has nothing to do with money and more to do with her wanting to be productive around Alex.

  • nicole


  • Jennifer

    I’m excited for this movie! You idiots are just jealous, you complain about them not working much then when they do you say there useless, why don’t you get your fat a-s-s-e-s off of justjared once in awhile, it’s the same people commenting on all of these.

    Yeah, give me a thumbs down — It’ll just show how PATHETIC you people are. :))

  • Kate


  • more to come

    @Jennifer: Count me among the pathetic. Jennifer, KBos’ career is in the toilet. She’s working days on indies with first time directors. She was in Superman for lord’s sake. She should be a lead actress. Scraping now for bit parts (Leslie Munn’s sister?? in another first time director’s movie earlier this year??) man, that is sad. She used to be a lead. pretty soon she’ll be an extra.

  • RedRock

    The plot sounds crappy. She probably does need the money if she’s taking projects like this. She wears the same clothes again and again with the occasional designer handbg thrown in. If she had money, she probably wouldn’t be wearing H& M so much. Endorsement deals have dried up and money from them doesn’t last forever in Hollywood.

  • @7

    She didn’t make a lot of money from her films or from ads. And I doubt that she saved very much.
    She isn’t Orlando who earns millions for doing ads for Toyota and different clothing companies. Not to mention the millions he earns every year in residulas. Not every actor can afford to take a three year break from high paying films like he did.
    The only movie that she would get a chunk of residuals from is Superman. But they hardly ever show that movie on TV, so that doesn’t bring in much.
    And her lifestyle is expensive, even if you get free clothes.
    She not only pays income and property taxes, she pays her agent, manager and publicist. Not to mention the pap that she evidently pays to follow her around.
    Really Jared.
    Miranda Kerr arrives at LAX with her growing baby bump, but Kate is the one that warrants YET ANOTHER post?

  • Livie

    Oh please. As an “actress” and a fashionista she’s a joke. How many roles did she get without the help of Kevin Spacey? She didn’t do a movie for like two years before Straw Dogs, where she found the next victim of her parasitic ways.

    At least Rachel Bilson worked on a hit show for 5 years and does charity work.

  • buzz

    Why is she photographed three times a day? You’d think she was Angelina Jolie or Taylor Swift.

  • Annie

    Why in world would any actor/director choose to work with Rachel Bilson? She is a horrible actress. I don’t like Kate Bosworth but she is not nearly as had as Bilson as an actress.

  • Mary

    lmao. this is priceless!

  • mick

    ugly chick

  • more to come

    @buzz: Because she and Askars share a piranha publicist who thinks this constant nonsense is good for their careers. And no one really believes it’s a real relationship btw – all for the PR.

  • jives

    Did Bosworth get extensions?
    Her hairline doesn’t look as receding.

  • Carly

    I predict direct to DVD but this must be a dream come true for you Jared. Did you pinch yourself when this news came your way?

  • Pook

    @Jennifer: You’re probably a fat ass hoping to pick up some binge and purge tips.

  • TrueBlade

    Why is Hole?

  • leah

    When did the movie become about 3 roommates? Everywhere else including Variety states it’s about Krysten and Kate’s characters.


    You do realize just how popular this site is don’t you? I highly doubt that it’s the same people commenting in all these comments.

  • ray

    so cute!!!!

  • Travis

    It probably will go direct to DVD but least she’s working. Now she needs to get X17 and JJ off speed dial. She looks like a fool.

  • L

    @Jade: She has 6 movies coming out. I don’t care for her either but at least get your facts straight.

  • Maggie


    Ummm, Kate has completed a hell of a lot of films as of late. While Rachel has completed one film that was filmed two years ago and it still hasn’t been released. This is her first film role in TWO YEARS.

  • Mary


    I know, lol. It’s like the pap tipping world collided and now the haters are going to have a field day. I almost want to pop a bag of popcorn and sit back and watch.

  • Fiona

    Ultimete boring fashionistas team up. You can totally picture what kind of conversation they are going to have…

  • Livie


    In at least 3 of those movies her roles are trivial, and one of them is a comedy short.

  • Hailey

    I wonder which one called the paparazzi? Oh this is going to be FUN making fun of them. lol irl. Her hair looks thick and healthy. I like it.

  • commonsense

    When I saw her coming out of a house with a script my first thought was: she just got done auditioning on her back.

    So wrong! LOL!

  • TrueBlade

    I love that she’s holding the script in her hand to better photographed. I guess she couldn’t fit it in large bag she’s carrying.


    How did they know to find her and Bilson at some nondescript house?
    Seriously, did someone plant a chip in her?

  • evathediva

    @Jennifer: kinda agreed with you until you called people, that you don’t know, fat azzez, my it just shows how much class Kate’s fans really have.

  • Jessie


    Yeah, I was wondering the same thing. It states everywhere that it’s about two best friends, Krysten and Kate’s characters. Maybe Rachel is the “Selma Blair” to Kate and Krysten’s “Cameron and Christina”(The Sweetest Thing). But looking at the cast list, is just wow. It’s made up of a bunch of has-beens.

  • the truth

    So this really going to happen? Really don’t care still both uses other people to boost their career. why post this so late anyway? Thought paz didn’t suppose to take pictures are her house? She could hav met her somewhere else.

  • evathediva

    Well since Gwyneth is in LA< i think KB wants to avoid her at all costs. I think she stays out of GP range of fire. LOL

  • AS

    @evathediva: I think neither she nor GP could care less.

  • LisaM

    she probably called the paps to get a picture of her carrying a supposed script so that everyone will see that she works.
    it didn’t work Kate, we still think you are a talentless bimbo!!!

  • evathediva

    @AS: Really you think so? So you obiously know KB personally, are you just a rabid fangurl of KB’s as well? Or maybe you are Alex. Or maybe, you are just stoopid, because If I made out with my friends husband, I don’t think I would want to encounter her(his Wife, my friend) in a dark Alley, or vice versa, just sayin, but maybe you are one brave itch like your idol. Maybe you really don’t give a fack.. Heauxs are like that, they have that common denominator.

  • Brightside

    Of the two Kate Bosworthlessness is a better actress than Rachel Bilson, but that’s not saying very much. Really Krysten Ritter would have been better to ditch these two and gone with a couple of unknowns. There a plenty of talented unknowns just desperate for a chance. Smells like a turkey in the making.

  • Jade

    That makes 6 projects since 2006…6 projects over the course of 4.5 years. I wouldn’t call that a highly successful acting career, darling. (and as pointed out by a fellow commenter, all of her roles were trivial ones).

  • Just Kidding

    “Kate Bosworth holds a script while leaving a house a few minutes before Rachel Bilson on Monday (October 18) in Los Feliz, Calif.” LOL! KB must have called her PR, saying “I’m stepping out of the house in a few minutes, get the paps ready!” Otherwise, what kind of paps would wait outside of A HOUSE in LA? !


    I have only one thing to say:
    Like, I really really can’t take it anymore.
    I come here to get my daily portion of gossips, and the day wouldn’t be full, if JJ hadn’t got a post about KB or AS – best both together.
    I like watching True Blood and stuff, but when is enough enough? I mean, this thing is over the top. Like a reality soap opera of some kind. They are sooo overexposed, that even if I don’t want to, I still stumble upon them every 2 seconds…
    its worse than KS and Ropb Pattinson.
    Will this have an end? Can we take a break, lets say for a week at least PLEAAASEno posts about them.

  • muppet show

    @Just Kidding:

  • http://justjared mjforlife

    All I can do is LOL for God sake even Michael wasn’t photographed this often and he was who he was even his kids now don’t get this much exposure I would rather see Madonna’s daughter more often Jared at least she knows how to dress and I am sure she will be 100000000000000000000000 times more relevant than this chick once she turns 18 can you make it more obvious that this useless nobody pays you?

  • Annie

    Wow! Were Sienna Miller and Hillary Duff there too?

  • AskarsLikesBaldChicks

    We won’t be seeing her ” beau ” Alexander Skarsgard for another week. They only go out at the weekends because they are like so busy during the week!! :/
    Get a real job Kate.

  • http://justjared mjforlife

    The pap picture over kill is pathetic I have noticed that her smack face shows up only in here and x17 online other than them NO ONE CARES OR KNOWS WHO THIS CHICK IS it’s obvious that she pays for this no way in hell LEGIT paps care for this z-list and her c-list boyfriend where is the news when it comes to those two? Other than they look miserable together?
    In which tabloid do we see the pictures of this “mega famous” couple? Because it must have escaped me.
    Who would actually pay to print pictures of Kate freaking Bosworth on their magazine?
    Again this is pathetic.