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Orlando Bloom: Malaria No More Outtakes!

Orlando Bloom: Malaria No More Outtakes!

Orlando Bloom gets a little camera shy as he lands at Tegel Airport on Monday (October 18) in Berlin, Germany.

The 33-year-old actor and dad to be is just one of many celebs to show support for Malaria No More, a movement taking a new approach – comedy – to eradicating malaria.

Check out the funny segments below – Orly appears at :30 and 1:19 into the video!

Malaria No More

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orlando bloom berlin airport 01
orlando bloom berlin airport 02
orlando bloom berlin airport 03
orlando bloom berlin airport 04
orlando bloom berlin airport 05
orlando bloom berlin airport 06

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  • Jonne

    I so totally love Orlando! He is beautiful inside and out.

  • Family Lawyers Melbourne

    Malaria is such a horrid disease

  • YAY!

    He surfaces!!!
    Goodness, I love those curls!
    And he is supporting yet another cause.
    He’s such a good man.
    He looks gorgeous in the Berlin airport.
    Miranda looks gorgeous in the LA airport.
    They are going to make a beautiful baby!
    (who will also look gorgeous in airports)

  • awww

    He looks so cute!
    And I love that he is so pnvolved with problems that affect the children of the world. UNICEF chose well when they made him an ambassador!
    I guess Miranda couldn’t find a way to burn those pants, like we asked her.

  • gah!


  • Where are Orlando fans?

    not very many people posting on Orlando’s thread lately….It is already on the second page of Jared and only 6 posts. What happened to the Orlando fans? or is it because we all are more interested in how mommy to be is doing?

    a motivational speaker, named Charles Jarvis, once said concerning men who were about to become father’s – “You’re not as important as the mommy to be”….even after the child is born first thing they say is, “how’s the mother?” I hope she is doing well…and from the looks of the pics in L.A. she seems to be doing very well.

    just joking around….honest….

    I am glad he is involved in such great causes…..

    I guess that’s how the wives end up being the “boss” of the family once the children are born. who knows.

    Wishing them both all the happiness in the world.

    Best Wishes Everyone!

  • @6

    Most posts on this site are hateful and/or insulting. Be it to the subject of the post, their significant other (even if they aren’t pictured) or to their fans.
    To paraphrase an old saying, if you don’t have anything nice to say…post it at Jared’s.
    Since it would be downright inhuman to post anything nasty on a thread extolling Orlando’s charity work, the haters are not left with much to say.
    Hence the scarcity of posts.
    Now if it wa a post about Miranda…….

  • Jokergurl

    The frustrating thing about malaria is that it is a preventable disease. I miss seeing Orlando in movies on the big screen sure Elizabethtown kind of stunk , Haven wasn’t that good but he’s a good actor and he’s handsome, especially with that hair! I wish he was doing the next Pirates movie with Johnny Depp, I thought they had a good way of playing off each other. He’s the ONLY reason I can sit through a Lord of the Rings movie, otherwise forget it (well him and Viggo Mortensen)

  • Cassie

    In the la pics can anyone tell if she is carrying high or low? If ones carrying high, ones having a girl and if ones carrying low, ones having a boy. She looks pretty and glowing. Orlando looks good as always. Am so happy for this couple. They deserve the best and their child is lucky to be getting wonderful parents. Can’t wait to see his new movies.

  • Valkyrie

    @Jokergurl: honestly, i’m not even seeing the new pirate film, and i love tim powers!!
    In the dead man’s chest special features they talked about toying with a fountain of youth plot. I remember thinking, “huh, kinda like ‘On Stranger Tides.’” and BAM! that’s what they’re basing the new movie on….weird.
    anyhow, I didn’t even like those films that much, but i bought them because of Orlando. Just showing support :3 (i think he’s great, idc what others say. he grew so much as an actor throughout those films.)

  • ta

    This latest Pirates is just a grab for money by the studio.
    Even Gore knew that. That’s one of the reasons that he pulled out. And both Keira and Orlando were smart enough to recognize when their characters had been fully realized.
    Johnny has become lazy.
    He used to be a great actor, now he just does caricatures. Jack and The Mad Hatter were EXACTLY the same. Just different hats.
    Orlando has chosen roles to grow after Pirates. Johnny is stuck on replay.
    Jack became tedious by the middle of the second film, and now there is a fourth? No thank you.

  • http://justjared mjforlife

    Is it January yet?

  • Flag boy

    Love this man, and the PSA is great!
    Gotta go the doggies are whinning, it’s supper time. =)

  • Jayne

    I love them film’s because of orlando he made them and now he’s not in it. I also have to say NO THANK YOU.

  • http://justjared mjforlife

    I am a huge Orlando fan and to be sincere I barely set through the 3th Pirates why they need to keep making that crap Orlando or no Orlando is beyond me GIVE IT A REST.

  • Jayne

    I just cant wait for orlando’s new film, now that i will go and see. There is some other Actor’s i would love orlando to work with.

  • Pixie Girl

    Hello #6! Orlando fan here!


    I don’t know about others but I can tell you why I am not here much. Too Much Drama. Too much Hate. I found a better website to frequent so maybe other Orlando fans did as well.

    So far this post is pleasant – so yeah!

  • :)


    I agree 100%

  • :)


    I agree 100%

  • sara

    Orlando is back in LA with Miranda.
    Miranda’s Mum is visiting from Oz as well. I’m sure that Miranda is enjoying being ‘mothered’ by her mom, and spoiled by her husband. That’s what every pregnant woman deserves.

  • velcrodots

    Well most of the tin-hatters have temporarily left the building too, which is good. I bet they are all out signing up to Jewelmint

  • @21

    I love you!

  • http://justjared Mjforever

    @21 Loves it.

  • Holly

    I can’t sum it up better than the first comment – Orlando isa beautiful person – inside and out!

    I’m sure once the baby is born we will be treated over time to wonderful pictures of him hugging & kissing his little one. Can’t wait!

  • sammy

    That’s nice of him to lend his name and face out for a good cause. Wish he’d start working seriously again instead of doing bit parts here and there..and getting papped at airports and trainstations. What I want to know is, how he can supports causes where kids are involved while being friends with this pervert:

  • @25

    You don’t consider independent dramas “serious work”?
    Uhmmm, OK.
    Guess that you would have preferred him doing POTC4 or Prince of Persia for the money, and not the art?
    I guess money grabbing commercial garbage is more ‘serious’ to you than quality films?
    And he can support children’s causes because he believes in them. He believes in them enough to be named a UNICEF ambassador.
    And since when is he “friends” with Terry?
    He’s been photographed by him for commercials, and Miranda has posed for him. But what evidence is there that he is their “friend”? Going to the same parties does not make you friends.
    And just to put things in their proper perspective…. Terry is a gross human being for several reasons, but that song was from his punk band that he did YEARS ago, and it was meant as a warning.
    Hmmmm, taking things out of context in a desperate effort to insult Orlando. Why does that sound familiar? What, is delphi dead and you are looking for entertainment?

  • meji

    Very interesting video, thanks.But you are totally stretching in making out that being friendly towards Terry Richardson has any relevance at all to fighting malaria. He wrote a song about a child molester when he was in a punk band – he isn’t a child molester himself.

    I think Orlando is doing the best he can to choose projects that he thinks are worthwhile. He may be in quite a weak position and off the radar of the studios at the moment, or maybe it’s that he wants to choose roles that are different from what he’s known for. He’s been attached to various lead roles that haven’t flown, so it’s not that he’s decided to only do “bit parts”.

    I think having a media profile is part of his strategy; it means he can bring free publicity to his films, which will encourage people to offer him work or get funding for small projects he wants to do. Look how much the Press interest in Three Musketeers has centred around him. So getting papped in airports is not an alternative to doing serious work: it’s supposed to help him to do serious work.

    I’m amazed that just now Carey Mulligan seems to be going along with this kind of game. She has an Oscar nomination and is the actress du jour; you’d think she could get work without having to stir up gossip. But apparently she’s been persuaded that it’s a good idea, even though it’s creating a lot of hostility to her on this site. PR seems crazy sometimes.

  • uhmmm

    You do know that paps LIVE at LAX , JFK and Heathrow (to a smaller extent but they are always there). And if they know that a star of Orlando’s popularity is in town, they will show up at any airport in teh world (Berlin).
    Orlando is a popular, international star who still ends up on the ‘sexiest’ lists. Miranda is a hot model. And you guys think that they have to call in the paps to take pictures?
    Ok, then.

  • @27

    I one breath you say that he is so famous and popular that they are using HIS NAME to promote 3M, even though he isn’t the star.
    In the next you are claiming that pap pics are set ups to keep himself in the public eye.
    Which is it?
    He is either famous enough to draw attention with his mere prescence, or he has to pay paps to show up.
    It can’t be both.
    And since we have proof that they are using his name for promotion, the first statement must be the correct one, right?
    That’s just common sense.

  • meji@29

    I didn’t say he pays paps to show up. I think in some cases they do catch him, in other cases he allows himself to be spotted (like at airports, where he seems to be able to avoid the paps a lot of the time) and in still other cases he arranges photo-opportunities (eg riding that electrobike around Babelsberg studios). But even then, the photographer shows up because he can sell the photos; he doesn’t have to be paid.

    He’s well-known enough that his pap photos get into the magazines and therefore promote his movies, but he needs (or he thinks he needs) to maintain that level of interest by regularly appearing in the magazines. It’s not really a contradiction.

    At least, this seems the explanation that best fits his behaviour and the behaviour of lots of other showbiz people, to me. Plus, he said that he’d seen “behind the green door” and that he accepted that some fluff was needed to market movies and I think this is what he was talking about.

  • @30

    So you’re saying that he “allows” himself to be seen because he uses airports?
    He occasionally leaves the house, so that means that he is “allowing” himself to be papped?
    I don’t get it.
    Whether or not he is caught at airports depends more on timing and the luck of the paps. Being seen out and about is often dependant on whether or not the paps have an informer at the store or restaurant that he happens to frequent.
    The bike thing was more out of him wanting a bike and “allowing” them to use his image. Those were reps from the bike manufacturer, NOT paps who sell their photos to magazines.
    And the “fluff” that he was talking about is pap and fan attention in general, not the deliberate actions that you are talking about. The only ‘deliberate’ things that he does to promote films is showing up at premieres or doing interviews. Everything else is related to the fact that he is is an extremely popular, sexy, handsome young actor.
    Paps are going to find/follow him, whether he wants them there or not.

  • http://justjared Mjforever

    Awwww The Delphi loons coming out to play how cute LOL.

  • awwww

    Just saw the PSA Miranda did.
    Baby Bloom is growing so big!!
    I bet Orlando is getting so excited!!
    And Miranda looks so beautiful pregnant.

  • Jayne

    Where orlando gone i would love to see new pics of him.

  • @34

    He was photographed last night with Mark Ruffalo and Christopher Thornton in LA.
    He went to a screening (premiere?) of 127 Hours. James Franco’s new movie.
    SFD has a screening in LA on Friday, so he will be in LA for a few more days before heading to Berlin to support Bast and his documentary.
    He cut his curls off.

  • Jayne

    @35 thanks, he looks good in them pics.

  • meji

    He’s also doing something for Boss Orange in Barcelona apparently.

    SFD has got a distributor, Albert Nobbs has got a French distributor so is apparently still on.

    I wonder if him cutting his hair means that work on Nobbs has been postponed, because I’d see him with longer hair in that role.

    Also did everyone see he’d been attached to Emma Thompson’s project about Effie Ruskin, presumably playing Millais? This seems like another project that might struggle for funding to me, because it didn’t go ahead with Carey Mulligan attached. But it is excellent that they’ve offered it to him.

  • Jayne

    Yes i saw that, but is he going to do it? I just want to see more of orlando in film and maybe a play again, i miss him.

  • @37

    Emma’s script will get that one made. Remember, she has written several wonderful screenplays including the Oscar winner, Sense and Sensibility.
    As for Albert Knobbs, we will have to wait and see. JRM’s stint in re-hab didn’t help that one, and Amanda Seyfried is currently shooting another movie. This may have been pushed so far back that Orlando may have to pull out. That is unless they plan to have Miranda deliver the baby in the UK, and they move the shoot from Ireland to London so that he can be close. That or postpone it until well after the baby is born.
    We will see

  • meji

    A scriptwriter who’s a respected Oscar-winner ought to be enough to attract a good director and get funding, for sure.

    I suppose they’ll have to put Nobbs back till after Now has finished filming, which is likely to be January at least, so he will probably be able to do it after the birth. I’d guess it only involves a week or two of filming as the main emphasis in the story and play is the women’s relationships.

  • @40

    True, it should be a short shoot for him, once they get it going. And I really do hope that this film happens while he can still do it. I would love to hear him don an Irish accent again.
    This is going to be a busy January for him.
    The Good Doctor possibly being shown at Sundance.
    Possible filming.
    All after the birth of his first child.
    Busy, happy Orlando! My favorite Orlando!

  • velcrodots

    That Emma Thompson one sounds interesting, always been a fan of hers. And I finally saw the new pics, YUM!

  • FYI

    Miranda, her Mum and Nan are going to be on 60 Minutes (Aus) this Sunday.
    I can’t wait to see her bump!

  • sara

    Well, it looks like Baby Bloom will be a citizen of the United States.
    Miranda just posted that she has been “grounded” by her doctors, and there will be no more flying for the mama to be.
    Which means that the baby will be born in LA!
    Which makes sense since that is their home-base now.
    I can’t wait to see their baby!!!

  • @FYI

    You get a VERY good look at her bump in the new photo on JJ.

    Orlando is now in Barcelona.

  • Oh ob

    I would love to see more pics of orlando.

  • Oh ob

    Miranda doing it again.

  • Oh ob

    Yes i have seen pics of orlando he looks good.

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