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Megan Fox Joins Jon Hamm in 'Friends With Kids'

Megan Fox Joins Jon Hamm in 'Friends With Kids'

Megan Fox is set to star in Friends With Kids, an ensemble comedy written by Jennifer Westfeldt!

The film will also star Kristen Wiig, Adam Scott, Jennifer and her partner, Jon Hamm!

According to THR, the story “revolves around a pair of thirtysomething best friends who observe the toll that having kids has taken on the couples they know and resolve to bypass that stress by having a child and then date other people.”

Look for Friends With Kids in theaters in April!

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Credit: Dominic Chan/Starbux; Photos: WENN
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40 Responses to “Megan Fox Joins Jon Hamm in 'Friends With Kids'”

  1. 1
    TIM GUNN Says:

    Jennifer write cute movies, but her acting is a tad boring.

    Hope she isn’t the lead.

  2. 2
    omg Says:

    I look at this picture and I question myself whether one believes her when she says that she does not want to be like Angelina Jolie. Too obvious and pathetic.

  3. 3
    Mary Says:

    SHE IS MEGAN FOX, she doesn’t need wanna be ANYONE
    She is the most beautiful woman in the world

  4. 4
    lil Says:

    No matter how hard she tries she will never have that striking look over her shoulder that Angie does so naturally.

  5. 5
    jdub Says:

    Dude, Angelina Jolie is NOT the only celeb she do a over-the-shoulder pose! Damn! Stop with the comparisons. Megan is Megan.

  6. 6
    break down Says:

    Calm down woman, take a pill and accept the truth that this plastic doll is not the most beautiful woman in the world. That`s the fact. She is good looking but not beautiful and with average acting skills.

  7. 7
    lil Says:

    Certainly not the only one who does it but the only one to do it properly. With an attitude and glamor, strikingly beautiful. But that is all natural for Angelina. She is ultimate movie star of Hollywood.

  8. 8
    Josh Says:

    calm down,she is not

  9. 9
    srt Says:

    every movie with MF in it flops,not a good choice,Jennifer

  10. 10
    Keanu Says:

    omg,why is this talentless woman still on the menu?she can’t act at all
    this is going to be another flop

  11. 11
    fu Says:

    I’m not watching it for sure

  12. 12
    Robert Says:

    thanks god she doesn’t have leading part in it,i’m not going to watch it anyway,i don’t like m fox as an actress,she sucks

  13. 13
    Dilma Says:

    She will be one day a GREAT actress and you people will say:ok we were wrong…
    Mary@ I’m with you

  14. 14
    Jonh Says:

    Dima@ she IS a great actress NOW and I’m with you that Rosie sucks in transformers 3
    PS: Please people, stop hate her, you don’t know her.

  15. 15
    Yurena Says:

    People you need to get a life and Stop hate Megan ok?
    She is a good good good person, trust me I swear

  16. 16
    Mary Says:

    I just wanna say…STOP HATE HER!!!

  17. 17
    George Says:

    Seriously people stop hate her, you don’t know her at all.
    PS: she is so wonderful, I met her once and shewas so nice, her husband is the real JERK, I think she don’t know him very well.

  18. 18
    Dan Says:

    You had me at Kristen Wiig and Jon Hamm, until you said Megan Fox… I believe the main reason for dislike toward Megan Fox is the flop Jonah Hex was and the rude and malicious attitude she gave Michael Bay for Transformers. There’s a reason she isn’t in part 3 of Transformers. I am not a hater at all, I just think this film would be better off without her, I really want to see a quality movie with Jon Hamm playing a larger role than usual.

  19. 19
    Teren Says:

    you are illuding yourselves,she’s never gonna be a great actress,not now,not in the future,acting is about talent and she hasn’t any
    nobody hates her,she doesn’t have any acting skills

  20. 20
    no talent Says:

    She is totally talentless. She tries to act but that looks sloppy. And yes, she stepped into the path of boring romantic comedies. This will definitely put an end to her brief, unsuccessful career. Maybe Brian finds some TV role for her.

  21. 21
    NJ Says:

    totaly agree with you,watching MF acting is too painful

  22. 22
    Kelly Says:

    agree 100%
    She had leading roles,now she’s going to do boring romantic comedies and after finally disappears.
    “Maybe Brian finds some TV role for her” haha I liked what you said,I thought the same,at least she has always brian to feed her,they are already doing something together

  23. 23
    sunny Says:

    why and how does she still get cast in movies? No one sees them not wants too!

  24. 24
    Mary Says:

    @Teren NJ,Kelly WE’LL SEE
    PS: I met Brian Austin once and the first thing that I thought was: Megan good luck with that jerk, it was like: he is a totally moron

  25. 25
    Jason Says:

    You have to cool down,you are Megan’s fan,I understand,that’s why Brian is a moron to you,maybe he is a moron,I don’t know him but let’s face the truth MF CAN’T ACT,SHE’LL NEVER BE WHERE YOU WANT HER TO BE,SHE’S OK FOR SMALL TV ROLES ONLY.
    And she is not the most beautiful on the earth,please,it’s ridiculous

  26. 26
    BBF Says:

    I don’t understand either,maybe Brian is friend with Jennifer Westfeldt,
    megan married him for some reason.
    I’m tired to see plastic ppl on the screen and MF is totally annoing trying to act,I can’t even call her an actress.

  27. 27
    Sergi Says:

    bad for Jennifer Westfeldt,less ppl are gonna watch her movie because of megan fox

  28. 28
    truth Says:

    gosh,isn’t she still retired from acting?Her personality is ugly,she has no acting skills,her face is plastic and she can barely move her lips lately.Go away,megan,stop making fool of yourself already.

  29. 29
    Jonh Says:

    3 words about MF:plastic,annoying,talentless
    It’s a huge mistake for writers and movies directors still consider her as an actress
    She could do something else,but stop trying to be an actress

  30. 30
    Lene Says:

    It doesn’t matter for her who Brian is,I think she took him to have some career,but it doesn’t work anyway,he is a mediocre actor and she sucks at acting

  31. 31
    sharyllee Says:

    I like Megan better than Jolie!! Megan is prettier.

  32. 32
    susan Says:

    @Dan: malicious attitude towards bay..didn’t bay and crew write a letter than called her trash and told she might be better for p*rn…i’m no expert but that is sexual harassment, that is not funny you cannot degrade and harass women in the workplace…no exceptions

  33. 33
    Botox Melbourne Says:

    whats with the tatt?

  34. 34
    K.liam Says:

    Well said!
    I agree with you
    We are so bored to see plastic and talentless on the TV,MF can’t act and can’t be a model neither,she suck in everything,every body already noticed that

  35. 35
    eric Says:

    please fire her,we had enough of MF

  36. 36
    KH Says:

    I’m not going to see movies with fox in it ever.It’s the best way to send her away from Hollywood to where she belongs

  37. 37
    Annie Says:

    Megan Fotox can.not.act. As far as I can tell the only reason she got famous is her looks and her pechant for saying ‘I can’t believe she said that’ type things in interviews. Now that she seems intent on ruining her natural looks with injections and surgery she’s box office poison.

  38. 38
    Beckah Says:

    Who is the guy in the plaid shirt in the picture, can’t work out his name??!!!
    Danke Schon :)

  39. 39
    fergie Says:

    at least megan has found her own husband, and it seems she likes living in peace, far away from scandalos, she aways seem so easy in these pictures, angelina jolie fans, think that they can manipulate just jared, you know, jared, you should change the name of your site, for just jolie jared , you know she’s overrated, and that you will have more views in your site, for this, come on, threat everyone as well, and change this thumb down thumbs up ridiculous, thing to hater allert, comment rocks, that’s why I hate this stupid site, I can’t go anywhere anymore, than these fans,that call person w*ore, b*tch , and everyone thumbs up, bunch of obssesed, I hate this site, and with time, jared, you will lose everyone, that used to come in here, the only ones will stay, are people who lives in peace, like vanessa hudgens, scarlett johansson, sarah jessica parker fans, you know… the overrated ones. Hey megan fans, or anyoneelse who is too hated, and who hates, these rude person arround, go to, other celebrity gossips, or to their fansites, let’s leave the haters talking alone.
    answer, offend me atack me, thumbs down, whatever, I won’t come back here anymore.

  40. 40
    Leo Says:

    I’m not watching this movie either,Megan Faux???She can’t even be called an actress,it’s ridiculous she’s still getting the parts,nobody wants to see her in the movies,nowhere.

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