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Willow Smith: 'Whip My Hair' Video Premiere!!

Willow Smith: 'Whip My Hair' Video Premiere!!

Willow Smith rocks out in her brand new music video for “Whip My Hair”!

The 9-year-old daughter of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith filled Ryan Seacrest in on the meaning of the song. “You can’t be afraid to be yourself,” Willow dished. “You have to be yourself and you can’t let anyone tell you that it’s wrong!”

The fun video was directed by Ray Kay and features a cameo from Willow‘s big bro, Jaden Smith!

FYI: Willow will perform her single in front of a live audience at The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday, November 2!

Willow Smith – ‘Whip My Hair’
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201 Responses to “Willow Smith: 'Whip My Hair' Video Premiere!!”

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  1. 76
    Botox Melbourne Says:


  2. 77
    Kaycee Says:

    hey to all you ******* who wanna hate on a NINE YEAR OLD , go jump . This video go hard especially for such a young age . Will & Jada know what they are doing so hop off . #thatisall

  3. 78
    Ryan Cope' Says:

    You don’t even have any haters so dont be singing about it, you 9 years old and nobody cares who you are!

  4. 79
    Jokergurl Says:

    It’s an inventive video, the Jackson Pollack thing with her hair is creative. It doesn’t scream REBEL it’s just about confidence, good beat, she’s got her dad’s charisma, although I’m not crazy about it when she says “all my ladies” she should have said all my “girls”, “ladies” sounds a little age inappropriate but when you have 4 nieces you kind of pick everything apart. All in all a cute video. I think she will be fine with the whole kid/Hollywood thing, Will Smith is pretty normal, he’s never been into drugs or had problems, Jada has not either. I think their kids will be fine. A typical kid though? No, her dad makes 25 million a movie, and her mom makes 5 at least. She lives in a world most kids would dream of and wants for nothing really. Not that I hold that against her, if you’ve got the money let your kids explore their creative side but keep it in perspective. Will Smith keeps it in perspective.

  5. 80
    emilie Says:

    omg this girl
    i love her! shes awesome

  6. 81
    Ms Bar Jolie Gaga Says:

    If you guys believe Jay-Z did not know who she was before he signed her, I got a bridge in Siberia I’d like to sell you. Seriously? OF COURSE JayZ knew who she was. You know how hard it is to get a record deal and he just HAPPENS to land on a record from the most famous actor in the world’s daughter? Seriously. That’s like Tori Spelling saying the Producers of 90210 did not know she was Aaron Spelling’s daughter when she “auditioned”. Riiiiiight! lol. The worst thing for Willow: she will never know what it is like to struggle for something and prove yourself. Instead she will believe, all you have ot do is dial Mom and dad and you get things. Even at 9. I don’t care how rich she is, this is a sad thing for a child. Part of a child’s development is to be able to work hard, get denied, fight harder then get rewarded. This is INSANE and it will backfire on th eSmiths.

  7. 82
    Roschelle Says:

    Toooo cute. Period!!

  8. 83
    Malibu Says:

    Just inappropriate.

    She is just a kid and her parents shouldn’t encourage her, at only nine year old, to do stuff like that.

  9. 84
    Annie Says:

    This place has been almost completely taken over by paid spammers. Sad. I used to enjoy this blog.

  10. 85
    bette Says:

    Please cut that hair, look like a bird nest. If this is the fashion trend today, I´ll definitely will not get into fashion today. Don´t be hypocrite people, be honest for once, it looks awfull.

  11. 86
    Larissa Says:

    This is so bad. Nepotism at its most foul. Don’t these parents actually care about their children’s wellbeing? They should concentrate on developing their characters ,health, intelligence – not their celebrity. Gross.

  12. 87
    Amy Says:

    So cute! go Willow! So why are some people angry? LOL, we have Miley cirus, britney, biebier…. and people praise them, let’s be real, Willow is Black, that’s the problem. Go Willow, she’s here to stay even if you HATE her.

    I hope I will not get moderated because that’s the truth. And it’s sad, some RACIST comment like this idiot “Tiffani ” are still here, double standard! Anyway go Willow!!

  13. 88
    Annie Says:

    It has zero to do with her being black. If this was a white little girl getting record deals and dancing around singing about “her swagga” it would be every bit as stupid.

  14. 89
    Annoyedandconfused Says:

    seriously…. what is the world coming to. The only reason she got a record deal was because she’s will smiths daughter. The girl is 9 with no talent.. What money won’t buy you. The same goes with their son.

  15. 90
    AJ Says:

    Is it just me or does Willow look so much like Rihanna? The smile, the hair? So cute! Hopefully she won’t grow up to be like other celebrities who continually change their image for publicity (AKA depending on their image rather than raw talent).

  16. 91
    okay Says:

    I think the girl is cute but honestly my old azz got a headache watching all that whippin of hair lmao!

  17. 92
    sweet hazel Says:

    wow dam thats a good lokkin kid from strong genes, mom str8t outta b-more, father philly born and raised, thats a great lookin bunch, our first fam 4 real, no dis obamas, but they r our first fam, talented people too, go lil willow i know ur parents wont let u go all hollywierd and stuff, u have great parents and smart when it comes down 2 tha biz, thats y we dont hear no dumb stuff about them, so u got it made lil girl, ur peeps will tear the fur off of someone who try 2 hurt ya. now we want 2 c ur other brother from another mother do his thing, ha ha luv all the smith-pinketts or just smiths luv and kisses ms. hazel b-mores finest.

  18. 93
    Cynthia Cox Says:


    You did very good for your first video. I’m so proud of you as I know your parents are. I know you will stay in school your parents will make sure of that. Willow do what makes you happy and ignore negitive people because they will bring you down. Keep positive people in your life.

  19. 94
    love Says:

    if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.
    she is 9.

  20. 95
    gonz Says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE….Beautiful voice…song is weird but catchy…and im weird soo i like it.GO WILLOW…XOXO
    dont worry about all them haters, your one of a kind and keep doing what you do best especially if you love it and it makes you happy :)

  21. 96
    JessicaL Says:

    @In The Know:

    You really are a jerk considering this is still a 9 y/o child. She isn’t hurting anyone and I happen to think she’s adorable. I for the life of me will never understand why people feel it’s ok to bash children. They get enough of it at school and among their peers. They don’t need it from adults.SMH

  22. 97
    Annie Says:

    @love – I’m not saying that Willow isn’t cute, because she is, but I mean, this just ain’t right. What happened to being a kid, getting an education, and THEN growing up, finding yourself, and achieving your goals on your own merits? This business of “Mommy, Daddy, I wanna record deal!” “Ok, sure hon” is only setting her up for trouble and disappointment later on in life.

  23. 98
    vic Says:

    i think she is cute and the song is prefect for kids her age

  24. 99
    Lilianne Says:

    I watched the video because I am a fan of Will Smith’s work (movies) and wanted to see his daughter performing. While the style of music and the tone of the video are too “young” for my personal taste; that doesn’t mean it is bad music or that she is doing a bad job in it. Because she isn’t. It is very catchy and cute and I am sure the tween set will LOVE it. I don’t find anything offensive about her appearance in any way. She is covered up, people! There is no inappropriate skin showing and her style is funky and cute! Some people just have to complain and find fault no matter what is going on. Spread some good vibes once in a while. You might be happier! :)

  25. 100
    Amy Says:

    How hypocrite lol, just read all the INSULTS and HATE this girl is receiving and then come here to tell me her skin color has nothing to do with it! You must be kidding, some idiot said ” she can’t whip her nappy hair” and all these stuff, it’s racist and we all know what was this idiot’s intention. If you don’t like her, cool but being here to bash a 9 years old who is doing her thing just because you’re angry that’s ridiculous. If you hate or don’t like her, leave her thread alone, thanks.

    And stop being hypocrite, of course her color is a factor ( sad but TRUE) for all the hate she’s receiving, every day we have hollywood kids with no talent who make it and ppl support it, Willow has ONLY one song and she’s being insulted and all a) because she’s black b) because she’s Will and Jada daughter and people are mad at her for that. Hey haters, didn’t Billi Ray did the SAME for Miley? Double standards again, but anyway Willow is here so deal with it or turn the radio when you hear her song. Go Willow!

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