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Willow Smith: Lady Gaga Is My Dream Collaborator!

Willow Smith: Lady Gaga Is My Dream Collaborator!

Willow Smith leaves her hotel with mom Jada Pinkett Smith and dad Will Smith on Monday (October 18) in New York City.

The 9-year-old singer debuted the video for her hit song “Whip My Hair” earlier in the day.

Willow is scheduled to perform the single in front of a live audience at The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday, November 2!

The pint-sized fashionista recently revealed she’d love to collaborate with Lady Gaga in the future.

“[Somebody] I would really want to work with on a song would be Lady Gaga,” she said on Power 105.1′s radio show (via Rap-Up). “She is amazing! She’s just so amazing, she’s a free person. She’s a free girl, baby.”

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  • Dan

    First off, Lady GaGa would never work with Willow, not in a rude way, but she just wouldn’t because that isn’t staying true to her own style. Secondly, why is Willow Smith being covered non-stop on JJ? I would prefer the news to be on JJJr. Lastly, if the next generation is going to be singing about whipping hair and baby baby baby, then I’m never having children.

  • RL

    nobody cares about her!!!
    please stop tell us stuff about her… please….

  • Sandra

    same ol’ story, stupid parents letting their kid grow up from 9 to 21 already, will bite them in the ass (see Britney S; see Miley C; see Lindsay L., etc)o well she’s their next cash cow……

  • Jen


  • Family Lawyers Melbourne

    Maybe they can put together a song

  • dani

    I truly don’t understand why this is not on JJ Jr. Makes no sense to be on JJ. Explanation JJ???

  • xix

    Are Will and Jada hitting up every media outlet, telling them to talk about Willow and mention her song and video? That is what it seems like. I don’t think the song would be all that if she wasn’t a Smith.

  • Christina

    She’s just too young. She doesn’t need the fame nor the money. I wish them well, but it may not turn out too well.

  • Christy

    I am so sick of this family. The arrogance is astonishing.

  • Octavia

    I hate kids trying to act like grownups!!

  • Carole

    By the way Jada is destroying this Chloe outfit…

  • nyob

    What 9 year old says “she is a free girl, baby”? I have no problem with kids acting, singing, whatever if the talent and desire is there, but she sound ridiculous. BTW, I have never heard her song and have no idea if the talent is there, but the name of the song is likewise ridiculous. Give it a few years, honey.

  • Jade

    ‘A fashionista?’ Oh puh-lease! She’s just a child and I see kids her age wear the exact same clothes so she is hardly being original. This child belongs in school, nowhere else.

    I am sure there are people who will use the argument that there have always been child stars. This is true. However, how many child stars do you know who have not run into any problems along the way? Drew Barrymore turned to drugs and alcohol when she was a child, Michael Jackson never fully grew up, Britney Spears had a public meltdown, Dana Plato (child star of Diff’rent Strokes) ended up in porn films, turned to drugs and committed suicide…do I need to go on?

  • umm

    I’ve never heard her music or anything and don’t know if she’s talented or not; but even if she is, what her parents are doing is disgusting and I’ve lost a lot of respect for Will Smith. It’s quite obvious that childhood is key to children mental development; so even if she wants to be an entertainer her parents should make her wait. This exposure could really hurt the little girl when shes older. I understand that some kids have to grow up early and are robbed of their childhoods; but that’s due to economic circumstances and I’m sure the smiths don’t have that problem. Obviously there are child stars who turn out really well like Emma Watson. But when you look back at her early success she was really grounded and still is; she would just should the movies and go back to her life. She wasn’t out going to fashion week,red carpet events, and giving interviews every other day. I really do hope that this kid turns out well tho.

  • Linda

    This is one desperate family with no values. They seriously need the kids to bring in the money that they are not letting them be kids.

  • Koree

    Goodness gracious! Look at all the haters on here with the comments! Tsk tsk tsk, do your thing Willow!

  • Serio

    Maybe this is something that Willow actually wants to do. She can’t help it that her parents are in the public eye so this is the only lifestyle she knows. Do people honestly think that a child, whose parents are famous people and whose parents are Will and Jada, actually sit at home and watch tv or play with dolls all day? No. You can’t blame the child because she’s born in a family that is always in the limelight. Whether her career as a singer will go far or not.. only time will tell.

  • mery

    Too young, too fame and too pics.

  • muhgenta

    Desperate is right!!! and everyone knows that if that kids parents didn’t have money and fame, no one would give her a second thought or look, This is disgusting and the pathetic parents are to blame.

  • xax

    @dani: Mommy and Daddy are paying him.

  • Jade

    Amusing how those of us who disagree with having a 9 year pretend she’s 25 years old, who don’t like the fact that this child speaks like a grown up and who would prefer seeing this child having an actual child hood are called haters. Last time I checked disagreeing with a thing such as this was called responsible parenting. But hey, whatever floats your boat!

  • Rosy

    Vote up if Jared’s updates on this little girl are making you tempted to boycott this site…

  • Shannon

    JJ should seriously get rid of the Comment boards, people are so cruel!

  • bobjustbob

    She’s really a unattractive little girl, that hair is ridiculous. And before anybody says “just a kid, that’s mean!”, sorry, but she is putting herself out there wanting a career in the entertainment biz and pimping herself out every chance she gets, she is craving the spotlight, so she must take the criticism…so I say she’s ugly.

  • J

    This family is disturbing. These kids are going to need therapy. They probably also need an attitude adjustment to tone down the arrogance.

  • Boston

    WOW!! why so many haters.. Let the girl do her thang.. So much hate towards the family too??!! wtf!! I think its awesome her parents are by her side helping her out.. She’s 9 and doing it big.. STOP THE HATING!!! It’s the kid choice that wants to sing so let her be..

  • andamentothat

    all i gotta say is “Baby Baby Baby”.. wait until you grow up a bit to put out a single. There is enough time to sing whip your hair!

  • scrus

    My admiration for Jada has dwindled to nothing. Her desperate attempt to say in the limelight through her daughter is truly distateful… and she’s actually looking uglier by the day too. What’s going on in ther head?

  • Koree

    jade, jade, jade. Tsk tsk once again. Regardless of people wanting he to have a childhood, she’s not your child so it doesn’t concern you. And people are praising that little Jackie Evancho girl and she’s about the same age as Willow. Why aren’t people hating on her? Oh wait..cuz she’s not getting as much attention as Willow. Smh once again to the haters!

  • brenda

    This little girl looks like a clown, what the hell is wrong with her parents? First of all she is no Will Smith, and second her singing is ridiculous. Why is it that because she is spawned from 1 1/2 stars does everyone tell this little girl (clown) that she can sing. She sucks and will never sound any better than she does right now. I guess it is true, money can buy anything, even a record deal. SOOOOOO sad.

  • http://@carohzn Caroline

    WTF? she shouldn´t be here, I don´t even know why I´m waisting my time on this litttle girl.

  • In The Know

    Why is this child being saturation covered on this forum?

  • Koree

    Hey!!! Everyone it’s so easy to do, you should try it:
    Simply scroll right past a JJ post that you do not like!!
    It’s so simple and quick, it saves time for you to not waste your negative opinions!!!

    Go Willow!Go Willow!Go Willow!

  • Chloe Charles

    Poor,poor little girl. Her parents know first hand what fame can do to a person, yet they let their child carry on like that. She is nine and could have waited a little while for it. I would hate to see her turn iut like nearly every other child star-messed up. I got to hand it to her though, she has tremendous stage presence that overshadows her average singing. Really sad.

  • http://joker star

    Jesus! Lady Gaga is Cocain -Fed! and Willow wants to work with her? what in a world …

  • Annie

    I thought Will and Jada Smith were responsible, sensible people and probably pretty good parents. It is unfathomable to me why their children arent enrolled in excellent schools and encouraged to have normal childhoods.
    Jada once sneered about the tackiness of rap and hip hop artists. I cant remember exactly what she said, something about gold cups, making it clear that she wasnt having any of that at her event. But there’s not many things tackieror more odious than encouraging a 9 or 10 year old child to be sexualized far beyond her years.

    And so Will and Jada reveal themselves to be shallow, ignorant, lowlife people. I have lost all respect for them.

  • Emma Kallenbach

    Hi Jason,

  • Evan Peterson

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